25 August, 2021

The United Nations conference talks about Afghanistan and only condemns the Taliban. China issues a reminder: the West should be held accountable

According to British media reports, on August 24 local time, the United Nations Human Rights Council held a special meeting on the Afghanistan issue in Geneva. At the meeting, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Bachelet and many countries focused all on accusing the Taliban of "human rights violations". In this regard, the representative of China put forward a very important point, namely, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other Western countries. The army’s human rights violations in Afghanistan should be held accountable.

According to reports, Bachelet said at the meeting that she had received credible reports of the Taliban’s serious human rights violations in Afghanistan and urged the agency to establish a mechanism to closely monitor the Taliban’s actions. Bachelet pointed out that she will report on the situation in Afghanistan and "any illegal acts committed by the Taliban" at the September-October meeting, and will make a more comprehensive written report in March 2022.

Bachelet said at the meeting that the treatment of women and girls by the Taliban will be "a basic red line", which is also a key indicator of the Taliban's commitment to human rights.

Pakistani representative Khalil Hashmi said that they expressed serious concern about reports of Taliban "violations" and sent a "message of solidarity" to the Afghan people.

The Austrian representative, Ambassador Elisabeth Tichy Fisslberger (Elisabeth Tichy Fisslberger), speaking on behalf of the European Union, stated that the European Union had tried to initiate an international investigation on this matter.

Senior Afghan diplomat Nasir Ahmed Andisha called for accountability for the Taliban’s actions. He described an “uncertain and terrifying” situation in which millions of people worry about their lives. Andisha said: "Monitoring is essential to prevent further atrocities and ensure accountability."

At the same time, about 60 countries submitted a joint statement, which was read by Spain’s representative to the United Nations, Aurora. Among the many appeals, the Taliban “immediately stop harming women’s rights defenders”.

Earlier, the Taliban had stated that they would respect the rights of women, girls, and ethnically and religiously disadvantaged groups, and would not take retaliatory actions.

When many countries focused their attention on the Taliban, Chen Xu, the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations Office in Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland, made a speech, saying that the US, British, Australian and other countries’ armed forces must be held accountable for human rights violations in Afghanistan. The resolution passed at the meeting should cover this issue.

Chen Xu pointed out that under the banner of democracy and human rights, the United States and others have carried out military interventions against sovereign countries and imposed their own models on countries with completely different historical, cultural and national conditions. This has seriously damaged the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries concerned, and has brought serious consequences to the people of these countries. Disasters, the lessons are not incomplete; facts have once again proved that there is no way out to solve the problem with power and military means. It will only cause serious damage to regional security and stability and the human rights of the local people. The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries must violate human rights in Afghanistan by the armed forces. Hold accountable.

Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran have all expressed similar positions, pointing out that the United States and its allies are directly responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan, and their military intervention has brought serious disasters to the Afghan people.

The conspiracy to plant China has completely failed! The 90-day deadline has come, and Biden received a report that disappointed him

According to Russian media reports, on August 24, local time, the 90-day deadline for the intelligence agency to submit the traceability report was ordered by Biden. According to sources, the US intelligence agency has provided US President Biden with a report on the origin of the new crown virus, but the report has no clear conclusions.

Two U.S. officials said: "The report did not draw specific conclusions on the origin of the new coronavirus, including whether the virus was'transmitted from animals to humans in a natural process' or was leaked from'Chinese laboratories'. of."

The two officials said that the US intelligence community will try to decrypt the contents of the report within a few days so that it may be released publicly. They said that despite analyzing a large amount of existing intelligence and searching for many new clues, intelligence officials still have not reached a consensus.

On August 23, a White House spokesperson came forward to explain that the report review will be completed on the 24th, but the "non-confidential version" of the investigation report to the public will still take a few days.

In May of this year, the White House issued a statement claiming that it has not yet ruled out the possibility of the “leakage” of the new crown virus due to a laboratory accident. The White House report quoted Biden as saying that the U.S. intelligence community "has conducted investigations into two possible situations, namely whether the new coronavirus originated from human contact with infected animals or from a laboratory accident, but has not yet reached a final conclusion on this issue. The U.S. leader later stated that he had asked the U.S. intelligence services to “redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that will help us get closer to the final conclusion” and notify him of the results within 90 days.

US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines (Avril Haines) warned in June that these agencies may not be able to solve the mystery.

On August 24, when talking about the so-called traceability report of the US intelligence agency, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of my country, pointed out that traceability requires science, not intelligence. It is anti-scientific in itself to trace the source of the virus by intelligence agencies. U.S. intelligence agencies have always had a bad record, and the so-called traceability report they made is even more unlikely to be based on the facts. It is just a report that has a conclusion and then pieced together "evidence" and is not credible at all.

