05 July, 2021

China has entered a new era of "making wealth"? Buffett: The most opportunities in the next 10 years, we must hurry

A period of In the more than 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has ushered in rapid development, and major breakthroughs have been made in many fields. People's living standards have been qualitatively improved, from the pursuit of material needs, and gradually

The Chinese market is an emerging market, full of opportunities and challenges, people are investing in real estate to make money, people are investing in business entities to make money, some people invest in stocks to make money, but after all, only a few people make money, most people choose to invest, it is Why is it difficult to make money?

The "stock god" Buffett told the truth. Buffett: Most people are guilty of "insatiable" in investment. They treat investment as a "game", and in the end they can only suffer serious losses.

Buffett has invested in stocks for many years and has always been hailed as a "legend". He earned a lot of wealth by investing in stocks, became the world's richest man, and realized the freedom of wealth. Many people have only seen the glamorous side of Buffett, but the reason why Buffett has today's achievements is inseparable from his silent efforts behind him.

Buffett spends a lot of time in his life studying. He has his own unique research on the stock market. He is very optimistic about the future Chinese market and believes that China is about to enter a new era of "making wealth"!

Buffett has been studying the Chinese market a long time ago. A few years ago, Buffett bought China's BYD stock. Now this stock has doubled and become one of the top ten stocks of Buffett's companies. Buffett has also made huge fortunes from it..

Buffett believes that: China will become the next largest economy, and the Chinese market will attract more and more foreign investment.

Now the Chinese market is in the era of e-commerce, and many people have earned dividends from it. The future Chinese market will only get better and better!

Buffett encourages young Chinese to seize the opportunity, and said that China is now developing in a better direction, full of opportunities everywhere, as long as there is ambition, you can create your own world!

How Chinese young people seize the opportunity, Buffett put forward his own opinions!

1. Improve professional ability

No matter how the market develops in the future, talents will be "popular" wherever they go. Only by improving their personal abilities and doing well in the fields they are good at can slowly build their own world.

Many people are always half-hearted and want to learn everything. In the end, they can't do anything well. The future market competition will be more intense. Only by constantly improving their abilities can they be invincible in the future market competition.

2. Cultivate a long-term perspective

Many people will only see the gains and losses in front of them. They are complacent because of temporary achievements or languished because of temporary failures. This is very undesirable, and it is difficult for such people to succeed. To accomplish great things, you must have a long-term perspective.

People with a long-term vision can think further and see endless business opportunities and potentials. Such people tend to get rich first.

3. Have a sense of national pride

Buffett believes that the reason why many young people in China cannot accomplish great things is because they are often so lofty and even admiring foreigners. Nowadays, the strength of China is visible to the whole world. As a contemporary Chinese young man, he should work hard to improve his strength. In the future market development, he should seize the opportunity to face the difficulties and achieve himself.

It can be said that these points summarized by Buffett are very reasonable and point out the direction of life for many people. People do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to have lunch with Buffett, just to share Buffett's life-long venture capital skills . Countless business leaders regard Buffett as an investment direction indicator.

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Whether you are a fresh graduate or someone who has encountered a bottleneck in your career, this set of books is very suitable for you, you can find the answers you want from it, let people make many detours, and quickly find the way to financial management!

After escorting thousands of prisoners of the government to "paradise", the "Tianjin Array" made a condition: if you don't withdraw, you won't have to talk about it.

According to a Reuters report on the 4th, in a statement on Sunday, Ethiopia's Tigray local armed forces demanded a complete withdrawal of the troops from the country's Amhara state and neighboring Eritrea, before a ceasefire with the Ethiopian government would be carried out. Any negotiation .

The local armed “Tigray People's Liberation Front” (referred to as “Tiren's Front”) returned to Mek'ele, the capital of Tigray State, amidst the cheers of the crowd last Monday. The Ethiopian National Defense Forces base in Tigray State, the Ethiopian government immediately announced the launch of military operations against the "Tiren Front", and the "Tiren Front" has since turned to guerrilla warfare. Sporadic fighting between the two sides in Tigray State has occurred from time to time.

Soon after the “Tiren Front” returned to the capital, the government of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed unilaterally announced a ceasefire, and “Tiren Front” spokesperson Getachew Reda (Getachew Reda) commented on this move. As a "joke".

The spokesperson issued a statement on the 5th, saying that if there is a “firm guarantee” that the government will not invade further, the “Tianjin Front” will accept the ceasefire in principle, but a series of other conditions need to be met before any agreement is formalized...

The statement said: "Invading forces from Amhara and Eritrea must withdraw from Tigray and return to the pre-war territory."

For this reason, the Ethiopian government did not immediately comment.

Previously, according to the New York Times and AFP report on July 2, local time, more than 7,000 Ethiopian government soldiers were captured by the Tigray army. These captured soldiers marched on foot for 4 days and arrived at Merck, the capital of Tigray State . Mekelle will be taken to a large prison in the north of the city.

Judging from the images taken by the media, due to the large number of captured soldiers, this group of captives appeared densely packed and spectacular as they marched on the street. The "New York Times" described it as a "paradise", vividly showing the "huge losses" suffered by the Ethiopian government forces, "one of the most powerful troops in Africa."

The “Tigray People's Liberation Front” (“Tiren's Front”) is the core political party of the former ruling coalition Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front. Before the country's current Prime Minister Abiy came to power in 2018, the “Tiren Front” actually controlled the state power..

The United Nations warned on Friday that despite the federal government's unilateral ceasefire, more than 400,000 people are still facing famine in the region, and there is still the risk of more conflicts in the region.

In a statement, the "Timan Front" stated that it hopes that the region will receive unrestricted assistance and provide comprehensive basic services such as electricity, telecommunications, banking, medical care, and education.

The statement also said that the United Nations should establish an independent agency to investigate war crimes and an international entity to oversee the implementation of any ceasefire agreement.

It also called for the immediate release of all Tigray political leaders and members of the National Defence Forces detained in prisons across the country.

Dai Bing, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, delivered a speech at the Security Council's open meeting on peace and security in Africa on the 2nd. He pointed out that the issue of Ethiopia's Tigray State is an internal matter of Ethiopia. The The international community must fully respect Ethiopia's sovereignty and leadership when providing assistance. Help Ethiopia tide over the difficulties.

Dai Bing said that the Ethiopian government recently announced a unilateral ceasefire in Tigray State to ensure the normal development of local farming and humanitarian relief work. China welcomes this. It is hoped that the Tigray region will achieve a comprehensive ceasefire, and the parties concerned will be supported to resolve their differences through political dialogue, so that all Ethiopians, including the people of Tigray State, can enjoy peace and stability and achieve development and prosperity.

Dai Bing said that the Chinese government has provided assistance within its capacity for Ethiopian humanitarian assistance. The food aid provided by the Chinese government will arrive in the near future, and the new crown vaccine donated by China to Ethiopia will also benefit the people of Tigray State. Humanitarian assistance in Tigray State is still facing a serious shortage of resources. The international community must increase its efforts to provide emergency humanitarian assistance, but it must fully abide by the United Nations humanitarian assistance guidelines when providing assistance.

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