29 August, 2021

Want to force China to back down? The 12 European and American countries have joined forces to support Lithuania, and our mission to the EU can't bear it

Since the Lithuanian government disregarded China's repeated representations and made clear its interests and announced that it would allow the Taiwan authorities to establish a “representative office” in the name of “Taiwan”, China decided to recall the Chinese ambassador to Lithuania and requested the Lithuanian government to recall the ambassador to China. China's position is very clear. The Lifang's approach seriously damages China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and seriously violates the one-China principle. China has the right and should make a legitimate response.

However, in the face of China's solemn position, some European and American countries have recently joined forces to try to force China to make concessions. On August 27, the 12 European and American parliaments and the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee issued a joint statement welcoming the development of "economic relations" between Lithuania and Taiwan, accusing China of aggressive behavior of exerting political, diplomatic and economic pressure on Lithuania, and calling on their governments , The European Union and other allies give Lithuania full support.

Prior to this, U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln also openly claimed during the phone call with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landsbergis that the relationship between the United States and NATO allies is indestructible and that the United States firmly supports the Lithuania in confronting China’s so-called “coercion” behavior.

The spokesperson of the Chinese mission to the European Union made a strong counterattack against the actions of European and American countries supporting Lithuania. The spokesperson said that the one-China principle is a universally recognized norm of international relations and a general consensus of the international community. It is the political basis for the development of bilateral relations between China and countries and organizations including the EU and its member states. The Lithuanian government allowed the Taiwan authorities to set up a "representative office" in the name of "Taiwan". This flagrantly violated the spirit of the communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Lithuania and seriously undermined China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese government expressed firm opposition to this. China's resolute and necessary response to Lithuania's actions that undermine China's sovereignty and territorial integrity is completely reasonable and lawful.

The spokesperson reiterated that the determination of the Chinese people to realize the reunification of the motherland is unshakable, and the red line of safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity cannot be touched. We urge the EU and its related parties to maintain a correct position on Taiwan-related issues, abide by international justice and justice, and refrain from sending wrong signals on issues involving China’s core interests and creating new problems for China-EU relations.

A solemn reminder from the Chinese Embassy in the U.S.

On August 27, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States released the main points of the so-called "New Coronavirus Traceability Investigation Report." The White House issued a statement on the traceability investigation of the new crown virus on the same day, claiming that China was obstructing the international investigation of traceability and lacking transparency and attempting to mobilize relevant partners to put pressure on China. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns this.

The U.S. government uses intelligence agencies to conduct so-called traceability reports in an attempt to "presumption of guilt" against China in order to shirk responsibility for its failure in the fight against the epidemic and to blame China. This US approach will only cause interference and damage to international traceability and global anti-epidemic cooperation, form a bad guide to the American people, and trigger a new round of discrimination and violence against Asians.

The Chinese Embassy in the United States solemnly reminds Chinese citizens in the United States to strengthen their safety precautions and be vigilant against discrimination and violence against Asians. When encountering such a situation, you must remain calm, deal with it properly, try to avoid quarrels and physical conflicts, and ensure your own safety. In case of violent behavior and security threats, please call the US police and help phone number: 911 (Chinese service can be requested), or ask others to assist the police, and promptly report and seek help from the school and the employer, and require fair handling in accordance with laws and regulations. When necessary, they can protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels.

If consular assistance is involved, you can contact the global consular protection and service emergency hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the consular protection and assistance phone number of the corresponding embassy or consulate.

The Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (24 hours):

+86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991

Consular Protection and Assistance Telephone Numbers of the Chinese Embassy in the United States:

Embassy in the United States: +1-202-4952216

Consulate General in New York: +1-212-6953125

Consulate General in San Francisco: +1-415-2168525

Consulate General in Los Angeles: +1-213-8078052

Consulate General in Chicago: +1-312-7800170

Source: CCTV News Client

China Central Radio and Television General Station Chinese Global Program Center New Media

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Chief Editor/Wang Ran Intern Editor/Wang Aofu

Biden speaks harshly again!

