31 August, 2021

Location Taiwan Strait The People's Liberation Army follows the U.S. Army throughout the entire process!

A few days ago, US warships passed through the Taiwan Strait, which aroused close attention from both sides of the strait.

Green media on the island reported that the US Seventh Fleet announced on August 27 that the Burke-class guided-missile destroyer "Kid" and the US Coast Guard "Monroe" gunboat passed through the Taiwan Strait on the same day. The Seventh Fleet issued a press release claiming that the two ships legally passed through the Taiwan Strait, which demonstrated the United States' commitment to the free and open Indo-Pacific region, and declared that the US military would fly, sail, and move anywhere permitted by international law . This sentence from the US is full of provocation.

The green media also emphasized that this is the eighth time that a U.S. warship has passed through the Taiwan Strait after Biden became president of the United States. It is also the first time that a U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ship has passed through the Taiwan Strait at the same time after Biden took office.

Different from the green media's hype about the US ship passing through the Taiwan Strait, netizens on the island directly criticized "the United States will be arrogant and provocative, and will bring more serious disasters to the world in the future, wait and see." There are also netizens. He said, "The United States is just a paper tiger now. Is bluffing useful? It's just a joke!"

In addition, Jiang Qichen, chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang, also found that something was wrong. In an interview on the 28th, he said that the tension between the two sides of the strait has become increasingly serious since Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen took office and has not seen any improvement so far. They also called for the DPP authorities to ensure peace and security across the Taiwan Strait and not to become a bargaining chip for others.

When the US warship crossing the Taiwan Strait caused an uproar on the island, the mainland has already acted. On August 28, the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense Tan Kefei issued a statement and pointed out that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s eastern theater of operations organized troops to monitor and monitor the entire operation of the US ship. The U.S. frequently carries out similar provocative acts, which are of very bad nature, which fully demonstrates that the United States is the biggest destroyer of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the biggest maker of security risks across the Taiwan Strait. We strongly oppose and strongly condemn this. Tan Kefei emphasized that the Chinese military always maintains a high level of alert and resolutely defends national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Military expert Wang Yunfei said that the US action was obviously a demonstration against the mainland, but the mainland can also inspire new thinking in the struggle against US ships. Can we use maritime police ships to cruise closer to Taiwan Island than warships? The mainland has the right to use coast guard ships in the Taiwan Strait. The provocation of US warships and coast guard ships has greatly increased the legitimacy, necessity, and urgency for the mainland coast guard ships to safeguard sovereignty and rights and interests around Taiwan. The use of U.S. warships and maritime police ships to cross the Taiwan Strait, and leveraging its strength, will allow the mainland to expand its methods and means of beating the "Taiwan independence" authorities.

German media: He wanted to withdraw troops quietly, but Biden screwed it up...

Biden's Revelation On that sultry Saturday night, he played that unique screen scene: General Patton, played by George Scott, stood alone in front of a huge American flag and gave a speech. The American World War II legend chanted: "Americans like to fight. Americans have never lost a war, and will never lose in the future. Thinking of defeat is enough to make Americans ashamed." This is the third General Patton to the United States. The group army's speech before crossing the English Channel.

Biden profile map

Trump has never been so delicate and sensitive. When he saw the Afghan withdrawal scene, he immediately realized what he should do. The United States has just experienced the greatest shame in history. The former president said to cheering fans: "Compared with Biden's disastrous withdrawal, the U.S. withdrawal in Vietnam looks like an outstanding strategic masterpiece." This summer night in Massachusetts, the former president finally discovered a topic that could attack his successor.

"The Atlantic Monthly" writer George Parker recently wrote that Trump (in perceiving the true emotions of Americans) has a "reptile genius" whose political wisdom is difficult to describe in words. He is neither a clear analyst nor a shrewd strategist, but he is very good at choosing the right time to catch prey. Biden originally planned to withdraw troops from Afghanistan silently and win more support by ending an unpopular war, but now it has been counterproductive due to a series of misjudgments and operations: the video broadcast by US television on Thursday was re-dramatized. However: at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, people who fled in despair were torn apart in order to board the last plane... According to the US military, at least 60 people were killed in the bombing of the "Islamic State" terrorist organization. Including 12 American soldiers. But the reality may be even worse (the latest data shows that as of the 30th, 170 civilians and 13 US soldiers have died-editor's note). Biden promised that Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops will not become a hotbed of terrorism. Now it sounds like a black humor. He also promised at the media meeting to hold accountable the attack planner, "We will not let you go, you have to pay the price." But it also means that he will further fall into a conflict he wants to get rid of.

