23 August, 2021

U.S. and India "quarreled", Australia broke out in chaos, and the Japanese Prime Minister went to the hospital

While the world is paying attention to the situation in Afghanistan and thinking about whom Afghan minerals will fall into, the situation in the Asia-Pacific is changing.

On August 21, at least three things are worth noting.

The first thing is that the United States and India have a rare "fall out". With Biden in charge of the White House and the United States speeding up its return to the Asia-Pacific, the United States and India can be said to have close cooperation.

In many cases, Modi's foreign strategy is very simple, that is, "whatever the United States says, India will do what it is, and never go against the United States."

The problem is that India treats the United States as a martial arts ally and a worthy ally, but the United States may not treat India with all its heart.

No, the "plastic brotherhood" of the US-India House will soon be known to the whole world.

The reason why India chooses to "only obey the orders of the United States" is to take advantage of the United States. For example, Modi wants to sign the "US-India Free Trade Agreement" with Biden to undertake the transfer of American industries and take the opportunity to revive the Indian economy.

Modi's heartfelt words are totally useless in the United States. Like Trump, Biden is committed to "promoting the return of US manufacturing". How can he give the opportunity to India?

On August 21st, the United States decisively rejected India. The signal from the United States was very clear: "Even if India is signing a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, it is impossible for the United States to do so for the time being ."

Modi's original intention was to eliminate trade barriers between the United States and India to promote India's exports to the United States and to produce goods for American companies. For India, this is one of the best ways to rise.

Obviously, the United States is unwilling to help India.

In fact, it is no longer known how many times the United States has fooled India. At the beginning, when the epidemic in India was in emergency, Modi first thought of asking the United States for help, but he did not expect that the United States would go back and say "everything is under control, and medical supplies will be delivered soon." Biden, in the end, No actual action was taken.

Biden once said that India will become one of the most trusted allies of the United States, and the signal sent out overtly and secretly is, "If India listens to the United States, the United States can help India", at least in the economic field.

The final fact made Modi feel "stunned." After Biden took over the United States, the White House told India many times that it must cancel the purchase of S-400. If not, the United States will impose sanctions on India.

It doesn't matter if you don't help India, deceive India, or fool India. In the end, you still want to sanction India. What kind of ally is this?

The second thing is an outbreak of chaos in Australia. For Morrison, this period of time is really "whatever you are afraid of."

Because the Australian economy is not optimistic and the United States seizes the Australian market, many Australians are berating Morrison. In the recent period, the "Taliban beating the Australian people" happened again in Afghanistan. At the crowded Kabul Airport, American personnel are slowly evacuating, while Afghan citizens are being beaten. How can we not let Morrison feel a headache?

On August 21, because of dissatisfaction with Morrison's implementation of the "strict epidemic prevention" program, chaos broke out in many parts of Australia. Protesters took to the streets of Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and other places and fought with Australian police.

In the end, the Australian police arrested more than 200 protesters, but the conflict did not end.

Affected by the Australian epidemic, Morrison's support rate dropped sharply, but the United States did not help Australia.

From the White House's attitude towards India and Australia, it is not difficult to see that the strategy pursued by the United States has always been "the United States prioritizes other countries to stay aside". The so-called allies are nothing more than cash machines and pawns in the United States.

Japan and South Korea pretend to be ignorant of this because of Australia. Isn't it a tragedy?

The third thing is that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga entered the hospital. Like Morrison, Yoshihide Suga also faces the problem of being "condemned by the public." Because of his insistence on hosting the Tokyo Olympics, the rapid spread of the epidemic in Japan , and his lack of confidence to challenge Russia, Yoshihide Suga's approval rating has dropped to a record low. It is a matter of course to drop the Japanese election.

In addition, like US President Biden, Suga Yoshihide's physical condition is also not optimistic. Officials of the Prime Minister's Office of Japan have stated many times that Yoshihide Suga has the problem of being unable to speak clearly, and that he is often "confused" .

Of course, Yoshihide Suga's poor performance is also closely related to overwork.

