05 July, 2021

Why can the West "contain" Russia but not China?

After the victory of the Anti-Fascist War, new changes have taken place in the world structure, and the Soviet Union and the United States have become the two powers of the world. In order to compete for supremacy in the world, the two sides have started various competitions.

Open Baidu APP to see high-definition pictures . The development of the Soviet Union touched its great interests for the United States. Therefore, the United States and other Western countries launched a siege and interception of the Soviet Union in an attempt to bring down the Soviet economy. Faced with pressure from all sides, the Soviet Union was finally overwhelmed and moved towards understanding. It is Russia that inherited most of the Soviet Union's mantle, and then Russia was also besieged by Western countries led by the United States. Why can the West be able to contain Russia but not China?

Russia has a vast territory, but its population is not large, so the country and population are in an extremely unbalanced position. In the face of the strong demand in the domestic market, these populations are completely insufficient. If Russia's foreign trade products cannot be completely digested, are suppressed by other Western countries, and the domestic population cannot be digested internally, it will be difficult to establish a relatively large industrial system. If the internal self-adjustment cannot be completed, and the external pressure continues to be applied, then many Russian companies will face the situation of bankruptcy.

Moreover, when the Soviet Union was fighting against Western countries, it put most of its focus on heavy industry, while the development of light industry was not taken seriously. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it was not easy for Russia to develop light industry. After all, the gap left in the past was not easy to make up, so it could only survive and continue to develop heavy industry and military industry. Most importantly, Russia's natural gas reserves and oil reserves rank in the top ten in the world. Although the light industry has been hit, Russia can still sustain it with these heavy industrial products.

For Russia, the most important thing to solve is the economic problem. Under the leadership of Gorbachev, Russia's predecessor, the Soviet Union, has already experienced very serious problems, leading to the continuous outflow of national assets and the emergence of economic oligarchs. These economic oligarchs control most of the country's wealth. Although the powerful Putin took control after he came to power, the oligarchic economy has always existed in Russia. Under the joint sanctions of Western countries, Russia's economy has also been unable to develop.

The West can contain Russia, so why has it repeatedly languished when containing China? First of all, China has a vast land, abundant resources, and a large population. It not only attaches importance to the development of heavy industry but also the development of light industry. Not only can foreign trade be carried out, but the conversion rate of internal consumption is also very high. Therefore, the economic development is very rapid, and the people have truly felt the state of China's continuous take-off. Western countries cannot suppress containment because our industrial system is very complete. The huge population provides a large number of labor forces for industrial construction, which can fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign trade.

The most important point is the cultural concept and beliefs of the Chinese people. Since ancient times, China has been able to calmly face any suppression and invasion by the outside world, and has a strong willpower to overcome these forces. China's strength is now getting stronger and stronger, and its status in the world is becoming more and more obvious. Faced with the suppression of Western countries headed by the United States, the right to speak is also more important. In the face of their containment, we have our own way to solve it. Any force that surrounds, pursues and intercepts will become a mass of scattered sand under the strong cohesion.

"Drive away the US military!" The US allies have suffered a major "change" in the country.

Recently, a piece of news once again aroused people's attention to the US military stationed in South Korea. The accident happened on a walking path in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea. A South Korean woman was knocked to the ground by two drunk US troops driving electric skateboards in South Korea. The two US troops escaped and were arrested by the police, but they were not punished. It was transferred to the US military. The incident once again detonated public opinion in South Korea, and domestic public complaints were boiling. The police hurriedly responded that they would conduct a subpoena for investigation afterwards.

In fact, this is not the first time that the US military in South Korea has done so badly. The Korean people have long been unfamiliar with some of the US military's actions. Compared with the protective role of the US military in South Korea, the US military now brings more damage to South Korea. It's not surprising that there have been many voices in South Korea about "driving off the US military."