The political authority of a president always depends on American confidence in his leadership. Today, the world is watching the leaders of the White House. He risked a rapid withdrawal of troops and wanted American soldiers to return home on the 20th anniversary of the "September 11" terrorist attack. However, he was completely irrational to achieve this symbolic goal. It is not only the Afghans who have been left behind in the panic that have paid the price. This outrageous non-professional operation has also weakened the international status of the US government, and Biden said in January this year that he would return to the international stage with a strong commitment. Very different. When the United States is unnecessarily plunged into such chaos, who can trust the leadership of the US government anymore?

Only six weeks ago, Biden declared that under his leadership, the situation in Saigon would not be reproduced in 1975. He was right, because the worse picture has been deeply imprinted in the collective memory of the world: the desperate Afghan clung to the US military transport plane and then fell from the sky. Washington has now begun to find a "scapegoat" for the failure of the withdrawal. An anonymous official in the Biden administration put it more bluntly: "We completely messed up." The danger is that this confusion may cast a shadow over Biden's entire presidency.

At home, Biden has made a good start: he launched a US$1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan as soon as he took office, and also provided pharmacies and hospitals with a timely supply of new crown vaccines. But now, the epidemic is fighting back, and the horror images from Kabul make people wonder whether Biden is really a visionary and compassionate politician, as he himself claims. The US media has compared Biden with former President Carter, who was replaced by Reagan because he failed to rescue the hostages at the US Embassy in Iran.

Biden never thought that it was the work of the United States to build Afghanistan into a functioning country, said Wali Nasr, a political scholar who worked for the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke. When he was Obama’s deputy, Biden was uncomfortable about the massive increase in troops in Afghanistan, but in a secret meeting with Holbrooke, the vice president said: “Hey, don’t worry at all. We have already experienced this in Vietnam, Nixon and Didn't Kissinger survive all." It seems that at that time, Biden was already confident that he should not judge the president on the basis of whether the withdrawal was orderly, but on whether he had the courage to end an unpopular war.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy adviser Matt Dawes said: “For many years, Washington’s political institutions and media have avoided revealing the truth about this war. Now they are trying to blame Biden for the disaster. "In April this year, more than two-thirds of Americans supported Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the Taliban's occupation of Kabul dropped his approval rate to 49%. This is also the first time Biden's approval rating has fallen below the 50% mark since he took office. A former Afghan security official said that Kabul is in danger of becoming a global terrorist casino. Nasr believes that the Taliban will no longer allow Al-Qaida's terrorist network to continue to develop under its regime. “For the West, the biggest danger is not a stable Taliban government, but no government at all.”

China abstained from voting! Geng Shuang speaks

The UN Security Council passed the draft resolution on Afghanistan with 13 votes in favor, 0 against, and 2 abstentions. China and Russia abstained. Geng Shuang, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, pointed out in his explanation after the vote that the recent chaos in Afghanistan is directly related to the hasty and disorderly withdrawal of foreign troops. It is hoped that relevant countries can realize that withdrawal is not the end of responsibility, but the beginning of reflection and correction.

Geng Shuang said that relevant countries should learn from the lesson, earnestly respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, earnestly respect the right of the Afghan people to independently determine their own future and destiny, earnestly change the wrong practice of imposing their own model on others, and earnestly change the frequent pressure and sanctions. Even the domineering act of using force.Relevant countries should be responsible for what they have done in the past 20 years and fulfill their commitment to the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan. They cannot claim to care about the well-being of the Afghan people while imposing unilateral sanctions; they cannot claim to support Afghanistan's acceleration of economic and social development while seizing them. Freeze Afghan's overseas assets; let alone leave after a huge disaster in Afghanistan, but transfer the responsibility to Afghanistan's neighboring countries and the Security Council. The actions of foreign forces in Afghanistan in the past 20 years, including the criminal responsibility of the US and Australian forces for the indiscriminate killing of civilians, must not be completely written off and must continue to be held accountable.The US's recent retaliatory attacks on the "Islamic State" have caused innocent civilian casualties. We call on the US to refrain from indiscriminate bombing of civilian clusters in Afghanistan.

