05 July, 2021

Why is Japan's Taiwan policy unusual this year?丨Deep once

Since the Biden administration came to power, the Japanese side has made continuous actions related to Taiwan. Especially in bilateral or multilateral international occasions, the Yoshihide Suga administration has actively cooperated with the United States in manipulating the "Taiwan card" against China. The Japanese side becomes more and more addicted to playing the "Taiwan card". What are the reasons for this? Has Japan's Taiwan policy changed? Who is influencing the Taiwanese policy of the Yoshihide Suga government?

"Friendly Taiwan faction" MP

On June 11, the Japanese Senate, despite China's opposition, voted to pass a Taiwan-related resolution, advocating Taiwan's participation in the World Health Assembly. As soon as the news came out, the Tsai Ing-wen authorities rushed to routinely "thank you ", and this scene also attracted ridicule from netizens on the island. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, the Tsai authorities and the Japanese congressmen have once again joined the scene.

Judging from the inside story revealed on Facebook by the Taiwanese "Representative" Hsieh Changting, the passage of the Taiwan-related resolution of the Japanese Senate is related to the "work hard" of a group of "Friendly Taiwan" congressmen. In order to pass the proposal, these Taiwanese congressmen spent a lot of time and energy in communication, coordination, and persuasion. In addition to asking other congressmen to attend, they "sometimes bow their heads and plead with congressmen with different opinions not to boycott." At the last juncture, some people coordinated to include all party representatives as the proposer and the approver (co-signer), while others rushed to the hall to get a seal. Time was tight and the situation was almost broken.

On February 10, the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party's foreign affairs team established a new "Taiwan Policy Discussion Project Team." On April 16th, Keiji Furuya, the chairman of the "Japan-China Parliamentary Meeting" composed of Japanese multi-party congressmen, said on Twitter that the Japanese flag was hoisted at the entrance and exit of the "Japan Taiwan Exchange Association" in Taipei. It is worth mentioning that, in the case of Japan's gift of 1.24 million doses of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine to Taiwan, a mysterious “Taiwan-friendly” Japanese congressman played an important role and actively engaged in negotiations between Japan and Taiwan.

The Japanese flag is raised at the entrance and exit of the "Japan Taiwan Exchange Association" in Taipei

These "Taiwan-Friendly" congressmen are so "working hard", not only because of the Cai administration's wooing, but also their own political calculations. Liu Guoshen, director of the Collaborative Innovation Center for the Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations at Xiamen University, told Shenzhen Satellite TV Zhixin that some people in the Japanese political circle make a living by operating the so-called "Japan-Taiwan relations." The Japanese Senate and House of Representatives can even be more "flexible." The land has gained some political benefits by speculating on Taiwan issues. Akio Yaita, the director of the Taipei branch of the Sankei Shimbun, also mentioned in the interview that the Japanese House of Representatives election is approaching and the "pro-China" will not get a vote.

Senior Officials of the "Strong Taiwan Faction"

Since serving as Japan's Defense Minister, Nobuo Kishi has repeatedly expressed his tough stance towards China and made “supportive” remarks on some occasions. For example, in April of this year, after the "2+2 talks" between the United States and Japan , Nobuo Kishi was accompanied by the Self-Defense Forces to inspect Yonaguni Island in the southwest of Japan, and overlooked China's Taiwan Island. He declared at the time that Taiwan's stability is very important for Japan's security and international stability, and he said that he hoped that “the Taiwan issue would be resolved peacefully”.

On June 16, at the video conference of the 8th ASEAN Defense Ministers' Enlarged Meeting, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi talked about the Taiwan Strait issue in his speech and emphasized the "importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait." On the second day, Nobuo Kishi delivered an online speech at the "Security and Defense Subcommittee" convened by the European Parliament, again "concerning" the Taiwan Strait issue. It is the first time that the Minister of Defense of Japan has attended the European Parliament Subcommittee. In addition, Nobuo Kishi also instructed the Ministry of Defense of Japan to compile the draft of the 2021 version of the "Defense White Paper", which mentioned for the first time "the stability of the situation in Taiwan."According to several sources in the Japanese government, the Japanese government has begun to formally discuss the laws related to the activities of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in the event of emergencies in the Taiwan Strait.

