01 September, 2021

The UN Security Council passed the draft resolution on Afghanistan with 13 votes in favor, 0 votes against, and 2 abstentions. China and Russia abstained.

On August 30, local time, the UN Security Council passed the draft resolution on Afghanistan with 13 votes in favor, 0 votes against, and 2 abstentions. China and Russia abstained.

Geng Shuang, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, pointed out in his explanation after the vote that the recent chaos in Afghanistan is directly related to the hasty and disorderly withdrawal of foreign troops. It is hoped that relevant countries can realize that withdrawal is not the end of responsibility, but the beginning of reflection and correction.

Geng Shuang said that relevant countries should learn from the lesson, earnestly respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, earnestly respect the right of the Afghan people to independently determine their own future and destiny, earnestly change the wrong practice of imposing their own model on others, and earnestly change the frequent pressure and sanctions. Even the domineering act of using force.Relevant countries should be responsible for what they have done in the past 20 years and fulfill their commitments to the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan. They cannot claim to care about the well-being of the Afghan people while imposing unilateral sanctions; they cannot claim to support Afghanistan's acceleration of economic and social development while detaining them at the same time. Freeze Afghan overseas assets; let alone leave after a huge disaster in Afghanistan, but transfer the responsibility to Afghanistan's neighboring countries and the Security Council.The actions of foreign forces in Afghanistan in the past 20 years, including the criminal responsibility of the US and Australian forces for indiscriminate killing of civilians, must not be written off at a stroke and must continue to be held accountable. The recent retaliatory attacks by the United States against the "Islamic State" have caused innocent civilian casualties. We call on the United States not to conduct indiscriminate bombing of civilian clusters in Afghanistan.

Geng Shuang emphasized that China has always attached importance to Afghanistan's fight against terrorism and strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul. The attack once again proved that the Afghan war did not achieve the goal of eliminating terrorist forces in Afghanistan. The hasty withdrawal of foreign troops is likely to provide opportunities for various terrorist organizations to make a comeback. We hope that the safety of Kabul Airport can be guaranteed, the evacuation of relevant personnel can proceed smoothly and smoothly, and all parties concerned can strengthen coordination and jointly prevent new terrorist attacks.Afghanistan must never again become the birthplace of terrorism and the distribution center for terrorists. This is the bottom line that Afghanistan must adhere to in any future political settlement. It is hoped that the Taliban will earnestly fulfill their promises and completely cut off ties with all terrorist organizations. In accordance with international law and Security Council resolutions, countries should resolutely crack down on international terrorist forces such as the "Islamic State", the "Al-Qaida" organization, and the "East Iraq Movement" and resolutely prevent them from gathering in Afghanistan to cause chaos. On the issue of counter-terrorism, double standards must not be pursued, and selective approaches must not be adopted.

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The truth? Biden's latest defense of troop withdrawal: the United States needs to "enhance" its competitiveness to meet China's challenges

"The world is changing. We are in a fierce competition with China." In a speech on the end of the US military operations in Afghanistan early this morning, Beijing time, Biden habitually involved China.

This was Biden's first public speech after the United States completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan. The withdrawal of troops in the United States was criticized by many people for "shame" and "failure," and Biden's public support rate fell to the lowest point since he took office. More than that, American allies have also expressed disappointment in the Biden administration and even publicly criticized it.

The Nikkei Asian Review reported on September 1 that Biden stated in his speech that day that the United States' presence in Afghanistan is no longer related to vital national interests, and that withdrawal is necessary to strengthen the United States' competitiveness in response to challenges from China and Russia. of.

Screenshot of the Nikkei Asian Review report

"We succeeded in the Afghanistan plan more than ten years ago. Then we stayed for another 10 years. It's time to end this war." Biden first insisted in his speech, and then he mentioned China and Russia.

