22 July, 2021

Putin Sends Message of Condolence on Henan's Severe Waterlogging China

On July 22, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference.

A reporter asked a question. On the evening of July 21, Moscow time, the Russian Presidential Information Bureau issued a message that President Putin sent a message of condolences to President Xi Jinping regarding severe waterlogging caused by heavy rainfall in many parts of Henan Province, China. How does China comment on this?

Zhao Lijian said that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the "Sino-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation" and the relationship between the two countries is at the best period in history. After the severe waterlogging in Henan Province, President Putin immediately sent a message of condolences to President Xi Jinping, which fully embodies the connotation of the new era of mutual assistance between China and Russia and the close personal friendship between the two heads of state. China expresses its heartfelt thanks for this and is willing to work with Russia to follow the concept of generational friendship and the norms of new international relations established in the "Treaty" to promote continuous new achievements in bilateral relations.

"Car holding rail"! On the 20th, Qingdao, the fastest maglev train on the surface, rolled off the line and exploded. Will Biden dare to ride?

On July 20, after five years of research, China's 600km/h high-speed maglev transportation system with completely independent intellectual property rights rolled off the assembly line in Qingdao. This is the world's first high-speed maglev transportation system designed to reach a speed of 600 kilometers per hour. It is the fastest transportation mode within a range of 1,500 kilometers based on the actual "door-to-door" travel time. It marks that China has mastered the complete set of high-speed maglev technology and engineering. Ability.

Ding Sansan, chief technical engineer of the high-speed maglev project and deputy chief engineer of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd., introduced that the maglev train adopts a "car-holding rail" operation structure, and uses electromagnetic suction to make the train levitate on the track, achieving non-contact operation, which is efficient and fast , Safety and reliability, strong transportation capacity, flexible marshalling, punctual and comfortable, convenient maintenance, green environmental protection and other technical advantages. The car can carry more than 100 passengers in a single section, and can be flexibly grouped in the range of 2 to 10 to meet the needs of different passenger capacity.

Prior to this, US President Biden had been clamoring to compete with China and to "win China" in global competition. Biden was not only hard-hearted, but also determined to copy Chinese operations, and on March 31, local time, announced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Months after Congress was stuck and dragged back and forth with the Republican Party, Biden's infrastructure budget finally shrank by $500 billion, and the prospects for his ambitious infrastructure plans became even more uncertain.

On July 2, local time, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives and Republican Newt Gingrich published an article on the website of Newsweek, pointing out that in terms of infrastructure, when the United States is still debating, impeaching and campaigning, China is proceeding. infrastructure. The contrast between China's progress and the paralysis of the United States has become increasingly sharp and has become a serious problem. He bluntly stated that "Anyone who thinks that the United States can compete with China without major domestic reforms is wishful thinking ."

Gingrich exclaimed in the article, saying, "In order for American politicians, interest groups, lobbyists, labor unions and bureaucrats to realize that they had better unify their goals-just to allow the United States to continue to exist-they should all go to China once. High-speed rail, and then return to China to take the (US) National Railway Passenger Corporation's Acera Express. Then, compare the comfort, cleanliness, convenience and service of the Sino-US rail system."

When Gingrich published this article, China's high-speed rail had a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour. And now, the fastest train on the surface is off the assembly line. Does Biden dare to ride this train?

Order of the French President!

According to comprehensive reports, the Israeli spyware "Pegasus" scandal continues to ferment. The identities of more subjects that may be subject to surveillance were disclosed, but at the same time, Shalev Julio, CEO of the NSO Group that sold the software, denied that the previously exposed "target list" was related to the company, saying that it created The platform is a "platform that saves lives and prevents terrorist attacks."

The phone number is monitored?

The French President orders an investigation

The French newspaper Le Monde pointed out on the 20th that one of the phone numbers frequently used by French President Macron since 2017 was in the list of potential network monitoring numbers of the Moroccan intelligence service. The French Presidential Palace stated that if the report is true , the situation is very serious.

According to French media, former French Prime Minister Philippe and 14 ministers were also targets of surveillance in 2019. The report emphasized that they could not access Macron's cell phone, so it was impossible to confirm whether his cell phone was monitored, but it can be verified that the phone of the former French Minister of the Environment Drougi and others were indeed monitored.