Tracing the source requires unity, not framing. The purpose of tracing is to protect the lives and health of the people of all countries, rather than to shirking blame, suppressing opponents, and serving one's own self-interest.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the United States has politicized the fight against the epidemic, which has led to the United States becoming the country with the most infections and deaths, and the American people have paid a heavy price. Now, for ulterior political purposes, the United States has used intelligence agencies to conduct so-called investigations on the issue of traceability and undermine international traceability cooperation, which has been widely questioned and opposed by the international community. We advise the United States to proceed from the life and health interests of its own people and the people of the world, stop politicized manipulation, and return to the track of scientific tracing as soon as possible.

As the US Vice President Harris was about to visit, the Vietnamese Prime Minister expressed his position on relations with China!

Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Prime Minister Fan Myung-chung met with Ambassador Xiong Bo, Minister of Embassy in Vietnam Xi Hui, Minister Counselor of Economics and Commerce Hu Suojin, Political Counselor Chen Hong, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Deng Huangjiang, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Gao Guoxing, Chen Wenshun, Deputy Minister of Health, Ruan Shixie, Deputy Director of the Government Office, Chen Guofang, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, and Feng Dejin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, were present.

Xiong Bo said that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. China has successfully achieved the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and embarked on a new journey of building a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way. The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, based on a comprehensive summary of 35 years of experience in reforms, formulated two centuries-old goals for the founding of the party and nation in Vietnam, and clarified the direction of future development. The socialist cause of China and Vietnam are both standing at a new historical starting point. Since the beginning of the year, General Secretary Xi Jinping and the President of the People’s Republic of China respectively have phone conversations with General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and President Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Leading comrades of the two countries have successively carried out good interactions, emphasizing that they must support each other’s new journey of socialism to make a good start and start. Make a comprehensive plan for the development of the relations between the two parties and the two countries in the coming period. The leaders of the two parties and the two countries reached a high-level political consensus on consolidating political mutual trust and developing Sino-Vietnamese friendship. This is the fundamental political guarantee and special political advantage for the healthy and stable development of Sino-Vietnamese relations. China and Vietnam have the same political systems, similar ideals and beliefs, and similar development paths. They are a community of shared destiny with strategic significance. China is willing to work with Vietnam to adhere to high-level strategic guidance, not forget the traditional friendship between China and Vietnam, keep in mind the common ideals, beliefs and historical missions, and continue to give China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic cooperation a new era of connotation for the relationship between the two parties and the two countries. The development of socialism has injected new impetus into it.

Xiong Bo pointed out that strengthening anti-epidemic cooperation is the current priority of China-Vietnam relations. The Chinese side pays close attention to the situation of the epidemic in Vietnam, empathizes with the difficulties Vietnam is facing, and is willing to provide assistance within its capacity to Vietnam in fighting the epidemic. I believe that under the strong leadership of the Vietnamese party and government, the Vietnamese people will be able to overcome the epidemic at an early date. At the request of the Vietnamese side, a batch of new crown vaccines aided by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to the Vietnamese army arrived in Hanoi on August 23. The Chinese government has decided to provide another batch of vaccines to the Vietnamese government. Strengthen joint prevention and control in border areas and ensure the stability of the supply chain of the Sino-Vietnamese industrial chain and play an active role. It is hoped that Vietnam will continue to facilitate the vaccination as soon as possible for Chinese citizens in Vietnam, especially in the southern provinces and cities with severe epidemics. China supports the companies of the two countries to strengthen their cooperation on new crown vaccines, commercial procurement and cooperative production of therapeutic drugs.

Xiong Bo said that maintaining strategic communication is the fine tradition of China-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership. The two sides should strengthen coordination and cooperation in multilateral affairs, jointly safeguard the international system with the United Nations at the core, safeguard multilateralism, and safeguard the independence and equal development rights of developing countries. At present, the epidemic is still raging around the world, and unity to fight the epidemic and save lives is the top priority of the international community. The traceability of the new crown virus is a scientific issue. The joint investigation report officially released by the WHO should be fully respected and implemented. Manipulating the politicization of the traceability of the virus will only interfere with global anti-epidemic efforts and harm the common interests of the international community, including Vietnam. All parties should resolutely oppose the politicization of traceability issues, adhere to scientific traceability, and maintain a good atmosphere of global solidarity in the fight against the epidemic.

Fan Mingzheng warmly congratulated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. China successfully achieved its first centenary goal and expressed his belief that under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, the Chinese people will victoriously achieve the second centenary goal and be completed on schedule. A modern and powerful socialist country.

