10 July, 2021

The Taliban recently made a top-notch appearance, saying that China is a friend

This is the most high-profile international appearance of the Taliban in recent times.

A Taliban delegation came to Moscow on the 8th and held talks with the Russian side. According to Russian officials, Putin knew that the Taliban delegation had arrived and believed that it was “necessary” to contact the Taliban about the situation in Afghanistan.

The Taliban spokesman Suhaier Shaheen who went to Moscow also accepted an interview with the Hong Kong media and expressed a series of views on relations with China, including calling China a "welcome friend."

Whether it is an interview, a press conference, or the interview itself, the amount of information is huge.

Roughly a few things to watch.

1. According to the head of the Taliban delegation, Shahabdin Delawar, the Taliban already controls "85% of the Afghan territory." In these areas, "all administrative institutions and hospitals continue to operate"; while the Afghan government can only control some The city and surrounding areas.

2. The Taliban delegation assured Russia that the Taliban “will not violate the border with Central Asian countries” and promised to “ensure the safety of foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Afghanistan” and will not prohibit women from attending school or employment.

3. The Taliban also stated that the extremist organization "Islamic State" is a threat to Afghanistan and other countries. The Taliban is fighting this organization in northern and eastern Afghanistan and will not allow it to use Afghan territory to launch attacks on other countries. As for the relationship with the United States, De Laval said that if the US forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban are willing to "restart" with the United States.

4. According to Shaheen, the Taliban regard China as a friend of Afghanistan and welcome China to participate in the investment in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. "We have been to China many times and we have a good relationship with them... China is a friendly country and we welcome them to participate in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan."

5. Shaheen also stated that the Taliban will not allow anyone to use Afghanistan to launch attacks on countries including China and the United States. "We have made a commitment not to allow those who want to use Afghanistan's land to attack other countries to enter. It doesn't matter if they are individuals or entities, and no matter which country they want to target."

6. Shaheen also promised that the Taliban currently controls most of the territory of Afghanistan. If Chinese investors and workers return to Afghanistan in the future, the Taliban will protect their safety: "We welcome them, and if they have investments in Afghanistan, we will of course protect them. Security, which is very important to us."

It is entirely a personal feeling that the Taliban are also quietly changing.

At this critical moment, at least three signals have been released.

Signal one is that the Taliban are trying to improve their image.

In the international community, especially in the West, the image of the Taliban has always been bad. The Taliban's ties to al-Qaeda, extreme religious policies, and discrimination against women in particular, have been criticized and suffered a great deal from the Taliban .

But judging from the latest performance, the Taliban are clearly aware of this and are also making changes.

For example, the Taliban made it clear in Moscow this time that they will not prohibit women from going to school and employment. Also, don't worry about the "Islamic State". My Taliban is fighting against it...

In addition, looking at the photos, who said that the Taliban rejects modern technology, and that people's mobile phones are also good. I don't know what brand of mobile phone you are using?

For the Taliban, this is a major change.

Of course, also doubted. After all, the Taliban are not monolithic. The Taliban delegation to Moscow is from Qatar. This is slightly different from the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan.

Moreover, it is worth observing how to ensure that commitments are implemented.

Signal two, the Taliban are trying to alleviate the concerns of neighboring countries.

There are indeed many worries. Including Russia and Central Asian countries.

According to media reports, in the latest battle, about 1,000 Afghan government soldiers fled to Tajikistan in an organized manner. Similarly, at the border between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, there were also government soldiers who crossed the border to avoid Taliban attacks in neighboring countries.

Many border areas have fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

This is even different from 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago, the Taliban controlled most of Afghanistan, but some border areas are still in the hands of the Northern Alliance. In fact, the Northern Alliance, which is contending with the Taliban, is mainly composed of ethnic armed forces such as Tajiks and Uzbeks. The main body is Pashtun.

Now, the Taliban, who has made a comeback, have advanced to the northern border.

