12 July, 2021

Refusing to recognize the Sino-Russian vaccine? The epidemic in France is getting worse

[Southern + July 12th News] According to domestic media reports, on July 11 local time, for passengers who have been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine produced by China and Russia, the French Foreign Ministry's Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Bo Na made discriminatory remarks. He said that all EU countries should refuse to recognize the Sino-Russian vaccine.

According to the report, on July 11, local time, Clement Bona said in an interview with Radio One Europe: "We do not condemn Greece, but hope that Europe will only recognize the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency." Na also said that Greece's practice of letting people vaccinated with China and Russia enter the country is regrettable. Most European countries, including France, only recognize the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency. Turning to France's position, he said that France prohibits entry of people who have been vaccinated against China and Russia.

Bona has previously made several remarks against Russian-Chinese vaccines. In May of this year, he claimed in an interview with French media that the Sino-Russian vaccine has not yet been approved by the EU. If EU member states buy it themselves, it will seriously affect the unity of the EU. On July 8, local time, Bona once again told the French media that EU countries should not recognize vaccines from China and Russia. He also called for some European countries that tried to "give the green light "to Chinese and Russian vaccines to "act with caution."

It is reported that Europe has previously introduced a "vaccine passport." In terms of vaccine certification, the passport only recognizes the four new crown vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency, namely AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Modena vaccines. The Chinese and Russian vaccines are not included. The European Commission has stated that individual member states can decide on their own whether to use vaccines other than those approved by the European Medicines Agency. Currently Hungary, Greece and Cyprus have recognized Chinese vaccines. In addition, many countries such as Spain are also considering approving Chinese vaccines.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson refuted Bona's remarks. According to the Russian "Izvestia" report, on July 11 local time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova stated that Russia condemned the matter. She emphasized that such discriminatory remarks made by senior French officials will restore " apartheid sentiment" in Europe, and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no right to decide which countries and peoples to vaccinate.

Zakharova also said that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs made such remarks entirely out of a kind of "sour grape psychology", because so far, France has not been able to develop a new crown vaccine. Zakharova mocked: "France is jealous of all countries that can produce vaccines on its own, so it uses propaganda methods to discredit the achievements of those countries that show their scientific achievements to the world."

It should be noted that the current incidence of the new crown epidemic in France is not optimistic. According to the “Parisian” report, data released by the French National Health Administration showed that during the week from June 28 to July 4, local time, people infected with the delta mutant new crown virus accounted for about 43% of the new cases in France. The proportion has exceeded 50%. On July 11, local time, French Minister of Health Villan issued a warning that France is at the beginning of a new wave of new crown epidemics and that the medical system may be under pressure again. Weilan also emphasized that if the epidemic is not controlled, the number of confirmed cases may rise to more than 20,000 new cases per day in early August.

In the face of a resurgence of the epidemic, coupled with the side effects of vaccines such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca, it can be said that vaccines in China and Russia are the most effective way to control the epidemic. Although the situation is not optimistic, Bona continued to make discriminatory remarks against vaccines between China and Russia. Heted not taking the medicine. When the epidemic could not be controlled, it was France itself that suffered in the end.

It is worth mentioning that Hungary, the first EU country to approve the use of Chinese vaccines, once again spoke out to support China. According to the Russian "Izvestia", Hungarian Foreign Minister Sialto said in an interview: "Vaccines are a way to save lives. The World Health Organization has approved the China National Pharmaceutical Group vaccine. However, some European countries have not demonstrated in this regard. Any enthusiasm even criticizes the WHO. In my opinion, this is too hypocritical."

Biden exposed health problems, Nixon warning was repeated: the United States will lose its dominant position

The recent situation in Afghanistan has once again attracted the attention of the world. After the withdrawal of the US forces, the Taliban clearly prevailed. In the past few days, the Taliban have been proud of the spring breeze, and shouted high-profilely to the outside world, as if they were about to come back to power. In this regard, Biden has to admit that the Taliban are currently at the peak of their military, reaching their strongest level since 2001.

However, the US cannot justify the ambition of the Taliban after all. Biden added that he still believes in the capabilities of the Afghan government forces. With the support of the United States and NATO, 300,000 Afghan government forces have been better trained and equipped with better equipment, while the Taliban has only 70,000 troops. With 300,000 to 70,000 troops, Biden believes that the advantage is still in the Afghan government forces., The Afghan government forces have the ability to prevent the Taliban from seizing power throughout the country.

