27 July, 2021

The situation has changed? Russia gave the United States a "great gift", and Biden was confused again

Between countries, the most important thing is always interest. This sentence applies to any era.

At the moment when the international situation is changing rapidly, all major forces are making arrangements in advance, such as the United States and Japan, and Russia is no exception. On July 25, the Olympic Games entered the second day, and three important news came from the world.

Unexpectedly, Putin gave Biden a "great gift" as the United States was committed to shifting its strategic focus.

The first thing is that the United States and Russia may usher in cooperation. Since the visit to the White House, the US-Russian relationship has taken a sharp turn. Biden's signal is very clear, that is, "Russia must change its behavior, otherwise the United States will continue to impose sanctions until Putin makes a change."

However, during this period of time, as Ukraine stopped tossing, the British aircraft carrier arrived in the Asia-Pacific, the U.S. and British defense ministers arrived in Vietnam, and Japan, India, and Australia continued to conspire, the situation is constantly changing.

Russian ambassador to the United States Antonov stated that US-Russian cooperation is indispensable in order to resolve many urgent issues. However, at the moment, the mutual distrust between the US and Russia is not in the interests of both parties. Antonov emphasized that he called on the United States and Russia to sit down and talk rather than continue confrontation. The United States and Russia have broad room for cooperation on issues such as responding to the global climate crisis, controlling the epidemic, and maintaining world stability.

Sure enough, after Putin released the easing signal, Biden chose to reciprocate.

On July 28, the US Deputy Secretary of State will set off for Geneva, where representatives of the United States and Russia will further discuss cooperation and differences between the United States and Russia. The top priority of the discussion is the "US-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue."

What do you think?

First of all, Biden is really happy to see the olive branch thrown by Putin. Soon, the United States and Iran will reach an agreement and the U.S. military will also leave Afghanistan and Iraq. What Biden wants is to temporarily abandon the full containment against Russia, and concentrate on leading Japan, India, and Australia in the Asia-Pacific region to restrain opponents.

Under such circumstances, it is not a big deal for the United States to make temporary concessions to Russia.

Secondly, Putin is indeed a strong man who is good at vertical and horizontal. The conflict between the United States and Russia has been around for a long time, and it cannot be stopped abruptly because of Putin, Trump or Biden. There are many constraints. The United States cannot really reconcile with Russia because NATO, Ukraine, Japan and the European Union will never agree. .

Putin wants nothing more than to revive the Russian economy as much as possible. He advocates "Beixi 2", invites Japan to invest in the four northern islands, and shows favor to the United States. They are all choices he has no choice but to do. From the perspective of Russia, Putin is understandable in doing so. In any case, Russia can't really have a good relationship with the United States. This is just Putin's strategic layout.

The second thing, Biden was confused again. On July 23, when asked "Why did Jill go to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games", Biden actually stated that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga "clearly" stated that he hoped that the first lady of the United States Jill would go to Tokyo instead of the U.S. President. Go to Japan.

When he said this, Biden expressed it in a joking manner, but even so, "Biden was confused again" was still on the top searches in the United States.

The American people, especially Trump supporters, once again launched a sarcasm against Biden and condemned Biden as a "very unreliable" president-no matter what, Jill is never the president, vice president, or president of the United States. Secretary of State, according to American practice, Jill cannot participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for Biden.

It's okay now, Biden actually throws the pot to Yoshihide Suga, is it bullying the latter who dare not speak?

This makes people think of "Trump letting Abe be a scapegoat". Like Suga Yoshihide, Abe has never lost his temper with Trump.

The dignified Japanese prime minister has never said "no" to the US president with confidence, and has to be used as a pawn by the US president from time to time. Isn't this a tragedy for Japan?

Having said that, judging from the unclear utterances in the speech, the inaccurate introduction, and the frequent forgetting of other people’s names, Biden’s status really worries the American people. If one day Biden becomes overwhelmed, the world will watch it. American joke?

The third thing is that Britain and the European Union have quarreled again. After the UK and the European Union "one shot and two broke up", the two sides did not enjoy each other, but always had problems one after another.

Mainly manifested in 3 aspects.

1. On the issue of "break-up fee", Britain and France and Germany have been unable to negotiate. The United Kingdom only promised to give the EU 41.4 billion euros in a "breakup fee", but France and Germany felt that it was too small, and the amount had to be increased by at least 6.1 billion euros. The United Kingdom believes that France and Germany are making a "big lion's mouth". Once the United Kingdom accepts the European Union's rip-off and provides 47.5 billion euros in a "break-up fee", how can the United Kingdom gain a sense of existence in the world in the future?

