30 July, 2021

The U.S. ship just made a dangerous move, and the People's Liberation Army attacked quickly

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng met with visiting US Deputy Secretary of State Sherman in Tianjin a few days ago. During the nearly six hours of conversation, the Chinese side angrily denounced Sherman for his wrongdoing in the face of the United States. Among them, Wang Yi drew a red line against the United States on the spot. It can be said that China has "taught a lesson" for the United States with an unprecedented tough attitude.

However, even though Sherman was deflated in Tianjin, the United States seemed to want to save face, so it took up the Taiwan issue again. World Wide Web quoted Russian media reports on July 29 that the US Naval Information Service announced that the USS " Benford" guided-missile destroyer of the Seventh Fleet of the US Navy sailed through the Taiwan Strait on July 28, local time. The news also stated that this is the seventh time a US warship has crossed the Taiwan Strait this year.

According to the report, the US Navy's Seventh Fleet claimed in the announcement that the guided missile destroyer "Benford" was "routinely passing through the international waters of the Taiwan Strait in compliance with international law," and claimed that this move reflects what the United States calls "Maintain the promise of freedom and openness in the Indo-Pacific region".

As everyone knows, the Taiwan issue is the most important and sensitive issue in Sino-US relations, and the one-China principle is the political foundation and insurmountable red line of Sino-US relations. The US must understand that the Chinese government has no room for compromise or concession on the Taiwan issue. In fact, just a few days ago, senior officials of the US government also stated that they “do not support Taiwan's independence,” saying that the US “fully understands its sensitivity.”Now that the United States knows the sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, it still dispatches warships to trespass into the Taiwan Strait, sending false signals to the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces on the island. It is obvious that the United States is still trying to contain China's development by playing the "Taiwan card."

The People's Liberation Army is not used to the provocative behavior of the US military either. The press spokesperson of the Eastern Theater Command, Colonel Shi Yi, said in a statement that on July 28, the USS "Benford" guided missile destroyer sailed through the Taiwan Strait and made public hype. The Eastern Theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army organized naval and air forces to monitor and monitor US ships throughout the entire process. The frequent implementation of similar provocative acts by the United States fully demonstrates that the United States is the biggest destroyer of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the biggest maker of security risks across the Taiwan Strait.The troops in the eastern theater are ready to respond to all threats and provocations and are determined, confident and capable of defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Biden: I ran for president for three reasons, one is...the other is...forgot the third

When US President Biden spoke at a truck factory in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, there was a "Rick Perry moment." He said that he was running for president for three reasons, but later only said two of them.

Biden delivered a speech at the truck factory. Source: Associated Press

Biden told the workers in the factory, "When I announced my participation in the (presidential) election, not many people took it seriously. I said I participated in the election for three reasons. One is to restore the soul of this country, a kind of dignity and dignity. Sense of honor; secondly, to rebuild the backbone of this country: to build a hard-working middle class in this country. What I want to point out is that unions created the middle class. This is not a joke. Unions created the middle class." After saying these words, Biden won applause from the audience.

However, Biden did not disclose his third reason for running for president. Instead, he continued to cater to his audience, saying that without the support of the American Auto Workers Federation, he would "never win" the 1972 Delaware federal participation. Member elections . He said, "So, before you are disappointed, remember, you should blame me for getting here (referring to becoming president)."

Former US Secretary of Energy Perry Source: Associated Press

According to the report, Biden's mistake is reminiscent of the performance of then Texas Governor Rick Perry in the 2011 Republican primary election debate. Perry said at the time that if he was elected president, he would abolish three federal agencies. He named the US Department of Commerce and the Department of Education, but couldn't remember the third one, and even said to himself "What is the third?" Then he admitted: "I don't remember. I can't remember the third one. I 'm sorry."

Perry later said that the third federal agency he was considering abolishing was the Department of Energy. Ironically, Perry served as the Secretary of Energy during the Trump administration of former President from March 2017 to December 2019.

Source: Associated Press

In addition, in this speech, Biden also made a slip of the tongue, referring to Obama as Trump and calling this a "Freudian slip of the tongue." Biden said, “In 2009, during the so-called Great Recession, the President made me responsible for managing this, then President Trump. Sorry, Freudian lip-synching, he was the previous President. In short, it was Obama. The president is the one I was when I was the vice president. Please remember that the American auto industry was in trouble at the time."

According to reports, since the first announcement of his candidacy in early 2019, Biden's verbal errors and mistakes have been a characteristic of his public speeches. Some Republicans in the US Congress led by Ronnie Jackson (now a Republican), a former White House doctor , asked Biden to take a cognitive test to prove that he is mentally competent for the job.