On August 21, Yoshihide Suga went to a hospital in Tokyo. Although people close to Yoshihide Suga stated that "the prime minister's health has no problems," the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is still worried.

The overwhelming burden of Yoshihide Suga reminds the Japanese people of former Prime Minister Abe. At that time, Abe had to withdraw from Japanese politics because of his health deterioration. Now Yoshihide Suga is facing a similar situation.

Not surprisingly, Yoshihide Suga will miss the prime minister's throne in this Japanese general election.

Let's see how the US and Japan move next.

US media exposed Bin Laden's secret order: killing Obama and leaving Biden, his presidency will put the United States into crisis

According to the American Overseas Chinese News, at the same time that the United States announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan, a secret order from Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden (Osama bin Laden) was re-issued, which completely exposed bin Laden's evaluation of the current President Biden.

The Bidens. (China News Network Information Map)

The Taipei Zhongshi News Network quoted a report from the New York Post on the 20th that according to documents seized by the United States when it successfully assassinated the former al-Qaeda leader bin Laden, bin Laden once wrote to his subordinates in a long letter, requesting his subordinates to assassinate the then president. Obama (Barack Obama), but the then Vice President Joe Biden must remain alive, because Biden, who is unprepared, will lead the United States into "crisis."

According to the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, this long letter is that Saeed al-Masri, the chief financial officer of Al Qaeda, was attacked by the US military on May 21, 2010. After the drone strike was killed, bin Laden wrote a guidance document to his successor, Shaykh Mahmud.

Another priority target mentioned by bin Laden was Admiral David Petraeus, then commander of the US Army in Afghanistan. Because he was in control of the military power in the Afghan theater, removing him would "change the course of the war." In addition to Biden, other targets that should not be assassinated include the then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (Robert Gates), the then Chairman of the Joint Staff Council, General Michael Mullen, and the then Afghanistan and Pakistan affairs. Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke (Richard Holbrooke ).

The New York Post pointed out that this long letter was one of a large number of documents found by the US military in his Pakistan hideout after bin Laden was shot dead on May 2, 2011. Although the current time and space environment is completely different from that at the time, this long letter has once again attracted the attention of the world when the situation in Afghanistan is in chaos.

In the early morning of May 2, 2011, the US Navy SEALs raided the hiding place of Al Qaeda's founder bin Laden in the northern town of Abbottabad in Pakistan. The SEAL special forces shot bin Laden in the forehead at close range, killing the terrorist tycoon. Subsequently, his body was immediately delivered to the USS "Carl Vinson" aircraft carrier for burial. (Original title: Bin Laden once banned the assassination of Biden, saying that he would lead the United States "into the crisis")

Come to China that other countries dare not do! Ignoring the US blockade, China rushed to help Cuba by sending life-saving equipment

According to domestic media reports, since the United States made a huge fortune in World War II, it has begun to be arrogant and domineering in the international arena. It has either imposed economic blockades or frantically suppressed countries that cannot be used to it, and Cuba is one of them. Has been sanctioned by the United States for a long time. Especially during the new crown epidemic, the United States has increased its sanctions, and Cuba is very dissatisfied with this. Although Cuba's experience has made many countries sympathize, they dare not go against the will of the United States. Only China is fearless and has repeatedly ignored the US bans and blockades and extended a helping hand to Cuba. Recently, another batch of life-saving supplies from China officially arrived in Cuba.

On the evening of August 20, local time, 150 oxygen generators aided by the Chinese government to Cuba have arrived in Havana, the capital of Cuba, from Shanghai, and other anti-epidemic and civilian resources will arrive in the near future. The Chinese Embassy in Cuba announced relevant information in the Cuban media for the first time and made it clear that China will firmly support Cuba in responding to the new crown epidemic. What needs to be mentioned is that this is another aid to Cuba after the 30 ventilators donated by China arrived on July 31.

