24 July, 2021

"If you deal with China, I will support you!" The Biden government promised to Australia

According to domestic media reports, under the promise of the United States, the government led by Australian Prime Minister Morrison has repeatedly struggled with China and even undermined China-Australia relations over and over again. However, in the face of heavy losses in Australia’s trade with China and repeated complaints by Australian businessmen, the government led by U.S. President Biden increased U.S. exports to China while at the same time giving the promise of "You deal with China, and I will support you." This "appeasement" the Morrison government continues to have trouble with China.

According to the news released by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, Australian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Dan Tehan recently visited the United States and held talks with US Trade Representative Dai Qi. However, after discussing the importance of the US-Australia bilateral trade relationship and other issues, Dai Qi quickly turned his attention to China, and made a lot of "slanderous" remarks about China, and even promised Australia again. "Flicker" Morrison's government continues to work together with the United States to "counter" China.

Dai Qi claimed in front of Tehan that the United States is "closely watching" the Sino-Australian trade tensions. The United States will stand with Australia to meet this common challenge and support rules-based international trade to promote fairness. , Market-oriented trade practices. Dai Qi also declared that at the same time, the United States is committed to contacting allies, including Australia, to resolve China's so-called "policy that harms American and Australian workers, businesses, and citizens."

It should be mentioned that before this, in order to "please" the United States as an ally, the Morrison administration did everything and even used the banner of "national security" to "counter" China many times, and played the role of a "victim" afterwards. In this way, delusion shirks Australia’s responsibilities. However, China is not used to what the Morrison government does. On May 6, the National Development and Reform Commission of China issued a statement announcing the indefinite suspension of the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue mechanism jointly led by the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments of the Australian government. All activities.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the Biden administration has made similar promises to the Morrison administration. When meeting with reporters in Washington on May 13, US Secretary of State Blincoln and Australian Foreign Minister Payne stated that the United States would not allow Australia to face China's so-called "economic coercion" alone. In mid-March, the Indo-Pacific affairs coordinator of the US National Security Council, Campbell, even claimed in an interview with Australian media that Biden had personally made a promise to Morrison that "the United States will not leave Australia."

The irony is that while the United States has made its promise to "protect" Australia, it has "cannibalized" Australia's vacant share in the Chinese market. It is reported that after China's move, whether it is Australian wine, Australian lobster, or Australian coal, all products have lost China, the largest buyer. The Australian Wine Association, Triggs, said in an interview with the media that although the export volume of Australian wine in the UK, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia has increased, it has not been able to offset the impact of the plunge in China’s export volume.

On July 12, Australian tourism expert and Discowan University professor Sam Huang warned that unless the Morrison government takes a top-down approach to restore relations with China, it will be the Australian tourism industry that will be hit. Practitioners. At the end of May, people in the Australian cotton industry pointed out that due to the recent tensions between China and Australia, where the cotton produced is sold is becoming a problem for Australian cotton farmers. At the same time, commodities such as American wine, cotton, wood, and lobster are gradually filling the gaps that appeared after Australia left the Chinese market, and the United States has directly become an important coal supplier to China.

Regarding the Biden government's commitment to the Morrison government, former Australian ambassador to China Rui Jierui pointed out that this is nothing new. Australian ministers, especially the new trade minister, have been saying that the United States supports Australia. The reality is that after China rejected Australian wine, wood, lobster, coal, and barley, the United States directly filled the market vacancy. Rui Jierui also emphasized that the United States will adjust its relationship with China according to its own interests, while the interests of its allies are only "accidental."

Regarding Dai Qi’s “slandering” of China, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a regular press conference recently that the US remarks are totally inverted and irrelevant. The predicament facing China-Australia relations is that Australia has brutally interfered in China's internal affairs, harmed China's interests, and provoked it by adopting discriminatory trade practices against China. China is not responsible for it. China has never bullied sanctions at all times, it has no long-arm jurisdiction, and it has not unreasonably suppressed enterprises of various countries. It has always firmly supported multilateralism and the multilateral trading system with the WTO at its core, and carried out international economic and trade cooperation in accordance with the principles of equality and mutual benefit.

Zhao Lijian pointed out that the U.S. used the mechanisms and rules under the multilateral trading system if they were in harmony and discarded them. It waved a big stick of sanctions, provoked a trade war against China at will, abused the name of national security, recklessly suppressed Chinese high-tech enterprises, and engaged in decoupling. The supply chain, which artificially splits and disrupts the supply chain of the industrial chain that has been formed for many years in the market, seriously violates the laws of the market economy and the rules of the World Trade Organization, but the United States has disguised itself as a "victim." Zhao Lijian also emphasized that the labels of "unfairness" and "coercion" cannot be put on China. The US should keep it for its own use. The U.S. should self-examine and correct its mistakes instead of making irresponsible remarks that disregard the facts.

Over 400 people from around the world jointly send a letter to Biden! For this

The reporter learned from the Cuban Embassy in China on the 24th that more than 400 people around the world issued a joint open letter on July 23, local time, calling on US President Biden to sign an executive order to cancel the blockade measures against Cuba established by Trump.

The picture is a screenshot of the open letter.

"It's time to seek a new direction in the relationship between the United States and Cuba." The open letter pointed out that Cuba, with a population of 11 million, is experiencing a difficult crisis due to the increasing shortage of food and medicine. "If the new crown epidemic is a huge challenge for all countries, then this challenge is even greater for a small island that is suffering from the huge impact of the economic blockade."

The open letter believes that the policy of deliberately refusing to provide food and medicine to the Cuban people is out of consideration, especially during the global epidemic. Affected by the epidemic, the people of the island country and their government have lost billions of international tourism revenues, which were used in the public health system, food distribution, and economic development during normal periods.

The letter pointed out that during the epidemic, the Trump administration intensified the blockade, overturned the Obama administration’s open policy, and formulated 243 blockade measures to deliberately create greater difficulties and suffocate the lives of the people of the island nation. The open letter calls for lifting the blockade measures imposed during Trump's period, restoring the open policy during Obama's period, and starting the process of ending the blockade and full normalization of US-Cuba relations.

The open letter mentioned that on June 23 this year, the United Nations General Assembly passed by an overwhelming majority the resolution "must end the US economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba." This is the consistent position of most member states in the past 30 years.

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