Geng Shuang emphasized that China has always attached importance to Afghanistan's fight against terrorism and strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul. The attack once again proved that the war in Afghanistan did not achieve the goal of eliminating terrorist forces in Afghanistan. The hasty withdrawal of foreign troops is likely to provide opportunities for various terrorist organizations to make a comeback. We hope that the safety of Kabul Airport can be guaranteed, the evacuation of relevant personnel can proceed smoothly and smoothly, and all parties concerned can strengthen coordination and jointly prevent new terrorist attacks.Afghanistan must never become the birthplace of terrorism and the distribution center for terrorists again. This is the bottom line that Afghanistan must adhere to in any future political settlement. It is hoped that the Taliban will earnestly fulfill their promises and completely cut off ties with all terrorist organizations. In accordance with international law and Security Council resolutions, countries should resolutely crack down on international terrorist forces such as the "Islamic State", the "Al-Qaida" organization, and the "East Iraq Movement" and resolutely prevent them from gathering in Afghanistan to cause chaos. On the issue of counter-terrorism, there must be no double standards or selective approach.

Biden can't sit still? The US traceability report discredited China, many countries discovered it, and Wang Yi issued a warning

At present, the US military mess in Afghanistan does not know how to end, and the Biden administration still does not forget to discredit and attack China in its busy schedule. According to a report on the World Wide Web on August 30, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States released a summary of the "Investigation Report on the Traceability of the New Coronavirus" on August 27. According to the summary, US intelligence agencies have determined that the new coronavirus is not being developed as a biological or chemical weapon. Most organizations also believe that the virus does not come from genetic engineering; in addition, Chinese officials did not know the virus before the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. Although the public report stated that the Chinese government did not know about the virus before the outbreak, the report falsely claimed that China "obstructed global investigations and refused to share information."

The traceability investigation report of the US intelligence agency and the White House statement were immediately strongly condemned by the Chinese government and many parties. Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, said on the 29th that the US intelligence agencies, not professional medical institutions, issue traceability investigation reports. This is ironic in itself. It is clear who is politicizing the traceability issue. On the 28th, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu denounced the US for “obsessed with political manipulation and intelligence tracing”, saying that this was an out-and-out political report, a false report, and demanded that the US comment on the international community’s response to the Fort Detrick Biolab and The reasonable suspicion of more than 200 overseas biological experiment bases in the United States gives the world an explanation.

Not only that, the international community has also condemned the smearing of the United States. The Russian State Duma, also a member of the lower house of parliament, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and a famous epidemiologist, pointed out that the so-called "new crown virus traceability report" concocted by the US intelligence agency is absurd. Onishchenko pointed out that the so-called "report" of the US intelligence agency is vague and self-contradictory. The source of the virus should be investigated by virologists, epidemiologists, and infectious disease experts, and the results should be obtained after scientific research and demonstration. The so-called "report" of the United States did not mention and quote the views of any relevant field or academic authority. The U.S. intelligence agency prepared the so-called "new crown virus traceability report" based on political purposes and subjective guesswork. "This is extremely absurd.

It is worth noting that Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Brinken on the 29th that China is firmly opposed to this report. This burden will help you get out of the current predicament. Brinken said that the United States "has no intention of blaming any country for the traceability of the virus" and the United States is willing to maintain contact with China in this regard.

Biden: The 20-year military presence of the United States in Afghanistan has officially ended, and a national speech will be made on the 31st

Biden: The 20-year military presence of the United States in Afghanistan has officially ended, and a national speech will be made on this on the 31st

On August 30, local time, U.S. President Biden issued a statement on the completion of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on that day. Biden said that in the past 17 days, the U.S. military carried out "the largest airlift operation in U.S. history" and evacuated more than 120,000 personnel. He announced that the 20-year U.S. military presence in Afghanistan has officially ended, and he will give a national speech on the afternoon of the 31st on the "decision not to extend the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan."