However, the thing that aroused the anger of the South Korean people most was the 2,000-plus US military uproar in Busan. On the occasion of Memorial Day in the United States, more than 2,000 foreigners including the US military in South Korea gathered in a large-scale gathering in Busan, drinking and reveling, setting off fireworks and firecrackers. At the moment when the relevant domestic epidemic prevention laws and regulations are being implemented, the US military's The behavior caused great controversy. The local police dispatched 6 police vehicles and foreign affairs teams and other police forces, but still failed to disperse the crowd at the scene.

While paying attention to the development of the incident, we can find that US soldiers will not be subject to any judicial trial in South Korea, which means that these US troops will not be sanctioned by the South Korean judicial authorities, and the media often point to relevant news when reporting. until.

But in fact, there is another sensitive topic that no one wants to bring up, that is, the "extraterritoriality" of the U.S. troops stationed in the country where they are stationed. This term directly raises the issue to an institutional level.

It is very common for US troops stationed abroad to unilaterally enjoy "extraterritoriality". The actions of these US troops are above the laws of the country where they are located and are not subject to the judicial management of the country where they are located. This can be seen from the fact that the US military in South Korea has almost never been punished by relevant South Korean agencies after the incident.

Unilateral "extraterritoriality" is power politics and an infringement on the sacred sovereignty of a country. The actions of the US military in South Korea not only threaten South Korea's national security, but also threaten countries in the surrounding regions. In particular, the US military has established laboratories around China and Russia in the research and development of biochemical weapons, especially in South Korea. The US military stationed in South Korea once sent a batch of biological warfare agents to South Korea by mail, which caused an uproar in the world. The scandals of the US military on biological and chemical weapons are endless. Carrying out lethal experiments in places far away from the mainland is an act that breaks through the bottom line of mankind.

The series of actions taken by the U.S. military in South Korea not only damaged the image of the U.S. military, but also put Moon Jae-in in an embarrassing situation, who is about to face the transfer of power. The unoffending U.S. coupled with the declining support rate is probably the most helpless. A true portrayal. However, compared to Moon Jae-in’s helplessness, the Korean people’s attitude of "packing up the US military" has become stronger. After all, it is the people with deep experience that are pressed, not the government.

What a mysterious organization is the Federal Reserve? To control the western world, the shareholders are all Jews

The United States is now the number one power in the world. But this country is different from most countries in the world. One of his most significant differences is whether this country is a country at all? The United States of America was established after the American War of Independence. The biggest difference between the United States of America and other countries in the world is that it is a United States, not a kingdom. The world at that time, whether it was France, England or Prussia, all had kings . Why did the United States become a country completely different from the European continent? Of course, it is not a well-known saying that Washington is proud, but who owns the resources of the country.

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The reason is that the reason for the existence of this country is that the Tea Party, one of the big business groups in the United States, was dissatisfied with the British taking its own commercial interests, and finally incited the people to break out of the Boston Tea Incident and the outbreak of the American War of Independence. The commercial oligarchs in the 13 colonies of the United States worked independently, but only elected a general to fight for themselves. This man is Washington, the military commander of the Independence Army. This is the same as when the Southern Army elected a general Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. They were just managers of this war, and the election of a commercial manager by the board of directors is of the same nature. And this determines that the United States is destined to be a bank rather than a country from the beginning of its founding. In the end, this bank gradually controlled Japan, Canada, France, Switzerland, etc., and became a huge organization shrouded in the sky of the world.

The first example where the United States is not a country is currency. No matter what era, currency is a symbol of the unity of a country. If you ask what currency China uses, as long as it is a unified dynasty, there is basically a representative. But the United States is not. The U.S. dollar has not always been the currency of the United States. When the United States was first established, there were thousands of currency types. There is no federal bank in the United States, and each state has its own bank and military. One of the important reasons why Washington quit after serving as president for two terms is that the federal government is heavily indebted and it is difficult for the states to coordinate. Washington himself was a master slave owner and kept a large number of slaves. Instead of suffering in the position of president, it is better to return to your own manor to handle the affairs of the manor that has already been indebted. The United States had a central bank, namely the first and second banks, only 40 years before the Fed. The First Bank was established after the War of Independence, mainly to pay off the debts of the War of Independence. The Second Bank was used to repay debts owed during the Anglo-American War. After that, there was no central bank in the United States. The establishment of the Federal Reserve means that after the initial chaos, the major chaebols have jointly established a financial institution to stabilize the US financial order while controlling the US government. The history of the development of the United States is a period of history when a capital big fish eats a small fish and eventually became a monopoly and controlled the federal government.