"The world is changing. We are in a fierce competition with China. "Biden said, "We are responding to challenges from Russia in many ways. We are facing cyber attacks and nuclear proliferation. We must enhance the competitiveness of the United States. To meet these new challenges in the 21st century competition. We can do two things at the same time: combat terrorism and deal with new threats that will continue to exist now and in the future."

"In this competition, what China and Russia hope most is for the United States to remain in Afghanistan for another ten years." Biden also said. But why he came to such a conclusion, Biden did not explain.

On the 31st, US President Biden delivered a speech at the White House

Regarding the 20 years of US operations in Afghanistan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin made an evaluation on July 31. He said that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan shows that the policy of wanton military intervention in other countries and imposing their own values ​And social systems on other countries is doomed to be unworkable and will only end in failure.

As for the so-called "China threat" that the US continues to exaggerate, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made a firm response in April this year. He said that there is a saying in English called "A person holding a hammer looks at everything like a nail." The United States attempts to maintain world hegemony forever and dominate international rules. Therefore, looking at everyone is like a challenge and a nail. This is typical." Belly sinister heart of a gentleman". In the era of globalization, it is the destruction of the international order that draws lines with ideology and forms cliques to engage in "small circles" targeting specific countries. After all, it is unpopular and has no way out.

Last night, Biden said!

On August 31, local time, US President Biden delivered a speech on the end of US military operations in Afghanistan for 20 years. Biden said that the US withdrawal in Afghanistan has been completed. In the past 17 days, more than 120,000 people have been evacuated, including about 5,500 American citizens.

On August 31, local time, US President Biden delivered a speech on the end of US military operations in Afghanistan for 20 years. (Picture source: foreign media)

Biden stated that he was responsible for the withdrawal decision. He admitted that there are still 100 to 200 Americans stranded in Afghanistan , and he has asked Secretary of State Blincoln to coordinate with international partners to ensure that the evacuation work continues.

Biden said that the United States spent more than US$2 trillion in military operations in Afghanistan over the past 20 years. More than 20,744 American soldiers and 2,461 American citizens have died as a result. It is not in the national interest of the United States to continue the war. The US campaign against terrorism has not ended. He said that he will continue to combat global terrorist threats including the Khorasan branch of the Islamic State (isis-k).

The US Senate passed a bill to provide temporary assistance to US citizens evacuated from Afghanistan

On August 31, local time, the US Senate unanimously passed a bill called "Emergency Repatriation Assistance for Returnees." The bill plans to allocate up to 10 million US dollars in the next two years to provide temporary assistance to American citizens returning from Afghanistan after the United States withdraws. The bill is currently awaiting signature by President Biden.

US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken stated on August 30 that there are still 100 to 200 US citizens still stranded in Afghanistan after the US military leaves. They hope to help these US citizens evacuate through diplomatic means.

"This is a historic moment, a historic day, when we liberated our country from a big country..."

In response to the US Secretary of State Blinken's announcement of a US$5 million reward for arresting a Chinese national suspected of transnational drug trafficking, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated at a regular press conference on August 31 that China had repeatedly asked the US to provide relevant Chinese nationals suspected of violating China. Legal evidence, but the US has not yet provided it.The Chinese side believes that the identification of transnational drug dealers must focus on facts and evidence. The United States, knowing that it is difficult to achieve a reward for arrest, has offered a reward for arresting relevant Chinese citizens after a lapse of three years. This will seriously undermine the foundation of Sino-U.S. drug cooperation cooperation and provide the next step for bilateral cooperation. Create obstacles, and the consequences should be borne by the United States. "The Chinese side solemnly requests the US side to stop offering rewards and arrests."

The European Union removes the United States from the "safe list" of passenger origin

Due to the recent serious rebound of the new crown epidemic in the United States, the Council of the European Union decided on August 30 to remove it from the "safe list" of passenger origin.