The US pandemic is in desperate situation, and Biden "calls the thief to catch the thief"? The world triggers a wave of anti-Americanism

Sooner or later you will have to pay it back!

In the past year or so, the epidemic has been a problem shared by all countries in the world, but in the hands of the lucrative United States, it has become a political tool for framing and dumping the pot.

However, the real right and wrong are obvious to all. In the face of facts, Washington's fallacy cannot withstand any scrutiny. In the vicious circle created by itself, the White House is falling into an endless abyss.

On July 29, two important signals came from the world. The blindly self-confident America is afraid that it will be "planted" this time.

Signal one, crowds of heroes are all around, rushing to the wolf den.

First of all, Europe has given "severe material".

Recent experiments in Italy and the Netherlands have shown that COVID-19 antibodies have been found in blood samples before the outbreak. This shows that before the recognized time of the outbreak, the new crown virus strain is likely to begin to spread in Europe.

According to the US World News Network, it was the US military that brought the virus to Europe in 2019 through its blood program, and ordinary people who entered the US military base in Italy became the first infected.

Moreover, the source of the problem seems to point to that familiar place-Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory.

According to expert analysis, as early as 2018, the laboratory was punished by the government due to environmental impact issues. Until 2020, the commander inside the laboratory revealed that the materials used in its production could not be effectively processed.

Then, unknown viruses are likely to be spread from these waste materials. On the other hand, the United States has stopped publishing other experimental contents and details on the grounds of "national security." It is true that "there is no silver or three hundred taels."

Secondly, nearly 100 countries and organizations have raised questions.

In the statements of the Russian media, the US concealed Fort Detrick's doubts, refused to accept investigations, and tried to throw the pot away is unpopular and will only become the focus of siege in the future.

This is the fact that the Philippines and Maldives have sent letters to the WHO requesting investigations into the Fort Detrick Laboratory. Up to now, nearly a hundred countries and organizations have sent questions to the United States and asked the White House to close its biological laboratories around the world.

For us, a petition written by 13 million netizens is violently tearing at the "figure sheet" of the United States. As the so-called tooth for tooth, Washington, who likes something out of nothing, ended up picking up a rock and hitting himself in the foot.

In other words, even if the United States is the "manager" behind the WHO, a single spark has already ignited. In the face of encirclement and suppression around the world, Biden may not be able to escape this trial.

The second signal is falling apart and breaking up.

With the rapid spread of the delta strain, the epidemic in the United States has once again entered a state of out of control. At present, the infection rate in nearly 90% of the United States is on the rise, and 83.2% of the patients are infected with the delta mutant strain.

Not only that, a new speculation published by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States shows that the actual number of new coronavirus cases in the United States may be underestimated by 60%, that is, as many as 65 million Americans may be infected with the new coronavirus.

In other words, Biden, who has advertised the US vaccination rate, has not controlled the internal epidemic. Moreover, the situation seems to be getting worse over time.

First, the vaccination schedule in the United States is gradually slowing down, because most of the remaining unvaccinated people are "idealists" who oppose the vaccine. You must know that almost none of the newly infected people have been vaccinated.

Secondly, even if the situation is so tragic, the White House still has not implemented relevant epidemic prevention measures and has not implemented an overseas blockade. In other words, although it is unknown whether the source of the epidemic came from the United States, it is certain that Washington is the current "poisoner".

Finally, let's briefly talk about 3 points.

1. A country that treats life as a child's play will not win the hearts of the people, nor will it be respected by other countries. The United States, which is loyal to political tracing, will end up in the end of "harming the enemy eight hundred and self-defeating one thousand."

2. The rain is about to come and the wind is all over the building. The United States is the most severely affected country in the world. From the virus leak from Fort Detrick Biolab in the United States to the cluster of unexplained pneumonia in Maryland in the United States in 2019, Washington not only owes itself an explanation, but also the world an explanation.

3. We still have to be vigilant. Since the United States can spread rumors unscrupulously, it can naturally also secretly cheat. Therefore, the world should keep its eyes open and gather strength at this moment. Lies will be revealed one day, and if the United States really commits a crime, it will eventually be revealed. It cannot be covered up.

In short, it is still the old saying, black and white cannot be reversed, and those who do many unrighteousness can hardly escape the end of suicide!