Russia and Central Asian countries will inevitably worry about the spillover of civil unrest in Afghanistan. Therefore, the Taliban clearly promised that "the border with Central Asian countries will not be violated."

China is also a neighboring country of Afghanistan. Some "Xinjiang Independence" terrorist forces circulated in Afghanistan that year and even received training from terrorist organizations. This is also something the international community knows.

The Taliban also understand China's concerns, so they clearly state that they will not interfere in China's internal affairs and will not allow others to use Afghanistan to launch attacks on China.

As for the United States, although it has been fighting for 20 years, the enemy should be settled but not settled. The Taliban also said that if the United States withdraws its troops, everything will start again.

Signal three, the Taliban are preparing for full power.

Why is there such a statement?

The answer is also very simple. The Taliban are preparing for full power again.

Therefore, as the United States withdrew, the Taliban launched a large-scale offensive across the country, capturing one city after another...

But it's easy to fight the country, but it's difficult to sit in the country. The Taliban should also have a deep understanding.

Therefore, it is still necessary to remove all obstacles as much as possible and ease relations with neighboring countries, including preparing for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Therefore, Iran must go if it should go, and Russia must go if it should go. This is also to win the trust of neighboring countries.

As for China, in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, neighboring countries, especially China, can certainly play a greater role, and the Taliban are also very clear in their hearts.

Therefore, make it clear that China is a friend, promise to ensure the safety of Chinese workers, and welcome China to invest in Afghanistan...

Don't think that the Taliban do not understand international politics.

Of course, all of this is still a statement, and it needs to be tested in practice. For example, how to implement that will not prohibit women from going to school and employment, I believe the international community is also watching.

But Afghanistan is indeed changing drastically, and the Taliban are also changing.

Hope everything is changing in a good direction. After all, for the Afghan people, since the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the history of Afghanistan has been one war after another.

First, the Afghan guerrillas fought with the invading Soviet troops;

After the Soviet Union withdrew, it was a civil war between the Afghan guerrillas;

Then the Taliban rose to sweep these guerrillas (the Northern Alliance),

Next, the United States launched the war in Afghanistan and attacked the Taliban;

The United States withdrew, and the Taliban fought against the Afghan government...

Afghanistan is the cemetery of the empire, but the Afghans paid a heavy price.

That is to say, in the past 40 years, China has been reforming and opening up, and is wholeheartedly engaged in construction. That is why it has today's development and prosperity; but in Afghanistan, there is one war after another, one ruin after another, one after another. field.

We can imagine how miserable it would be if the Chinese were the fate of the Afghans in the past 40 years.

History cannot be assumed, and Afghanistan has reached a crossroads in history.

The Americans left when they were beaten up, regardless of the flood behind them. The government army looked around at a loss, and was dealing with the final change.

The Taliban are gearing up for a big fight; neighboring countries are also preparing for the worst. But I think even the Taliban definitely hope that Afghanistan will be prosperous and stable; as for neighboring countries, I hope Afghanistan will stop fighting.

After reading the news, Wang Yi will visit Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan from July 12 to 16, and attend the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The SCO is a neighboring country of Afghanistan, and the three countries visited have a direct border with Afghanistan.

"The Prime Minister of Hungary asked me to ask China for help, hurry up!"

Release time: 07-1017:43 Official account of Beijing Evening News official website

"The Hungarian Prime Minister told me to ask China for help. I must hurry. Only from China can I find the necessary equipment such as ventilators." On the 8th, Serbian President Vucic recalled the early stage of the new crown epidemic after a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban. Moments of tension. Among them, Hungary is the first EU country to approve and use China's new crown vaccine.

According to a report from Serbia's B92 radio website on July 8, after meeting with Orban, Vucic mentioned to the media the advice given to him by Hungarian Prime Minister Orban broke when the new crown epidemic out.