The Cuban government and people have seen and remembered China's help. The Cuban official media issued a statement that under the special and complicated situation faced by Cuba, China's assistance to Cuba is at the right time, which once again fully demonstrates the profound friendship between the two countries.The Office of the President of Cuba, Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Rivas, Deputy Minister of International Department of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party Marsan, Ambassador to China Pereira, etc. thanked China for its valuable assistance at the critical juncture of Cuba's fight against the epidemic through social media. The materials provided by China will enhance Cuba's ability to respond to the epidemic and once again demonstrate the unbreakable brotherhood between the two countries.

It should be noted that, in stark contrast to China's selfless help, the United States has long imposed severe sanctions on Cuba. Since 1962, the United States has officially announced a comprehensive embargo on Cuba. In recent years, the United States has imposed greater sanctions on Cuba. Relevant information shows that during the Trump administration, the United States imposed more than 200 sanctions on Cuba. After Biden took office, he even threatened to impose sanctions on Cuba. Implement more stringent blockade measures. On the 19th of this month , the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on three high-level Cuban officials under the pretext of so-called "human rights violations" and "corruption."

It is worth mentioning that this time the United States used so-called "human rights violations" and "corruption" to impose sanctions on Cuba. In terms of "human rights violations", Australia, a staunch ally of the United States, was previously exposed to abuse of violence against the local people in Afghanistan. Incidents that have caused the deaths of Afghan civilians are not uncommon. Even if there is a lot of evidence to prove the atrocities of the Australian army, the United States still ignores it. .

As for "corruption," the former government of Afghanistan was exposed to serious corruption many years ago, but the United States once again turned a blind eye to it. In view of this, some analysis pointed out that the reason why the United States is so "tolerant" to the above-mentioned countries is nothing more than that the other party is a servant country and a puppet government of the United States. It can be seen that the "values" of the United States are based solely on stance and not right or wrong. Only by obeying one's own country can one "survive".

In fact, in response to a series of sanctions imposed by the United States against Cuba, on August 20, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made it clear that China has stated its position on the U.S. sanctions against Cuba on many occasions. Sanctions and interference in Cuba’s internal affairs. Facts have proved that the more sanctions are fluttering under the banner of human rights, the more it exposes the hypocritical double moral standards and the nature of the U.S. overbearing nature. China firmly supports the Cuban government’s efforts to maintain social stability and once again urges the United States to meet the international community and do more things that will truly help Cuba improve its economy and people’s livelihood and protect the basic rights of the Cuban people.

"Biden's honeymoon with the Americans is over"

"Biden's honeymoon with the Americans is over." The US Politician News Network said.

On the 22nd, the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and CBS (CBS) announced the latest public opinion surveys showing that due to the rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the United States, and the series of reactions caused by the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, coupled with the slow economic recovery and other factors, the President of the United States Biden's public opinion rating continued to decline, falling below 50% for the first time in the NBC poll.

On the 22nd, Biden delivered a speech on the situation in Afghanistan. Source: Visual China

In a CBS News poll, nearly half of the Americans surveyed (about 50%) recognized Biden's presidential job-but the same number (about 50%) did not recognize him. In the NBC News poll, Biden's approval rate was 49%, while the disapproval rate was 48%.

NBC polls. Source: Politician News Network

Compared with a similar poll conducted by NBC in April this year, Biden's approval rating continued to decline, when 53% of people said they recognized his work performance. In the April polls, Biden's disapproval rate was much lower, when only 39% of people said they did not approve of Biden's work performance.

In the latest NBC poll, 48% of registered voters said they did not recognize the president's overall performance, while only 43% expressed the same view in April. Biden's support rate among independents, white Americans and people in rural areas has declined.

A more detailed breakdown of the recent polls shows that with regard to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the majority of respondents (60%) said they disagreed with Biden's handling of the matter, and only 25% of the respondents agreed.

In the latest public opinion survey, 53% of respondents said they agreed with the Biden administration's performance in responding to the new crown pandemic, and 44% said they did not agree. Compared with April, the support rate for handling Biden's epidemic has dropped by 16%, and the disapproval rate has increased by 17%.