Biden profile map

Biden said that he has asked Secretary of State Blincol to continue to coordinate to ensure the continued evacuation of personnel in Afghanistan. He said that the Taliban have made a commitment to safe passage and Afghanistan will continue its diplomatic activities and coordinate with regional partners to reopen the airport to ensure that humanitarian assistance and evacuation activities can continue.

Researcher of Political Economy in London: Biden's African Blitz is intended to "catch up" China

The Saudi Arabian "Arab News" daily website published an article on August 26, "Biden's African Blitz intends to "catch up" China". The author is Andrew Hammond, a researcher at the Center for International Affairs, Diplomacy and Major Strategic Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The full text is excerpted as follows:

Anthony Brinken will receive a warm welcome in Africa on Sunday (29th), but when he begins his first trip to Africa as the US Secretary of State, there will be no excitement.

The "Prosper Africa" ​​initiative is progressing slowly

This senior American official realized that the United States needs to "catch up" with China in large strides, which has invested much more time and money on the African continent. According to reports, China's top leadership has conducted as many as 80 visits to more than 40 countries in Africa in the past ten years alone. This fact shows how much Beijing attaches importance to Africa.

Brinken will visit Kenya, Senegal and the so-called "African Giant" Nigeria. Prior to this, U.S. President Biden reinvigorated the United States’ “Prosperous Africa” initiative last month. The initiative brought together 17 government agencies in the United States to promote trade and investment in Africa. It was initially launched during the presidency of former President Trump, but progress has been slow.

The Biden team requested an additional US$80 million to support the initiative, including a substantial increase in two-way trade and investment in areas such as energy and climate, health, and digital technology. Washington will also strive to attract overseas companies and investors, with a focus on supporting women and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The government described the initiative as a way to promote the common prosperity of the United States and Africa. However, it is also to a certain extent to fight China in the region.

During most of Trump's administration, America's African policy lacked coherence, clarity, and urgency. Although key government figures including former national security adviser John Bolton publicly declared that China and Russia "are interfering in U.S. military operations and pose a major threat to U.S." national security interests on the African continent, the situation has not changed. .

Take Brinken's first stop in Kenya as an example. The president of that country is one of the few African leaders invited to visit the White House during Trump's tenure. However, many large-scale infrastructure projects in Kenya are undertaken by Chinese companies.

Great power game is unfolding in Africa

The vacuum left by Trump's African policy has been filled by many other countries, including both competitors and allies. Given Africa’s long-term growth potential after the pandemic, these countries’ interest in the continent is increasing day by day. This includes not only China, but also Russia, India, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Economically, Africa is maturing day by day, and the number of its important emerging markets is also increasing. This is partly because, as many major industrialized countries adopt more protectionist measures, many countries on the African continent have seized opportunities for international trade.

Not surprisingly, China is showing the greatest interest in Africa, with the goal of better linking the country’s “Belt and Road” initiative with the development of the African continent. In addition to arranging visits to various countries, Beijing often hosts China-Africa summits.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is eager to adopt this model to consolidate Moscow's foothold on the African continent. He held the first Africa-Russia summit in 2019 and plans to hold the second in 2022. As Moscow seeks to expand its international influence, Africa has become the main target of the Russian president for economic and geopolitical reasons.

Many other important countries, including India, Turkey, and EU powers such as France and Germany, have also shown greater interest in Africa, giving African countries more diplomatic options beyond Beijing, Moscow, and Washington. For example, under the leadership of French President Macron, Paris tried to strengthen its relations with the former French colonies, while at the same time consolidating relations with the larger African economies such as South Africa and Nigeria. Similarly, German Chancellor Merkel is also a relatively frequent visitor.

It is against this background that the UK has also enhanced its image on the African continent after it withdrew from the European Union. British Prime Minister Johnson hosted the Anglo-Africa Investment Summit last year and hopes to visit Africa during his tenure as prime minister.

From Brexit to the ongoing great power game in Washington, Moscow, and Beijing, interest in the African continent will only increase in the 2020s, especially if the continent is close to realizing its huge economic potential.

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