Video screenshot

"We are short of too many things. Orban told me to ask China for help, but hurry up." Vucic revealed that Orban told him that only through there we can provide the necessary equipment, such as ventilators.

"We remember very clearly who helped us. If it weren't for Orban's suggestion... (afterwards) we started working quickly."

Vucic also thanked Hungary for its help during the epidemic. However, due to the epidemic, he feared the end of the summer and worried that the economy would be affected by the blockade.

Vucic said that Serbia and Hungary are coordinating the epidemic and immigration issues: "We agree to mutually recognize vaccination. All border crossings between Serbia and Hungary are open. We agree that these exchanges we maintain will not gradually disappear. ."

According to a report by "Hungary Today" on July 8, Orban said after a meeting with Vucic in Belgrade on the 8th that Hungary and Serbia can rely on each other. Hungary will provide all support for Serbia's accession to the European Union. And when Hungary faces difficulties, it can also rely on Serbia.

Orban also pointed out that Serbia is a key country for maintaining stability in the western Balkans. The cooperation between Hungary and Serbia has achieved significant results in railways, large-scale investment projects and natural gas.

It is worth noting that Hungary has recently strained relations with the European Union. As a result of a new law passed last month, the country's school education materials and TV programs are prohibited from talking to minors (under 18) about LGBT (generally referring to sexual minorities, including gay, bisexual, and transgender people). According to the content, Hungary was jointly condemned by the leaders of the 17 EU countries, was accused by the President of the European Commission as "the shame of the EU", and even received a warning of "leave the EU if you don't respect LGBT".

Orban defended the bill, refuting the remarks that "Hungary is a shame of the European Union" is "shameful" and is based on false facts.

He said in a statement: “Hungary's recently passed bill aims to protect the rights of children and guarantee the rights of parents. It does not apply to the sexual orientation rights of persons over 18 years of age, so it does not contain any discriminatory factors ."

At the end of January this year, Hungary became the first European Union country to approve and use China's new crown vaccine, and the first batch of 5 million doses of the national medicine vaccine was purchased. The Hungarian government has withstood political pressure from the European Union. The President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have all been vaccinated with Sinopharm, and have actively spoken out for China on international occasions to oppose the politicization of vaccines. In early May, at the request of the Hungarian military, the Chinese military assisted it with a batch of new crown vaccines.

During the European Cup in June, the audience at the Puskas Stadium in Budapest, Hungary was full of voices. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nearly full stadium and the enthusiastic shouts of fans left a deep impression on fans all over the world.

It was also January, when the first batch of 1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from China arrived in Belgrade, Serbia, Vucic braved the cold wind and went to the airport to wait for the greet. He thanked China for its support of Serbia's fight against the epidemic.

In March last year, landmark buildings such as the National Assembly Building, Albanian Building, Brankov Bridge and Ada Bridge in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, were lit up in Chinese red to thank the Chinese government for providing medical supplies and assistance to the Chinese medical expert group. With respect.

In addition, Serbia and Hungary have previously announced that they will introduce Chinese vaccine production lines.

Duterte made a major decision to "campaign for vice president" to fry the pot, and the anti-China abacus will fail

[Southern + July 11th] According to domestic media reports, on July 7, local time, Duterte stated in a video conference with his political party allies that he was moved by the enthusiasm of his supporters. He may be in 2022. Ran for the post of Vice President in the presidential election.

Duterte considers running for vice president

According to the report, at the meeting of the Democratic People's Forces Party, the ruling party of the Philippines, Duterte, 76, said: "I am seriously considering running for the vice president." Moved by the revelation". He said: " The outside world called on me to run for the vice president. I admit that I was a bit persuaded. Next, I will seriously consider this matter." Duterte's campaign for vice president was also supported by the Democratic People's Forces Party. It is reported that at the end of May, the party also passed a resolution urging Duterte to run for vice president and choose his running partner.