Yoshihide Suga's support rate hits a new low and plans to make Liberal Democratic Party personnel adjustments

Image source: Xinhua News Agency

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga plans to implement top-level party personnel adjustments next week, including the replacement of Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai. The campaign for the election of the party president was officially launched. Previous public opinion surveys showed that the The approval rate of Yoshihide Suga's cabinet has reached a new low.

France, Germany and Spain plan to invest 8.6 billion euros to launch a new generation of fighter prototypes

On August 31, local time, the French Ministry of Defense issued a statement stating that the three defense ministers of France, Germany and Spain signed the third implementation agreement on the "Future Air Combat System" project (SCAF) on the evening of the 30th , clarifying the development period from 2021 to 2027. The progress of a new generation of fighter aircraft prototypes.

8 people injured in Saudi airport attack by drone

According to a Saudi Arabian media report on August 31, a drone carrying explosives attacked the Abha International Airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia on the same day, causing 8 injuries and damage to a passenger plane.

Machu Picchu, Peru receives the world's first "carbon-neutral tourism destination" certification

Image source: China News Service

Darwin Baka León, head of the Machu Picchu District of Cuzco Province, Urubamba, Peru, said that the Machu Picchu Inca Site Reserve will receive the world's first “carbon” award from the “Green Initiative” organization on September 2. "Zhonghe Tourist Destination "certificate.

Count and read the world DATA


Image source: Xinhua News Agency

Preliminary statistics released by Eurostat on the 31st showed that the inflation rate in the euro zone in August was calculated at an annual rate of 3%, a 10-year high.

Since the beginning of this year, inflationary pressures in the Eurozone have risen significantly, and it is expected that they will continue to rise in the second half of this year. But the European Central Bank believes that this phenomenon is temporary. Analysts pointed out that the current inflation data is higher than the 2% inflation target set by the European Central Bank, which is undoubtedly a test of its monetary policy.

US$155 million

Israeli Defense Minister Gantz said on August 30 that Israel will provide Palestine with a 500 million NIS (approximately US$155 million) loan and approve 16,000 Palestinians to work in Israel.

In July of this year, the Israeli Security Cabinet decided to freeze the transfer of 597 million new shekels (approximately US$183 million) to Palestine for tax collection. This "punishment" measure used by Israel has plunged Pakistan into financial difficulties.

In 2014, the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority broke down and have not resumed.

COMMENTS in one sentence

A mutant strain of the new coronavirus C.1.2 appears in South Africa

South Africa's National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NICD) said that a multiple mutant new coronavirus variant strain named C.1.2 appeared in South Africa, but the variant strain is not currently worrying.

According to the Institute, the delta mutant strain is currently the main source of most infections in South Africa, and the C.1.2 mutant strain does not pose a threat for the time being.

Comment: Be vigilant and guard against mutant strains.

KPMG survey says most CEOs around the world are confident in economic prospects

The latest survey released by the internationally renowned accounting firm KPMG on September 1 stated that although the new crown delta variant virus is still uncertain, the CEO’s views and confidence have changed-for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic. Half (60%) of global CEOs are confident of the growth prospects of the global economy in the next three years, compared with 42% of similar surveys in early 2021.

Comment: Human beings must gradually get out of the shadow of the epidemic.

Hot broadcast HOTSPOTS

The Taliban held a leadership meeting to discuss matters such as forming a government

Biden said the U.S. ended the use of military operations to "reshape the era of other countries."

According to comprehensive media reports, the Afghan Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said on August 31 that the organization held a leadership meeting in the southern Kandahar province to discuss matters such as the formation of a government.

On the evening of August 30, local time, a US military transport plane carrying the last batch of US soldiers took off from Kabul Airport. Taliban spokesman Mujahid said afterwards: “This is a historic moment, a historic day. We liberated our country from a big country."

The Taliban may announce the formation of a new government in Afghanistan on September 3

Mujahid posted on social media that day that the leaders' meeting was held in Kandahar Province from the 28th to the 30th and was chaired by the supreme leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Ahunzada. The meeting discussed political, security, and social issues in Afghanistan, and the formation of a government.