On the 20th, French prosecutors filed an investigation on the suspected monitoring of the "Pegasus" software by the local investigative news website Mediaport and two of its reporters. The written statement of the Paris prosecutors department did not mention Morocco, only that the prosecution conducted an investigation after receiving complaints from the website and its reporters. The Moroccan government denied it was a customer of Pegasus.

French Prime Minister Castay said that President Macron ordered a series of investigations after media reports that his phone number might be monitored.

He emphasized that it would be irresponsible to talk about any reaction from Paris until the situation is unclear and the facts are not ascertained.

South Africa and Iraq's mobile phones were also invaded?

NSO CEO: No target list

At the same time, US media disclosed more of the identities of objects that may be monitored.

According to a list of 50,000 mobile phone numbers originally leaked to the French non-profit journalist organization "forbidden stories" and Amnesty International, in addition to Macron, the subjects that may be monitored are the King Mohammed VI of Morocco, South African President Ramaphosa , Iraqi President Saleh, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Egyptian Prime Minister Madbouli and Moroccan Prime Minister Osmani.

However, NSO Group co-founder and CEO Shalev Hulio (Shalev Hulio) responded that the numbers on the monitoring list have nothing to do with his company, "NSO has no target list."

According to the Times of Israel, Julio said, “The platform we have created is a platform to save lives and prevent terrorist attacks. This needs to be understood.”

"We have made some decisions similar to the NSO Group's charter, and these decisions have always been with us. First, we only sell to the government, not to individuals or organizations," he said. "The second decision is that we will not sell to every government, because some governments should not have this tool."

Julio claims that in the past 11 years, the company has sold services to 45 countries and has refused to pay for software sold in about 90 countries. In addition, the NSO Group has stopped using its software in five countries after discovering that some countries have abused the system.

According to domestic media reports, Deng Deying, dean of the Central Academy of Epidemiology of the Communist Party of Vietnam and director of the Steering Committee of the National Expanded Vaccination Project, threatened in an interview with the media a few days ago that he is recommending that the Chinese government provide Vietnam with 5 million doses of the new crown vaccine produced by Sinopharm Group. assistance.

Since mid-June, the epidemic in Vietnam has developed rapidly. At present, about one-third of Vietnam's entire territory has been blocked due to the epidemic, and 35 million people have been affected. In this context, Vietnam's "People's Daily" published an article that within this week, Vietnam will receive 3 million doses of Modena aided by the government led by US President Biden through the World Health Organization's “Global Covid-19 Vaccine Program”. New crown vaccine. The People's Daily of Vietnam also pointed out that so far, Vietnam has received a total of 10.6 million doses of the new crown vaccine, and more than 306,000 people have completed the second dose of the new crown vaccine.

The People's Daily of Vietnam also emphasized that the Ministry of Health of Vietnam has negotiated with the US Pfizer to add another 20 million doses of vaccine assistance to Vietnam from the original supply of 31 million doses, and the US has signed a vaccine transfer agreement with Vietnam., The United States will assist Vietnamese vaccine manufacturers to speed up clinical trials of related vaccines. In this regard, Deng Deying said in an interview with the media that it will take 10 years for Vietnam to achieve the goal of 75% vaccination coverage is baseless and incorrect.

What is intriguing is that although the new crown vaccine promised by the Biden government has just been received, it may be thought that it has already embraced the Biden government's thighs. Vaccine assistance from other countries is “not necessary”. Deng Deying was interviewed by the media. He also made some very arrogant remarks, declaring that "we are recommending that the Chinese government provide Vietnam with 500 doses of the national medicine new crown vaccine, and it must be free aid."

It should be mentioned that Vietnam has made troubles before in the face of China's free assistance. It is reported that in order to protect overseas Chinese compatriots, as early as March this year, the Chinese government launched the "Spring Miao Action" plan. In order to successfully implement the "Spring Miao Action", China has donated a large number of vaccines to other countries. There is only one condition: that is to ensure that the Chinese people are given priority to get the new crown vaccine. On the afternoon of June 20, at the request of Vietnam, 500,000 new crown vaccines aided by China arrived in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Vietnam expressed its gratitude to China for its assistance.

