29 June, 2021

It's completely counterproductive! The US made a big move against China

"Russia Today" article on June 25, original title: Washington asked Israel to condemn China in Xinjiang affairs. This hypocritical and self-saving approach is surprising that the West has forgotten the Gaza crisis of last month so quickly? It seems that the crisis has been put aside (in the West), and the endless talk about Xinjiang has resurfaced. But the United States made a mistake.

Recently, at the request of Washington, Israel joined the joint signing of Western countries, accusing China on Xinjiang-related, Hong Kong-related, and Tibet-related issues. Only a few weeks after the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza and the condemnation of the whole world, Israel's joining such an "alliance" is indeed an astonishing act of hypocrisy, self-sacrifice, and double standards. This is a mockery of international human rights, especially Muslims. It is also a huge strategic mistake by Washington, which will have a counterproductive effect in the Islamic world and even in some Western countries. When this scene was staged in Geneva, the biggest irony was that no Islamic country, whether it is the Middle East, Africa or Southeast Asia, joined the (Western) statement against Xinjiang.In fact, most major Islamic countries have joined a coalition of at least 65 countries to support China's position.

The author recently wrote an article discussing the reasons why most Islamic countries support China on the Xinjiang issue. In short, this is a common respect for national sovereignty and a common interest in stability, rather than being "buyed." However, it can be said that the inclusion of Israel in the anti-China alliance is another reason why these countries do not support the US rhetoric. They will only think that this is blatant hypocrisy and opportunism. Most Western countries have no condemnation of the Gaza incident, but they have taken various stances in Xinjiang affairs. Now they are back in Tel Aviv.

Nevertheless, China dared to take action. China's response to Western criticism has become tougher and smarter. At this United Nations meeting, Beijing turned its backs on the guests and, together with the coalition that supported itself, asked the United Nations to investigate the deaths of indigenous children in Canadian boarding schools. Israel may have joined a (wrong) camp at the wrong time.

Biden desperately tried to establish various alliances to isolate Beijing, forcing Tel Aviv to join the fiasco. This is a clumsy, short-sighted diplomatic judgment, and this move will eventually expose the hypocrisy of various statements (in the West) about Xinjiang. This is purely to advance the strategic goals against China, but also to cater to the preferences of American protectionism and industrial policy. The United States claims that it does not approve of violence in Gaza, but now it allows countries responsible for the violence to occupy a moral high ground on human rights issues. This has further deepened the estrangement between the West and Islamic countries, which in turn weakened the credibility of Biden's claims about human rights in China.

If the United States tries to lead a "value-driven" human rights policy, it must stop supporting and whitewashing Israel's aggressive behavior in Gaza and its neighbors. Using Tel Aviv to oppose Beijing is not a good idea.

Israeli "Jerusalem Post" article on June 25, original title: Israel must stay away from the US-China dispute. Israel's recent policy changes are very important because China is a huge and important trading partner. Tel Aviv has also been strengthening its relationship with Beijing in recent years. relationship. However, Beijing has also criticized Israel's recent war with Hamas, and China's relationship with Iran has become closer. This means that Israel may be placed in more tensions between the United States and China.

China is a fast-growing economy with important expertise in many fields. China is eager to obtain Israeli technology. Tel Aviv should not be naively involved in the dispute between the United States and China.

China strongly urges Japan: revoke the wrong decision!

Geng Shuang, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, exercised his right of reply at the 31st Meeting of States Parties to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the 25th, refuting the wrong statement made by the Japanese representative and urging Japan to withdraw the use of marine discharge methods to dispose of water polluted by the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Wrong decision.

He said that the representative of Japan made false remarks on the issue of Fukushima nuclear contaminated water just now, trying to emphasize that the treated nuclear contaminated water is not harmful to the sea, that Japan has achieved openness and transparency, and the relevant practices have been recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is totally inconsistent with the facts and is purely misleading. China would like to emphasize:

First, the Fukushima nuclear accident is one of the most serious nuclear accidents in the world so far. The contaminated water comes from cooling water, groundwater, and rainwater flowing through the melting and destroying the reactor core, and it contains a large amount of radionuclides produced by nuclear fission. These nuclides do not originally exist in nature, and there is no precedent for their discharge in the world. The impact on the marine environment, food safety and public health cannot be ignored. If the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water is truly harmless after treatment as the Japanese said, why doesn't the Japanese keep it in its own country instead of discharging it into the sea?