However, Biden's remarks were not convincing enough. The "Washington Post" published an editorial stating that with the disappearance of American advisers and air support, the Afghan army was either wiped out by the Taliban or surrendered without a fight. Russia is also worried about the situation in Afghanistan, worrying that extremist organizations will take advantage of the chaos to grow in Afghanistan. Therefore, many people inevitably speculate whether Russia will intervene in the situation in Afghanistan after the US military withdraws.

In response to this, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov responded that Russia will not take any measures when the situation in Afghanistan only develops within its own borders. In other words, if the Taliban cast their ideas on other Central Asian countries, Russia may not sit idly by. This actually acquiesced in disguised form of the Taliban's siege in Afghanistan.

The United States has given up Afghanistan, not to mention Russia? Biden also gave an alternative explanation for the withdrawal of US troops. Biden said that the reason why the US military launched the war in Afghanistan was to eliminate al Qaeda's ability to prevent them from launching more attacks on the United States in Afghanistan. The United States did not go to Afghanistan to build the country. The implication is that since the US military has achieved its goal, there is no need to stay in Afghanistan.

The embarrassing thing is that just as Biden explained the reason for the "US troops entering Afghanistan", Biden once again exposed his health. When Biden talked about "we went there for two reasons, one is", his brain was stuck, his voice stopped abruptly, his hands hung in the air, and five seconds later he continued his speech. From time to time, Biden shows the state of "the brain is not very bright." It is even more worrying. Biden is old and weak, and whether he can complete his term of office based on his health.

As an opponent of Biden, Trump did not miss any opportunity to mock Biden, especially to make a fuss about Biden's health, and even to China.

Regarding the sudden kneeling of Biden taking a photo with the Dodgers, Trump mocked that Biden was "weakly bowing to China." On July 8, local time, Trump criticized Biden's efforts to fight climate change on a talk show, claiming that "global warming is a scam made by China, and the purpose is to make the United States lose its competitiveness."

Judging from the way Trump attacked Biden, confronting China has almost become the consensus of most American politicians. In order to accumulate political capital, politicians including Trump will even actively attack China to show the so-called American style. patriotism. In the past, the US Democratic Party attacked Trump on the grounds of "communication with Russia." Nowadays, not being tough on China has also become a charge for US politicians to attack each other. This fully reflects the United States' fear of China.

The United States has greatly exaggerated China's threat and tried to maintain its advantage over China in global competition. However, China's rise is unstoppable, and the United States' hegemony is not unshakable.

Fifty years ago, former US President Nixon once compared the United States to the Greco-Romans of yesteryear, and believed that the United States would no longer be in an absolute prominent or position dominant. Nixon said: When the great civilizations of the past became rich and lost the will to survive and progress, they fell into decadence and finally perished, and the United States will now enter such a period.

Today, the American "Wall Street Journal" once again moved out of Nixon's predictions and issued a warning to today's America. Like the Greco-Roman counterparts of the past, the United States is also facing similar difficulties. The economy is recovering slowly, military superiority is no longer prominent, global appeal is declining, and internal tears intensify. China as a competitor seems to be on the rise.

Nixon faced the pillars of the National Archives in Washington with emotion, "I think of the fate of Greece and Rome. You can see what is left: only the pillars." The United States is known as the "New Rome", and the Roman Empire flourished for a while. In the end, there are only a few pillars left. Will the United States follow in the footsteps of the Roman Empire?

The Taliban is quietly changing, releasing three signals!

This is the most high-profile international appearance of the Taliban in recent times.

A Taliban delegation came to Moscow on the 8th and held talks with the Russian side. According to Russian officials, Putin knew that the Taliban delegation had arrived and believed that it was “necessary” to contact the Taliban about the situation in Afghanistan.

The Taliban spokesman Suhaier Shaheen who went to Moscow also accepted an interview with the Hong Kong media and expressed a series of views on relations with China, including calling China a "welcome friend."

Whether it is an interview, a press conference, or the interview itself, the amount of information is huge.

Roughly a few things to watch.