However, after receiving the Chinese vaccine, Vietnam blatantly failed to abide by the consensus reached between China and Vietnam, and abandoned the previous agreement without consulting the Chinese side. On June 24, the head of the Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam made a statement on issues related to Sino-Vietnamese vaccine cooperation. The statement stated that the relevant vaccine distribution plan issued by the relevant Vietnamese authorities a few days ago did not follow the consensus reached by China and Vietnam and give priority to the Chinese. China has expressed concern about the new crown vaccine and urged Vietnam to fulfill its promise of "Chinese people first" as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that after China's strong statement, Vietnam quickly withdrew the relevant vaccine distribution plan. On July 7, the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, after consulting with relevant departments of the Vietnamese government, officially announced that the "Spring Seed Operation" will be officially launched in Vietnam. According to incomplete statistics, since the implementation of the "Spring Seed Operation", more than 1.7 million overseas Chinese citizens have been vaccinated against Chinese and foreign new crowns in 160 countries.A netizen with a mother in Oman once said on social media with emotion, “Even more than 2,000 compatriots in a low-profile country like Oman are always remembered and protected by our motherland. Our country's government really takes care of it. The interests of the people are the first priority. If you don't abandon any Chinese, how can this not bring tears to my eyes?"

While protecting all Chinese people, China has not forgotten to help countries around the world fight the epidemic. On July 13, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out at a regular press conference that China has provided more than 500 million doses of vaccines to more than 100 countries and international organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and the South Pacific. And the original solution, equivalent to one-sixth of the current global vaccine production, is the country that provides the largest number of vaccines to developing countries.

Considering that the Biden government promised to share 80 million doses of the new crown vaccine with the world by the end of June, it has not yet been realized; when the hard-core ally Australia needs Pfizer vaccine, even if the US new crown vaccine is "eating", the Biden government still restricts Pfizer's export volume; when India is in urgent need of vaccine raw materials, the Biden administration still adopts the "America first" policy; when the United States "shares" vaccines with allied countries such as South Korea and Mexico, it is in exchange for the most favorable conditions for the United States. ongoing. Vietnam believes that it will be "never troublesome" if it receives the aid promise from the United States, and even makes arrogant remarks against China. What will be the consequences of such behavior? The answer may already be known to passers-by.

Olympic headlines丨Only 950 people watched the opening ceremony, and the US gymnastics team evacuated the Olympic Village

Was there really no audience at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics? Today I have the answer. According to the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee of Japan, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, which was expected to have 10,000 people, has been reduced to one-tenth, to about 950 people, all of whom are related to the Olympic Games at home and abroad.

Among them, fewer than 30 foreign leaders and top officials of international organizations attended the opening ceremony, which will be the least recent Olympic Games. At the same time, many representatives of Japanese sponsors also gave up attending the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

Is the epidemic prevention of the Tokyo Olympics really ready? About 950 people attended the opening ceremony. Many sponsor representatives gave up the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, which originally hoped 10,000 people would enter. In the end , the number of people who opened up was adjusted due to the epidemic.

On July 21st, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee of Japan announced that there will be approximately 950 spectators at the opening ceremony.

Among them, there are about 150 related persons in Japan. In addition to the presence of the Emperor, who is the honorary president of the Olympics and Paralympics, representatives of government and parliamentary officials including Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, Chairman of the Olympic Organizing Committee Seiko Hashimoto, and representatives of domestic sports organizations and sponsors also Plan to attend.

Approximately 800 foreign related persons include members of the International Olympic Committee, representatives of the International Individual Sports Federation (IF) and National and Regional Olympic Committees (NOC), related persons in the future Olympic Games host city, TV stations and sponsors with broadcasting rights Business representative.

It is worth noting that because of the serious domestic epidemic in Japan, public opinion against hosting the Olympics is soaring, so many sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics have doubts about the propaganda of the Olympics and decided to give up attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics .

Among them, Toyota had already produced a TV commercial, but decided not to deliver it or broadcast it, and the company's top executives would not participate in the Olympic Games. NEC's president and company employees also gave up their tickets for the opening ceremony. ENEOS , which provides support for the torch platform and the torch relay, believes that the advertising strategy of the Olympics needs to be re-examined.

The presidents of Asahi Beer and Asahi GH in the Asahi Group decided not to attend the opening ceremony, nor would they use sponsor tickets to watch the game live, but they would continue to broadcast advertisements to cheer for the players.

Masawa Tokura, the head of the Japanese economic circle and the chairman of the economic delegation, also said: "I received an invitation for the Olympics, but I still decided not to go."