Second, the Japanese side is not as transparent as it claims to be. Before the announcement of the decision to discharge the sea, the Japanese side had not fully negotiated with the neighboring countries and other stakeholders. After Japan announced its decision to discharge the sea , organizations including the Pacific Rim countries, including China, and the Pacific Islands Forum have expressed concern about Japan's decision to discharge nuclear-polluted water into the ocean. Japan has not yet made a serious response and has not resolved the concerns of all parties.

Third, the International Atomic Energy Agency has never approved or approved Japan's decision to discharge nuclear-polluted water into the ocean. Currently, the International Atomic Energy Agency is preparing to establish a related technical working group and has confirmed that it will invite experts from China and South Korea to participate. China will fully support related work and push Japan to respond to the concerns of stakeholders and the international community. The Japanese side should show sincerity, take an attitude of being highly responsible for international public interests, and handle relevant issues prudently in an open, transparent, and scientific manner.

Fourth, the disposal of nuclear contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident is not just a domestic issue. The relevant practices will have a serious impact on international public health and safety and the vital interests of people in neighboring countries. China strongly urges Japan to withdraw its wrong decision, and not to initiate sea discharging without authorization until it has negotiated and reached consensus with various stakeholders, including neighboring countries, and relevant international institutions.

'S Munger "Prophecy" Came to

Many people only know about Buffett, but they don't know the "senior man" behind him. This person is Charlie Munger. Buffett once commented on Munger: He is the most important mentor and partner in my life. Without him, I Will be much poorer than

Buffett and Munger co-founded Berkshire Investment Company. Munger has been behind the back for many years to advise Buffett. Buffett has made it clear that Munger's investment wisdom is above him. Munger once suggested that Buffett invest in BYD in China, and Buffett did not hesitate to follow Munger's advice.

Since 2008, Buffett has subscribed for 225 million shares of BYD at a price of 8 Hong Kong dollars per share. Over the past 12 years, BYD's stock price can be said to have fluctuated many times, but Buffett relied on the "value investment" he trusted. From the day he invested in BYD, he has not sold a share of BYD to this day.

According to the calculation of the previous shareholding cost, the BYD stock that Buffett bought in 12 years has a floating profit of more than 26.5 times, and this stock has become one of the ten largest stocks of Buffett's company, which has created huge profits for Buffett.

Munger has his own unique insights in investing in stocks for many years and has been sought after by countless business leaders. Munger has his own unique insights into the market trend. Munger is very optimistic about the future of the Chinese market and said: There is no better place than China.

Munger is very interested in the Chinese market. He and Buffett have invested in a number of Chinese stocks and have achieved good returns. Berkshire Investment Co., Ltd. even bought Alibaba's US stocks on a large scale. As of the end of March, share index was 16.532 million shares, at the prevailing share price holdings worth about $ 37.5 million , for a time become a hot topic in the industry .

Speaking of this, many people may be curious: When Alibaba stocks ushered in a decline, why did Munger choose to hold Alibaba stocks heavily?

From the perspective of Munger's investment style in the past, Alibaba is not for short-term speculation of price spreads, but may be a bet on Alibaba's future long-term development. Although Alibaba faced significant regulatory pressure last year, it failed to hurt its foundation.

The most important thing is that Alibaba's most important growth engine in the future, Alibaba Cloud, has achieved profitability for the first time. In the fourth quarter of 2020, cloud computing business revenue increased by 50% year-on-year to 16.115 billion yuan . In the past 5 years , Alibaba Cloud's revenue scale An increase of nearly 30 times, Alibaba Cloud's single-quarter revenue increased from 1 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan within 4 years, but Amazon has spent 6 years.

Munger also confessed to the public the reasons for his large-scale investment in China. Munger: E-commerce will be eliminated in the future, and new models have emerged across the country!

The new model Munger refers to is the Alibaba cloud computing model. In the near future, cloud computing will be widely used and popularized. The advantages of cloud computing over traditional e-commerce are: more complete data, faster speed, and higher service efficiency ., Will be more and more enthusiastic by enterprises and individuals. It is reported that after McDonald's chain stores have introduced cloud computing technology, the back-end system will be upgraded and will better serve customers.