1. According to the head of the Taliban delegation, Shahabdin Delawar, the Taliban already controls "85% of the Afghan territory." In these areas, "all administrative institutions and hospitals continue to operate"; while the Afghan government can now only control some The city and surrounding areas.

2. The Taliban delegation assured Russia that the Taliban "will not violate the borders with Central Asian countries" and promised to "ensure the safety of foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Afghanistan" and will not prohibit women from attending school or employment.

3. The Taliban also stated that the extremist organization "Islamic State" is a threat to Afghanistan and other countries. The Taliban is fighting this organization in northern and eastern Afghanistan and will not allow it to use Afghan territory to launch attacks on other countries. As for the relationship with the United States, De Laval said that if the US forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban are willing to "restart" with the United States.

4. According to Shaheen, the Taliban regard China as a friend of Afghanistan and welcome China to participate in the investment in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. "We have been to China many times and we have a good relationship with them... China is a friendly country, and we welcome them to participate in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan."

5. Shaheen also stated that the Taliban will not allow anyone to use Afghanistan to launch attacks on countries including China and the United States. "We have made a commitment not to allow those who want to use Afghanistan's land to attack other countries to enter. It doesn't matter if they are individuals or entities, and no matter which country they want to target."

6. Shaheen also promised that the Taliban currently controls most of the territory of Afghanistan. If Chinese investors and workers return to Afghanistan in the future, the Taliban will protect their safety: "We welcome them, and if they have investments in Afghanistan, we will of course protect them. Security, which is very important to us."

It is entirely a personal feeling that the Taliban are also quietly changing.

At this critical moment, at least three signals have been released.

Signal one, the Taliban are trying to improve their image.

In the international community, especially in the West, the image of the Taliban has always been bad. The Taliban's ties to al-Qaeda, extreme religious policies, and discrimination against women in particular, have been criticized and suffered a great deal from the Taliban .

But judging from the latest performance, the Taliban are clearly aware of this and are also making changes.

For example, the Taliban made it clear this time in Moscow that they will not prohibit women from going to school and employment. Also, don't worry about the "Islamic State". My Taliban is fighting against it...

In addition, looking at the photos, who said that the Taliban rejects modern technology, and that people's mobile phones are also good. I don't know what brand of mobile phone you are using?

For the Taliban, this is a major change.

Of course, there are also doubts. After all, the Taliban are not monolithic. The Taliban delegation to Moscow is from Qatar. This is slightly different from the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan.

Moreover, it is worth observing how to ensure that the promises are fulfilled.

Signal two, the Taliban are trying to ease the concerns of neighboring countries.

There are indeed many worries. Including Russia and Central Asian countries.

According to media reports, in the latest battle, about 1,000 Afghan government soldiers fled to Tajikistan. Similarly, on the border between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, there were also government soldiers who crossed the border to avoid Taliban attacks in neighboring countries.

Many border areas have fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

This is even different from 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago, the Taliban controlled most of Afghanistan, but some border areas are still in the hands of the Northern Alliance. In fact, the Northern Alliance, which is contending with the Taliban, is mainly composed of ethnic armed forces such as Tajiks and Uzbeks. The main body is Pashtun.

Now, the Taliban, who has made a comeback, have advanced to the northern border.

Russia and Central Asian countries will inevitably worry about the spillover of civil unrest in Afghanistan. Therefore, the Taliban clearly promised that "the border with Central Asian countries will not be violated."

China is also a neighboring country of Afghanistan. Some "Xinjiang Independence" terrorist forces circulated in Afghanistan that year and even received training from terrorist organizations. This is also something the international community knows.

The Taliban also understand China's concerns, so they clearly state that they will not interfere in China's internal affairs and will not allow others to use Afghanistan to launch attacks on China.

As for the United States, although it has been fighting for 20 years, the enemy should be settled and not settled. The Taliban also said that if the United States withdraws its troops, everything will start again.

Signal three, the Taliban are preparing for full power.

Why is there such a statement?

The answer is also very simple. The Taliban are preparing for full power again.

Therefore, as the United States withdrew, the Taliban launched a large-scale offensive across the country, capturing one city after another...

But it's easy to fight, but it's hard to sit in it. The Taliban should also have a deep understanding.

Therefore, it is still necessary to remove all obstacles as much as possible and ease relations with neighboring countries, including preparing for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Therefore, Iran must go if it should go, and Russia must go if it should go. This is also to win the trust of neighboring countries.