Fan Mingzheng said that the traditional friendship of "comrades plus brothers" between Vietnam and China was personally forged and carefully nurtured by the older generation of leaders such as Chairman Ho Chi Minh and Chairman Mao Zedong. It is a common treasure of both sides. The Vietnamese side will always remember China's precious support and selfless help to Vietnam's national liberation and socialist construction. Vietnam attaches great importance to developing relations with China, which is a strategic choice and top priority of Vietnam's foreign policy. Both the reform and innovation undertakings of the two countries are currently at a critical stage. A healthy and stable development of Vietnam-China relations will play an important and decisive role in advancing the socialist undertakings of the two countries. It is also conducive to maintaining peace, stability and development in the region and the world.

Fan Mingzheng said that since this year the leaders of the two parties and the two countries have maintained strategic communication, which has pointed out the direction for the development of the relationship between the two parties and the two countries in the future. Vietnam is willing to work with China to implement high-level consensus, continue to strengthen high-level exchanges in a flexible way, and continuously consolidate political mutual trust. Give full play to the coordination and coordination role of the Vietnam-China Bilateral Cooperation Steering Committee, deepen cooperation in the fields of inter-party, foreign affairs, national defense, public security, and local areas, strengthen the exchange of experience in party governance, and jointly safeguard the party’s leadership and the socialist system, and guard against hostile forces "peace." "Evolution" and instigating divisive schemes.

Fan Mingzheng spoke highly of China's achievements in fighting the epidemic and emphasized that anti-epidemic cooperation is the current priority area of ​​pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. The key to defeating the epidemic is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The first vaccine that can be vaccinated is the best vaccine. Against the background of the severe and complex situation of the current Vietnam epidemic, China has provided multiple batches of vaccine assistance to Vietnam in a timely manner through the government, military and other channels. I am deeply moved and grateful. The Vietnamese side will make good use of the above-mentioned vaccine services to fight the epidemic and continue to facilitate the vaccination of Chinese citizens in Vietnam. At present, the global epidemic is still spreading. The international community should strengthen solidarity and cooperation and join hands to fight the epidemic. This is the only correct choice to overcome the epidemic. The Vietnamese side has always advocated scientific traceability and opposed the politicization of the epidemic and the traceability of the virus.

Harris' visit to Vietnam was suddenly postponed for 3 hours, US media: Suspected "Havana syndrome" in Hanoi

An unexpected episode of US Vice President Harris's Asia trip. According to CNN, Harris's trip to Vietnam on the afternoon of the 24th local time was postponed for several hours. Earlier, Harris' office received a notice from the US Embassy in Vietnam that it had received a “report of a suspected abnormal health incident”.

(CNN: A possible "Havana syndrome" event delayed Harris' flight to Vietnam)

CNN said that this "suspected abnormal health incident" may refer to the mysterious "Havana syndrome."

“Earlier tonight, the Vice President’s delegation was postponed to leave Singapore due to the fact that the Vice President’s Office learned of a recent suspected abnormal health incident in Hanoi, Vietnam.” A spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi said in a statement. After the assessment, we decided to continue the visit of the Vice President."

According to reports, after a delay of more than three hours, Harris finally took off from Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore at 19:32 that day and headed to Vietnam.

On the special plane "Air Force Two," Harris' chief spokesperson Simon Sanders told reporters that Harris "everything is normal and I look forward to the meeting in Hanoi tomorrow."

According to reports, a Harris spokesperson said when talking about the delay of the trip: "This has nothing to do with the vice president's health."

Harris left Singapore on the 24th local time for Vietnam

At a press conference held in the afternoon that day, White House Press Secretary Psaki also discussed the matter with reporters. According to the report, Psaki tried to assure reporters that the US Vice President’s safety in Vietnam, “if you have no confidence in her safety there, you will not go further to a country.” When asked whether Harris or the accompanying staff When it might be the target of the attack, Pasaki said that no further assessment has been made yet. CNN said Psaki also declined to elaborate on any additional security details, such as how the US government will ensure the safety of the vice president.

In recent years, US media have reported frequent hype about the mysterious health symptoms of the so-called "Havana syndrome." From 2016 to 2018, dozens of U.S. embassies abroad experienced hearing loss, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and other symptoms. Most of them were based in Havana, the capital of Cuba. The administration led by the then US President Trump believed that this was caused by Cuba's use of a "secret weapon" and called these symptoms consistent with mild traumatic brain injury "Havana syndrome." Entrusted by the US State Department, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine subsequently issued a report stating that "radio frequency waves" are the most credible explanation for "Havana syndrome." However, the President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, Luis Velazquez, told the media reporters that the Cuban Academy of Sciences did not agree with the US conclusion. The US report did not provide scientific evidence on the existence of so-called "radio frequency waves." The investigation of those diseases constitutes a negative impact.