2. The UK does not allow French fishermen to go to the waters of Jersey, but France does not think this is inappropriate. Regarding the "Jersey conflict," Britain and France quarreled frequently. The two sides even had a military conflict in the Jersey waters. France threatened to cut off Jersey’s power supply, while British warships were standing by.

Until now, there has been no result in this matter, and Britain and France still hold their own opinions.

3. Unlike London, Scotland does not want to completely fall out with the European Union, but wants to rejoin the European Union. Of course, the United Kingdom does not agree. The result is that Scotland insists on cutting with the United Kingdom, and France and Germany have a big quarrel with the United Kingdom. The EU told the UK that if London refuses to make concessions, the EU is likely to impose sanctions on the UK.

I have to mention that when the UK and the EU were quarreling, the US was watching the excitement and no one helped.

A storm is accelerating, let's see how the United States, Britain, France and Germany make moves.

In front of the whole world, Wang Yi said something that shocked the world, and the original sound of the scene exploded.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, on July 24, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held the third China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers Strategic Dialogue with Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi in Chengdu, Sichuan.

In response to the U.S. State Department spokesperson's reiteration before Deputy Secretary of State Sherman came to China that the U.S. will deal with China from a "power position", Wang Yi said in response to the inquiry: The U.S. always wants to exert pressure on other countries by virtue of its own strength and thinks that it is superior. However, I want to tell the US clearly that there has never been a superior country in this world, nor should there be a superior country, and China will not accept any country that claims to be superior. If the United States has not learned how to deal with other countries on an equal footing, then we have the responsibility to work with the international community to learn this lesson for the United States.

The People’s Daily once pointed out that we hope that some people in the United States will follow the trend of the times and general public opinion, adopt a constructive attitude, abandon conflict and confrontation thinking, take the road of dialogue and cooperation, refrain from "decoupling", promote more integration, and follow the three principles of China and the United States. The spirit of the joint communiqué and the consensus reached by the two governments have brought Sino-US relations back to normal. Based on the principle of mutual respect, continue to accumulate political mutual trust. Adhere to non-interference in each other's internal affairs, respect each other's territorial sovereignty, social system and development path, and take care of each other's core interests and major concerns. Adhere to the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, focus and promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields. Anti-epidemic cooperation is a top priority. The two countries can cooperate on prevention and control information, anti-epidemic experience, anti-epidemic materials, etc., and actively promote pragmatic cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economy and trade, law enforcement, drug control, and local areas, and tap new energy, robotics, artificial intelligence, online education, and remote Potential for cooperation in medical and other fields.

Carry out candid and effective dialogues based on an equal and open attitude. Restore and restart the dialogue mechanism at all levels and fields as soon as possible, and bring the issue to the table for discussion. Encourage the think tanks, media and other sectors of the two countries to carry out various forms of exchanges and discuss the formulation of a list of China-US dialogue, cooperation, and management and control of differences in the future. Conduct professional dialogues in areas such as military security to prevent strategic misjudgments. Through the establishment of various effective mechanisms, risks are effectively managed and controlled to ensure that Sino-US relations are not out of control or derailed.

Carry forward the spirit of helping each other in the same boat and strengthen cooperation in global governance. On global governance issues such as climate change, counter-terrorism, humanitarian relief, global public health, and non-nuclear proliferation, and expanding coordination and cooperation on hot issues such as the North Korean nuclear, the Middle East, and Afghanistan, China-US relations can better benefit the world.

What signal will the China-US Tianjin talks release?

US Deputy Secretary of State Sherman visited Tianjin. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng held talks with Sherman. Subsequently, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Sherman.

The British "Guardian" pointed out that the US Deputy Secretary of State Sherman's visit to China is the highest-level US visit to China since the US President's special envoy for climate issues John Kerry visited Shanghai. Analysts pointed out that this is a good phenomenon, which means that China and the United States are still in continuous dialogue.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out that during the talks, China faced the problems in the relations between the two countries, clarified China’s attitude and position on the development of China-US relations in a frank and open manner, clearly opposed the US interference in China’s internal affairs and harmed China’s interests, and made clear demands. The US changed its course and corrected its mistakes. At the same time, the two sides also had an in-depth exchange of views on a wide range of issues of mutual concern.

Xie Feng's overall evaluation said, "Overall, the talks are in-depth and frank, and have enhanced understanding of each other's positions, and are beneficial to striving for the healthy development of Sino-US relations in the next stage."

The Chinese side pointedly pointed at the root cause of the Sino-US deadlock.

On the morning of July 26, Xie Feng and Sherman formally held talks in Tianjin. Regarding the venue of the talks, Zhao Lijian pointed out that this was mainly due to the epidemic prevention arrangements, as well as the reason that Tianjin is relatively close to Beijing.