In 1907, the United States experienced a financial crisis. At this time, the United States was still a second-rate country. On the other side of the ocean, there was the British Empire, the world's largest in technology, economy, and colony . The major capitalists in the United States have discovered that no one can kill anyone in their fight in the United States. Since no one can unify the rivers and lakes, it is better to join together to form a board of directors. As a result , seven people formed the Federal Reserve, the largest financial monopoly organization in the United States, on the private island Jekyll Island of New York Bankers. And these seven people are not ordinary people.The first is Nelson Aldridge, the real power in the US government and the leader of the Republican Party. The United States at this time has completely entered the Republican era after the Civil War. The Democratic Party of the United States did not reign in power until the Great Depression. Nelson Aldridge is also a business partner of JP Morgan, the father-in-law of John Rockefeller Jr., an important member of the Rockefeller family.

Piet Andrew was the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and Frank Van der Lip was the broker of the Rockefeller family at the time and the president of the Bank of New York. Paul Warburg later designed the Federal Reserve, the representative of the Rockefeller family in Britain and France. Henry Davidson and Benjamin Strong are both agents of the New York banker JP Morgan. JP Morgan controlled a large number of U.S. companies by lending to U.S. companies during the financial crisis. This person has mastered a quarter of the wealth of the United States. Charles Norton is the president of the First Bank of New York and a member of JP Morgan. From this list, we will find that the representatives behind these seven people are JP Morgan and Rockefeller. After the establishment of the Federal Reserve, there are eight pedigrees, and all Jewish control can be found.

The first is of course the Warburg Bank of the Warburg family that designed the Federal Reserve. In 1559, the Jewish Simon von Kassel settled in Warburg, Italy, and in 1688 went to Hamburg to engage in loan business. Later, he cooperated with the Rothschild family and became the prominent Warburg family on the European continent. Now the Warburg family not only controls many banks in the United States, but also has shares in almost all banks in Europe. The Warburg family also controls the Swiss Bank, and among them is the Bank of Japan. Needless to say, his partners, the Rothschild family, have his presence in the United States. The Rothschild family has shares in the German Bank, the Bank of Japan, and the Bank of Italy.

The third Lazard brother is a Jew born in France. It is one of the shareholders of the Federal Reserve and has branches in Paris, Rome and other regions. The fourth Schiff family and the Rothschild family are both from the Frankfurt Jewish District. In the 19th century, they were one of the two largest capital groups in New York, the other is the Morgan family. During the Russo-Japanese War, Lazard invested in Japan to win the Russo-Japanese War. Pave the way for the rise of Japan . The fifth is Lehman Brothers. Although this bank has pulled the United States into the water, it is pretty good. Although the parent company declared bankruptcy, all the subsidiaries and branches below are still operating.The sixth is the Kuhn family. This family and Lehman Brothers are Ashkenazi Jews. The two families merged in 1977 to create Lehman. It was later acquired by American Express Bank, which is one of the Rothschild family systems.

The seventh is the Rockefeller and Morgan family. Behind him is the Rothschild family. Rockefeller was an oil tycoon, and his funds came from the Rothschild family. Rockefeller founded Chase Bank and became a financial giant. Chase Bank has invested heavily in Western Europe and Latin America, acquiring shares in Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Honduras and other countries. In 2000, the Rockefeller and Morgan families merged and became a financial giant. There are countless wealth in his hand, and he is a real financial giant. The eighth is Warburg Bank, which also belongs to the Warburg family system. These are the eight financial oligarchs that control the lifeblood of the West.According to our analysis, these oligarchs were merged and found that they were all related to Rothschild.