As for China, in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, neighboring countries, especially China, can certainly play a greater role, and the Taliban are also very clear in their hearts.

Therefore, make it clear that China is a friend, promise to ensure the safety of Chinese workers, and welcome China to invest in Afghanistan...

Don't think that the Taliban do not understand international politics.

Of course, all of this is still a statement, and it needs to be tested in practice. For example, how to implement that will not prohibit women from going to school and employment, I believe the international community is also watching.

But Afghanistan is indeed changing drastically, and the Taliban are also changing.

Hope everything is changing in a good direction. After all, for the Afghan people, since the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the history of Afghanistan has been one war after another.

First, the Afghan guerrillas fought with the invading Soviet troops;

After the Soviet Union withdrew, it was a civil war between the Afghan guerrillas;

Then the Taliban rose to sweep these guerrillas (the Northern Alliance),

Next, the United States launched the war in Afghanistan and attacked the Taliban;

The United States withdrew, and the Taliban fought with the Afghan government forces...

Afghanistan is the cemetery of the empire, but the Afghans have paid a heavy price.

That is to say, in the past 40 years, China has been reforming and opening up, and is wholeheartedly engaged in construction. That is why it has today's development and prosperity; but in Afghanistan, there is one war after another, one after another in ruins, one after another. field.

We can imagine how miserable it would be if the Chinese were the fate of the Afghans in the past 40 years.

History cannot be assumed, and Afghanistan has reached a crossroads in history.

The Americans left when they were beaten up, regardless of the flood behind them. The government army looked around at a loss, and was dealing with the final change.

The Taliban are gearing up for a big fight; neighboring countries are also preparing for the worst. But I think even the Taliban definitely hope that Afghanistan will be prosperous and stable; as for neighboring countries, I hope Afghanistan will stop fighting.

After reading the news, Wang Yi will visit Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan from July 12 to 16, and attend the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The SCO is a neighboring country of Afghanistan, and the three countries visited have a direct border with Afghanistan.

Foreign media releases "Global Anti-epidemic Ranking", the United States is No. 1 and China is No. 8, Zhao Lijian responded

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over the regular press conference on July 12.

Global Times-Global Times reporter asked: According to reports, Bloomberg recently released a new issue of the "Global Anti-epidemic Ranking". The United States ranked first, becoming the "World's No. 1 Anti-epidemic Power", and China ranked eighth. What is China's comment?

"Several of my colleagues and friends have been asking me whether this Bloomberg report was printed wrong? They also asked how Bloomberg, which has always been authoritative in their hearts, can be so pediatric?" Zhao Lijian responded to a question from a Global Times reporter. When I said so.

Zhao Lijian further stated that I have seen relevant reports that Bloomberg's so-called "global anti-epidemic ranking", in order to achieve the first result in the United States, hesitate to delete the most critical factors such as the number of confirmed cases and the number of deaths in the previous rankings and implement them. The embargo and entry-exit anti-epidemic management policies are regarded as negative factors, which are neither in accordance with the facts, nor respecting science, nor life.

"The Chinese often say that the people have a steelyard in their hearts, and the eyes of the masses are discerning, the so-called ranking results, the black is called white, and the white is called black. Maybe in the future, the dead can be said to be alive. I think the people of the world can only say'haha', let's use it as a post-dinner talk."

"Go to China as soon as possible!" Hot search is boiling

On the 8th, Serbian President Vucic was in a meeting with

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban

At the joint press conference held,

Recalling the early days of the new crown epidemic,

Orban's advice to him:

"Go to China,

This is the only way to save you, as soon as possible. "

As soon as the news came out,

"Go to China as soon as possible"

Six words are in hot search:

"Orban said to me,'Go to China, this is the only way to save you.'" Serbian President Vucic recalled Orban at a joint press conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban on the 8th. Said this when he gave his advice on fighting the new crown epidemic.