Special dialogue! International cooperation for the new crown vaccine

In order to deepen cooperation and strengthen communication, on July 29, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized companies (institutions) from 21 countries around the world to hold a dialogue meeting with Chinese vaccine companies on international cooperation in new crown vaccines. The main venue of the conference is located at the headquarters of Sinopharm Group China. Chinese vaccine companies Sino Biotech, Kexing, Zhifeilong Kema, and Kangsino will communicate and discuss in the form of video connection with enterprises from partner countries at the main venue. Relevant personnel from 21 embassies in China attended the meeting online.

At the dialogue meeting, Yang Xiaoming, chief engineer of Sinopharm Group and chairman of China Biotech, had an exchange with representatives of cooperative enterprises (institutions) from the UAE, Serbia, Hungary, Morocco, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Yang Xiaoming said that as a pioneering company in the fight against the epidemic, China Biosciences has given full play to its technological advantages and developed three new crown vaccine products in two technical routes, and has achieved fruitful results in three aspects: diagnosable, curable, and preventable. It has a century-old state-owned enterprise's profound heritage and the character style of serving the country.At present, Sinopharm China Bio-New Crown Vaccine has obtained WHO emergency use certification and EU GMP certification. It has been registered and marketed in 8 countries including China, UAE, Bahrain, Bolivia, Seychelles, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, and 87 worldwide Countries, regions and international organizations have been approved for emergency use or market access.

▲ Yang Xiaoming, Chairman of China Biotech

Pierre Morgan, senior vice president of Cansino International Business, and representatives of cooperative enterprises (organizations) from Pakistan, Russia, Malaysia, and Mexico, and Jiang Lingfeng, vice chairman of Zhifeilong Koma, and cooperative enterprises from Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and Ecuador ( Agency) representatives, General Manager Yang Guang of Kexing Hong Kong Company, and representatives of enterprises (institutions) from Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, Dominica, Sri Lanka, and South Africa respectively exchanged views on the research and development cooperation of the new crown vaccine, Suggestions were made in terms of production and supply.

Representatives of foreign companies participating in the meeting said that the Chinese government and Chinese companies have made important contributions to the global fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic; the world is still in the midst of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and it is necessary for all mankind to achieve full coverage of vaccines; further promote international Cooperation and vaccines are fairly accessible globally.

▲Guo Xuejun, Deputy Director of the Department of International Economics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Guo Xuejun, deputy director of the Department of International Economics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said in his speech that international vaccine cooperation is to protect the lives and health of people around the world. Chinese vaccine manufacturers actively fulfill their corporate social responsibilities and play an important role in the availability, accessibility, and affordability of vaccines on a global scale. It is hoped that all parties will work together, especially vaccine manufacturers to establish closer partnerships to jointly maintain global public health security.

It is understood that the COVID-19 International Forum on Vaccine Cooperation will be held on August 5 with the theme "Strengthening International Cooperation in Vaccines and Promoting the Fair and Reasonable Distribution of Global Vaccines." minister Foreigns or competent ministers of relevant countries, representatives of relevant international organizations of the United Nations, and representatives of relevant enterprises will attend the meeting. The International Vaccine Cooperation Enterprise Dialogue is also a part of the International Forum on Covid-19 Vaccine Cooperation.

At the Global Health Summit in May this year, President Xi Jinping announced five measures for China to further support global solidarity in the fight against the epidemic, including an initiative to establish an international forum for new crown vaccine cooperation, which will be discussed by vaccine production and development countries, companies, and stakeholders. How to promote the fair and reasonable distribution of global vaccines. This initiative has been positively evaluated and widely welcomed by the international community.

Relevant person in charge of the Department of International Economics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhu Jingjin, President of the Biological Products Division of Sinopharm Group, Yang Huichuan, Vice President of Sinopharm, Yan Bing, Vice President of Sinopharm International, Ma Ke, Deputy Director of Sinopharm International Cooperation Department (in charge of work), China Biological Marketing Center Shu Xiang, deputy general manager, Wang Hongyi, vice president of international business of Cansino, and more than 10 news media attended the meeting.

The top five in the US "Global Anti-epidemic Ranking"? Zhao Lijian: Just talk after dinner...

Bloomberg Released A new new "Fight Against Global Ranking of SARS", First Ranked Norway, Ranked in Fifth The United States, China Ranked Ninth. The In the this Regard, Chinese Ministry Spokesperson Foreign ON Said Zhao Lijian that the this Ranking The 30th IS Not wasting Worth energy, it is only suitable for "pay a laugh and chat after dinner".