Munger boldly predicted: With the popularization of cloud computing, new money-making models will emerge in the future, and we must grasp it.

Munger saw China's future with his far-sighted investment vision and saw the next new market vent. His views have also been recognized by many economists. His wisdom is worth learning from everyone.

The reason why Munger was able to become a partner of the "stock god" Buffett, his wisdom is worthy of our study and reference. They all say: "Thinking changes the mentality, thinking changes the way out", this sentence is not wrong at all, although Munger has already He is 97 years old, but he is still the top rich man in the world. His wisdom is not something that an article can describe. If you want to learn more about his wisdom, you might as well read the "Poor Charlie's Collection".

This book records the wisdom and successful experience of Munger's life. In this book, you can learn many investment thinking models summarized by Munger, which can help you find the most correct answers in financial, social, and life aspects..

? Are AT A China-US Relations

the development of complex international situation, any one country only stronger, his country can not "bully." In recent years, China has developed rapidly and has made major breakthroughs in many fields. It has become the world's second largest economy, which has made

China's development has made the United States "unstable". The United States has always wanted to consolidate its "hegemony" and will not allow any country to surpass itself. The United States has been proactively provoking many incidents and continuously undermining Sino-US relations.

Since Biden came to power, many people thought that Sino-US relations would ease, but they did not expect Biden to adopt a tougher recruit policy toward China. Biden recruited so-called "like-minded countries" in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe to contain China's rise. This policy may endanger global security, including the security of the United States itself.

China has responded strongly to the US's constant provocations: We don't want to see the "freezing point" of Sino-US relations, but we are not afraid of the US challenge and hope the US can do it for itself. The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: The two sides should respect each other, treat each other as equals, enhance mutual understanding through dialogue, manage and resolve differences, and push Sino-US relations back on track.

Former US Secretary of State Kissinger said: "A boundary must be set between China and the United States, otherwise it is very likely that it will return to the unstable international political situation before the world war."

Regarding today's Sino-US relations, many netizens believe that Sino-US relations have reached a deadlock again!

In the context of globalization, countries seeking economic cooperation and development can promote the development of the world economy, create more job opportunities for their countries, and stimulate domestic demand. The United States blindly targets China and can only "eat its own evil results" , causing a large number of unemployment problems in the country.

The relationship between China and the United States should be a healthy competition for you to catch up with me. China has a huge market, which also creates a lot of job opportunities. Regarding this, 97-year-old American rich man Charlie Munger expressed his views: China More opportunities!

Munger believes that the prospects of the Chinese market are huge, and China's development is unstoppable. In the near future, China will become the next largest economy in the world, and it will attract foreign companies from all over the world to settle in. At the same time, Chinese local companies are very good.

Buffett once commented on Munger: He is the most important partner and mentor in my life. Without him, I would be much poorer than I am now. Munger has been making suggestions for Buffett behind the scenes for many years. Munger once suggested that Buffett buy China's BYD. A few years later, this stock has doubled several times, allowing Buffett to obtain huge wealth from it.

Munger has made outstanding achievements in the stock market over the years with his far-sighted investment vision. He has his own unique view of the world market.

Perhaps as Buffett said, Munger possesses a unique charm that can quickly help a person grow up. The key to Munger's success is accurate judgment. Even if the Sino-US relationship has changed at this stage, Munger is still optimistic about this.

As early as at the company's annual meeting, Munger expressed his expectations for China's development. He said: "China's water is good. Some smart people have already gone in. The time has come, and more people will come in."

The rapid development of China nowadays also proves that Munger's words are being realized step by step. Munger has superb investment foresight and he sees China's future, which also determines a good direction for his next investment.

If you still have ambitions and want to be a man like Munger, I recommend you to take a look at the "Poor Charlie Collection" related to Munger. This book has accumulated Munger's life-long entrepreneurial experience and investment skills. A large number of real investment cases, even if you are a novice who knows nothing, you can master many investment skills through reading.

This is a collection of his life wisdom and experience. In this book, I not only learned a lot of the thinking model that Munger summarized in his life, but also "knowed" many other masters, which can help you in financial management, social life, and life. Give the most correct answer.

"The Poor Charlie Collection" is very thick, more than 600 pages long, but only costs for a hot pot meal, and your life may change because of this.