This is not the first time Duterte has made a similar statement. On June 16, local time, Duterte once said that running for vice president is a "good idea" because he still has some unfinished tasks on his hands, such as solving the drug problem in the Philippines. On June 28, local time, Duterte once again stated in a televised speech that the public can consider him as a candidate for vice president to maintain a balance of power.

Relevant information shows that the Philippines is a presidential cabinet. The president is the head of state and government. He also serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and has executive power. According to the current constitution, the term of office of the president is six years without re-election. Duterte was elected in 2016 and his term will end in 2022. However, according to the Philippine Star, Domingo Cayusa, chairman of the Philippine General Bar Association, said that the Constitution does not explicitly prohibit the president from running for other positions after the end of his term, so there is no law for Duterte to run for vice president next year obstacle.

America can't be happy

For the US government, which has always regarded Duterte as "a thorn in the eye, a thorn in the flesh", this is not good news in any way. Although he has retreated to the position of vice president, Duterte's "pro-China "stance will still have an immeasurable impact on the future direction of Philippine policy, which makes the United States feel like a throat.

Americans' concerns are not without reason. In October 2016, shortly after Duterte was successfully elected as the President of the Philippines, he came to China for a state visit. For this visit, Duterte gave this evaluation: The Philippines pursues an independent foreign policy and is willing to be friends with brotherly China forever. The Philippines and China share similar views on many issues, and they should communicate and coordinate closely to jointly promote regional development in Asia and promote world peace, prosperity, and justice. The Philippines is willing to properly handle relevant maritime issues with China through dialogue and consultation, and work together to maintain the momentum of improvement and development of bilateral relations.

Speaking for China many times

It is worth mentioning that Duterte has been seeking to establish a more friendly relationship with China and has spoken out of justice many times. According to a previous report by the Russian Satellite News Agency, due to the provocation of the Philippine military, media and domestic pro-Americans, officials in that country have repeatedly used Duterte's "verbal criticism" in hopes of "pressing" China. Despite this, Duterte has repeatedly supported China.

On May 3, local time, Duterte said, “China is still our favor. The conflict between us and China does not mean that we have to become rude and disrespect others. In fact, we have too much Many things have to thank China, whether it is their past help or their current help."

In addition to speaking up for China at home, Duterte remained firm in the face of the "provocation" of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. According to Japan's Kyodo News Agency on May 20, Suga Yoshihide and Duterte held a telephone conversation on May 19, local time. However, Yoshihide Suga put forward the so-called "opposition to China's attempts to change the status quo in the East China Sea and the South China Sea," and then referred to the "Maritime Police Law of the People's Republic of China "(hereinafter referred to as the Maritime Police Law).

In response to this, in a statement issued on May 19, the Philippine Presidential Palace stated that Duterte emphasized during the talks that the two sides should improve domain awareness, maritime safety and security, freedom of navigation and overflight, maritime interconnection and cooperation. Cooperation. . .. .. .. in business and other fields. The Philippine Presidential Palace claimed that Duterte also called for a "peaceful settlement" of disputes because the Asia-Pacific region "cannot bear the conflicts between neighboring countries." He also pointed out that alliances and partnerships must be conducive to enhance the stability of the South China Sea and safeguarding the broader collective interests of the Asia-Pacific region.

Is Japan forced to cooperate with the United States? Da Zhigang broke through, Hong Kong media: if you want to fight, just count the old and the new hatred together

In response to Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Taro Aso's recent Taiwan-related erroneous remarks, Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded on July 8 local time that “has been concerned about relevant reports,” but declined to comment on this. However, when asked what the Japanese government's position on the Taiwan issue is, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs only vaguely stated that “we look forward to the peaceful settlement of the (problem) through direct dialogue between the parties. This is what the Japanese government has been doing from the past to the present. Uphold the position", also said that "will continue to pay attention to the development of the relevant situation."

The outside world generally believes that Japan's change of tone is due to the attitude of the United States. On July 6, local time, the Pentagon emphasized that "the United States has not changed its Taiwan policy." On the same day, Campbell, the Indo-Pacific affairs coordinator of the National Security Council of the White House, said that the US "does not support Taiwan's independence."