"Some time ago, Bloomberg listed the United States as the world's largest anti-epidemic country. As I said, the people of the world will use it as a post-dinner talk. Today, a friend asked me again that the United States is still the country with the largest number of new crown pneumonia infections and deaths, but Bloomberg ranks among the top five in the latest anti-epidemic rankings. What is the logic? Bloomberg will not print the wrong report again, right?" Zhao Lijian said at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that day.

He said that Bloomberg said that the ranking is based on epidemic containment, medical quality, vaccination coverage, death coverage, and the restart of travel and easing border restrictions as of last month. People feel that epidemic containment and overall mortality are the two factors alone . Indicators, the United States should not be among the top five. However, Bloomberg said that compared with the previous peak of the epidemic, the number of deaths in the United States this year is small, and social and commercial activities have basically returned to normal, so it ranked in the top five.

"This kind of reasoning logic can even be seen by elementary school students. This ability to reverse black and white and justify itself is really amazing. You don't have to waste more energy on this ranking. You can just laugh and talk after dinner ."

(Original title: The United States once again ranked among the top five in Bloomberg's "Global Anti-epidemic Ranking" Zhao Lijian: It's not worth wasting energy, it's a laugh)

"China can beat us in two days!" China's strong strength has forced Australian lawmakers to persuade them.

With the rise of China, it will naturally make many countries feel unbalanced, for fear that the rise of China will affect their own interests, and even "obscuring" that they will be suppressed by China. Australia is such a country that has repeatedly followed the United States to stand on the "front line of anti-China". After provoking China, it fears that it will be "beaten" by China.

On July 27, local time, an Australian Liberal Party senator and former Army Admiral Jim Moran once again hyped up the topic of "China-related" and expressed his personal views. When he accepted the Australian media "Space News", he said that Australia needs to start accepting and prepare to go to war with China, but he also admitted that the Australian army can only last two days when facing the Chinese army. At the same time, he also added that don't take it for granted that the United States will come to help, because the US military is weaker than expected and Australia can only make a living on its own.

According to the report, when talking about the current development of the situation in China, the United States and Australia, Moran said that if conflicts and contradictions cannot be alleviated, "the possibility of a war is greater than imagined." He also pointed out that the current conflict mainly revolves around China and the United States, not between China and Australia. Therefore, he made a suggestion to the Australian government that the Australian army should start from the ground up, be cautious about possible wars, and focus on the construction of the Australian army.

Then, when talking about a war between China and the United States on the Taiwan Strait issue, he said that if a conflict occurs, the United States is likely to lose, and Australia can only "make a living on its own." Moran pointed out that the results of secret US military exercises leaked not long ago have shown that the current situation in the United States is "quite bad" and there is no possibility of winning in conventional confrontations. In addition, internal crises are constantly emerging, and many allies are no longer one-sided with the United States. Under such circumstances, if a conflict occurs, the US military may beed.

In fact, Australia has been following the United States to challenge China's bottom line. After being countered by China, some Australian politicians began to frequently hype the issue of "war". On April 25, local time, the Australian Ministry of Defense Dutton spoke out loudly in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, claiming that if China sends troops to resolve the Taiwan Strait issue, Australia will join the United States in sending troops into the Taiwan Strait to intervene. Dutton also mentioned that no one wants to see conflicts between the Taiwan Strait or anywhere else. Australia is committed to maintaining "good relations" with China, but it is also prepared for any conflicts.

Coincidentally, in his speech in early April this year, Australian Foreign Minister Payne also preached that "Australia will be involved in the Indo-Pacific region within 10 years or war begins" and declared that "Taiwan may be the next tipping point." In addition, on May 6, Morrison said in an interview with Australian media that he would "always fulfill the agreement with the Indo-Pacific region allies." According to the "Australia, New Zealand and US Security Treaty", if a war breaks out in the United States, Australia will cooperate with the US military.

What's more noteworthy is that at the same time that Moran made the above remarks, the United States and Australia are conducting large-scale joint military exercises in Australia. Although the location of this exercise is very far away from China, it does not prevent the media from both the US and Australia from linking the exercise to China. Before the start of the exercise, the Australian media began to hype the topic of "Chinese reconnaissance ship approaching surveillance." Some Australian politicians even believe that Australia is "very likely" to encounter a missile attack in the conflict between the United States and China.

In light of Moran's remarks, some analysts believe that Moran is an “anti-China activist” who has repeatedly clamored to be ready for war with China. "Unreliable" is nothing more than to increase military expenditures to send money to the United States and support the tactics of the United States to station troops in order to protect its own national security.

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