If you are not satisfied with your current life and want to make a fortune and make a successful investment, then you might as well read this book of Charlie's experience, flip through it every day, and you can learn the wisdom of his life. Why not do it?

"The Chinese must have priority!" Vietnam doesn't have a long memory and wants to make trouble. The Chinese side opens the skylight to speak brightly.

According to a domestic media report on June 24, the head of the Consular Section of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam had a talk on issues related to China-Vietnam vaccine cooperation.

According to other reports, according to the consensus between China and Vietnam, the Vietnamese government has repeatedly made clear commitments to prioritize Chinese aid vaccines for Chinese citizens in Vietnam, Vietnamese citizens who need to work in China, and people in the northern border areas of Vietnam. However, the relevant vaccine use and distribution plan issued by the relevant authorities of Vietnam a few days ago did not communicate and negotiate with the Chinese in advance in accordance with the above-mentioned consensus. In this regard, the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam has immediately expressed its concern to the Vietnamese side, and the relevant authorities of the Vietnamese side have indicated that they will withdraw the plan.The Chinese Embassy in Vietnam will continue to do a good job in the "Spring Seed Operation" related work.

It should be noted that the "Spring Miao Action" is a new crown pneumonia vaccination program launched by China for overseas Chinese citizens, and actively assists and strives to vaccinate overseas compatriots with domestic or foreign vaccines. Recently, the Chinese Embassy in the Sultanate of Oman stated that China has donated 100,000 doses of the new crown vaccine to the Oman government. The Chinese Embassy in the Sultanate of Oman emphasized: “China's move has only one condition, that is, the Chinese must give priority to vaccines.”

A few days ago, the global new crown vaccination plan has continued to advance, and Chinese vaccines have become the main force in the fight against the epidemic. In this context, on June 4, local time, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam announced that the new crown vaccine produced by China National Pharmaceutical Group has been approved for emergency use in the country. This means that China's Sinopharm's new crown vaccine has become the third new crown vaccine approved by Vietnam for emergency use.

On June 20, local time, 500,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccines aided by China arrived in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Many netizens in the country expressed their gratitude on social media, "Thank you Chinese brothers, and hope that the relations between the two peoples and the two countries will grow. The better.” Although Vietnam's Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long once stated that according to the consensus reached by the two countries, Vietnam will give priority to vaccinating the above-mentioned three groups of people with Chinese vaccines , but the country has not fulfilled its promise of “Chinese people first”.

Intriguingly, on June 16, local time, the Yoshihide Suga government provided 1 million doses of AstraZeneca's new crown vaccine to Vietnam free of charge. Japanese Foreign Minister Toshin Motegi also claimed to have selected these when he announced plans to provide vaccines to Southeast Asian countries . The country is because in addition to the epidemic factor, it also refers to its relationship with Japan. "These are very important countries for realizing the'free and open Indo-Pacific' advocated by Japan."

In this regard, political scientist Stephen Nagy of Tokyo International Christian University pointed out that in view of the widespread recognition of Chinese vaccines by the international community, Japan seems to want to use vaccine diplomacy to counter it, "Japan does not want to fall behind ." Ironically, the AstraZeneca vaccine provided by Japan to Vietnam was boycotted by the Australians because of the risk of blood clots.

What is sighing is that on June 22, local time, a male teacher in Dongying County, Hanoi City, Vietnam developed convulsions after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca and died after the rescue failed. Considering that the fourth wave of epidemics occurred in Vietnam since April 27 , the vaccination work has also been slow. If the Vietnamese government does not abide by its commitment with China to give "Chinese people a priority in vaccinating", then there will be delays in vaccinations against China's new crown in the country, causing the Vietnamese people who can only be vaccinated with AstraZeneca to bear greater burdens. risks of.

"Thousands of people in the U.S. are ill with the new crown vaccine!" Biden can't hide the shocking facts

According to a domestic media report on June 24, a report released by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that since the start of the new crown vaccine work, thousands of Americans have been vaccinated with Pfizer and Mozambique. After the Dana vaccine, heart inflammation appeared, and the two "may be related." As soon as this news came out, it caused heated discussions.

