05 July, 2021

Napoleon and Hitler both defeated Russia due to the weather. Why did Genghis Khan win?

Hitler Fell In 1812, Napoleon led a 570,000 army on an expedition to Russia. At this time, he had already captured almost the entire Western Europe. If he wanted to obtain the boundaries between Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, he had to capture Russia, a powerful enemy. Napoleon is worthy of being the top military strategist in the history of the world. At the beginning of the conquest of Russia, he advanced all the way and won the Battle of Smososk, the Battle of Videsk, etc., and his The Verge of the ON of The troops were. The In 1940, Hitler Formulated of The "Barbarossa The the Project" to Invade and WAS Advertised. The Soviet Heavy Forces of Union with A and Fight Blitzkrieg. He threatened to destroy the Soviet Union within three months. As a result, he encountered strong resistance from the Soviet

In 1941, also in September, Hitler gathered a total of 1 million troops and started the Battle of Moscow. Under the strong resistance of the Soviet army, coupled with the low temperature about by the gradual winter, and the insufficient supply of materials caused by the lengthening of the front line, the final defeat of Napoleon was the same as that of Napoleon, and it was later that Hitler was again in the battle of Stalingrad. When the losses were heavy, the result of World War II was almost settled. Napoleon and Hitler were both very good military strategists, but both fell under the city of Moscow. But when Genghis Khan attacked Europe, he captured Russia, conquered Moscow, and occupied the Crimea Peninsula, and his troops went straight to Central Europe. Yes, why did Genghis Khan accomplish such a feat?

① "Russia" was too weak at that time. Strictly speaking, there was no Russia at all at that time. There were only dozens of Russian princes scattered on the land of Siberia. Compared with the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period , they still lacked the ethnic identity similar to the Chinese ethnic group, and naturally they could not form a joint force to resist Genghis Khan's army, and were eventually defeated by Genghis Khan.

In addition, although Moscow was the capital of the Principality of Moscow at that time, its history was only 80 years old. The entire city was composed of the central Kremlin castle and various surrounding tall buildings and villages. There was no perfect defensive fortifications. In addition, the city was absolutely unique. Most of the buildings are made of mud and wood, and they are mainly made of wood. Genghis Khan used fire attack, and the city immediately fell into flames, and finally had to surrender. ② Genghis Khan is too strong. Genghis Khan's power is beyond doubt. He unified the Mongolian ministries and successively won the Xixia, Jin Dynasty, Southern Song and other world powers. The Mongolian iron hoof was almost unstoppable.In the Battle of the Kalega River in Mongolia's first western expedition, the Mongol cavalry defeated the Russ coalition, which had a total of 80,000 troops at the time, with a force of less than 30,000 troops, and like this, they defeated more with less . Battles were not uncommon in the process of Mongolia's western expedition.

The two biggest reasons for the failures of Napoleon and Hitler were weather and supplies. On the one hand, the Mongolian soldiers who live in Mobei all year round are mostly cold-tolerant, and they are also better able to survive in the cold environment. On the other hand, the Mongol army was attacking from East Asia to the west, and it was a smooth road until the Ural Mountains. The Siberian Plain could also obtain crop supply points, which is equivalent to getting a large rear every time it hits Although the front line is very long, But the strategic depth is large enough to allow the Mongolian army to be flexibly dispatched, and there are sufficient conditions for choosing offensive or defensive tactics. >> ConclusionIn conclusion, Genghis Khan was able to take down the Eastern European lands and get Moscow, which is the right time and place. If Genghis Khan is allowed to go to the era and country of Napoleon or Hitler, and lead a large army to attack Eastern Europe from Western Europe, the result will be very different.. But history has no ifs. Such assumptions and comparisons are just for a more complete understanding of past history. Genghis Khan is a very good military strategist in history. He led the Mongolian iron hoof to penetrate Asia and approach Europe. He once established the most extensive empire in the history of the world. This alone is incomparable to most emperors and generals. And if you want to know more about Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire, you might as well take a look at this "The Complete Biography of Genghis Khan".This "The Complete Biography of Genghis Khan" tells in detail the historical process of Genghis Khan's victory over East Asia, invasion of Central Asia, and expedition to Europe, allowing you to experience Genghis Khan's vigorous spirit and the power of the Mongol Empire

Will there be contacts between the Chinese and American top leaders this year? Wang Yi's "heh" quickly rushed to the hot search, and the signal was strong

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on July 3, the 9th World Peace Forum was held at Tsinghua University. State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Guarding World Peace and Promoting Human Progress". Wang Yi pointed out that looking at the various confrontational conflicts and governance dilemmas in the world today, the bottom line is that the concept of multilateralism has not been effectively maintained, and the international norms based on the UN Charter have not been fully respected.Maintaining and practicing true multilateralism is the correct direction to solve the complex problems of today's world and effectively respond to various traditional and non-traditional security challenges. It is to break the zero-sum game, resist unilateral bullying, and truly achieve lasting peace and common security. only way.

Wang Yi pointed out that the school motto of Tsinghua University reflects the enterprising spirit and broad-mindedness of the Chinese nation, and it is also in line with China's commitment to making greater contributions to mankind as a responsible power. Facing the common challenges of all mankind, China will promote the common values ​​of all mankind, adhere to true multilateralism, actively practice the new security concept, work with other countries to safeguard world peace and security, and promote the building of a world of lasting peace and universal security. !