Because of a Russian "mistake", the Bering Strait was unable to pass through the bridge, but the future generations were "pitted".

This article participates in the essay contest of the Baijiahao#科学了超级# series. Introduction: Looking over the entire earth from space, we will find that, with the exception of Oceania, which is "lonely overseas" and Antarctica, which has no permanent population, the rest can be divided into old continents and new continents according to human history. From the point of view of human history, closely linked to Asia , Europe and Africa , it refers to the Old World ; after the 15th-century West geographical discovery, was the American people's understanding of the Old World, the New World.

Although the Americas are not "lonely overseas" like Oceania, they are also very closed and can almost be regarded as an island continent, but it still retains a "window" for communication with the outside world , that is, the Bering Strait . Someone once boldly imagined building a bridge that can cross the sea on the Bering Strait. What kind of changes will happen to the world? Today, we will discuss this topic together. Can a bridge be built on the Bering Strait? There are simple answers to this question as well as complex answers. First of all, building a bridge is an "arithmetic problem." At present, the longest cross-sea bridge that mankind has successfully built is the China Hong Kong-Macao-Zhuhai Bridge with a total length of 55 kilometers. The width of the Bering Strait is 82 kilometers. From this point of view, the current bridge-building technology wants to achieve It is more difficult.

In particular, bridge building is a major project , and maintenance costs need to be included . However, the Bering Strait has a cold environment at high latitudes . In this case, the maintenance cost is very high. More importantly, the two sides of the Bering Strait are Alaska in the United States and the Far East of Russia. The populations of these two places are very sparse and the economy is relatively backward. Large-scale infrastructure construction in such places can only be done. "Lost money". Let me give you a practical example, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and connecting Ningbo and Jiaxing, Hangzhou Bay Bridge , which communicates two bridges are highly developed economy, densely populated area. In addition, the shortest distance is only 19 kilometers and the average width of the Qiongzhou Strait is less than 30 kilometers apart. The project of the cross-sea bridge has not yet started , even if Hainan has become a special zone in the province and a famous "travel mecca".

In fact, any infrastructure projects are carried out to promote the cross-strait economy , but unchecked infrastructure will only become a "burden" on the national finances. We envision the Bering Strait Bridge , whether it is the United States of Alaska , or the Russian Far East , are incapable afford this "huge" infrastructure funds , even if successfully set up a bridge, they can not achieve stimulation Economic purpose. From an economic perspective, the construction of the Bering Strait is actually the simplest. In addition, the Bering Strait is also related to the geopolitical "game" between the United States and Russia.

Alaska is Russia "discarded" in the history of talk about the story between the United States and Russia, without mentioning the United States that year, "Jianlou" picked Alaska's history. At the beginning of the 19th century, in order to deal with Napoleon , the European states had to unite. In the entire process of defeating Napoleon, Russia and Britain contributed the most and paid the most . After defeating Napoleon, Russia claimed to be the "European Gendarmerie" and went to war with the mighty Britain, and the two sides carried out countless "fights" . Until the mid-19th century, reached the white-hot state of war,Britain and France join forces, will play Russia's "complete failure" in the Crimean War.

In this war, the United States has “dramatically” won a territory. In the 17th century, Russia continued to expand its territory to the Far East. In 1784 , Russia crossed the Bering Strait and turned Alaska into its own colony . In 1799, this area completely became Russian territory. After the terrible defeat in the Crimean War , Russia was short of money due to wars everywhere . In addition, it could no longer take care of the Far East. It was worried that Alaska would be occupied by the British and French navy. It could only take Alaska in 1867. $7.2 million was "sold" to the United States.

This fee also included a handling fee of 200,000 . At the time, the Russians believed that Alaska was useless, and that it could make a small profit by selling it to the United States. But this decision has "pitted" Russia's descendants miserably. The United States after obtaining Alaska, in addition to have a rich variety of resources under the land , but also in Russia and during the "Cold War" and "game", occupy a dominant position.