Nobuo Kishi receives Tsai Ing-wen who visits Japan

In fact, Nobuo Kishi, 62, is the younger brother of Abe. He is a well-known "Taiwanist" in Japanese politics and has always advocated the so-called security dialogue between Japan, the United States and Taiwan. As early as February 2014, Nobuo Kishi threatened to advance the Japanese version of the "Taiwan Relations Act" to protect the "Japan-Taiwan Relations" from the legal level. Nobuo Kishi has also served as the chairman of the "Japan-Taiwan Youth Parliamentary Union" and the secretary-general of the "Japanese-Chinese Parliamentarian Conference" for many years. Japanese political circles can see him play an important role in the support of Taiwan. When Tsai Ing-wen and Lai Qingde visited Japan when they were not in power,almost all arrangements were made to meet Nobuo Kishi.

The Prime Minister is busy urging tickets

The unusual position and policy of Japan in relation to Taiwan this year are also related to Yoshihide Suga's trader. Recently, Yoshihide Suga has been criticized for fighting the new crown epidemic and the organization of the Tokyo Olympics. The four opposition parties in Japan also jointly submitted a cabinet no-confidence case to the Japanese House of Representatives. Although it was rejected by a majority of the House of Representatives, they also issued a warning to Yoshihide Suga's administration.

Mao Feng, a special observer of Shenzhen Satellite TV in Tokyo, believes that the “pro-Taiwan faction” of Japanese political forces is becoming more and more mainstream. At the same time, the so-called “Taiwan-friendly” has gradually become a political trend. Faced with the upcoming September Liberal Democratic Party presidential election and October 10 In the election for the Japanese House of Representatives this month, Suga Yoshihide intends to show the political posture of Japanese political circles to support Taiwan in order to gain more public support. On June 9, Suga Yoshihide and the opposition party leaders held a party leader discussion meeting to discuss issues related to the preparation of the Tokyo Olympics and the new crown epidemic prevention measures.During this period, Yoshihide Suga and the chairman of the largest opposition party, Yukio Edano, even outrageously called Taiwan a so-called "state" when referring to foreign epidemic prevention policies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China clearly stated that China expresses its strong dissatisfaction with Japan's erroneous remarks, and has lodged solemn representations with Japan, asking Japan to immediately make clear clarifications, eliminate the bad effects that have already caused, and ensure that such situations do not occur again.

Want to "rely on the United States to control China"?

Another obvious trend is that after the Biden administration came to power, the Yoshihide Suga administration has become more and more dynamic in manipulating Taiwan-related issues on international occasions. In April, Yoshihide Suga's visit to the United States and Biden issued a joint statement that mentioned the "Taiwan Strait" for the first time. Since then, words such as "emphasizing the importance of stability across the Taiwan Strait" have frequently appeared in the joint communiqués led by the United States and its leaders, such as the G7 and the US-Europe summit.

In this regard, Japanese media also issued a document detailing the efforts made by Yoshihide Kan to agree to the G7 Joint Communiqué to include Taiwan Strait issues. According to the original text, Yoshihide Suga referred to his discussions with Biden as a "combat meeting. "He said that he "has conducted a lot of exchanges" and emphasized the unity of Japan and the United States. Biden has built a relationship with Biden that can talk frankly, and the position of Japan, which also values ​​​​​Its relationship with China, has been understood by Biden. Regarding the result of including "Taiwan" in the statement as he wished, Yoshihide Suga said that "it was taken for granted from the beginning," and he also expressed satisfaction.

In fact, the reason why the Yoshihide Suga government has been radical on Taiwan-related issues is also because it has focused on the goal of "containing China" in the US "Indo-Pacific strategy." Su Xiaohui, deputy director of the American Research Institute of the China Institute of International Studies, believes that Japan hopes to change its previous relatively cautious posture of Japan's Taiwan policy by speaking out on the Taiwan issue, thereby wiping out its sense of existence and telling the United States that Japan can play a responsible role. The regional allies of the United States can cooperate with the important strategy of the United States and play a role that the United States cannot play.

Mao Feng, a special observer of Shenzhen Satellite TV in Tokyo, said that Japan's Taiwan policy has not actually changed, but has only become more superficial and clear. In the past, considering its friendly relations with mainland China, Japan adopted a restrained or ambiguous attitude as far as possible in its Taiwan policy. However, in recent years, there have been new changes in Sino-Japanese political relations. Japan wants to gain more bargaining chips in its relations with China through speculation on Taiwan-related issues, so it has adopted a more explicit approach.