It is worth noting that just after the opening ceremony, a reporter asked Wang Yi: "Will the Chinese and American high-level contacts be in contact this year?" Wang Yi said, "Of course we hope to resume dialogue, but this It depends on the sincerity of the United States." The reporter asked: "What else do you think we can do with China?" Wang Yi replied: "We continue to manage our own affairs, which is the most important." After the video was released, Wang Foreign Minister Yi’s infectious “ha” quickly became a hot topic among netizens. Some netizens praised “Vivid!” and some netizens said bluntly, “Talking and laughing, full of confidence!”

Just in March this year, the China-US high-level strategic dialogue was held in Anchorage. After the talks ended, Wang Yi clearly pointed out: China is in sincere dialogue, because dialogue is better than confrontation. The US should not underestimate China’s determination to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests, or underestimate the Chinese people’s national dignity and legitimacy. The will of rights. China's attitude towards the development of Sino-US relations is clear and consistent. It is hoped that the US can also meet each other halfway, especially to respect and accommodate each other's core interests and major concerns. On this basis, China has always opened the door to the continued dialogue between China and the United States.

Biden can't hold it anymore? The reporter asked repeatedly that the US president was defeated: I want to talk about something happy

Since the United States and NATO troops began to withdraw from Afghanistan, the security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated day by day. Recently, the Taliban launched an offensive across Afghanistan and seized a large number of territories. According to the order of US President Biden, all US troops will be withdrawn before September 11 this year. As time approaches, the U.S. military has recently accelerated the evacuation progress. A U.S. official revealed that the U.S. military may complete the evacuation within the next few days, and this has aroused great interest in the American media.

According to the World Wide Web citing the New York Post report, on July 2, local time, Biden answered questions from reporters at an event celebrating employment growth. According to the transcript released by the White House, a reporter asked at that time, "Can you talk to us about Afghanistan? Will the withdrawal be completed in the next few days?" Biden responded with only one word: " No.” The reporter then asked further, “No?” Biden further said that the U.S. troops in Afghanistan are withdrawing as planned and the withdrawal will not be completed in the next few days.

However, Biden's answer did not seem to satisfy the reporters in the audience. Other reporters then asked: "Are you worried that the Afghan government might fall? I mean, we heard that the Taliban are occupying more and more areas." In response, Biden said, "I think they have the ability to maintain Government." However, he also mentioned that the Afghan government may face more negotiations in the future. As soon as Biden finished speaking, another reporter continued to ask about Afghanistan’s follow-up, but Biden suddenly interrupted the reporter’s question and said, "I want to talk about something happy, buddy."

Biden's performance has attracted attention on the Internet. Some netizens thought it was “embarrassing.” Some netizens sarcastically said, “Of course Biden is very annoyed. Most executives don't like being questioned by subordinates.”

Regarding Biden's interruption of reporters' questions, White House Spokesperson Psaki responded at a regular press conference that afternoon: "I think what he is trying to convey to everyone is that he is about to enter the weekend, a weekend for his family, Celebrating the weekend of American Independence Day." Psaki also mentioned that the US military in Afghanistan is expected to complete its withdrawal by the end of August.

In times of global crisis, China's vaccines bring "timely rain" to more than 100 countries, and the West can't stop it

Currently, the Delta virus is hitting many countries around the world. On July 2, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged leaders of all countries to curb the “dreadful” surge in new crown cases by increasing vaccination efforts and public health measures . He warned that the delta variant has been found in at least 98 countries and regions and is spreading rapidly in countries with low and high vaccination coverage. With the delta variant quickly becoming the main new crown virus strain in many countries, Tan Desai warned: "We are in a very dangerous stage of this pandemic." At this critical moment, Chinese vaccines have brought hope to many countries in the world.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin pointed out on July 2: Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has firmly upheld the "first attribute" of vaccines as a global public product. Under the circumstances of huge demand and tight supply of vaccines, China has done its best to provide the international community. It has supplied more than 480 million doses of vaccines, and is the country that provides the most vaccines in the world. The footprint of China's vaccines covers five continents around the world. Up to now, China has provided vaccines to nearly 100 countries. China has announced that it will provide the first batch of 10 million doses of vaccine to the new crown pneumonia vaccine implementation plan.The Chinese vaccine is the first batch of vaccines obtained by many developing countries. These countries vividly refer to the Chinese vaccine as "timely rain."

In response, Equatorial Guinea President Obiang said that Chinese vaccines have brought hope to the local anxious battlefield against the epidemic; Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa said that the vaccine donated by China is like the light at the end of the tunnel; Chilean President Pinera said China's vaccine is safe and effective. Through vaccination, we are working hard to reduce the infection rate, hospitalizations and deaths in Chile. Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Brown and other politicians said that the Chinese vaccine has proven its effectiveness and safety. Sex, will make positive contributions to Anba's early realization of herd immunity.

There is no doubt that Chinese vaccines have gained a good reputation in the international community, and their safety and effectiveness have been widely recognized. At present, more than 100 countries have approved the use of Chinese vaccines. WHO has included the vaccines of Sinopharm Group and Kexing Company into the emergency use list. More than 30 foreign leaders took the lead in vaccinating China. Wang Wenbin emphasized: China will continue to contribute to the realization of the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries within its capacity.We also hope that all qualified countries in the world can act as soon as possible, fulfill their promises as soon as possible, and make their due contributions to promoting the equitable distribution and use of vaccines around the world and promoting global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

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