21 July, 2021

South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a request to China and Pakistan!

South Korean "fingerless mountaineer" Kim Hongbin climbed the Broat Peak on the border between China and Pakistan on the 18th, but fell into an ice gap during the descent, and his whereabouts are still unknown. In response, South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson Choi Young-sun said on the 20th that after receiving the news, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the relevant departments of Pakistan and China to send helicopters for rescue through the local embassy. South Korean President Moon Jae-in also posted on social media the same day that at the request of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan sent a helicopter to the Jin Hongbin distress area on the same day to carry out rescue activities, and the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan is also mobilizing all forces to rescue.

Jin Hongbin data map

On the 20th, Cui Yongshan said at a regular press conference on the search and rescue work of mountaineer Jin Hongbin that there has been no progress. Cui Yongshan said that after receiving the news that Jin Hongbin had lost contact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested through the local embassy the relevant departments of Pakistan and China to send helicopters to the Jin Hongbin area in distress. Both China and Pakistan expressed their willingness to actively carry out assistance.

Cui Yongshan data map

Yonhap News Agency mentioned that the South Korean Embassy in Pakistan and the South Korean Embassy in China have sent consuls to the area where the incident occurred. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea also established a countermeasure group for the protection of foreign citizens and held meetings with relevant departments to discuss countermeasures.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in also posted this on official social media on the 20th, expressing his deep regret that “fingerless mountaineer” Kim Hongbin was missing on his way down the mountain after conquering 14 peaks in the Himalayas, and expressed his hope that he can return safely.

The article stated that yesterday (19th) after learning that Jin Hongbin was rescued by falling into an ice crevice on his way down the mountain, he posted a message congratulating him on climbing the 14 peaks of the Himalayas, but then heard that Jin Hongbin's whereabouts were unknown. At the request of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan sent a helicopter to the Jin Hongbin distress area on the same day to carry out rescue activities, and the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan is also mobilizing all forces for rescue. Although some reports presume that he is dead, this has not been confirmed, so we will not give up hope. Moon Jae-in also said that he would look forward to the news of Jin Hongbin's rescue with all the people, and hope that the people will also pray for his safe return.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Jin Hongbin ascended the 8,047-meter-high Mount Broat at 4:58 pm on the 18th, Pakistan time, and became the world's first disabled person and the seventh Korean to conquer 14 peaks of over 8,000 meters in the Himalayas. But this time he accidentally fell into an ice gap at an altitude of 7,900 meters on the way down the mountain. The Russian search and rescue team found Jin Hongbin on the morning of the 19th, but an accident occurred during the rescue. Jin Hongbin fell again due to a loose rope. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Never let old friends fight alone! The U.S. took action against Cuba, and China came forward in a critical moment

According to Xinhua News Agency, on July 17, the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee’s first secretary and Cuban President Diaz-Canel condemned the United States’ long-term blockade of Cuba and criticized the US government’s funding of anti-Cuban forces to instigate riots in Cuba in an attempt to undermine Cuba. Political and social stability. It is reported that about 100,000 people gathered on the 17th in a square on the seaside boulevard in the Cuban capital of Havana to hold a patriotic rally. The leaders of the Cuban Revolution, Raul Castro, Diaz-Canel, and leaders of other party, government and social mass organizations attended the rally. Diaz-Canel made the above statement in a speech that day, and at the same time called on the people to unite and resist external interference.

According to reports, this rally and similar rally in other cities are the first public response of the Cuban regime to anti-government protests. Prior to this, a large number of people took to the streets of Cuba without warning to stage anti-government protests. The people present at the rally waved the Cuban flag, held up slogans such as "Don't blockade," "We won't hand over sovereignty," and chanted "Cuba, no Yankees," "Long live the Cuban revolution," and other slogans to express their revolutionary position. At the same time, Diaz-Canel condemned the "fake photos" spread on social networks, saying that these photos "beautify the atrocities and the destruction of property."

At this critical moment, China stood up for its old friends. On July 19, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out: China always believes that the right of all countries to independently choose their social systems and development paths should be respected. China firmly supports Cuba in exploring a development path that suits its national conditions, firmly opposes interference by external forces in Cuba's internal affairs, firmly supports Cuba in fighting the epidemic, improving people's livelihood, maintaining stability, and unswervingly deepening China-Cuba friendly relations. China has always advocated maintaining an international order based on international law, safeguarding international fairness and justice, and opposing unilateral sanctions against other countries by military, political, economic or other means.

According to Cuban statistics, in the past 60 years, the U.S. blockade has caused Cuba's cumulative losses of more than 144.1 billion U.S. dollars. Recently, the United Nations General Assembly passed by an overwhelming majority for the 29th time the resolution "must end the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba", which reflects the universal voice of the international community. Zhao Lijian emphasized: We urge the United States to immediately and completely lift the embargo against Cuba. We hope that the United States will improve relations with Cuba in accordance with the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and the basic norms of international relations. This is in the common interests of the peoples of the United States and Cuba and is also beneficial to the entire Americas. Peace and stability.