In recent months, the delta variant virus has spread rapidly, leading to a surge in confirmed cases in parts of the United States. The latest data from the US Department of Health and Human Services shows that more than 95,000 people in the United States are currently hospitalized for new coronary pneumonia, of which more than 23,000 are in the intensive care unit.

In addition, 47% of the respondents indicated that they agreed with the Biden administration's work on economic recovery, while 49% of the respondents disagreed. Compared with April, the support rate fell by 5%, and the non-support rate rose by 6 %.

However, NBC News pointed out that even if the approval rate fell, Biden still received strong support from Democrats. 88% of Democratic respondents expressed support for his work performance, which was only 2 percentage points lower than the April poll.

But for the Democrats, Biden's declining approval rating is disturbing news. The Democratic Party has only a weak majority in Congress, and the threat is growing in the face of next year's midterm elections.

The CBS News survey was conducted online by YouGov from August 18th to 20th. It surveyed 2,142 adults. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

The NBC News poll was conducted by telephone from August 14th to 17th and surveyed 1,000 adults. The overall margin of error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Conflict broke out in Australia, the United States accelerated the evacuation of overseas Chinese, Trump shelled Biden

After the Tokyo Olympics increasingly, the situation in the West became chaotic.

First news: Protest clashes broke out in Australia, and people went to the streets to protest

On August 21, local time, a large number of Australians took to the streets of cities such as Sydney and Melbourne to protest the government's actual prevention and control measures. Some demonstrators also had fierce conflicts with the police. The police used pepper spray to stop the demonstrators. More than 250 demonstrators were arrested.

The most violent protest was in Melbourne. About 4,000 demonstrators set off Molotov cocktails and chanted slogans in the city center. Many did not wear masks. Six police officers were injured and hospitalized. In Sydney, the police also arrested many demonstrators.

The reason for the demonstrations and protests of the Australian people is simple. The prevention and control measures implemented by the government have caused them to lose their right to freely move. The right to freedom is a universally recognized value in the West.

In fact, the Sydney government intends to impose a curfew on some areas from the 23rd of this month until it ends in mid-September. Melbourne made a similar order. These two major cities alone account for a quarter of the population of Australia. If restricted, many people will have to stay at home.

Australia's fundamental purpose in doing so is to prevent the spread of the epidemic and prepare for the economic and social recovery in the future. But Australia cannot understand the government's measures.

In their view, the government's prevention and control measures are completely different from the freedoms they advocate. Only when the prevention and control measures are cancelled can people enjoy the right to freedom. The problem is, in that case, Australia might be caught in a pandemic crisis and unable to extricate itself!

The second news: The United States has stepped up its evacuation operations, and 2,500 American citizens have been evacuated

As the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, the United States accelerated the evacuation of overseas Chinese.

According to news from the Russian Satellite News Agency on August 21, Major General Hank Taylor of the US Army stated that the United States has evacuated 2,500 US citizens. Since the 14th of this month, the United States has evacuated 17,000 people from Kabul Airport by air. The United States intends to evacuate those Afghans who have served the West to nearby bases in Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, and Italy.

The United States did this mainly to give an explanation to the country. You must know that Afghanistan is now under the control of the Taliban. If the United States does not increase the evacuation of overseas Chinese, those people may be captured.

Many people in the United States believe that it is irresponsible for a large number of Americans to stay in Afghanistan. Some lawmakers also used this to impeach the Biden government.

Speeding up the withdrawal from Afghanistan is in line with the demands of the United States, and this is the only thing the Biden administration can do at present.

The third news: Trump took the opportunity to fan the flames and bombarded Biden's withdrawal

According to recent news from the Russian Satellite News Agency, former US President Trump said at a supporter rally in Alabama: “We saw our army surrendering to the enemy, that's not an evacuation.” According to Trump's It is said that the United States left tens of billions of dollars worth of equipment, bases and an expensive embassy building in Afghanistan.

This is "the greatest military humiliation in American history." Trump also criticized Biden by saying: "The terrible incompetence of national leaders has never been seen in any country. Trump also called Biden a "clown", thinking that he has no idea how many Americans need to be sent. Withdraw from Afghanistan.