According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) report, ACIP recently released a report showing that after the second dose of Pfizer vaccine and Modena vaccine in the United States, adolescents and young people (under 30) have had 1,200 cases of rare heart disease. Inflammation, the two "may be related." On June 23, local time, CDC Director Rochelle Varensky said that this is only a small group of recipients, mainly teenagers and young adults, and the risk of "mild" myocarditis is still "very rare."

Related data show that myocarditis, pericarditis and endocarditis are the three main types of heart inflammation, and the diagnosis of each type depends on the location of the swelling. A few days after the second dose of Pfizer vaccine and Modena vaccine, American patients will have corresponding symptoms. According to Fox News in the United States, although the condition of most patients has been significantly improved after the corresponding treatment, the CDC is also investigating the relationship between heart inflammation and vaccines, but it is estimated that heart inflammation will affect thousands of people around the world. Adults and children.

It should be mentioned that it is not the first time that Pfizer vaccine and Modena vaccine have been exposed to "extremely strong" side effects. In early June, the Israeli Ministry of Health warned that there may be a corresponding link between heart inflammation and Pfizer vaccine. In mid-March, the Modena vaccine was exposed to side effects in Canada, and the incidence was as high as 16%. In late January, the CDC released data showing that after completing more than 4 million doses of Modena vaccine, a total of 1,266 vaccinators had adverse reactions such as skin rashes or respiratory problems. From October to December last year, Pfizer vaccine was repeatedly exposed to high fever, body pain, allergies, facial paralysis and fatal incidents after injection.

In addition, on May 25, the CDC released a report showing that as of April 30, among the more than 130 million people in the United States who had been fully vaccinated against the new crown, at least 10,262 cases of “breakthrough infection” of new crown pneumonia had occurred. More than 14 days after being vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Pfizer vaccine and Modena new crown vaccine, the new crown virus test result is still positive. Among them, less than 7% of patients were hospitalized with symptoms of new coronary pneumonia, 1.6% (160 people) died, and 63% of the infected were women.On June 20, the Massachusetts Department of Health released data showing that as of June 12, among the more than 3.7 million fully vaccinated people in the state, there were 3,791 cases of "breakthrough infection" of new coronary pneumonia.

It is worth noting that more and more Americans are reluctant to vaccinate due to repeated exposure to side effects of vaccination. A related poll showed that nearly 25% of Americans said they may or definitely will not get the new crown vaccine. According to a Fox News report on June 23, local time, more than 150 employees of Houston Methodist Hospital in the United States resigned or were fired for refusing to receive the new crown vaccine. On June 20, attorneys representing students at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, United States, stated that they had filed a lawsuit and demanded that the university stop the “every student needs to be vaccinated” rule.

However, US President Biden is still encouraging Americans to get the new crown vaccine. On June 24, local time, Biden claimed in his speech that his reason for running for president was to unify the country, but since the Civil War, the United States has never been so divided as it is now. The American people actually have to urge the government to vaccinate. It's simply a waste of talent and time. Biden also specifically urged young people to get vaccinated: "I call for June as the month of action for people to get vaccinated, so that we can all enjoy July 4th without being affected by the virus."

Regarding the current situation in the United States and Biden's remarks, Americans said on social media that “young people do not need the new crown vaccine and may be negatively affected by heart complications in the future.” “After the second Pfizer vaccination, my husband's The heart is getting worse. He is now dying of all the above symptoms. The vaccine has greatly shortened his life." "This government has only experienced a direct and major defeat in just 100 days. It is eager to win and achieve it door -to-door. Their false 70% vaccine target ""There would be no myocarditis without a vaccine, and myocarditis with a vaccine" "The list of side effects of the vaccine will only become longer."

"China has won the hearts of the people"

On June 26, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post published an article entitled “Six reasons why Africa thinks China is attractive, and the injustice of the West's criticism of China-Africa relations.” The author is an independent financial commentator Mwansa Cha Luwei Suner. The full text is excerpted as follows:

China and African countries will hold a China-Africa Cooperation Forum meeting in Dakar, Senegal, later this year. This long-awaited meeting was held in the context of the new crown pneumonia pandemic.

China's growing influence in Africa has aroused the vigilance of the United States and Europe, and all aspects of its activities have been "criticized."

However, the description of African countries as so-called "passive collaborators" and the so-called "victims of the second wave of colonization" is far from reality. Africans see China as a development partner. Africans do not consider themselves to be victims of the so-called "exploitation" by China.