Zhao Lijian announced!

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian announced at a regular press conference on the 21st that according to the work arrangement, China has appointed Yue Xiaoyong as the special envoy for Afghanistan affairs of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he will succeed the former special envoy Mr. Liu Jian. Mr. Liu Jian successfully completed the mission of the special envoy. Thanks to the working partners of all relevant parties for their strong support. Special Envoy Yue Xiaoyong is a senior diplomat who has been engaged in diplomatic practice and policy research for a long time. He has served as China's ambassador to Qatar, Jordan, and Ireland.

Zhao Lijian said that the Afghan issue is currently the focus of widespread concern in the international community. China has been actively participating in and promoting the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan, attaching great importance to communication and coordination with relevant parties and international cooperation related to Afghanistan, and will continue to play a role in the early realization of peace and stability in Afghanistan. Sexual effect. Mr. Yue Xiaoyong will establish working relationships with colleagues from all relevant parties as soon as possible and maintain close communication and coordination.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China looks forward to it!

On July 21, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference. A reporter asked questions about U.S. special envoy Kerry's call for China and the United States to cooperate in the field of climate change.

Zhao Lijian said that tackling climate change and promoting green development is the common responsibility of the international community and requires global action, global response, and global cooperation. As the largest developing country and the largest developed country in the world, China and the United States share a common mission in tackling climate change. They should further strengthen communication and cooperation and play a leading role in the international arena.

Zhao Lijian emphasized that China-US cooperation in specific areas is closely related to the overall Sino-US relations. The United States must not wantonly interfere in China's internal affairs and harm China's interests on the one hand, and demand China's understanding and support in bilateral and global affairs on the other. The United States should create favorable conditions for China-US coordination and cooperation in important areas.

Zhao Lijian said that China recently launched online trading on the carbon market, and the carbon emissions of enterprises covered by the first batch of carbon markets exceeded 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which will become the world's largest carbon market covering greenhouse gas emissions. China will strive to achieve a carbon peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. From achieving carbon peaks to carbon neutrality, the time taken by China is much shorter than the time taken by developed countries. This is a major strategic decision made by China based on its responsibility to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind and the inherent requirements for achieving sustainable development. Cooperation in tackling climate change has added new impetus and confidence. In terms of tackling climate change and successfully achieving emissions reductions, China expects that the United States will also act in line with words and deeds, and earnestly assume its due responsibilities and make due contributions.

Start to settle accounts, from the United States! Biden only realized that over 750,000 Chinese netizens really made a move

Today, the Biden administration has also imposed a guilty presumption against China on the issue of the traceability of the new crown virus, ignoring the China-WHO joint research report on the traceability of the new crown virus issued by the World Health Organization. "Through laboratory transmission, the WHO was pressured to launch a second round of "independent and transparent" traceability investigations into China, and representatives of Australia, Japan and the European Union also actively seconded it. As early as May 26, President Biden asked the US intelligence services to continue to collect information to investigate whether the new crown virus originated from an animal host infection or a laboratory accident, and required the report to be completed within 90 days. He also said that he would continue to cooperate with like-minded partners. Urged China to participate in a comprehensive, transparent, evidence-based international investigation.

In addition, Sullivan, the National Security Affairs Assistant to the President of the United States, also stated that if China does not cooperate on the source of the new crown virus, it will face the so-called "international isolation." However, the United States has frequently politicized the issue of the source of the new crown virus and pointed its finger at China. However, it has been evasive to China and Russia's calls for investigating Fort Detrick and more than 200 U.S. overseas biological experiment bases. However, China will not sit idly by and counterattack the US's slander.

According to a report by China Youth Network on July 19, at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China that day, reporters asked questions. In June this year, Chinese netizens issued an open letter calling on the WHO to investigate Fort Detrick Laboratory. . Until July 17, Chinese netizens once again issued an open letter and commissioned the Global Times to initiate a joint initiative, calling on the WHO to conduct experiments on Fort Detrick and other American viruses that also have potential leaks in the next stage of the traceability of the new crown virus. Room to investigate.

In response to this situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian revealed that as of 3 pm on the 19th, this joint signature has attracted the participation of more than 750,000 Chinese netizens. In addition, the World Wide Web also launched an online poll on where to go for the next stage of virus traceability. At present, more than 90% of the interviewees believe that the next step should be to go to the United States to conduct traceability research. Zhao Lijian said that these spontaneous actions by the people and the media actually asked questions that the international community has not been able to answer for a long time, and some people in the United States have always kept secret. Please answer a few questions from the US: What is the relationship between Fort Detrick Biolabs and unexplained respiratory diseases such as e-cigarette diseases? Why has the US not invited the WHO to Fort Chad in the United States so far? On the issue of traceability, why can't the United States go if China goes there? The US should show transparency, answer all questions, and respond to outside concerns.

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