US Vice President Harrison started his Southeast Asia tour on 22nd, visiting Singapore and Vietnam. She has also become the highest-level U.S. official to visit Asia since the Biden administration came to power, and will be the first U.S. vice president to visit Vietnam. Analysts believe that senior officials of the Biden administration have recently visited Southeast Asia one after another in an attempt to draw these countries into a containment circle and jointly fight against China. The US government, which is in a "crisis of confidence" in the international community, wants to win a "diplomatic victory" through the Vice President’s Southeast Asia trip. However, in the eyes of many foreign media, Harris’ plane landed in Vietnam on the evening of the 24th. The pressure on public opinion will only be greater.

U.S. Vice President’s visit to Vietnam was postponed due to "suspected abnormal health incident"

China News Service, August 25. According to US media reports, US Vice President Harris, who is visiting Southeast Asia, was originally scheduled to travel from Singapore to Vietnam on the afternoon of the 24th local time. However, her special plane was delayed for several hours before taking off because her office was notified by the US Embassy in Vietnam that it had received a report of "suspected abnormal health incidents."

Data map: US Vice President Harris. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

According to reports, the US State Department stated in a statement on the 24th that the departure of the Vice President’s delegation from Singapore was delayed that night because the Vice President’s Office learned that a “suspected abnormal health incident” had recently occurred in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The statement said, "After careful evaluation, it was decided to continue the vice president's itinerary," but did not elaborate.

On Air Force Two, Harris’ chief spokesperson Simon Sanders told reporters that Harris “everything is normal and looking forward to the meeting in Hanoi tomorrow.” She later said when talking about the postponement: "This has nothing to do with the vice president's health."

Harris finally set off for Vietnam at about 19:30 local time, which was delayed by more than 3 hours.

According to reports, in June 2021, Harris also encountered twists and turns during his first foreign visit. At that time, she took a special plane to Guatemala, but turned back due to technical reasons, and then she changed to another special plane and set off again.

Too embarrassing! The U.S. Secretary of State makes an own mistake: Tucao the President of Afghanistan, but mispronounced his name...

According to a report from "India Today" on the 23rd, in an interview with CBS, Brinken wanted to complain about the Afghan President Ghani's escape, but he mistaken the other party's name and said it was former President Karzai.

Screenshot of "India Today" report

At that time, Brinken said: “Looking back a week ago, the (Afghanistan) government fell. And the day before, I had a phone call with President Karzai . He told me at the time that he planned to fight to the end. The result was the next day. , He ran away."

"Go back a week. The government fell. And by the way, I was on the phone with President Karzai the day before, when he was telling me his intent, as he put it, to fight to the death. Well, the next day, he was gone," Blinken said during an interview.

U.S. Secretary of State Blincol Data Map

In fact, the Afghan president mentioned by Brinken should be Ghani, not former President Karzai.

Karzai had previously stated publicly that he and his children would stay in Kabul.

Former Afghan President Karzai and his daughter

Regarding Brinken’s own oolong, netizens joked on social platforms: It’s almost like identifying Trump as Biden...

Anthony Brinken could not distinguish Karzai from Ghani. How ignorant and rude the West is! It's like mistaken Trump for Biden.

This is the working attitude of the Biden administration. When Kabul fell into the hands of the Taliban, Brinken did not even remember that the president was Ghani and not Karzai. It's not that he really didn't know, but the fiasco of the withdrawal had dazzled his sanity.

Ultimate embarrassment!

People like the President or Secretary of State Brinken are either liars, incompetent, or both.

On the evening of August 15, on the day the Taliban occupied Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, Ghani announced through his social networking website that he had left Afghanistan. At that time, he said that he was facing a difficult choice, "In order to avoid bloodshed, I think I'd better leave."

Three days after escaping from Kabul (18th), Ghani spoke again on social platforms through a video.

Ghani said that he came to the UAE to "avoid disaster", but had no intention of continuing to live in exile in this overseas country, and was going through "negotiations" to return to his homeland.

Speaking from Dubai, Ghani said he was in the UAE to "avoid disasters" and had no intention of remaining in exile in the Gulf nation and was "in talks" to return home.

He said: "The Taliban and their domestic and foreign allies have repeatedly stressed that as long as I am still there, they will not choose to use peaceful methods. At that time, I bear the responsibility on my shoulders, and there may be war in Kabul at any time."

It is reported that Ghani’s video statement was sent after the UAE confirmed that Ghani and his family were accepted on humanitarian grounds.

The statement came hours after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed that it had accepted Ghani and his family on "humanitarian grounds".

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