China is attractive to Africa in six aspects.

First of all, in contrast to the supreme Western attitude, China has openly expressed respect for Africa, and has actually won a reputation for respecting African culture and countries.

China has no history of colonization in Africa. Because of the common experience of Western imperialist aggression, Beijing understands and respects Africa's priority issues. Therefore, many African leaders see this emerging relationship as a historic opportunity to break away from the relationship with Western neocolonialism.

▲ Profile picture: A train operated by China-made Tanzania-Zambia Railway at the Dar es Salaam Railway Station (Xinhua News Agency)

Second, China provides unconditional cooperation to allow African governments to obtain funding, expertise, and development assistance under its "five nos" principle. The "five nos" principle that China adheres to when dealing with African affairs is: not to interfere with African countries in exploring development paths that suit their national conditions, not to interfere in Africa's internal affairs, not to impose their will on others, and not to attach any political conditions to their assistance to Africa. Do not seek personal political gains in investment and financing of Africa.

Third, China has won the hearts of the people and became one of the first countries to provide COVID-19 vaccines to Africa and other developing countries. However, the West has been slow to take action in this regard.

Fourth, through cooperation with China on infrastructure projects, Africa has found that it can complete projects faster and with lower expenditures. The speed of closing deals, launching projects, and completing deliveries all impressed African leaders. They think this is a fast-developing way .

Fifth, China's development model is a miracle. China's rise from one of the poorest countries in the world to the world's second largest economy in just 40 years has aroused resonance in African countries.

According to data from the World Bank, China has lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty. China's rapid and successful economic growth has completely changed the agriculture-based society, and it is an example that many Africans believe can be followed.

Sixth, China unswervingly adheres to its policy sovereignty. China has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and has not accepted any externally imposed structural adjustment programs. This is very attractive to African leaders and academia.

Can't compete with Chinese companies, they ask Biden for a favor

Masks can't compete with Chinese companies. Executives of American companies wrote to Biden: Buy all our stocks

The Nikkei Asian Review published a report on the 29th, focusing on the product competition between Chinese and American mask companies. According to this article, the monthly mask output of the US mask manufacturer "Premium-PPE" plummeted by nearly 90% from last year's peak, and the number of employees has also plummeted due to the impact of cheap products imported from China.

Screenshot of the Nikkei Asian Review report

The report described that idle equipment and piles of unsold goods filled the company's factory in Virginia Beach. The company claims to have as many as 280 employees, but it has now shrunk to about 50. According to the report, "Premium-PPE" is one of many American mask manufacturers that lost to Chinese competitors. Dili, the company's chief revenue officer, claimed that the prices of Chinese companies' products are lower than cost.

According to reports, after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the United States in March last year, the business of "Premium-PPE" switched from selling e-cigarettes to selling masks. At that time, the United States was facing a severe shortage of masks, and the company's products were very popular. Although some progress has been made in vaccination in the United States, the demand for masks has not disappeared. However, few consumers are willing to spend 10 times the money to buy masks made in the United States to replace masks made in China, even though their products are specifically labeled "Made in USA" in an attempt to emphasize the quality of the products.

Data map

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, according to data from the American Mask Manufacturers Association, which includes small and medium-sized companies, nearly 300 million masks are idle in warehouses in the United States, and manufacturers are closing down one after another.

In this case, the method that the American Mask Manufacturers Association thought of was to find the government. According to reports, Dilly, who is the chairman of the American Mask Manufacturers Association, wrote to President Biden in May, asking the government to buy up these stocks and introduce other support measures. This letter will also maintain the production of masks in the United States in response to a future pandemic and raise it to a “national security issue”.

Not far away! The domestically-made new crown vaccine aided by the Chinese government arrived and was greeted at the airport by the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister!

On the afternoon of June 29, local time, the Chinese government assisted the Antigua and Barbuda government to deliver the Chinese-made new crown vaccine to the St. John Wilburd International Airport in the capital of Antigua and Barbuda. Anba Prime Minister Brown, Foreign Minister Green, Minister of Health Joseph, and Wang Erdong, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Anba, went to the airport to greet and attend the welcoming ceremony.