During the talks, Xie Feng pointed out that the root cause of the deadlock in Sino-US relations is precisely that some people in the United States regard China as an "imaginary enemy."

According to a CCTV news report, Xie Feng pointed out that by establishing China as an "imaginary enemy", reigniting the sense of national purpose, by demonizing China, dissatisfaction with domestic politics, economy, and society of the American people is transferred, and deep-seated structural contradictions in the United States are thrown away. The pot goes to China.

Xie Feng said that the entire US government mobilizes the entire society to contain China in an all-round way. It seems that as long as China's development is contained, the domestic and foreign problems can be solved, the United States will become great again, and the hegemony under the United States can continue. The U.S. often talks about things with China, and it seems that if it doesn't involve China, it won't be able to talk or do things anymore.


Some people in the United States regard China as an "imaginary enemy." /Produced by Yuyuan Tantian

Since President Biden of the United States took office, he has emphasized the "competition, cooperation, and confrontation" rule of thirds in relations with China. In his first foreign policy speech, he also described China as the "most serious competitor" of the United States.

The United States talks about competition and cooperation. Xie Feng said that the eyes of the Chinese people are sharp. The three-point rule of "competition, cooperation, and confrontation" adopted by the United States is the "obscure method" to contain and suppress China. Confrontation and containment are the essence, cooperation is an expedient measure, and competition is a discourse trap. When there is a need for China, cooperation is required; in areas where there are advantages, they will cut off confessions and block sanctions; in order to contain China, they will not hesitate to conflict and confront. I only want to solve the problems that the U.S. is concerned about, and only want to get the results the U.S. wants, unilaterally benefiting, not only do bad things, but also want to take advantage of the benefits, how can there be such a truth in the world?!

When it comes to China's internal affairs, the United States often uses "human rights" to talk about things and regards itself as a "teacher". In response, Xie Feng said that the US is not qualified to talk about democracy and human rights in China.

Xie Feng asked, if there is no strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, no effective political system, no development path suitable for national conditions, and if the people are deprived of democracy, freedom, and human rights, how can the Chinese people release them? Such great creativity and such great productivity? The US should first resolve its own human rights issues. From a historical perspective, genocide against indigenous peoples; from a realistic perspective, passive anti-epidemic actions have caused 620,000 Americans to die; from a global perspective, long-term military violence has been used to provoke wars with lies, bringing serious disaster to the world. Why does the United States claim to be a spokesperson for global democracy and human rights?

China points out that the US's "power status" remarks are indeed "coercive diplomacy"

Before Sherman came to China, he once again moved out the rhetoric of the US in Anchorage, Alaska, claiming that he wanted to deal with China from a "strength position."

On July 26, Xie Feng also stated in the talks that the so-called "dealing with China from the perspective of strength and status" by the US is essentially bullying, bullying, and power as justice. It is a complete coercive diplomacy.

Prior to this, Wang Yi also said that the United States always wants to use its own strength to pressure other countries, and thinks that it is superior. However, China must clearly tell the US that there has never been a superior country in the world, nor should there be a superior country, and China will not accept any country that claims to be superior. If the United States has not learned how to deal with other countries in an equal manner, then China has the responsibility to work with the international community to learn this lesson for the United States.


The U.S. has engaged in out-and-out coercion diplomacy. /Produced by Yuyuan Tantian

The rhetoric of the so-called "power status" in the United States precisely reflects the American psychology. Wang Yong, a professor at the School of International Relations at Peking University and director of the Center for American Studies, believes that, first of all, this means that the United States is becoming less confident and afraid that China and other countries will belittle the United States. Secondly, this also reflects the consistent hegemonic style of the United States, ranking the international order according to the comparison of strength, and the United States hopes that other countries will "obey" it.

Compared with the high-level meeting between China and the United States in Anchorage, the general environment of Sherman's visit to China has undergone major changes. Wang Yong pointed out that at the China-US high-level meeting in March this year, the Biden administration had just taken office and was eager to show a tough stance against China. Now that the Biden administration has been in power for half a year, he has also learned that the United States cannot "command the world" to build an "anti-China alliance." Most countries are not willing to blindly oppose China and delink from China.

In addition, Sherman also expressed the need to build a "guardrail" between Sino-US relations so that competition will not develop into conflict. Zhao Lijian further explained the definition of guardrail, pointing out that the development of Sino-US relations requires a "guardrail", but the "guardrail" cannot be unilaterally defined by the United States. Stop interfering in China's internal affairs, stop slandering China, and stop harming China's interests. These are the real "guardrails" for Sino-US relations.

China strongly condemns illegal sanctions by the US and adopts reciprocal countermeasures

Before Sherman's visit to China, the United States continued to make "small moves".