The first lady of the United States Jill Biden. Japanese media: Fewer than 30 politicians attended the opening ceremony of the Olympics. According to Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" quoting the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, fewer than 30 foreign leaders and top officials of international organizations attended the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. The least of the Olympic Games.

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will meet at the guesthouse in the Motoakasaka area of ​​​​Minato-ku, Tokyo from the 22nd to the 24th, with French President Macron and many other foreign leaders and top officials of international organizations . About 15 minutes of talks.

It is worth noting that Yoshihide Suga will have a longer meeting with the first lady of the United States Jill Biden on the 23rd.

About 80 foreign dignitaries attended the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics in the UK. When the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics was held in Brazil, Brazil was disturbed by infectious diseases and political instability, but about 40 foreign dignitaries still attended the opening ceremony.

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs originally expected that more than 100 foreign politicians would attend the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. However, due to the serious situation of the new crown epidemic in Japan and other reasons, many foreign leaders successively stated that they would give up attending the Tokyo Olympics.

The "Yomiuri Shimbun" stated that strict restrictions such as the Japanese government's prohibition of foreign leaders from contacting their own delegations during their visit to Japan may have affected their decision on whether to visit Japan.

Byers, the core figure of the US gymnastics team. The US women's gymnastics team evacuated the Olympic athlete's village. According to Japanese media reports on the 21st, due to the confirmed infection of the new crown by the athlete Kara Ike, the US women's gymnastics The team decided to stay in one hotel instead of the Olympic village that can accommodate 11,000 athletes..

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation, this is a joint decision made by the entire United States gymnastics team. Coach Randy said on Twitter: "We know this is not an ideal Olympic experience, but during the epidemic, let alone an ideal experience."

"We believe that a hotel will give us more control over the safety of athletes and ourselves."

The Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee did not comment on the fact that they left the athlete's village. The organizing committee told the National Broadcasting Corporation that they "cannot comment on the decisions of individual teams."

The coffee bar in the Olympic Village. Following the example of South Korea, the US delegation set up its own restaurant. According to USA Today, after coordinating with the US delegation's nutritionist and Japanese local suppliers, the US catering service center has been opened near the Sports Park in Setagaya-ku, Japan. American athletes provide catering services until the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Brian Nutson, director of the Food and Nutrition Department of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, said, "In the next 27 days, my team will provide 7,000 meals for athletes and staff. We provide athletes with low-fat meals every day. Catering services such as meat, chicken breast, fish, vegetarian food, pasta, etc."

Naterson stated that the team has shipped approximately 72,000 pounds of food and beverages from Colorado, where the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center is located, to Tokyo. In addition, it has coordinated with seven local suppliers in Japan to provide food and beverages for the US delegation. Some key raw materials.

"Our goal is to provide the delegation with the most popular meals and inject as much Japanese flavor as possible."

The United States is not the first delegation to set up its own restaurant at the Tokyo Olympics. Fearing that food supplies made from raw materials in Fukushima Prefecture contain radioactive material contamination, South Korea announced that it will provide more than 8,400 boxes of meals for 232 athletes in 29 events, and it plans to spend 1.74 billion won (approximately 9.8 million yuan) during the Olympics. Hotel rental and food ingredients.

However, this move not only caused dissatisfaction with the Japanese government, but also made some Japanese people furious.

According to Japanese media reports, in order to meet the dietary needs of people from all over the world, the buffet restaurant in the Tokyo Olympic Village can provide 48,000 meals a day. There are as many as 700 dishes to choose from during peak hours. Some restaurants will also be open 24 hours a day., Can make a variety of meals such as Western, Japanese and Asian dishes.

But even so, the outside world is still not satisfied with the Olympic food provided by Japan, mainly because the ingredients in Fukushima prefecture are on the Olympic table.

In response to the doubts and concerns of the outside world, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stated that all Fukushima ingredients entering the Olympic restaurant are safe. In order to dispel the worries of the diners, the main canteen of the Tokyo Olympic Village will abandon the promotion of the ingredients of Fukushima Prefecture, and other ingredients will no longer label the origin. The list of ingredients used in all dishes will be announced to the outside world after the Olympics closes.

CBA All-Star player Hu Jinqiu. Hu Jinqiu: Three-person basketball is faster than CBA. A member of the Chinese men's three-person basketball national team, Hu Jinqiu, appeared at the Qinghai City Sports Park in Tokyo on the 21st. After training, he expressed his excitement to Xinhua News Agency reporters. Three-person basketball and CBA (Chinese male) The biggest difference of the basketball professional league) is that the conversion is extremely fast, and the requirements for short-term energy bursts are very high.