Wang Erdong of Said AT at The welcoming Ceremony that at The Virus Knows NO Borders and that at The Epidemic has NO Distinction of Race. This Time China's Assistance to Antibodies and Vaccines embodies at The Deep friendship of at The Chinese people towards Antibodies and embodies at The Chinese Government's International's Philosophy of adhering to at The Same, Boat and advocating Solidarity and Cooperation. It IS China's effort to Improve at The accessibility - and Affordability of Vaccines in Developing the Countries. Practical Action taken by Sex. China IS by Willing to the Continue to the Provide Support to Antigua and Barbuda the WITHIN the ITS Capacity to Jointly Fight the epidemic and push bilateral relations to a new level.

Brown, on behalf of the Anbar government, thanked China for its assistance to the vaccine, a powerful weapon in the fight against the epidemic, and said that the Chinese vaccine has proven its effectiveness and safety. Brown enthusiastically praised China as one of Anba's closest partners, and always offered assistance when Anba faced difficulties, and provided valuable support for Anba's economic development and people's livelihood over the years. In helping and supporting developing countries, China has always been at the forefront, especially when some countries are still hoarding vaccines. China's generous assistance is even more precious. Anba will continue to resolutely develop relations with China and continue to deepen bilateral cooperation.

Green and Joseph Also Expressed Their Deep Gratitude to China for the ITS Assistance in Vaccines, saying that China IS at The MOST the Sincere and Precious Friend of Anba. Joseph Also thanked China Once Again for donating Anti-Epidemic Materials SUCH AS Testing Reagents and Protective Clothing to Anba, and emphasized that the arrival of Chinese vaccines in Anba will make positive contributions to Anba's early realization of "herd immunity".

This time, China's aid vaccine arrived in Antigua and Barbuda not far away, which triggered a positive response. Local people, Chinese and overseas Chinese applauded the friendship between China and Angola and the anti-epidemic cooperation between the two sides.

Liu Heping: Why did the Biden administration cool down the situation across the Taiwan Strait?

News Direct: Mr. Liu, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff at The of at The US Army, Milly, pointed the when attending at The Annual OUT of at Budget Hearing at The House of Representatives Armed Services Committee that the make Mainland China May A Decision to " Attack Taiwan by Force, "But in the this Matter by Will not happen at The Future. It by Will not happen Suddenly the WITHIN TWO years. the What IS your Interpretation of the this?

Special commentator Liu Heping :I have noticed that the reason why Milli, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, said that mainland China might attack Taiwan in "6, 8, 10, or 20 years, but not suddenly "army" in a year or two. The conjecture of unifying "Taiwan" is based on three main reasons. One is, "In the next one to two years, mainland China will usher in a series of important events, including the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February 2022 and October 2022. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and so on, the mainland needs to create a peaceful and stable internal and external environment for this. The second is that “China does not yet have the ability to'army' Taiwan in a short period of time. A long period of preparations for military struggle"; third, "Taiwan is a large island with a large population and considerable defensive capabilities, and military occupation of it will pay an extremely high and unbearable price."

In my opinion, Milly's statement seems to be justified and well-founded, but he just hit the drum and failed to grasp the essence and core of the problem at all. In my opinion, there is only one factor that really determines whether mainland China will "army" Taiwan and when it will "army" Taiwan, and that is that there has been a major "Taiwan independence" incident in Taiwan. For example, the DPP authorities openly declared "de jure Taiwan independence." ", or the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries announced their support for "Taiwan independence."If there is a major "Taiwan independence" incident, it would be "the only thing that matters is the utmost urgency." No matter what kind of major event China is facing, it must make concessions for this, regardless of whether preparations for military struggle have been adequate. Regardless of the price paid, mainland China will take military action, because as far as mainland China is concerned, no matter what price it pays, it is not as high as the price paid for Taiwan's independence. Conversely, as long as there is no major "Taiwan independence" incident in Taiwan, there will be no timetable for the "armed reunification" of Taiwan in mainland China. Taiwan is not independent, and nothing is as important as China's peaceful rise and national rejuvenation.

I think mainland China should accurately convey this information to the United States and the entire international community to prevent them from always guessing and misjudge the situation, and use this to create a new "China threat theory."

Zhixin News: Then Milli, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, concluded that mainland China will not "attack Taiwan by force" in the next one or two years. What impact will it have on the future situation in the Taiwan Strait?