On July 16, local time, the US State Department, Treasury, Commerce, and Homeland Security issued the so-called "Hong Kong Commercial Warning." The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury listed 7 deputy directors of the Liaison Office in Hong Kong on the "Specially Designated Nationals List" and imposed financial sanctions.

In response to the US concocting the so-called "Hong Kong business warning", unprovoked smearing of the business environment in Hong Kong, and illegal sanctions against many officials of the Chinese central government agencies in Hong Kong, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that he firmly opposed this, strongly condemned it and decided to take Peer-to-peer countermeasures.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs answered reporters' questions on China's decision to impose sanctions on relevant American personnel and entities. / Screenshot of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

In addition, during Sherman's visit to Japan, he did not forget to intervene in China's internal affairs.

According to the website of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Affairs Minister Kenryo Mori and Sherman held bilateral talks, naming names and criticizing China on issues such as the East China Sea and South China Sea, reiterating the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and expressing serious concerns about Xinjiang and Hong Kong affairs. .

Regarding the negative China-related trends of Japan and the United States, Zhao Lijian said that Taiwan, Hong Kong-related issues, and Xinjiang-related issues are China's internal affairs, and no external forces are allowed to interfere. No one should underestimate the Chinese people's determination, determination, and strong ability to defend the country's territorial sovereignty.

Even before the visit to China began, the United States provoked tensions between China and the United States.

Wang Yong pointed out that the United States’ China policy is actually in a dilemma. The Biden administration has mobilized its allies and formed gangs to hype up the Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues to put pressure on China. This is its consistent approach. "Stigmatizing" China through international public opinion wars, in order to reduce China's rapid development and rising international influence, hoping that China can make concessions. But the problem is that the US cannot hope to cooperate with China and gain China's respect while harming China's core interests. Therefore, the US government made a big mistake on this point.

China pointed out the prospects of Sino-US relations, "don't underestimate the resolve of the 1.4 billion Chinese people"

At the briefing held after the talks, Xie Feng said that in addition to expounding its principled position on Sino-US relations and urging the US to change its extremely erroneous perceptions of China and its extremely dangerous China policy, China also focused on the US’s involvement in the new crown virus. The wrong words and deeds on issues such as traceability, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, South China Sea and other issues once again expressed strong dissatisfaction with the United States, demanding that the United States immediately stop interfering in China's internal affairs, stop harming China's interests, stop stepping on red lines and playing with fire, and stop using values ​​under the guise of values Engage in group confrontation. We urge the United States not to underestimate the strong determination, firm will and strong ability of the 1.4 billion Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.

Xie Feng said that China has also submitted two lists to the United States. One is a list that requires the United States to correct its wrong policies, words and deeds toward China, and the other is a list of key cases that China is concerned about.

In the list of corrections, China urges the United States to unconditionally lift sanctions on Chinese leaders, officials, and government departments, lift visa restrictions on Chinese students, stop suppressing Chinese companies, revoke the extradition of Meng Wanzhou, and so on.

In the list of key cases of concern to the Chinese side, the Chinese side expresses serious concerns to the US side mainly about the refusal of visas for some Chinese students studying in the United States, and the unfair treatment of Chinese citizens in the US, and requires the US side to resolve them as soon as possible, and earnestly respect and protect Chinese citizens and institutions. Legal rights in the United States.


The US should change course and meet China's direction. /Produced by Yuyuan Tantian

Wang Yong believes that the presentation of the two lists means that in addition to exchanging positions, the two sides must resolve specific issues. Anti-Asian and anti-China sentiments in the United States have grown, and Chinese citizens have been violently attacked. The United States always advocates the so-called "human rights", and the rights of these individuals are being violated in the United States. This is also a problem that the United States should resolve.

These two lists are also part of China's constructive comments. Zhu Feng, executive director of the Nanhai Research Collaborative Innovation Center of Nanjing University and executive dean of the School of International Relations of Nanjing University, pointed out that the two lists do not have particularly strong political connotations in nature, and are the basic content of normal bilateral exchanges and open relations between China and the United States.. The two lists proposed by China are precisely the constructive opinions that China has put forward in further stabilizing Sino-US relations. China's intention is very clear, that is, the exchanges between the Chinese and American people should not be substantially harmed or destroyed.

Regarding the future Sino-US relations, Xie Feng said that the world today most needs unity, cooperation, and mutual assistance. The Chinese people love peace and actively promote the construction of a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice, and win-win cooperation, and build a community with a shared future for mankind. China is willing to treat each other as equals and seek common ground while reserving differences. The US should change course and choose to meet China halfway, respect each other, compete fairly, and coexist peacefully. A healthy and stable Sino-US relationship is not only in the interests of both parties, but also the common expectation of the international community.