Original check for Alaska purchases and sales, with a face value of 7.2 million

From this section of the history of Alaska, we will find that if Russia did not sell Alaska back then, after World War II, with the Soviet Union's extensive development of the Far East, it might be possible to build this bridge across the Bering Strait . of. However, judging from the current situation, the US and Russian military forces on both sides of the strait are very strong, and it is impossible to build this cross-sea bridge. What's more, around the Arctic region, the United States and Russia are now engaged in a new "game" . Under the conditions of global warming, Russia, relying on the assistance of nuclear-powered icebreakers, has opened up an Arctic route , which can beopened almost all year round . Large freighters from Asian countries such as Japan and China go to Europe on this route, which is more convenient than passing through the Suez Canal.

Global warming has brought about the melting of the Arctic ice cap, and the resources under the ice cap have become "unowned". Both the United States and Russia want to obtain these resources and also want to control the routes of maritime trade . Therefore, around the Arctic region, the two sides have launched a new "competition." After entering 2020, US congressmen in Alaska have been calling for the expansion of the Alaska deep-water port, the establishment of an icebreaker fleet, and the deployment of more fifth-generation aircraft locally. At the same time, Russia has also equipped the Russian army with special polar combat equipment, and has restarted the Soviet base in the Arctic countless times.In such a "tensed" situation, it is impossible to connect the two sides of the Bering Strait.

Conclusion: But judging from the history of human civilization and even biological evolution, the Bering Strait has a very special significance to the American continent. Even though it has become a dangerous area, judging from the history of the earth's geological changes, due to the decline in sea level, the Bering Strait has repeatedly formed land bridges connecting the American and Eurasian continents, allowing humans to enter from the old continent. New world. The civilization formed by mankind hasn't reached 10,000 years yet. Even if we have invented nuclear weapons that can destroy the world, we are still very small in the face of nature.Even if the United States and Russia have powerful military forces, aren't they also restricted by the Bering Strait? Although the Bering Strait has not yet built a steel bridge for mankind, the invisible bridge it once formed has long rewritten the fate of mankind .

Why does the United States only start wars and not occupy other countries' territories? Telling the reason makes people hate more

The United States is the only superpower in the world today. From the perspective of military power, no country can compete with the US military. From this point of view, it is easy for the United States to annex several small countries around it, such as Mexico, It is not difficult for the United States to expand its territorial scope in countries such as Canada and other weak military countries, even including the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War launched by the United States. However, in fact, the United States seems to have no interest in encroaching on other countries' territories. The United States is the largest military power in the world today, but it is not the country with the largest land area. The United States continues to wage wars, but it never invades and occupy the territories of other countries.Is it because the United States is too kind? Or is the United States really such a democratic and free country? Maybe the answer is not so simple. Since the founding of the United States in 1766, in the initial territorial expansion process, the United States has continuously invaded and occupied the territories of other countries. The United States had only 13 states at the beginning, and it has developed to the current 50 states. Most of these territories are occupied by other countries. Countries and weak countries, especially the most invaded and occupied Mexico's territory, drove out the Indians. It can be said that the development history of the United States is bloody, predatory and brutal. Later, the United States stopped foreign invasion and occupation of territory, and even only built military bases in other countries,but did not occupy the entire country. This is not because the American conscience has discovered that it has become a country of Buddhism, but because the United States has made a very wise choice based on its own interests. The United States does not occupy the territories of other countries, but it does not mean that they stop plundering foreign resources. The United States maximizes its benefits in exchange for the least cost. As we all know, the United States is a high-welfare country. All citizens within the territory of the United States can enjoy various protections such as education, medical care, and pensions. Compared with other countries, these guarantees are of high level and high welfare. After all, the United States is the largest economy in the world today. In other words,if the United States occupies the territory of another country, the nationals of other countries will also become Americans. In this way, the United States' finances must also be treated as nationals to cover the lives and welfare of the people of other countries. This is very important for the United States. It is not cost-effective, and it may even lower the welfare benefits of the entire United States. When a country occupies another country, the ultimate goal is not to assume the responsibility of raising the people of other countries, but to plunder the wealth and resources of other countries. The United States also wants simple benefits, and it does not really want to go. To bear the lives of the people of other countries, the United States does not intend to occupy other countries. Instead,it uses the mode of launching war to plunder the resources of other countries. Its purpose is to want the wealth of resources, nothing more. Occupying a country will give The United States brings greater burdens and troubles, and if it launches a war and does not occupy the territory of other countries, it can also achieve the goal of plundering resources and wealth, but instead of having to bear national debts, this seems to be more beneficial to the United States. Therefore, throughout the history of the development of the United States, many foreign wars have been launched, but they rarely occupy other countries' territories. At most, they only set up military bases in key areas to achieve the goal of continuously plundering the wealth of other countries. This is the true face of the United States. Not occupying other countries'territories is not because they are kind in heart, but because they are too cunning.