Regarding Japan's frequent manipulation of Taiwan-related issues, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly pointed out that Japan's attempts to intervene in the Taiwan issue are interfering in China's internal affairs. This behavior is extremely bad in nature. As we all know, the political basis of Sino-Japanese relations includes the Taiwan issue, which is the basic faith between the two countries. China urges Japan to honor its commitments to China, be cautious in words and deeds, and refrain from sending wrong signals to "Taiwan independence" forces .Liu Guoshen, director of the Collaborative Innovation Center for the Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations at Xiamen University, believes that Japan has a ceiling to play the "Taiwan card" and will encounter obstacles. At the same time, it also has a limit . "After this limit, it must swing back."

the IS Xie with River apos, Reporters, News of the After The Trump The Leaves of the Office of The First Rally: Biden of The United States of The Destroying the AN AN

On June 26, local time, Trump held his first campaign rally after leaving office-"Save America" ​​​​​​​​in Ohio.

(Photo/Financial Times)

At the rally, Trump asked the reporters present, "Do you miss me? When you see your bad ratings, you will say,'We miss this guy'."

Trump also said: "The United States is being humiliated by China, Russia and Iran. Biden is destroying the United States under my nose."

Trump pointed out that he suspended the "North Stream 2" natural gas pipeline project, and Biden approved the project, "Biden will bring our economy to a state of collapse. He canceled the US Keystone XL pipeline and its domestic workers. He provided 48,000 jobs, but he approved a Russian pipeline to Europe. I previously stopped the pipeline to Europe, and I imposed sanctions on them from top to bottom."

Trump added: “Germany paid Russia billions of dollars for this pipeline, and at the same time we are protecting them from Russia. I once told Angela (German Chancellor Merkel) that I like her and II get along very well with her, but she is tough and smart and takes advantage of the United States."

The verdict is finally pronounced, Biden speaks!

Biden: Sentencing "seems appropriate"

The sentencing of former white American policeman Xiao Wan who was accused of killing African-American man Freud has aroused considerable attention in the United States. American society has given different opinions on the result that Xiao Wan was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison. Based on CNN, USA Today and other media reports, US President Biden said on the 25th local time that the sentencing "seems appropriate", but some Americans believe that this sentence is "not appropriate." just".

Video screenshot

Judge Peter Cahill of Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States announced on the 25th local time that the former white police officer accused of killing George Floyd, an African-American man, had been sentenced to 270 months, or 22 years, in prison. Zero 6 months.

Xiao Wan, a former white American police officer

This sentencing result has attracted many people's attention. According to CNN, US President Biden said in the Oval Office of the White House that afternoon: "I am not clear about all the circumstances considered, but in my opinion, this (result) seems appropriate according to the relevant guidelines." He also Said that before the media reporter entered the room and informed the news, he had not heard anything about the news.

CNN: Biden said the judgment against Xiao Wan "seems appropriate"

Unlike Biden, USA Today reported that many people thought the verdict was "unfair."

The report said that Freud's family, lawyers and some activists were not satisfied with the verdict, and many people called on lawmakers to pass the "George Freud Law and Order."

"This is not justice, because even though Xiao Wan will be in prison, George Floyd is in the tomb tonight," American civil rights leader Al? Sharpton said, "Justice should be that George Freud was not killed. Justice should be the highest (penalty)."

Reuters said that Floyd's brother Rodney and his nephew Brandon Williams both criticized the verdict as a "light punishment." Williams also said, "We can't let Freud come back."

According to the Washington Post, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who filed a lawsuit in this case, told reporters that Chauvan is one of the former policemen who have been sentenced to the longest sentence for illegal use of lethal force in the United States. In one type of case, the police are rarely prosecuted successfully.

In announcing the sentence against Chauvan on the 25th, Judge Peter Cahill said that the court made the sentencing decision based on facts, not feelings or compassion, but also recognized that the case is for all families, especially Freud. The great pain caused by the family. Since Xiao Wan was already in prison during the trial of the Freud case, the court included 199 days in Xiao Wan's sentence.

Biden: In the future, you have to rely on yourself...

According to foreign media, US President Joe Biden met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his former political opponent Abdullah Abdullah at the White House on Friday. He called on the Afghans to decide the future of their country.

According to a Reuters report in Washington on June 25, Biden sat with Ghani and Abdullah in the Oval Office of the White House, calling them "two old friends."

▲Biden (right) met with Afghan President Ghani (center) and Chairman of the National Reconciliation Commission Abdullah at the White House on June 25. (AFP)

Biden said, "Afghans will have to decide their own future and what they want" and "meaningless violence must stop."

