07 August, 2021

United States: I'm back, Singapore media: You are a few shots slower than China

Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" published an article on August 5 entitled "Why is it for senior US officials to visit Southeast Asia?" It said that Southeast Asia has been very lively these days, and high-level Americans have come to the region to " stop in." The United States has announced that Vice President Harris will visit Singapore and Vietnam. In all, in just three months from the end of May to the end of August, a total of four senior US officials will visit Southeast Asia or exchange views with countries in the region. The ASEAN countries are somewhat flattered, and they never think that they are "so important" in the United States' minds.The strategic purpose of the United States' return to Southeast Asia is to strengthen cooperation with regional countries, or is Xiangzhuang's sword dance in Peigong—to fight for Southeast Asia to contain China?

On July 30, US Secretary of Defense Austin shook hands with Philippine Secretary of Defense Lorenzana.

The visit of US officials to Southeast Asia emphasizes that the US attaches to relations with Southeast Asia, but China-related issues have always surrounded the contacts between senior US officials and Southeast Asian countries. Observers say that Southeast Asia only received attention after Washington positioned Beijing as a major increasingly diplomatic challenge. Washington is now aware that China has been cultivating relations with Southeast Asia through visits, loans, and the recent provision of new crown vaccines. After the epidemic, China has actively launched vaccine diplomacy in Southeast Asia. In contrast , the United States has been "a few shots" slower.

What does the return of the United States to Southeast Asia mean to the region? Singapore's former member of Parliament, Wu Jungang, said that it is normal for Biden to repair the damage caused by Trump. However, because of the suppression of China as a starting point, regional countries will inevitably feel uncomfortable. This is not in their interests.

The "Russia Today" website published an article on August 5 entitled "Harris's "America is Back" Asia Tour Will Not Succeed", stating that the US Vice President's Southeast Asia trip will be fruitless because Washington cannot afford to be there economically with Beijing. compete. The United States claims that it has returned to Southeast Asia, but the reality is that, apart from arrogant and anti-China, the United States does not actually have a strategy for the region. But Beijing has. In many respects, the legacy of recent US policy in this region is self-destructive to say the least, and Biden's political space to reverse this situation is limited. In other words, it is essentially Trump's "America First".

The biggest loophole in the US strategy for Southeast Asian countries is that they have not provided them with economic motivation to oppose China. In this regard, the United States has isolated itself. And China has comprehensively strengthened its economic ties with neighboring regions and consolidated its presence. This poses a problem for the United States. China is increasingly integrating with the region at the economic level, and all parties in the region welcome this. In addition, China has begun to shake off the influence of the US dollar in its business dealings with these countries. For these, the United States has no countermeasures.Washington tried to propose a "digital trade agreement" between Asia-Pacific economies in an attempt to exclude China. But this has no chance of winning. Because for these countries, excluding China is totally unworkable.

The rest is the military aspect. Many countries in the region accept the presence of the United States militarily because it gives them strategic space. But this is not so much about "standing on the side" of the United States, as it is about facing the geopolitical balance between the two major powers of the United States and China. The United States hopes that countries in the region will ally with itself to deal with China, but all countries hope to remain neutral.

The neighboring country in Southeast Asia is China, not the United States. Beijing is the largest economy in the region and is irreversibly integrated in trade, technology, and finance. The US foreign policy strategy seems to be based on a strange premise-they can dominate the region and repel China. But in fact, the United States cannot.

Although regional countries may not reject the existence of the United States, they will never adopt any substantive anti-China policies. If it was you, would you fight with a much stronger neighbor? In many respects, China continues to lead the regional agenda through its own initiatives, and as China's military strength in the region grows, there will be many ways to deal with the pretense of the United States.

Biden said that 350 million people in the United States of 330 million people have been vaccinated, and public opinion is in an uproar again.

US President Biden announced on the 6th that 350 million people in the United States have been vaccinated against the new crown, but the actual population of the United States is 331 million. Biden's verbal error once again ignited public opinion in the United States.

On the 6th, Biden delivered a speech at the White House, continuing to persuade the American people to actively vaccinate. He said: "You know, about 350 million people in the United States have been vaccinated, billions of people in the world have been vaccinated, and almost no one has died as a result of vaccinations. Today, there will be about 400 deaths in the United States. Delta mutant virus. This is a tragedy. If people are vaccinated, almost all of these deaths can be prevented. "

Biden also contrasted: "One day 10 months ago, nearly 4,000 people died from the new coronavirus-4,000 to 400. This shows that we have made great progress in the vaccination schedule to protect us from the new coronavirus. The consequences of Podelta's mutant virus ."

The US Republican National Committee released a video of Biden's speech on Twitter on the same day, with the accompanying text: "Look: Joe Biden said 350 million Americans were vaccinated, more than 100% of the US population." American actor Adam Baldwin retweeted the video and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your current US President." Others commented: "Why doesn't this guy go to a nursing home?"

The New York Post pointed out that it is almost certain that what Biden is trying to say is that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show that Americans have received about 350 million doses of the new crown vaccine, but the number of vaccinations should be about Is 193 million.

Biden, 78, is often questioned by some American media because of frequent verbal errors. The report pointed out that in the US presidential election last year, former President Trump also specifically made Biden's cognitive health a campaign topic.

Let China compensate 10 trillion US dollars? Trump never expected that Biden made an unexpected choice

According to the Global Times, “The White House does not support Trump's request for China's compensation of 10 trillion US dollars for the new crown epidemic”. The New York Post of the United States reported on this latest issue of the Biden administration on the 4th . Express your stance.

According to the report, White House Press Secretary Psaki said on August 4, local time that US President Biden did not support former President Trump's request to “require China to pay more than 10 trillion US dollars for the new crown epidemic”.

"Our position has not changed," Psaki told the media at a daily press conference that day. When asked if Biden was "open" to this idea, the New York Post stated that Psaki interrupted the question and said, "Do you have any other questions?"

According to the New York Post, Trump once claimed that China must compensate the United States for the new crown epidemic. Even in a recent taped speech at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump still said: "China must pay indemnities. We have suffered such serious injuries in terms of death and life." He added, "Even if they pay 100,000 100 million dollars, that's not enough."

In response to the US's clamor for “claims for liability,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying pointed out, “I don't know what responsibility the US wants to pursue? The US is the world's most abundant medical resource, strongest and most advanced country in technology. It has the highest number of diagnoses and deaths in the world." Hua Chunying said that under such circumstances, it also openly advocated and incited to pass on and "snap the pot" the responsibility for its ineffective response to China. They have What face to criticize China? Shouldn't they apologize to their people?If it is to be held accountable, its people should hold these politicians in its government to account, not without any idea of ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​right and wrong, confuse right and wrong, or even come to China without a bottom line.

"I think their performance can only vividly explain one phenomenon, that is, what is a rogue and what a robber is."

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