Who are the 3 strongest countries in the world? The United States is number one. What is the true strength of China?

Who are the powerful nations in the world? The United States has rarely exposed the answer recently. There are only three truly first-class powers in the world. As soon as the answer came out, the whole world focused on the rejuvenating power of the East, and wanted to see how strong it really is.

The picture shows the Chinese navy fleet

Who are the 3 strongest countries in the world? The United States ranks itself first, and China also exists in the rankings given by the United States. So what is China's real strength? In fact, after years of development, China has long become one of the countries that have the strength to compete with the United States.The United States is naturally ranked first. It is undeniable that the United States is indeed the most powerful country in the world in terms of military and economic strength. From the perspective of military strength, the United States has built up its power to maintain its global hegemony. The world's most powerful navy has a total displacement of more than 3 million tons. It also has 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and retired aircraft carriers sealed in the port. Once a war breaks out, the combat effectiveness of the US aircraft carrier and its fleet will be Very strong. In the past wars in the Middle East that the US military has participated in, the US military only needs to send a strike group consisting of a few aircraft carriers to completely destroy a country's defense forces. At the same time,these aircraft carriers can also show the United States at sea during the non-war period. The military power of the United States deterred other countries and forced other countries to agree to the unequal treaties proposed by the United States. In addition to the powerful conventional power, the United States also has the same powerful nuclear power, sufficient to form a mutually destructive deterrent capability with Russia.

The picture shows the US aircraft carrier

The second country is Russia. Although Russia’s military strength has been greatly affected after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia still has a very strong military strength due to the large legacy left by the Soviet Union. Although the Russian navy is mainly equipped with Old ships, in recent years, the newly launched ships are generally small in tonnage or the ones launched are submarines. This kind of ship has a powerful deterrent capability but cannot be placed on the surface to deter. Therefore, the combat capability of the Russian Navy is actually the same as that of the U.S. Navy. There is a certain gap, but Russia has equalized these gaps through its nuclear weapons superiority, using various nuclear weapons left over from the Soviet era and self-developed Pioneer and Zircon and other hypersonic weapons to form a strategic balance with the United States, especially including Pioneer The hypersonic weapons included have surpassed the interception capability limit of the US air defense system, causing the US military to be very troubled. And the last country is China. Although China has been blocked by the United States and other Western countries, facts have proved that the blockade by these Western countries does not completely lock China, but makes China under the oppression of Western countries., Step by step independent research and development, breaking through the technical barriers set by Western countries, and possessing a strong military strength that ranks third in the world today. China not only relied on ballistic missiles to establish the first and second island chain anti-intervention The increase in its naval military strength also means that China's control over territorial waters is gradually increasing, which makes the United States very jealous.