He also said: "The US forces are withdrawing, but support for Afghanistan will not end."

Ghani said that Afghan security forces recovered six areas on Friday. He said that he respected Biden's decision and that the partnership between the United States and Afghanistan is entering a new phase.

He also said that Biden has made it clear that the US embassy will continue to operate, security assistance will continue, and in some cases will accelerate.

According to reports, the meeting will be seen as Biden's support for the troubled Afghan leader, who is currently facing the Taliban's victories, bombings and assassinations, as well as the surge in new crown pneumonia cases and the political infighting in Kabul.

Ronald Neuman, the former US ambassador to Kabul, said: “When morale is extremely low and the situation is going downhill, anything that can help boost morale and support the government is worth doing. It's worthwhile to invite Ghani here. A very strong sign that we support him."

The report pointed out that Ghani and Abdullah's visit to the White House coincided with the stagnation of the Afghan peace process and rampant violence. Afghan security forces are struggling to stop the Taliban's spring offensive, which has threatened many provincial capitals.

US government sources familiar with US intelligence reports said the situation is serious. They said Ghani was urged to take more measures to increase pressure on the insurgents while the US-led coalition forces are still in Afghanistan.

According to a report from The Associated Press in Washington on June 25, US President Biden pledged to the top Afghan leader on Friday to "continue" the partnership, although at the same time he took action to expedite the end of the US longest as the Taliban violence escalated. Of war.

According to reports, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Chairman of the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah met with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon, and then held talks with Biden at the White House in the late afternoon...

The report pointed out that although Biden vowed that the United States will be committed to assisting Afghanistan, he also insisted that it is time for the US military to withdraw.

In a brief speech at the beginning of the meeting with Afghan leaders, Biden said: “Afghans will have to decide their own future.” Biden did not elaborate on what it means to be a “continued” partnership.

Ghani said at a press conference after the Oval Office meeting that the talks with Biden were fruitful. But he also acknowledged the difficulties faced in the future.

He added: "The situation has reversed, we admit-but now the key is stability."

According to reports, Abdullah, who participated in the talks with Biden, later emphasized the importance of continued support from the United States. Abdullah said in an interview with an Associated Press reporter: “If Afghanistan is completely abandoned, without support, without participation, Afghanistan may once again become a safe haven for terrorist organizations."

Secretary of State Anthony Brinken pointed out in Paris on Friday that violence is on the rise and said that the “real danger” is that if the Taliban try to seize the country by force, “we will see a renewed war or even worse.”

However, Brinken said that the Biden administration concluded that it would be a bad choice if the US troops were not withdrawn as the Trump administration promised to the Taliban in February 2020.

The report pointed out that despite this, Biden still faces fierce criticism from some Republicans for withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell, a Republican, accused Biden on Thursday of “choosing to abandon fighting and incurring a greater threat of terrorism” and urged the president to postpone the withdrawal of US troops.

Reports believe that as the US forces accelerate their withdrawal, the Taliban are aggressively attacking, and the outside world is worried that the Afghan government and army may collapse within a few months.

According to statistics from the US Department of Defense, since the outbreak of the Afghan War in 2001, more than 2,400 US troops in Afghanistan have been killed and more than 20,000 injured. More than 2.7 million Afghans fled their homes.

What impact will the fall of the Afghan government have on China? The US accidentally reveals the real reason for the withdrawal, Zhao Lijian warns

The World Wide Web reported on June 25 that the US intelligence community previously believed that without the support of the US military, the Afghan Ghani government could sustain it for at least another two years. However, in the context of recent increased tensions and conflicts between government forces and the Taliban, the US intelligence agency changed its narrative and stated that the Afghan government may collapse within six months to a year after the withdrawal of the US forces. Some Western officials even believe that the Afghan government may not last three months.

Afghanistan is a neighboring country of China, and it is also adjacent to this special area of ​​​​​​​​Xinjiang. For China, whether it is fighting terrorism, maintaining peace and stability in Xinjiang, or building the “Belt and Road” initiative and building a community with a shared future for mankind, Afghanistan is a country that cannot be bypassed. If the Afghan government falls, the situation in Afghanistan will be more unpredictable. This will have a great impact on China's border stability and economic development.