In the end, Xie Feng evaluated the results of the talks as a whole. He pointed out that, on the whole, the talks were in-depth and frank, which enhanced the understanding of each other's positions, and was beneficial to striving for the healthy development of Sino-US relations in the next stage.

Zhu Feng pointed out that from China's overall statement, it can be seen that China and the United States are still striving for the positive development of bilateral relations. Xie Feng's statement on Sino-US relations also demonstrates China's responsibility as a major power.

The contrast between China's attitudes in these two heavy diplomacy is very strong!

Wang Yi WAS BUSY Very Comrade, and of He returned from His-from Visit to the without Stopping at The Middle East. They were Another TWO Heavy

If it is divided into more than two games, let's simply divide it into two games by place.

The first one was in Chengdu, specifically Dujiangyan.

The first round of strategic dialogue at the foreign ministerial level between China and Portugal is held. This is a video.

Meeting with the foreign ministers of Malta, Pakistan, and Finland, this is face to face.

Reading the press release, the talk was very good.

This is the first strategic dialogue between the Chinese and Portuguese Foreign Ministers. The Portuguese Foreign Minister Silva who came to Chengdu made it clear:

Science and politics should have their own boundaries. The traceability is to better respond to the future, not to target or blame specific countries... Portugal appreciates Chinese companies operating in Portugal for abiding by the law, and the Portuguese market is always open to Chinese companies...

Finnish Foreign Minister Haavisto is also very happy to come to Chengdu and also stated:

Finland fully understands China's concerns on the issue of virus traceability and advocates that traceability should be conducted in a scientific manner...Finland supports the EU-China Investment Agreement and hopes that the agreement will be approved as soon as possible.

Maltese Foreign Minister Bartolo also believes that the traceability of the virus should be based on facts and should not be politicized. Uniting to fight the epidemic is not an option but a necessary option.

There are actually many statements, and I just intercepted one of them.

These three are all Western countries, but if you can express your opinions like this, you can weigh the weight of these words.

Not to mention the "Batie".

This time in Dujiangyan, China and Pakistan held the third strategic dialogue between foreign ministers. Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi, who came to Dujiangyan, made it clear:

Strengthening Pakistan-China "hardcore" friendship is a national consensus of Pakistan and also the cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign strategy. Pakistan condemns all smearing actions against China. Pakistan fully agrees with China's position on the issue of virus traceability and believes that it is necessary to adopt a scientific attitude to promote traceability research.

Regarding the deaths of Chinese personnel caused by terrorist attacks, Qureshi also made a clear promise:

The Pakistani side will protect the Chinese citizens in Pakistan as it treats its own people. The Pakistani government will investigate the incident to the end, bring the perpetrators to justice , resolutely thwart attempts to damage Pakistan-China cooperation, and will never allow any forces to undermine the Pakistan-China all-weather strategic partnership. Pakistan will spare no effort to maintain the safety of Chinese personnel and institutions in Pakistan, reorganize the special forces to strengthen related work, and resolutely prevent similar incidents from happening again.

This is Chengdu diplomacy.

Sure enough, Chengdu is all successful.

Foreign politicians should have also felt the style of Chengdu and the charm of Dujiangyan.


In the second scene, it was not so easy to switch to Tianjin.

The US Deputy Secretary of State Sherman is here in Tianjin. Why is Tianjin?

Zhao Lijian explained before: Taking into account the two reasons for the epidemic prevention and the close distance between Tianjin and Beijing.

According to the arrangement, Vice Minister Xie Feng, who is in charge of Sino-US relations, first met with Sherman; then, Wang Yi met with Sherman.

This is a talk that has attracted the attention of the world, and of course, the content is quite exciting.

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xie Feng solemnly expressed China's position during the talks.

For example, he pointed out:

The U.S. trichotomy of "competition, cooperation, and confrontation" is the "obscure approach" to contain and suppress China. Confrontation and containment are the essence, cooperation is an expedient measure, and competition is a discourse trap. Whenever they ask for China, they require cooperation. They will cut off confessions and block sanctions in areas where they think they have advantages. In order to contain China, conflicts and confrontations are also not hesitating. I only want to solve the problems that the US is concerned about, only want to benefit unilaterally, and only want to get the results I want. If you do bad things, you still want to take advantage of the benefits. How can there be such a truth in the world?

Well, this is indeed the logic.

Just want to benefit unilaterally, do bad things absolutely, but also want to take advantage of the benefits. How can there be such a reason in the world?