Trump bombarded Biden at this time, mainly to improve his reputation by criticizing Biden. You must know that Trump was upset about his leaving the White House and always believed that Biden had stolen the presidential position through improper operations., Won the general election.

Even now, Trump has not congratulated Biden from the heart. In Trump's eyes, the more problems Biden has, the greater the probability of his return to the White House.

Biden's announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was in fact a helpless move. Because the current United States cannot spend more money to maintain its overseas activities, the United States needs to contain the epidemic, restore the economy, and stabilize the internal order. Repeatedly flaunting foreign power will bring a greater burden to the United States.

Trump's bombardment of Biden at this time seems untimely. But this just shows the bad mentality of the American elites who lack responsibility and responsibility and only care about their own interests!

Biden bet "national honor" for this. Secretary of Defense: I can't do it...

According to a report from Agence France-Presse on August 20 in Washington, US President Biden said on Friday that the large-scale evacuation operation at Kabul Airport was "one of the most difficult operations in history" and he could not guarantee the "final result." After the Taliban returned to power, thousands of Americans and Afghans still tried to flee.

A Pentagon official admitted on Friday that the Kabul evacuation was interrupted for several hours because the United States' air bases in the Gulf have been saturated, especially in Qatar, where the early evacuees were concentrated.

In a speech at the White House, Biden pointed out that the aerial evacuation was one of the "most and most difficult operations in history", and the United States was the "only country" capable of organizing such operations.

He claimed that the US military had withdrawn 13,000 people since August 14.

However, Biden said, "I cannot make a promise as to what the final result will be," nor can I promise whether there will be personnel losses. However, he said that US allies should rest assured that despite the recent chaos at Kabul Airport , there is no doubt about the "reliability" of the US withdrawal.

▲This screen shot on August 20 shows US President Biden speaking at the White House in Washington on the situation in Afghanistan. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Jie

According to the report, most of the evacuated persons were American citizens, and the Taliban allowed them to enter the airport. But many Afghans, especially those who have worked for the United States or beneficiaries of "special immigrant visas" and their relatives, cannot enter the airport guarded by more than 5,000 US troops.

Because of the lack of preparation for evacuating so many refugees, the US government has been criticized by waves. Biden made a brief television speech on the 16th, "resolutely" defending his plan to complete the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan before August 31.

According to a report on the French Radio International website on August 20, US President Biden said on Friday that he did not see allies questioning the credibility of the United States on the issue of the United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden said in a televised speech at the White House, "Throughout the United States allies around the world, I have not seen any doubts about the credibility of the United States." It also facilitated the Kabul air evacuation of allies."

In addition, according to a report on the New York Times website on August 20, President Biden promised on Friday that he would take all Americans still trapped in Afghanistan home.

But he admitted that he did not know how many Americans remained in Afghanistan or whether they would be able to evacuate safely in the end.

Biden said: "Let me be clear: Any American who wants to return home, we must take you home." But he went on to say: "I can't promise what the end result will be."

According to the report, since the Afghan government and security forces gave up resistance in front of the Taliban, the Biden government has faced increasing pressure. He must evacuate Americans and thousands of Afghans who have helped in the 20-year war.

Biden said that he will definitely take away those Afghans by plane, but taking away the Americans is his top priority.

According to a report from Agence France-Presse in Washington on August 20, a US official said that the US military in Afghanistan dispatched three helicopters to evacuate 169 Americans who had not arrived at Kabul Airport.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that three "Chinook" transport helicopters left the airport security zone and went to a hotel not far from the airport to pick up American expats. This is the first time the US military has carried out an evacuation operation outside the security zone of the airport since the outbreak of the crisis.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal on August 20th, thousands of Afghans who applied to enter the United States through the "Special Immigrant Visa" program are in a bad situation. There are more than 50,000 people including their families. Biden vowed to evacuate them, which is a matter of national honor.