Regarding the report that the Afghan government may fall within six months, White House spokesperson Jane Psaki declined to comment, but she revealed the real reason for the withdrawal of the United States. Earlier, the United States claimed to withdraw its troops to deal with China , but as we all know, the United States always likes to use China as an excuse. The view that "the United States withdrew because of fear of death" is even more convincing.

Psaki said at a regular press conference on June 23 local time that since February 2020, he has not seen an increase in attacks on the US military presence in Afghanistan. The assessment shows that if the US does not start to reduce violence, violence against the US will increase after May 1, because the Taliban clearly communicated this.

The United States was afraid of death and left alone, leaving Afghanistan in a riddled with holes. Although there is news that about 650 soldiers will remain after the main US army completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan, how much effect can this have? Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai recently stated that the purpose of Western countries' coming to Afghanistan is to combat extremism and achieve stability, but in the past 20 years, these two efforts have ended disastrously.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian made it clear recently that since the beginning of this year, the internal conflicts in Afghanistan have continued, terrorist attacks have continued, and the security situation has become more severe and complex. As the biggest external factor affecting the Afghan issue , the United States bears an unshirkable responsibility for the current situation in Afghanistan.

"Never trust the United States!" The White House drew a pie for India again, and Indian netizens directly dismantled it.

[South + June 28th] According to domestic media reports, on June 25 local time, White House Press Secretary Psaki stated that India is a "very important partner" of the United States, and the United States has taken "a series of measures" to assist India. As soon as the news came out, it caused heated discussions among Indian netizens.

White House: India is a "partner" of the United States

According to the report, according to the transcript of the press conference provided by the official website of the White House, at the press conference that day, a reporter asked Psaki: "Are Biden and Modi proceeding to advance the U.S.-India relations further?" "On the issue of vaccines, the U.S. side What’s your position?” To this, Psaki replied vaguely: “India has always been a very important partner of the United States, whether in the region or the world. The United States and India have cooperation in many areas, such as economics. , Strategy, security."

However, Psaki did not respond positively to the question of vaccines. Instead, he said: "India is in the early stages of responding to the epidemic, and the United States has also taken many measures, including providing assistance, and we will continue to do so." When the reporter wanted to continue to ask questions, Psaki said that considering time constraints, he hoped that the reporter could pass the question to others.

Psaki's remarks were reprinted and reported by many Indian media, but many Indian netizens did not buy into Psaki's remarks. Some netizens believe that the United States is just talking and not doing any substantive work. Some netizens said that India is only a tool used by the United States to deal with China. Never trust the United States. They will only stab the knife in the back.

American "commitment"

But are the facts as Psaki said? India, where the epidemic situation was severe before, is in urgent need of vaccine help. However, the United States has imposed export controls on vaccine production raw materials, causing India to encounter trouble at the "source "of vaccine production capacity. Although the Biden government later said that it would assist India and lift the ban. However, the "New York Times" of the United States pointed out that although the United States made such a decision under the pressure of public opinion, this kind of assistance is still based on "America First." In other words, the United States actually only "partially lifted" the ban.

US President Biden told Indian Prime Minister Modi on the phone at the end of April that the United States will fully support India's fight against the epidemic, but the reality is that India has received very little US assistance. "The Hindu" once revealed that all the oxygen provided by the United States to India was given to "private institutions" in India. Therefore, some Indian netizens expressed concern because these private organizations will not provide oxygen to the poor in India who are struggling with the epidemic. Some netizens questioned the US move as to why these aid materials were handed over to private organizations, and asked for a list of these private organizations.

In addition, although the United States announced a global sharing plan to provide 80 million doses of the new crown vaccine to the world, according to a report from the Associated Press on June 21, local time, some US officials said that due to regulatory and other factors, Biden is expected to This promise could not be fulfilled before the end of June. The report quoted Psaki as saying: "The United States has enough vaccines, but the biggest challenge in aid work is logistics."

Nepalese scholar: India "cannot go out" in the world

From Psaki's perfunctory reply on the India issue, it can be seen that the United States may be "disappointed" in India. According to a domestic media report on June 24, Nepalese scholar Bim Bootel published an article stating that India is now considered by the Western world to be “unqualified” to be its partner in containing China, and India “goes everywhere in the world”. stay home".

Bootel said that the Indian government under Modi's defeat in the fight against the new crown epidemic has exposed India's weaknesses. The previous assumption of the United States was that India is developing rapidly and helping to fight against China. However, the epidemic dispelled this illusion. From this, the United States has concluded that India cannot play its due role. Relying on India to counter China is totally unworkable and will cause the United States to pay a heavy price.