There is also the issue of virus traceability, Xie Feng emphasized:

China firmly opposes the US's politicization of the source of the new crown virus, presumption of guilt and smearing. The epidemic is breaking out in many places around the world, and more investigations must be made. The United States, as a country with a particularly severe spread of the epidemic, should not become a blind spot for traceability. It should take the lead in accepting investigations, especially to thoroughly investigate the virus leakage of Fort Detrick Biolab, the large-scale outbreak of e-cigarette pneumonia in Wisconsin in July 2019, and the United States More than 200 overseas biological experiment bases . The United States must not interfere with scientific investigations, spread rumors, plant specific countries, and force WHO, experts, scholars, and scientific research institutions to get the results that the United States wants.

In the United States, don't engage in smearing and framing, you should take the lead in the investigation. The Chinese side has all specified the specific subjects of investigation.

Oh, Comrade Xie Feng also put forward two lists. One is for the US to correct its wrong policies, words and deeds toward China, and the other is a list of key cases that China is concerned about.

There are 16 items in the error correction list, including,

China urges the U.S. to unconditionally remove visa restrictions on CCP members and their families.

Lifting sanctions on Chinese leaders, officials, and government departments,

Remove visa restrictions for Chinese students studying abroad,

Stop suppressing Chinese companies,

Stop nuisance to Chinese students,

Stop suppressing Confucius Institutes,

Cancel the registration of Chinese media as "foreign agents" or "foreign missions",

Withdraw the extradition request for Meng Wanzhou, etc.

A list of 10 key cases of concern to the Chinese side, including:

Some Chinese students were denied visas to the U.S.

Chinese citizens suffered unfair treatment in the United States,

U.S. criminals harassed and ran into our embassy in the U.S.

Anti-Asian and anti-China sentiments in the United States have grown,

Chinese citizens were violently attacked, etc.

There are a lot of content in the confrontation, so I won't list them one by one. After meeting with Wang Yi, he clarified three bottom lines to the US:

First, the United States must not challenge, slander, or even attempt to subvert the path and system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Second, the United States must not try to obstruct or even interrupt China's development process.

Third, the United States must not infringe upon China’s national sovereignty, let alone undermine China’s territorial integrity.

When Sherman again proposed that the so-called "rules-based international order" should be observed. Wang Yi asked,

What does the so-called "rules" of the US refer to? If it refers to the UN Charter and international law, China has long clearly stated that all countries should abide by it. If it refers to the so-called "rules" formulated by the US itself and a few countries, what reason is there to impose on China? China did not participate in the formulation, why should it comply?

You can feel the smell of gunpowder.

Of course, this is China's attitude, the United States is estimated we will not only Aixun, look at the Foreign Ministry website information, Xie Feng and Sherman talks lasted over four hours, "Both sides believe that today's talks candid, in-depth, would like to maintain This kind of open and honest communication".

Everyone can experience diplomatic language: frank, thorough, and open.

Everyone opens the window to speak brightly, this is not necessarily a bad thing.


Two heavy diplomacy, two different places, completely different atmospheres.

What do you think?

It's not three o'clock, some thoughts, more than three o'clock.

1. Chengdu is different. Many foreign ministers came here, and some of their statements were meaningful. What does it illustrate? At least, our proposition has been recognized by many countries in the world . Virtue is not alone, there must be neighbors. Our friends are still all over the world.

2. Some friends sighed "friends come and have good wine, enemies come and have shotguns". Don’t over-interpret my views. After all, this is diplomacy. Even if the US Deputy Secretary of State came to visit, Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng received the talks, and then Deputy State-level Wang Yi met later, he still gave full courtesy. This is the pattern of Chinese diplomacy.

3. Chinese diplomacy is more straightforward. Especially for the United States. Both Xie Feng's speech and Wang Yi's statement were very "open and honest." Why? Because the United States has done too much, China has also revealed to the world that the United States has different words and deeds. Especially the rule of thirds of "competition, cooperation, confrontation", as Xie Feng said, how can the world have such a truth?

4. China's diplomacy is becoming more and more strategic. One of the highlights this time is the two lists, one is a list of corrections required by the US, with a total of 16 items; the other is a list of key cases of concern to the Chinese side, with a total of 10 items. 26 items, let the world take a look at the things that the United States has done that are not on the table. This also reflects the proactive and enterprising Chinese diplomacy, which no longer passively responds to the topic setting of the US, but takes the initiative to set the topic to guide the negotiation process.

5. Everyone can take a look at the key points. One of the new focuses is the issue of virus traceability. As I said yesterday, tracing the source of the virus is actually a conspiracy brewing in the United States. The surface is scientifically traced to the source, but the actual presumption of guilt against China. Therefore, China's attitude is clear, and the United States should take the lead in accepting investigations. Many countries have similar propositions. But will the United States be willing? Look, this will be an important aspect of the next diplomatic game.