Special Commentator Liu Heping : of As you All know, AT at The Beginning of the this year, Davidson, the then Commander of at The US Indo-Pacific the Command, banks of the Gave Testimony in Congress the before Stepping Down of He Stated categorically that Mainland China Would "Army" Taiwan in at The. next six years.And Davidson's successor, Aquilino, added even more gusto, saying that the time for China to "army" Taiwan is closer than imagined.As soon as this statement was made, the entire United States went up and down immediately, and fell into the anxiety that "Mainland China is about to "army" Taiwan."Some US congressmen even further stated that mainland China will act on Taiwan in the next one or two years.In the recent period, a series of Taiwan support bills introduced by the US Congress and the forcible kidnapping of Japan, Australia, and South Korea to intervene in the Taiwan issue by the Biden administration are closely related to this judgment.

However, Milli, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, came to the conclusion that "Mainland China will not'attack Taiwan by force' in the next one or two years." His remarks go against the tune.

Then, Davidson, Aquilino, and Milly, these three important people who can control the US military security, why do they think that "will mainland China'army' Taiwan in the short term" is related to Taiwan's security and Sino-US relations? Is there such a major deviation in the outlook and general judgment of world peace and stability? Is this a personal cognitive problem, or is it another reason?

I personally think that the judgments made by these three senior US military generals are all building momentum for the phased Taiwan Strait policy of the Biden administration. At the beginning of this year, Davidson and Aquilino preached alarmistly that China would attack Taiwan by force in the short term because the Biden administration at the time needed to create a tension in order to tie up Japan, Australia, and South Korea. The chariot of the Taiwan Strait war.And now Milli came to the conclusion that mainland China would not "army" Taiwan in one or two years, because the diplomatic and security arrangements of the Biden administration around the situation in the Taiwan Strait have basically been completed. The United States, Japan, the United States and South Korea The joint statement after the leaders’ summit, as well as the joint communiqué after the G7, NATO summit, and the U.S.-Europe summit, have all announced their intention to intervene in the Taiwan issue without precedent. After completing these arrangements, the Biden administration will also need to appropriately cool down the hot Taiwan Strait situation, because next, the Biden administration is also preparing to arrange a Sino-US summit and engage in strategic dialogue with China. At this time, appropriately cooling down the situation across the Taiwan Strait will also help create a good atmosphere for the next Sino-US talks.

Direct News:. Taiwan's Foreign Affairs Department Chief Wu Zhaoxie of Said in AN Interview with CNN the this Week that there IS A Great POSSIBILITY that China by Will "Army" Taiwan, and Taiwan Needs to PREPARE for Possible Cross-Strait Military a Conflicts How do you Interpret the this?

Special Commentator Liu Heping : the I of Think at The Audience in Mainland China Might the Find Wu Zhaoxie's Remarks to BE hawkish and Harsh, But IF Wu Zhaoxie's words in AN Interview with CNN are compared to the What of He of Said in April the this year ON at The British Sky the Do A Comparison , and you by Will the Find that Wu Zhaoxie's Tone of Speech IS Actually by degrees Decreasing.At that Time, Wu Zhaoxie's Original words were, "Taiwan by Will Fight to at The End."and the this Time, of He the Just if emphasized is that Operating since Mainland China has not GIVEN up its plan to "attack Taiwan by force", Taiwan cannot be lucky, and must prepare for possible military conflicts and make mainland China pay when it "attacks Taiwan." A certain price.I think that this tune was made with the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Milli, "Mainland China may make a decision to "attack Taiwan by force", but this matter will not happen in the next one to two years, and it will not happen suddenly. "Happens in between" is in sync. This also means that as the Biden administration gradually lowered its focus on relations with China and Taiwan Strait issues, the Tsai Ing-wen's authority also declined.

In addition, Wu Zhaoxie seems to be taking the opportunity of being interviewed by CNN to shout to mainland China, hoping that cross-strait relations will always maintain the current status quo. It is worth noting that this speech by Wu Zhaoxie is just as the United States is preparing to begin leadership with China. Before the People's Summit and the Strategic Dialogue, it is not ruled out that Wu Zhaoxie's appeal is to test the water temperature and wind direction for the next Sino-US negotiations.

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