Bootel also revealed that even within India, many Indians have concluded that India "cannot go anywhere in the world", and this situation cannot be changed in the near future. Bootel also pointed out that when needed in the future, Modi will find that if he puts "all of his eggs" in the US basket, he will not be able to find any useful friends.

Can't find out within 90 days? US intelligence agencies may fail to investigate the origin of the new crown

[Southern + June 28th] According to Russian media reports, on June 27 local time, the Wall Street Journal quoted a US government source as saying that the US intelligence agency could not give a final explanation on the origin of the new crown virus and was paying respects. It is unlikely that a conclusion will be reached within the 90-day period of the order.

In a statement issued by the White House at the end of May, Biden pointed out that the US intelligence community did not have enough information to say with certainty how the spread of the new coronavirus began: whether it originated from human contact with infected animals or from a laboratory accident. Biden ordered the intelligence agencies to "double their efforts" to study all available data and prepare a report on the origin of the new coronavirus for him within 90 days. In addition, Biden also claimed to continue to cooperate with like -minded partners, urging China to participate in a comprehensive, transparent, evidence-based international investigation.

However, as the Wall Street Journal reported, even after 90 days, the US intelligence community is unlikely to give a clear answer to Biden’s question because they have no convincing evidence to support this or that. version of.

Sources familiar with the situation pointed out that the intelligence agency responsible for this investigation still needs to find evidence to end the debate over whether the new coronavirus is of natural origin or laboratory leaks.

The report emphasized that Biden himself is very clear about this. The source pointed out: "The president knows that after 90 days, we may still not be able to obtain absolutely certain results, but he still hopes to work in this direction."

In response to Biden’s previous notification of the US intelligence agency, my country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated that the extremely improbable conclusion of China’s “laboratory leakage theory” has been clearly recorded in the research report of the WHO Joint Investigation Team. This is an authoritative, formal, and scientific conclusion. However, some people in the United States have completely ignored facts and science, completely ignored the many doubts of their own traceability and the painful facts of the defeat in the fight against the epidemic, and repeatedly clamored for reinvestigation of China. This fully shows that the United States does not care about facts and truth at all, nor is it interested in serious scientific tracing, but wants to use the epidemic to stigmatize and politically manipulate, and to blame.

Zhao Lijian pointed out that the motive and purpose of the United States' attempt to use intelligence forces to conduct so-called investigations are clear at a glance. In fact, the black history of the US intelligence agencies has long been known to the world. Back then, they used a small bottle of washing powder as evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. They directed and performed the White Helmet organization to film the so-called Syrian chemical weapons attack video. These are all masterpieces of American intelligence services. Former US Secretary of State Pompeo is even more eloquent. He said that I was the director of the CIA. We lied, we cheated, we stole, and we also have a course dedicated to teaching these. This is the glory of continuous progress in the United States.What is the credibility of the so-called investigation results made by such a credible intelligence agency?

"The Chinese vaccine is effective against Delta mutant strains!" Zhong Nanshan made a big voice, and the vaccine should be given as soon as possible

According to a domestic media report on June 27, when the new crown epidemic and the mutant new crown virus are raging, inoculation of the new crown vaccine and formation of an immune barrier have become the most effective way. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, China has not only put the interests of the people first, but has also always protected the interests of overseas Chinese, and has helped many countries around the world to fight the new crown epidemic as much as possible.

According to the latest report from the National Health Commission of China, as of June 24, China has reported a total of 1.120643 million doses of the new coronavirus vaccine, and more than 630 million people have been vaccinated. This means that the vaccination rate of the entire population in China has exceeded 40%, an important step towards the establishment of herd immunity. It should be mentioned that since the official launch of the new crown vaccination work on December 15, 2020, China's new crown vaccination rate has continued to increase , and the number of new crown vaccination doses and the number of people covered are "out the top" in the world.