But the Taliban set up checkpoints everywhere in Kabul, making it difficult or impossible for some people to reach the airport. Americans and Afghans trapped in other provinces face a more difficult journey. On Wednesday, when asked whether the United States could rescue Americans who could not reach the airport, Secretary of Defense Austin replied "I am not capable." This unusually expresses the powerlessness of the United States.

▲On the 18th, US Secretary of Defense Austin (left) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milli held a press conference on the situation in Afghanistan at the Pentagon. (AFP)

According to the report, in 1970, in order to explain the US military offensive in Cambodia, Richard Nixon once knew what was at stake: “If the critical moment comes, the world's most powerful country—the United States of America—behaves like a Poor and helpless giants, totalitarian and anarchist forces will threaten free nations and free institutions throughout the world."

The report believes that a country that is unwilling to rescue its people because it is afraid of the Taliban behaves like a poor and helpless giant.

CCTV Afghanistan reporter hit the spot!

As the situation in Afghanistan draws the attention of the world, an Afghan man with a CCTV microphone in his hand stood on the streets of Kabul and appeared in the world media.

He is Karim Fayez, an Afghan reporter from the main station, and he sent back first-hand reports for the main station at the scene in Kabul.

Countless netizens praised the foreign reporter, "Some people say that China has no first-hand information in Afghanistan. Isn't this coming?" The observer contacted Karim Fayez himself through the main station's Middle East terminal, and he was nervous. In addition to the reporting task, a journalist's note was given especially for CMG observation.

In the report, he talked about Afghanistan;

Here, he is talking about himself.

Hi, everyone, my name is Karim Fayez, male, 39 years old, can I introduce myself by doing this?

We Pashtuns all speak Pashto. Although we have been working at the Kabul reporter station of the main station for ten years, we still don't know anything about Chinese. Your language is too difficult. I have worked with at least two dozen headquarter reporters . I used to hear them call their family members, and I felt that they didn't speak the same language at all. Fortunately, my English level has been continuously improving over the past ten years. Now interpreting and translation are not a problem, and my knowledge of Chinese does not delay work.

Karim Fayez and his colleague Obaid working at the reporter station (provided by the main station reporter Obaid)

The effect of body armor is negligible

Our place should be the most dangerous country for media professionals all over the world. According to incomplete statistics, from 2001 to the present, there have been more than 100 journalists who have died or disappeared abnormally in Afghanistan, and a considerable part of them are people we often see in our interviews and filming activities. Not long ago, a well-known photographer from Reuters was hit by a stray bullet on the front line and died. When I heard this news, I was very sad and regretful for a while .

I can't remember how many times such tragic scenes were filmed and reported in Kabul (provided by the headquarter reporter Zhao Bing)

How severe will the security situation here be? Let me give you the most intuitive example. Every reporter has bulletproof vests and helmets, but in many dangerous interviews, we don't wear them too much. It's not that we don't care about our lives, but that places are generally very close to possible dangers, as close as helmets or bulletproofs. The protective effect of clothing is almost negligible.

The bulletproof vests and helmets provided by the main station for the reporting team (provided by the main station reporter Obaid)

In the five days since the Taliban entered the city, the dangers hidden in the dark seemed to be less. At least so far, there has not been any suicide attack or large-scale fighting in Kabul, but from time to time there are still gunfires. While working in the office this morning, I heard a series of gunshots coming from a very close place. My colleagues and I hurriedly hid in a safe room on the ground floor of the office.

The room is surrounded by a steel plate structure, which stores compressed biscuits, instant noodles and mineral water, as well as quilts and sleeping bags. Usually, everyone exercises inside. Once a danger occurs, people outside the house can't get in easily if the door is locked, and it's not a problem to survive inside for ten days.

In the safe house of the reporter station, table tennis is one of everyone's favorite sports (provided by the headquarter reporter Zhao Bing)

The Kabul reporter station is an "iron camp"

I almost forgot to introduce to you the team that we have been sticking to in Kabul for the past ten years.