Mujahid said at a press conference on the 31st that Afghanistan is facing economic challenges and Afghan businessmen and investors should participate in solving economic problems. He also stated on the same day that Afghanistan is willing to develop economic and trade relations with all countries in the world including the United States, and hopes that all countries will maintain good political and trade relations with Afghanistan.

A senior member of the Taliban Movement Military Committee told the Russian Satellite News Agency that the Taliban will announce the formation of a new government in Afghanistan on September 3.

Biden: the war in Afghanistan ends and anti-terrorism operations continue

US President Biden stated at the White House on the 31st that ending the war in Afghanistan is the right decision and that the United States will continue its anti-terrorism operations. The latest polls show that nearly 70% of Americans believe that the United States has failed to achieve its goals in Afghanistan.

Biden delivered a speech on the day the United States ended the war in Afghanistan, saying, "The United States ended the 20-year war in Afghanistan last night-the longest war in American history." The United States also ended the use of military operations to "reshape the era of other countries."

Biden continues to defend his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. He said that the agreement reached by the previous US administration with the Taliban in Afghanistan last year forced him to face the choice of "withdrawal or (war) escalation." Biden also admitted that the US judgment on the ability of the US government to maintain a period of time after the withdrawal of US troops is not accurate.

Biden cited the price the United States paid in this war: 2,461 American soldiers were killed, more than 20,000 American soldiers were injured, and more than two trillion dollars in expenses. "I refuse to start another 10-year war in Afghanistan."

Biden also said that the United States had completed its anti-terrorism mission in the Afghanistan War 10 years ago. Terrorism is now spreading to other countries. The United States will continue to use its "out-of-the-horizon" capability to combat terrorist organizations including the Afghan branch of the Islamic State.

Russia supports Afghanistan in achieving peace, prosperity and security

On August 31, local time, when talking about the situation in Afghanistan, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that Russia supports the realization of peace, prosperity and security in Afghanistan. The solution to the Afghan issue should exclude the possibility of terrorists, drug dealers and other organized criminals using Afghan territory for activities.

Lavrov also said that both the Collective Security Treaty Organization summit and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit to be held in September will discuss the issue of Afghanistan.

After the US announced the completion of its withdrawal, there are still US citizens stranded in Afghanistan. Biden is accused of this

According to a Fox News report on August 31, local time, the United States announced on August 30 that the military operations to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and evacuate American citizens had been completed. But in fact there are still American citizens stranded in Afghanistan. Some people believe that US President Biden violated his promise to "stay in Afghanistan until every American is evacuated."

US Congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma stated on social media, “The United States needs leadership, and Biden gave us only lies. He turned his back on American citizens who are still stranded in Afghanistan and Our allies. This government should take responsibility for the complete failure of this operation."

The chief operating officer of Thiel Capital and Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters said, "I guess Biden changed his mind."

Freelance journalist Chris Tremoglie said on social media, "Biden promised the Taliban that he will leave before August 31. Biden promised the Americans that no one will be left behind. Guess Which promise did Biden keep?"

Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation (MSNBC) writer and Washington Post columnist Hugh Hewitt accused Biden of "abandoning Americans" and "unbelievable."

"National Review" editor Rich Lowry (Rich Lowry) pointed out, "Biden fulfilled his promise to the Taliban, but violated his promise to the Americans." (CCTV reporter Xu Tao)

The Pakistani Ambassador to China revealed a message!

In an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Global Times, Pakistan's ambassador to China Haq said that Pakistan will maintain close coordination with China on the Afghan issue, including strengthening relevant intelligence sharing and counter-terrorism cooperation. The Pakistani diplomat also said that in order to prevent the spillover of terrorist acts in Afghanistan, the country is taking a series of measures, including setting up fences on the 2,600-kilometer border with Afghanistan and increasing the number of border checkpoints.