The 21st was the third day of the team's arrival in Tokyo. Hu Jinqiu said that the accommodation and meals were very good and thanked the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee for its strong support.

Hu Jinqiu, who plays for Zhejiang Guangsha, is a star in the CBA and was selected as the first team of domestic players in the league last season. Speaking of "cross-boundary" to play three-person basketball, Hu Jinqiu said that although they are all basketball games, three-person basketball is completely different from five-person basketball.

"The conversion speed of three-person basketball is very fast. After scoring a goal, the opponent may directly hit your conversion." Hu Jinqiu said, "It takes about two hours to finish a game in CBA, and the slowest three-person basketball is about half an hour., But the physical fitness requirements are very high. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to explode all the energy."

In the eyes of the men's team coach Liu Zhen, Hu Jinqiu is the core of this team, and his physical condition, technical and tactical level will become the team's important reliance.

On the 24th, the Chinese men's team will usher in the first opponent of the Tokyo Olympics-the Serbian team, currently ranked number one in the world. Hu Jinqiu said that he is very looking forward to the match with the Serbian team, hoping to play his own style and characteristics, and go all out to fight his opponents.

Mana Iwabuchi plays for Arsenal in the Premier League. Japan's "women's Messi" scored 5 consecutive goals on the 21st. In the first round of the Olympic women's football team E, the host Japanese women's football team faced the Canadian women's football team at the Sapporo Dome Stadium. The two sides eventually drew 1-1.

Canada's 38-year-old striker Sinclair scored a goal in just 6 minutes, but the Japanese woman Messi Iwabuchi Mana scored the world wave before the end of the game. This was her fifth consecutive goal for the national team.

Mana Iwabuchi is only 1.56 meters tall, with big eyes and a round face. Japanese fans call her "Lori Messi". Now playing for Arsenal in the Premier League, she is also the absolute trump card of the Japanese team.

Mana Iwabuchi was selected for the Japanese national team at the age of 17, and with the Japanese team won the 2011 World Cup champion, the 2012 London Olympic silver medal, the 2015 World Cup runner-up and the 2019 East Asian Cup champion. In the 2019 East Asian Cup, the Chinese women's football team lost 0-3 to the Japanese women's football team. Iwabuchi Mana staged a hat-trick in 48 minutes.

At this Olympics, Iwabuchi Mana put on the No. 10 jersey for the first time in the national team. She said: "This is my best state so far. I want to help the team win the championship."

In the 84th minute of the game, the Japanese team passed a long pass from the right to the back. Mana Iwabuchi used his speed to move forward-in front of the penalty zone line, facing the ball without stopping, he hit the goal with his right foot, and the ball jumped into the dead corner on the right. The Japanese team tied the score 1-1.

Mana Iwabuchi scored for the national team in 5 consecutive games, surpassing the Japanese national team coach Asako Takakura and legend Sawaho Nozomi, becoming the player with the most consecutive goals in the Japanese women's national team in a century of history. In the past 5 games , Iwabuchi Mana scored a total of 7 goals.

Veteran Marta scored twice against the Chinese women's football team. Pele praised Marta: Far more than just a player. On July 21st, Brazilian veteran Marta scored twice against China in the Olympic Women's Football Group Stage and scored five consecutive Olympic Games. Pele praised her for “far more than just one. Players".

Bailey wrote on Instagram: "Congratulations, you are far more than just a player. You use your talents to help build a better world in which women have gained more space."

Marta was born on February 19, 1986. He is 35 years old this year. He is currently the only player to be elected Miss World Football for five consecutive years and the only female player to win 6 FIFA Player of the Year honors.

In addition, she also holds a record-in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019, in the 5 consecutive World Cups, Marta has scored, the total number of goals in the World Cup finals has reached 16 goals...

Does China send senior officials to participate in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

[Global Times-Global Network Reporter Bai Yunyi] At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held on July 22, a reporter asked that the Tokyo Olympics will be opened on the 23rd. Does China plan to send senior officials to participate in the opening ceremony and other activities? ? In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that China supports Japan in successfully hosting the Olympics. The Chinese sports delegation for the Tokyo Olympic Games led by Gou Zhongwen, director of the General Administration of Sports of China, has arrived in Japan.

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