6. This year is a special year for China's diplomacy. Before, Guilin, Nanping, Xiamen, Guiyang, Chongqing, Xi'an, etc., have all witnessed the splendor of China's diplomacy, and now it is Chengdu and Tianjin . The world has not seen major changes in a century, challenges are changing, and China's diplomatic style is also undergoing profound changes. But one thing is certain, as the leaders pointed out:

The Chinese people have never bullied, oppressed, or enslaved the people of other countries. They did not have them in the past, they do not have them now, and they will never be there. At the same time, the Chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to bully, oppress, or enslave us. Whoever wants to do so will surely face a bloodshed in front of the great steel wall built by more than 1.4 billion Chinese people!

"Take China's kindness seriously!" Duterte said in his heart in front of the world.

It was reported on July 26, local time that President Duterte of the Philippines expressed his gratitude to China in his State of the Union Address (SONA), saying that China was the first country to help the Philippines fight the new crown pandemic, and China was also the first to express to the Philippines Countries willing to provide vaccine help.

According to the "Philippine Star" report, Duterte's State of the Union address in the House of Representatives in Metro Manila on July 26 will be the last State of the Union address during his term, and this will be his sixth State of the Union address. Duterte described his achievements in the past five years in his State of the Union address. It is reported that Duterte's presidential term is less than one year left, but Duterte still has a high degree of recognition in the Philippines. According to the Philippine News Agency, according to the latest polls, Duterte’s approval rate among the public has reached 58%.

In his State of the Union address, Duterte mentioned the Philippines' education, medical insurance, and the fight against drug crimes, and focused on the impact of the new crown epidemic on the Philippines. The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a blow to the Philippines’ economy. Duterte said that before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippines was one of the fastest-growing economies. He said that the Philippine government is working with some business associations to create 1 million jobs to help people who lost their jobs during the new crown epidemic.

Duterte also emphasized in his State of the Union address that in some long-term disputes, the Philippines and China can only be resolved through diplomatic negotiations, rather than blindly using force. There were some voices in the Philippines before that Duterte was collecting money from China for personal gain, so he kept saying good things about China. In response to these remarks, Duterte also directly refuted in his speech, saying that the person who made these voices was really an idiot, and he would never do that.

Duterte said that China has donated about 1.5 million doses of the new crown vaccine to the Philippines. The Philippines must take its relationship with China seriously and take seriously this kindness of China. The Philippine media also pointed out that in addition to China's donation of 1.5 million doses of vaccine to the Philippines, the Philippine government has also purchased more than 16 million doses of new crown vaccine from China. Duterte also called on all Filipino people to get the new crown vaccine as soon as possible. If they have already received the first shot, they should get the second shot as soon as possible. If the people do not receive the new crown vaccine as soon as possible to form herd immunity, he is worried that the Philippines will be affected by the Delta variant, causing a continuous increase in new crown cases, then the Philippines will have to implement blockade measures again.

Philippine Foreign Minister Lochin once said that he is very grateful for China's help, provided many medical supplies and new crown vaccines that the Philippines needs, and sent a team of anti-epidemic medical experts to the Philippines. The Philippine government thanked China from the bottom of its heart. Vince Dizon, deputy general coordinator of the Philippine government's response to the new crown epidemic, said that China has become the largest source country of the Philippines' new crown vaccine.

In addition, in the recently opened Tokyo Olympics, after the Philippine delegation arrived in Tokyo and settled in the Olympic Village, they uniformly chose to vaccinate the China Kexing vaccine. At least 700 people have completed the vaccination. Dison said that he chose to vaccinate China because of the good results of Chinese vaccines. He is very grateful that China can provide the new crown vaccine in time and help the Philippines implement the vaccination plan smoothly.

The bombing cannot be over like this! Wang Yi made two demands, Pakistan quickly stated: Yours is mine

On July 23, the remains of nine Chinese personnel killed in the Pakistan terrorist attack returned to the motherland on a chartered plane by Chinese civil aviation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country strongly condemns the Dasu car explosion in Pakistan. The Ministry of Public Security also dispatched criminal investigators to the place where the incident occurred to investigate the cause of the accident together with Pakistan.

On July 20, local time, Pakistani Interior Minister Rashid stated that law enforcement agencies have completed the investigation of the Dasu bombing. "Someone is trying to create seeds of discord between Pakistan and China." He said that the Dasu bombing was for this reason. Pakistan has classified this case as a terrorist attack.

In the past ten years, Pakistan’s terrorist activities have been significantly reduced from their peaks around 2010, especially in the sphere of influence of the Pakistani military and in important urban areas, there has been a significant reduction in terrorist attacks. The frequency of attacks against Chinese in Pakistan is not high, but it is of great importance from time to time. On November 23, 2018 local time, the Chinese Consulate in Karachi was attacked by three gunmen, and four Pakistani security personnel and local policemen were killed. The gunman attempted to break into the gate of the consulate general. Chinese personnel, institutions and projects in Pakistan have strengthened their safety protection. However, under the dual pressure of the epidemic and terrorist attacks, the normal operations of Chinese companies in Pakistan are facing new tests.