Pakistani Ambassador to China Moin Haq

Huck told a reporter from the Global Times that Pakistan and China have similar positions on Afghanistan affairs in five major areas: one is to prevent violence and insecurity in Afghanistan; the other is to work hard to ensure that there is no humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Social food and medicine support; third, Pakistan and China both hope to see an early political settlement of the Afghan issue and the establishment of an inclusive and widely representative government; fourth, protect and promote the rights of the Afghan people, including women, children , and minorities. The rights of nationalities and vulnerable groups; fifth,Both sides expect that no country will be harmed by terrorist organizations operating in Afghanistan in the future.

He stated that Pakistan is aware of the threats to regional security posed by terrorist organizations active in Afghanistan such as "Bata", "Islamic State", and "East Islamic Movement". In order to prevent terrorist activities from spilling over from Afghanistan, Pakistan has completed the construction of fences in 90% of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and has stepped up patrols in the border areas. Pakistani security forces have always remained vigilant and launched strike operations against terrorists based on relevant intelligence. He said that in view of the new challenges in the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan will strengthen the existing anti-terrorism cooperation and intelligence sharing mechanism with China.

Hacker also said that Pakistan is concerned about the possibility of the influx of Afghan refugees into the country, because in the case of large-scale cross-border movement of people, it will be difficult to distinguish terrorists hidden among civilians.

According to a warning issued by the United Nations Refugee Agency on August 27, there may be a large-scale refugee influx in Afghanistan. UNHCR's Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees Clements said in Geneva on the 27th that in the worst case, more than 510,000 Afghans may have fled the country by the end of the year. In 2020, Iran and Pakistan, which border Afghanistan, received the most Afghan refugees and asylum applicants.

Pakistan has always been considered to have a strong influence on the Taliban in Afghanistan. On the 18th of this month, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi talked about the situation in Afghanistan on the phone. The two sides discussed the establishment of a new political structure in Afghanistan, support for Afghanistan's fight against terrorism, and ensuring the security of Chinese and Pakistani personnel and institutions in Afghanistan. At the same time, starting from August 24, Qureshi will pay a three-day visit to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran, mainly to exchange views with the four countries' high-level officials on the situation in Afghanistan and bilateral relations.

The US military left Afghanistan sadly, and Biden admitted: the era of using force to transform other countries is over

US President Biden said on Tuesday that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan marks the end of the longest-lasting war for the United States and is the best choice to end decades of futile efforts to transform other countries through military power.

Screenshot of Reuters report

In a speech at the White House, Biden described the chaotic troop withdrawal as a logistical "success". He declared: "The U.S. military performed the largest airlift operation in U.S. history with unparalleled courage, professionalism, and determination. , Evacuated more than 120,000 American citizens, citizens of our allies, and American allies in Afghanistan. Now, our 20-year military presence in Afghanistan has ended."

Biden stated that Washington will continue to attack militants in Afghanistan who pose a threat to the United States, but will no longer use military power to build a democratic, cohesive, and united country where there has never been a democratic society. Biden also said: "This decision is not only about Afghanistan, it also means that the era of transforming other countries through large-scale military operations is over."

Biden Source: People's Vision

According to a report by Fox News, Biden warned the extremist organization "Islamic State Khorasan Branch" (IS-K) in his speech on Tuesday: "Our war with you is not over yet."

This extremist group launched a suicide bomb attack outside the Kabul airport last week, killing 13 American soldiers. Biden said that the United States is still committed to hunting down terrorist organizations without "sending ground troops."

Screenshot of Fox News Report

Biden said: "As the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, I firmly believe that the best way to protect our security is to adopt a tough, ruthless, targeted, and precise strategy to combat current terrorist activities, not the terrorist activities of 20 years ago." He believes. It is not in the national interest of the United States to eradicate terrorists by leaving troops in Afghanistan.

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