The director of the Institute of Northeast Asia of the Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences, Zhigang Da Zhigang, said recently that Japan always misunderstands the outside world as "a last resort" to cooperate with Europe and America. In fact, it has done a lot of work behind it. Japan has always hoped to take advantage of the "external east wind" and say something that it wants to say but dare not say. This is a huge bargaining chip for China to release. "Japan is very cunning."

For a period of time, hawks represented by former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have continued to emerge, and the right-leaning trend of Japanese politics has gradually emerged. Japan's current Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has inherited Abe's diplomatic line and has continued to deepen the Japan-US alliance. The political right-leaning phenomenon is squeezing the living space of Japan's pro-China faction. Da Zhigang said that it cannot be said that Japan's current China policy has caused a reversal in Sino-Japanese relations, but the repeated trials and provocations are equivalent to "quantitative accumulation", which may lead to a "qualitative change" after a certain degree.He believes that Japan's attitude towards China will become more and more open and its position may become tougher.

Hong Kong's China Review News Agency recently reported that Lin Zhongshan, an associate professor of the Department of Political Science at Taiwan Cultural University, pointed out that once China decides to reunify, as long as Japan dares to intervene, China will definitely solve Japan together. New hatred and old hatred will be counted once. Lin Zhongshan also reminded that most of the time the "one-China principle" in US diplomacy was only spoken to the mainland, because in the United States' bones, it didn't want China to split forever. It can be seen that the US and Japan's statements on Taiwan are worthy of vigilance.

Dare to move Taiwan? In front of the world, Chinese reporters pressed sharply, and Japanese officials panicked on the spot.

According to a Global Times report on the 8th, in response to Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso's recent erroneous remarks concerning Taiwan, Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the Global Times reporter that “has been concerned about relevant reports,” but declined to comment on this.. However, when asked what the Japanese government's position on the Taiwan issue is, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs only vaguely stated that “we look forward to the peaceful settlement of the (problem) through direct dialogue between the parties. This is what the Japanese government has been doing from the past to the present. Uphold the position", also said that "will continue to pay attention to the development of the relevant situation."

In this regard, Chinese experts believe that China's solemn protest will have an impact on Japan's words and deeds related to Taiwan. The United States' statement of "not supporting Taiwan's independence" will also allow Japan to converge on the Taiwan issue in the near future .

According to reports, Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Taro Aso stated in a speech on the 5th that “if the mainland uses force against Taiwan, Japan may exercise its limited collective self-defense rights in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on security protection." He also declared that if something happens in Taiwan For the big problem, the United States and Japan must "defend Taiwan" together.

China pointed out that Taro Aso's remarks are another typical example of a Japanese right-wing politician who has tried to make a cross-over on the Taiwan issue for some time; at the same time, it is also a treacherous act with the die-hard "Taiwan independence" elements on the island. The aggressive act of a group of people sending serious wrong signals.

A few days ago, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi just responded to China's request to clarify that he adheres to the “One-China Policy” on the Taiwan issue and never regards Taiwan as a so-called “country”. Within a few days, Taro Aso threatened to intervene in China. For the internal affairs of the process of complete reunification, I would like to ask the Japanese ruling authorities, Nobuo Kishi and Taro Aso, who can represent the official position of Japan? Who slapped whom in the face ?

The heavy war crimes committed by Japanese militarism on the land of China, including Taiwan, are still not far away. The Chinese people's choice to forgive does not mean that we have forgotten this blood debt. Hua is cautious in his words and deeds on Taiwan -related issues.

There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's sacred territory. No one or any force should underestimate or misjudge the confidence, determination, and ability of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, especially Japan.

To use an old saying often said by the Chinese people, if you don't measure your strength, you will only "lift a rock and hit yourself in the foot." Japanese politicians, please know!

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