On the evening of July 19, local time, Pakistani Army Chief of Staff Bajwa said in a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong that Pakistan attaches great importance to the brotherhood with its time-tested friends and will spare no effort to protect those engaged in different projects in the country. The safety of Chinese citizens.

However, this is not enough! China demands to find out the truth, severely punish the perpetrators, and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

On July 24, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held the third Sino-Pakistani Foreign Ministers Strategic Dialogue with Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi in Sichuan and stated that China and Pakistan are both victims of this terrorist attack. We should work closely together as soon as possible. Bring the murderer to justice, give an explanation to the people of the two countries, and effectively prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Qureshi said that China’s losses are Pakistan’s losses, and protecting China’s interests means protecting Pakistan’s own interests. The Pakistani side will protect the Chinese citizens in Pakistan as it treats its own people. The Pakistani government will investigate the incident to the end, bring the perpetrators to justice, and spare no effort to safeguard the safety of Chinese personnel and institutions in Pakistan, reorganize the special forces to strengthen related work, and resolutely prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Qureshi said that "China's loss is Pakistan's loss" is comparable to "Yours is mine." Pakistan is called "Pakistan Rail" by China. I hope that China's request can be fulfilled as soon as possible.

China does not allow ships with Indian crews to call at Chinese ports? Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Not true

A reporter asked questions. The All India Seafarers’ Federation claimed that starting March 21, China has imposed an “unofficial ban” on commercial ships carrying Indian crews, saying that China does not allow such ships carrying Indian crews to stay in China. port. Can the spokesperson confirm that?

Zhao Lijian said that after verification, China has never implemented the above-mentioned so-called "unofficial ban", and the relevant reports by the Indian media are not true.

Source: Beijing Daily Client | Intern reporter Liu Xiaoyan

"Sheman left China and took away the two'lists' given to her by the Chinese side."

Sherman, the Deputy Secretary of State of the Biden Administration of the United States, left China and left. It took away the politeness, concern, and expectation of the Chinese people, and also took away the two "checklists" given to her by the Chinese side.

Due to the impact of the global new crown epidemic, she only stayed in Tianjin for two days, but the harvest was still full, and it should be "a worthwhile trip."

Sherman is the highest-level official visited by the Biden administration since taking office in January this year. Her voluntarily request to visit, the task is not light, of course it will bring the concerns and hopes of the United States, but also need to understand China's situation and statements. Judging from the content of the reports from both sides, the representatives of the two countries took advantage of this visit to "frankly and in-depth" exchange of views, which is of great significance to the future relations between the two countries.

It seems that the more such meetings between China and the United States should be better.

I have always thought that as the largest developing country and the largest developed country in the world today, China and the United States have their own responsibilities and heavy responsibilities. They need to maintain multi-faceted, multi-level, and multi-field contacts and communication, because it is not only about two things. The country also has a global influence. This is recognized by the international community. It is not the pride of the two countries, and it is not that the two countries are "being sentimental "to highlight themselves. Facts have fully proved that artificially "decoupling" the two countries, or creating or expanding "splitting" between the two countries, is not only detrimental to the two countries, but also very detrimental to the world.

There is no doubt that the differences between the two countries are complex, profound, and will exist for a long time. However, reality, history and trends all require the coexistence and coexistence of the two countries, as well as the understanding and cooperation of both sides to ensure the peace, harmony, tranquility and progress of mankind.

As far as the overall situation is concerned, the senior leaders of China and the United States are currently aware of the importance of the relationship between the two countries, and they also know that they need to work together to maintain the necessary and close communication. Meeting each other, presenting the truth in person, clarifying the position, and explaining the core concern is the only way, there is no other way. Of course, "frozen three feet, not a day's cold", one or two meetings, it is impossible to completely clean up the problem, let alone completely solve it, not to mention that there will inevitably be a scene of "playing the piano against the cow". And embarrassing.

It goes without saying that diplomacy is indispensable, and diplomacy has a long way to go; diplomacy is man-made, and diplomacy requires mutual understanding. Adhering to the consistent stance, emotion, wisdom and style of the beloved Premier Zhou Enlai, we will take advantage of the situation, closely combine confidence and reason, and calmly face many complex situations and challenges. Our diplomacy will continue to move forward, solve all kinds of difficulties, and achieve successes..

It can be said that the meeting with Sherman once again proved this point vividly.

Published under Blog on 27 July, 2021.