It is worth noting that in the past month, China has also "fighted" with the "Delta" variant of the new crown variant. On June 25, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the Guangzhou epidemic was China's first response to community transmission of delta strains. Phased results have been achieved, but other regions should take precautions in advance. Zhong Nanshan also emphasized that China-made vaccines are currently not only effective against delta mutant strains, but also have few side effects . Everyone should speed up the pace of vaccination.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to seizing the time to vaccinate the domestic people with the new crown vaccine, China also always protects the interests of overseas Chinese. According to domestic media reports, the "Spring Miao Operation" to vaccinate overseas Chinese citizens with the new crown was officially launched in the Philippines on June 25. Lin Yuqing, commander of the Anti-epidemic Committee of the Chinese News Agency of the Philippines, said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the well-being of overseas Chinese. "Action" warms people's hearts and makes overseas Chinese in the Philippines deeply feel the care and love. Some overseas Chinese who have been studying in the Philippines and have lived for many years said bluntly, "I am very happy to be able to get vaccines and vaccines so soon. I must choose the motherland."

In fact, since China's State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced the launch of the "Spring Seed Operation" on March 7 this year, whether it is in a low-profile Middle Eastern country like Oman, or in an African country like Mauritius, or in Ecuador. In South American countries, with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various embassies and consulates in South America, millions of overseas Chinese citizens have been vaccinated with domestic or foreign new crown vaccines in more than 150 countries around the world . Likes widely.

What needs to be mentioned is that China is also doing what it can to help many countries around the world fight the new crown epidemic. On June 26, Hou Yanqi, Chinese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Nepal, said on social media: “The medical supplies donated by the Department of Border and Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China have arrived in Nepal. The fight against the new crown epidemic is difficult, and we will always be with us. Nepalese friends stand together!” In response, many Nepalese netizens expressed their gratitude in leaving a message, saying, “China-Nepal friendship lasts forever”. There are also Nepalese netizens who bluntly said, "When Nepal is difficult, China always stands behind Nepal."

In addition to Nepal, China has also assisted the Philippines, Serbia, Hungary, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Lebanon and other countries in the fight against the new crown epidemic. With regard to China's assistance, leaders such as Philippine President Duterte, Serbian President Vucic, and Hungarian Prime Minister Orban have also given China "thumbs up" many times. Wu Qiqi once pointed out that "seeing the truth in adversity" is the best description of China-Serbia relations. He will not conceal his love and gratitude for China on any occasion.

President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe once said that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, China has continued to generously donate and donated many anti-epidemic materials to Zimbabwe. This proves that China is a consistent friend of Zimbabwe and reflects the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries. Partnership and deep friendship. Philippine Foreign Minister Lochin also stated on social media, “As I have always said, without China, it is unimaginable for the rest of the world to recover from the post-epidemic era.”

Pakistani Prime Minister revealed that the United States and the West are putting pressure on Pakistan due to Sino-Pakistani relations, but Pakistan will never submit

[Global Network Report] Based on Pakistan's "Dawn", "Hindustan Times" and other media news, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was interviewed by the media on the 29th and talked about 70 years of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan. He revealed that Pakistan has received "pressure" from the United States and other Western powers in its "all-weather" relationship with China, but Pakistan will not succumb to such pressure.

Screenshot of "Dawn" report

According to the report, Imran Khan said in an interview with China Global Television Network (CGTN) that Pakistan and China have had a "very special relationship" that spanned 70 years. Nothing can change this relationship that has stood the test of time.

Screenshot of the Hindustan Times report

Speaking of Sino-U.S. competition, Imran Khan said that Pakistan believes that it is "very unfair for the United States or other Western powers to pressure "countries like us" in their conflict with China to make these countries choose sides. ".

"Why choose a side station? We should have a good relationship with everyone. If pressure is put on Pakistan to change its relationship with China or lower the level of its relationship with China, this will not happen, this will not happen." He also emphasized that Pakistan will never succumb to any pressure, "No matter what happens, no matter what pressure we are under, the relationship between our two countries will not change."

In response to a question on how to further deepen China-Pakistan relations, Imran Khan said that trade is very important for China and Pakistan to enhance bilateral relations in the future, and called the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) "Pakistan's biggest thing."

In addition, he also said that China and Pakistan have a strong political relationship, but this relationship is not limited to the government, but is also a "people-to-people relationship." Whenever Pakistan encounters political or international troubles, or conflicts with neighboring countries, China "always stands with us."

"When it's going well, everyone will stand with you. But when you are in difficulties, difficulties, and bad times, you will remember those who stand with you. That's why you will find that in Pakistan, people There is always a special love for Chinese people."