Biden said that the extremist organization responsible for the bombing of the Kabul Airport will be investigated to the end.

US President Biden issued a statement on August 28 local time on the attack on the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. He said that the U.S. military’s air strikes against the “Khorasan Province” branch of the extremist organization “Islamic State” will not be the last time. The United States will continue to hunt down those responsible for the attack on the Kabul Airport and make them pay the price.

Biden profile map

According to Xinhua News Agency, Biden issued a statement after discussing the situation in Afghanistan with the national security team that day, saying that the situation in Kabul is still "very dangerous" and there is a high threat of terrorist attacks at Kabul Airport. The US military commander reported that there is a high possibility that another terrorist attack will occur at Kabul Airport in the next 24 to 36 hours.

Statement screenshot

Biden said that he has asked the U.S. military to take all feasible measures to prioritize force protection and ensure that it has all the authority, resources, and plans to protect the U.S. military on-site.

A suicide bomb attack occurred outside Kabul Airport on the 26th, killing 13 American soldiers and wounding 18 others. At least 170 Afghan civilians were killed. The United States believes that the Afghan branch of the extremist organization "Islamic State" carried out the attack.

On the 27th, US drones carried out air strikes on targets of the "Islamic State" Afghan branch in Nangarhar Province, eastern Afghanistan. Hank Taylor, an official with the US Joint Staff, said on the 28th that two senior members of the organization were killed in an airstrike and another person was injured.

In the past few days, the United States and its allies have launched a large-scale evacuation operation at Kabul Airport. The White House said on the morning of the 28th that more than 110,000 people have been evacuated since August 14. According to the US plan, its evacuation will end on August 31. Pentagon spokesman Kirby said on the 28th that the US military has begun the final phase of withdrawal.

Biden announced in April this year that the US troops stationed in Afghanistan will begin to withdraw on May 1 and will withdraw completely before September 11. In July he also stated that the US military mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31. On August 15, the Taliban entered and controlled Kabul, declaring that "the war in Afghanistan has ended."

The Pentagon: Two IS "high-level members" were killed in an air strike

According to Agence France-Presse, the Pentagon stated that two IS "high-level members" were killed in an air strike.

Screenshot of AFP report

William Hank Taylor, the deputy director of the United States' Joint Staff in charge of regional operations, said at a press conference on the 28th that the United States had killed two high-level IS members and injured another in an air strike in Afghanistan earlier .. He also stated that no civilians were injured in the airstrike.

Pentagon Information Map

According to previous news from the Associated Press, the Pentagon said on the 27th local time that the United States carried out an air strike in Afghanistan against a "planner" of the extremist organization "ISIS" (ISIS) branch "ISIS-K", and the target person was killed. According to reports, this person was allegedly involved in a plan to launch an attack on the United States in Kabul. The British "Guardian" stated that an official of the US Department of Defense who asked not to be named said that Biden authorized the airstrikes and was ordered by Secretary of Defense Austin.

Western Media Article: The Afghanistan Crisis Makes Biden's "Personal Design" Collapse

The Spanish "Le Monde" website published an article on August 27 that Biden allowed the pro-Western regime in Afghanistan to collapse completely within 11 days. This leaves the United States with a weak image in Afghanistan. Biden's image of seriousness and efficiency has collapsed . The President of the United States must not be a weak person and must not be the object of ridicule by other countries. And Biden is facing a huge risk of becoming such a weak person.

In addition, there are more problems affecting Biden's serious and efficient image. For example, his attitude towards the new crown epidemic is constantly changing. In May, Biden announced that people who are fully vaccinated can not wear masks in outdoor places. In July, he changed his rhetoric again, reiterating that people should wear masks to fulfill their patriotic obligations.

Biden's attitude caused the "expert president" to fall from the altar. The reaction of the president's followers is like the reaction of Trump's fans during his presidency: stand your ground.

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