The picture shows the Chinese navy ship

In short, under the blockade of the United States and Western countries, China has raised its true strength to the level that it can resist American interference. This is a very great achievement and an important basis for ensuring China's national security. China will continue to continue until the United States is finally completely surpassed.

"Chinese vaccines are not allowed!" To prevent Papua New Guinea from introducing vaccines, Morrison did nothing.

According to domestic media reports, on July 5, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference in Beijing. At the meeting, a reporter asked: “About Australia, through the placement of multiple consultants in the Papua New Guinea (hereinafter referred to as Papua New Guinea) National Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center, it has blocked China's authorized access to the Papua New Guinea aid vaccine in every possible way, and has also intervened in Pakistan Wang Wenbin strongly opposed this when "welcoming the Chinese vaccine" .

Wang Wenbin said that some people in Australia have used the vaccine issue to engage in political manipulation and bullying. This is a disregard for the lives and health of the Papua New Guinea people. It violates the basic humanitarian spirit and seriously interferes with the overall global anti-epidemic situation. It is extremely hypocritical and worthy. responsibility. China expresses serious concern and firm opposition to this.

It is reported that recently, Australia has intervened in PNG's anti-epidemic policy to discredit China's vaccines and prevent China's anti-epidemic cooperation with PNG. According to sources, the Australian government has placed several “security consultants” at the Papua New Guinea National Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center to influence Papua New Guinea's anti-epidemic policy. Under Australia's intervention, in August 2020, 48 migrant workers from China who had been vaccinated against the new crown were refused entry by the PNG government. The reason given was that the risks posed by these vaccinated people were not clear., Therefore shut out migrant workers from China.

In addition, under the influence of Australia, Papua New Guinea has also introduced many policies against China. For example, ignoring the fact that China has controlled the epidemic and still classifying China as a "high-risk" country. What is even more exaggerated is to introduce relevant anti-epidemic policies, knowing that the only foreign migrant workers entering Papua New Guinea are members of the Chinese engineering project team. Foreign migrant workers who enter the country must wear electronic positioning foot rings during isolation.

Not only that, Australia has even directly intervened in obstructing and intervening in PNG government personnel to welcome Chinese vaccines. At the beginning of February this year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in a telephone conversation with Papua New Guinea's Acting Foreign Minister Paita and announced that China had decided to provide Papua New Guinea with 200,000 doses of new crown vaccine to help Papua New Guinea overcome the epidemic.On March 23, when 200,000 doses of the national medicine vaccine arrived in the capital of PNG, Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Malape intended to meet him in person, but the Australian side issued a warning to Malape that as long as Malape greeted the Chinese vaccine in person, Australia will terminate the aid projects provided to Papua New Guinea. In desperation, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea can only compromise.

In fact, regarding Australia's intervention in PNG's anti-epidemic policy, on July 2nd, China-Australia Research Association President Chen Hong said in an interview with the media that Australia hyped up the issue of the traceability of the new crown virus, and continued to attack and question China's vaccines. The purpose of "anti-China diplomacy" is to smear China's image. Chen Hong also pointed out that the reason why Australia wants to obstruct China's assistance to PNG is to maintain Australia's "absolute influence" in the island country .

It needs to be mentioned that the Australian think tank Roy Institute for International Policy has publicly declared that if Pacific island countries such as PNG use Chinese vaccines to promote the fight against the epidemic, then the economic and social recovery of the Pacific island countries in the post-epidemic era will be carried out under the leadership of China., In this case, Australia's influence in the South Pacific region will be greatly reduced.

It is worth mentioning that with regard to Australia's obstruction of PNG's introduction of Chinese vaccines, at a regular press conference on July 5, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stated that China is committed to building a community of human health and insisting on making vaccines a global role. Public goods to help developing countries save as many innocent lives as possible. We do not have any geopolitical goals and do not attach any political conditions. We urge Australia to stop disrupting China's vaccine cooperation with Pacific island countries, and work with China to make concrete efforts to protect the health and well-being of people in island countries and promote international anti-epidemic cooperation.