On May 21, 1951, China and Pakistan officially established diplomatic relations. Over the past 70 years, the two countries have watched and helped each other and have developed into all-weather strategic cooperative partners. The construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has achieved fruitful results, and the concept of building a closer China-Pakistan community with a shared future in the new era is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. China and Pakistan, these are two countries that share the same fate, and this is a friendship that shares a common destiny. Pakistani President Alvi once stated that Pakistan-China friendship is "higher than mountains, deeper than the sea, and sweeter than honey." Bilateral relations have continued to develop and deepen, becoming a model of state-to-state exchanges.

One day after China's solemn expression, the Japanese Defense Minister came to clarify

According to news from Japan’s TBS TV station on the 30th, Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama arbitrarily referred to Taiwan as the so-called "country." When talking about this remark, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said that Zhongshan’s views do not represent the position of the Japanese government.

Nobuo Kishi (screenshot of Japanese media video report)

Nobuo Kishi made it clear that the Japanese government does not regard Taiwan as a "country" and the "one China" position has never changed.

Zhongshan Taixiu (data map)

Earlier, Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama spoke out loudly, saying that the threat posed by China-Russia cooperation is increasing day by day, claiming that “it is necessary to realize that Beijing is exerting pressure on Taiwan” and that “to protect the democratic country of Taiwan”.

On the 29th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin responded to the statement made by Yasuhide Nakayama, saying that the Chinese side expressed strong dissatisfaction with the wrong statements made by senior Japanese government officials and had lodged solemn representations with Japan. He pointed out that the politician blatantly referred to Taiwan as the so-called "country", which seriously violated the principles of the four political documents including the Sino-Japanese Joint Statement and seriously violated Japan's solemn promise to "not regard Taiwan as a country" made many times so far. China asks the Japanese government to make clear clarifications on this to ensure that such situations do not happen again.

Former Singapore diplomat: Taiwan is the tipping point for Sino-US relations, but nuclear deterrence can maintain peace between the two countries

According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), on June 30 local time, a former diplomat in Singapore stated in a CNBC program that Taiwan was the "most dangerous" tipping point in Sino-US relations, but There will be no full-scale conflict between China and the United States.

Billahari Koskan

Bilahari Kausikan, the former permanent secretary of Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mentioned the "nuclear deterrence theory" on CNBC's program, saying that during the 40-year Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, nuclear deterrence maintained the relationship between the two countries. Peace between. "I think this (referring to nuclear deterrence) will once again maintain peace between the United States and China." Koskan said, "Accidents will always happen," but if it does happen, both the United States and China should "do their best to do so." control".


CNBC pointed out that the Communist Party of China celebrated its centennial anniversary on July 1. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd also stated in another CNBC program that day that the restoration of Taiwan and the unification of China are still "unfinished things" for the Chinese Communist Party. He believes that by the late 1920s to the 1930s, mainland China will regain Taiwan. He also expressed his concern about the "danger" brought about by a war in the Taiwan Strait.

Ren Guoqiang

Recently, some media reported that the United States and Taiwan continued to engage in small actions, and the Taiwan military and the US military also had exchange activities. In response, China's Ministry of National Defense spokesperson Ren Guoqiang reiterated on June 24: “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. The Taiwan issue is purely China's internal affairs. China firmly opposes any form of official exchanges and military ties between the United States and Taiwan, and firmly opposes the United States. Using the Taiwan issue to'use Taiwan to control China', and firmly oppose Taiwan's'holding the United States' self-respect' to'use force to resist reunification'."

Ren Guoqiang emphasized that China's complete reunification is a historical necessity, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the general trend, and peace and stability on both sides of the strait are the aspirations of the people. "Taiwan independence" is a dead end, and engaging in "Taiwan independence" means war. "The US should fully realize that China's development and growth cannot be stopped by any force. The US should abide by the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US Joint Communiqués and stop any form of US-Taiwan military ties. The DPP authorities must be sober. Now, Taiwan's future lies in national reunification, and the well-being of Taiwan compatriots depends on national rejuvenation. Any attempt to "rely on the United States for independence "is doomed to failure."

When Biden took a group photo, he suddenly knelt down on one knee, shocking everyone!

On the 2nd local time, Biden hosted the 2020 World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers at the White House. This is not only the first time Biden has received a National Professional Sports League championship after taking office as president, but also the first time such an event has been held by the White House since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. Dodgers star pitcher Clayton Kershaw expressed his gratitude to the White House for the hospitality on behalf of the team and presented the Dodgers championship jersey to Biden as a commemorative gift. Biden and Harris posed for a photo with the Los Angeles Dodgers and suddenly knelt on one knee, shocking everyone!

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