I was in charge of collecting news clues and liaising with the outside world. Cameraman Obaid was in charge of filming and production. Ajimel was in charge of driving and securing the car when we were traveling. There were also 24-hour security guards armed with guns in the yard.

Hearing from them, there is an old saying in China called "iron-struck camp and running soldiers". I think in Kabul, this office and our team should also be regarded as "iron-struck camp" in the eyes of those reporters who come and go.

Ajimael, Fayez and Obed-the "troika" at the Kabul reporter station (provided by the main station reporter Obed)

In the past five days, it is not an exaggeration to say that our team has fought a "encounter". Although the Middle East Central Station of the Central Station repeatedly gave us “vaccination shots” and prepared a plan, the moment I heard that the Taliban entered the city, my heart was still quite flustered. Not going out at home. Fortunately, the special report group set up at the terminus is basically all familiar faces who have been to Afghanistan, and they have arranged their work in an orderly manner.

The report team of the main station Kabul station shot in November 2016 (provided by the main station reporter Obaid)

Although we only sleep for two or three hours a day, we are still very energetic, especially when we see that the footage taken by me and the camera is sent to the work group, it will be processed as soon as possible, and it will soon become TV, web page and The news on the APP is quite fulfilling. Yes, we are all very proficient in WeChat. We don't often post in Moments, but from time to time we will also post some photos for reporters who have been to Afghanistan and have now returned to China.

In recent days, the changes on the streets of Kabul have actually been quite big. On the first day the Taliban entered the city, everyone did not go out much. From the second day, the shops resumed business. After all, the days are still going to pass, but many shops are half open, probably because they are closed for convenience. The government and banks have not yet opened their doors, and prices have risen a bit. The price of the flatbread we often eat has risen by almost half.

Flatbread is a must-eat food for Afghans almost every day, and the price has risen a lot after the Taliban entered the city. (Provided by Zhao Bing, headquarter reporter)

The biggest difference between the market and the usual is that there are a lot fewer women. I heard that many of them are hiding at home and don't want to come out. Those who come out basically put on dark burqas. The colorful turbans on their heads are mine. A landscape that I like is not easy to see now.

Due to the long-term lack of effective municipal management, there are often large piles of garbage in the beautiful scenery of Kabul. (Provided by Zhao Bing, headquarter reporter)

Yesterday, when I was interviewing on the street, I came across a ridiculous incident. At that time, the cameraman was shooting with a mobile phone. Suddenly a few young Taliban rushed up to ask us what we were taking. They also took our mobile phone away, looked back and forth, and mumbled: "Apple man" Ah."

Seeing that they didn't mean to return it, the two of us quickly stepped forward and explained that we couldn't afford such an expensive mobile phone. This was the equipment dedicated to filming at the reporter's station of the main station. I heard that after the Taliban entered the city, they announced a report call. People can call to report incidents such as robbery. Next time I encounter a similar incident, I have to give it a try, as long as they don't confiscate all of our mobile phones. That's it.

Taliban fighters on the streets of Kabul

I'm a reporter and a father. I love my job and I want to like it.

Like many middle-aged men, besides work and family affairs, I worry a lot. My wife and I have three children, two boys and one girl. The eldest daughter is ten years old, the eldest son is eight years old, and the youngest son is only one and a half years old. Originally, we lived in our own apartment. After the Taliban entered the city, they were afraid that their parents would be worried, so they took them to live together. This made the house, which was a bit aggrieved, more crowded now.

This is not the most troublesome to me. When the Taliban were in power before, women were strictly prohibited from receiving education. Although they returned to Kabul this time, they promised to give women rights within the scope of the Islamic Sharia law, but I don't know if they can let them. Daughter goes to school. If it doesn't work, I have to save money to send her abroad, and I can't let the children repeat the days we lived.

Nagging and talking so much, we just got a call from a reporter in the station and we are going out for an interview again. If you want to know more about Afghanistan and our reporter station, you can tell me in the comment area at the bottom of the article, but I may not reply in time in these two days, because the war has not really ended and we will still have it on hand. There is a steady stream of work to be done.

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