"Tie Ren Zhen": If you don't withdraw, you won't have to talk about it

According to a Reuters report on the 4th, in a statement on Sunday, Ethiopia's local armed forces in Tigray demanded a complete withdrawal of troops from the country's Amhara state and neighboring Eritrea, before a ceasefire with the Ethiopian government would be carried out. Any negotiation .

The local armed “Tigray People's Liberation Front” (referred to as “Tiren's Front”) returned to Mek'ele, the capital of Tigray State, amidst the cheers of the crowd last Monday. The Ethiopian National Defense Forces base in Tigray State, the Ethiopian government immediately announced the launch of military operations against the "Tiren Front", and the "Tiren Front" has since turned to guerrilla warfare. Sporadic fighting between the two sides in Tigray State has occurred from time to time.

Soon after the "Tiren Front" returned to the capital, the government of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed unilaterally announced a ceasefire, and the "Tiren Front" spokesperson Getachew Reda (Getachew Reda) regarded this move as a move. As a "joke" .

The spokesperson issued a statement on the 5th, saying that if there is a “firm guarantee” that the government will not invade further, the “Tianjin Front” will accept the ceasefire in principle, but a series of other conditions need to be met before any agreement is formalized...

The statement said: "Invading forces from Amhara and Eritrea must withdraw from Tigray and return to the pre-war territory."

For this reason, the Ethiopian government did not immediately comment.

Earlier, according to the New York Times and AFP report on July 2, local time, more than 7,000 Ethiopian government soldiers were captured by the Tigray army. These captured soldiers marched on foot for 4 days and arrived at Merck, the capital of Tigray State . Mekelle will be taken to a large prison in the north of the city.

Judging from the images taken by the media, due to the large number of captured soldiers, this group of captives appeared densely packed and spectacular as they marched on the street. The "New York Times" described it as a "paradise", vividly showing the "huge losses" suffered by the Ethiopian government forces, "one of the most powerful troops in Africa."

The “Tigray People's Liberation Front” (“Tiren's Front”) is the core political party of the former ruling coalition of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front. Before the country's current Prime Minister Abi came to power in 2018, the “Tiren Front” actually controlled the state power..

The United Nations warned on Friday that despite the federal government's unilateral ceasefire, more than 400,000 people are still facing famine in the region, and there is still the risk of more conflicts in the region.

In a statement, the "Timan Front" stated that it hopes that the region will receive unrestricted assistance and provide comprehensive basic services such as electricity, telecommunications, banking, medical care, and education.

The statement also said that the United Nations should establish an independent agency to investigate war crimes and an international entity to oversee the implementation of any ceasefire agreement.

It also called for the immediate release of all Tigray political leaders and members of the National Defence Force detained in prisons across the country.

Dai Bing, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, delivered a speech at the Security Council's open meeting on peace and security in Africa on the 2nd. He pointed out that the issue of Ethiopia's Tigray State is an internal matter of Ethiopia. The The international community must fully respect Ethiopia's sovereignty and leadership when providing assistance. Help Ethiopia tide over the difficulties.

Dai Bing said that the Ethiopian government recently announced a unilateral ceasefire in Tigray State to ensure the normal development of local farming and humanitarian relief work. China welcomes this. It is hoped that the Tigray area will achieve a comprehensive ceasefire, and the parties concerned will be supported to resolve their differences through political dialogue, so that all Ethiopians, including the people of Tigray State, can enjoy peace and stability and achieve development and prosperity.

Dai Bing said that the Chinese government has provided assistance within its capacity for Ethiopian humanitarian assistance. The food aid provided by the Chinese government will arrive in the near future, and the new crown vaccine donated by China to Ethiopia will also benefit the people of Tigray State. Humanitarian assistance in Tigray State is still facing a serious shortage of resources. The international community must increase its efforts to provide emergency humanitarian assistance, but it must fully abide by the United Nations humanitarian assistance guidelines when providing assistance.

Published under Blog on 05 July, 2021.

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