Vucic (right) and Orban

Screenshot of Serbian B92 News Network Report

"At the time we didn't have medical equipment, and we didn't have too many things that we needed. Orban said to me,'Go to China, this is the only way to save you, as soon as possible.' During the epidemic (also) received equipment from Hungary." Vucic said, "We clearly remember who helped us. If it weren't for Orban's advice, we would not get everything we needed. "

According to the report, Vucic also thanked Hungary for its help during the epidemic. The report also said that the two leaders met on the same day and discussed the strategy of the two countries to jointly fight the new crown. "We agree to mutual recognition of vaccination. Serbia and Hungary open all border crossings between the two countries." Orban said.

China has previously delivered multiple batches of COVID-19 vaccine to Serbia

On January 16 and March 5 this year, when the first and third batches of Chinese vaccines arrived in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, Vucic went to the airport twice to meet them in person. He said at the time: "Thank you China and be proud of Serbia!"

At 2:30 on March 22, Beijing time, the expert team sent by China arrived in Serbia with medical supplies. Serbian President Vucic not only led a number of government officials to pick up the plane in person, but also gave an affectionate kiss to the five-star red flag and tied the national flags of the two countries together.

In May, Serbian Foreign Minister Serakovic stated during his visit to China that “the strong relationship between Serbia and China is reflected in various fields, and the bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries have also been strengthened in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic." He also said, China's support and assistance for Serbia's fight against the epidemic is not limited to vaccines. "Chinese experts have travelled far and wide to support our fight against the epidemic. China has also provided epidemic prevention materials and equipment support for our hospitals, doctors and nurses."

"I want to express my gratitude. This gratitude comes not only from me, but also from Serbian President Alexander Vucic and all Serbian people." Selakovic said, "I sincerely thank China for its continuous and firm support to Serbia. And help!"

"Biden is not the President of the United States?" Trump made a comeback, and the biggest secret of the White House was finally exposed

According to a domestic media report on July 12, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Texas, the former US President Trump won 70% of the votes and won the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. On the other hand, US President Biden was questioned by many Americans as being a "pawn" of the Democratic Party, not the real US President.

According to the report, US media Fox News pointed out that according to the results released by the American conservative Political Action Committee, Trump won 70% of the votes in this anonymous poll. In this regard, Trump said that he thanked everyone for their strong support. US media believe that Trump's vote is not surprising. Because since Trump won the presidential election in 2016, CPAC, the largest and most influential gathering of American conservatives for a long time, has become a celebration of Trump.

It is worth mentioning that Donald Trump Jr., Trump's son, launched a violent attack on Biden at this CPAC. Trump Jr. condemned the Biden administration for sending a "welcome" message to illegal immigrants, claiming that under Biden's leadership, "the world is going to hell."

In addition, Trump Jr. also accused the US media, saying that the “proof” that Biden “does not suffer from amnesia” is that Russian President Putin called Biden “smart”. According to previous reports, Putin once said that Biden is very smart after the "Pubbai meeting" not long ago. Trump Jr. believes that if Putin evaluates his father Trump this way, the US media will definitely react differently. He asked rhetorically, have you ever thought that maybe Putin would be excited about negotiating with a fool?

In sharp contrast to Trump's current "upward" trend, Biden has recently been caught in the "Alzheimer's" public opinion. In early July, when Biden was attending an event at the White House to take a photo with a group of people, he suddenly knelt. At that time, Biden was facing US Vice President Harris. He suddenly knelt on one knee, making everyone present at a loss. Subsequently, Harris took advantage of the situation and stood where Biden should have been. For this reason, some American netizens joked that Vice President Harris became the President of the United States, but Biden kneeled in front of a group of people. Other netizens are more "concerned" about Biden's health and "worried"that he will not be able to complete the four-year term.

It should be noted that many people suspect that Biden's presidential status is "fake". A recent poll in the United States showed that only 36% of Americans believe that Biden is in power personally; 57% believe that Biden is just an "American policy "formulated by the Democratic Party. Some analysts pointed out that the reason why the American people think so is because Biden's words and deeds are not like a president. He always gaffes in public. On June 24, Biden bowed his head several times at a press conference to "why whisper" to reporters. For this reason, some people nicknamed him "Terror Joe".

In fact, since Biden took office, his "weird" behavior has always attracted attention. To this end, Republicans have always asked him to conduct relevant cognitive tests to prove that he is capable of serving as President of the United States. But some people bluntly said that the Democrats would not let Biden conduct a cognitive test, because they knew the results a long time ago. If Biden conducts the test, their secrets will be hidden.

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