08 July, 2021

China and Russia are fighting against the United States, France and Britain.

Over the past 70 years since the founding of New China, China's development has achieved world-renowned achievements, and it has also made significant contributions to the cause of human progress. As we all know, China has never engaged in system export and system competition , but advocates that all countries follow a development path that suits their own national conditions and the needs of the people. However, some anti-China politicians in the West have deliberately rendered the relationship between China and the West as a so-called dispute between "authority and democracy" out of ideological prejudice for some time. They have poured dirty water on China and made all kinds of groundless accusations.

According to international online news, on the afternoon of July 4th, the Ninth World Peace Forum hosted by Tsinghua University held a conference with the theme of "Reshaping Great Power Relations". At the meeting, Ke Youwei, the temporary deputy director of the US Embassy in China, pointed the finger at China. He claimed, “Democracies around the world are facing the threat of a'tough China'. Whether in the climate crisis, the new crown epidemic or the technological revolution that is reshaping all aspects of human life, all countries are facing'disrespect for the international order.' The challenge'".

France's ambassador to China Luo Liang said that no one does not doubt that China wants to impose its own model on other countries. Last year some people in France worried that “China threatens freedom of speech”. In addition to the representatives of the United States and France, the British ambassador to China Wu Ruolan also expressed her "hope." She claimed, “We were one of the first countries to recognize New China in 1950, but we did not seek to impose our own model on China. Whether it was then or now, we also hope that China will not try to impose its own model on others."

In response to the groundless accusations made by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, Yu Hongjun, the former deputy minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, responded in his speech and pointed out that some people always have a sense of civilized superiority and feel that their civilization is superior to others. Unlike "certain countries," China has never tried to export its own political model. Some countries believe that their own civilization should replace all other civilizations and infiltrate their own ideology into other countries, bringing chaos, destruction and conflict to the local area.

In addition, the Russian ambassador to China Denisov retorted: “If you can find an example of'China imposing its ideology on foreign countries' in the past, then I thank you.'Serving the people' belongs to the Chinese Communist Party. Basic principles. Is there anything wrong with this? When dealing with this kind of problem, why should we criticize China for propagating and expanding its ideology? I have to ask, what is ideology? How is it called spreading ideology? "

Biden's "Asian Czar"'s latest statement: Beijing is becoming more and more confident, and peaceful coexistence between China and the United States is a huge challenge

According to Reuters, on July 6, local time, the National Security Council's Indo-Pacific Affairs Coordinator Campbell stated that the United States may coexist peacefully with China, but the challenge will be huge because "Beijing has become more and more confident in the international arena. ".

Campbell is known as Biden's "Asian Czar". He made this remark at an online dialogue held by the American think tank Asia Society that day, and former Australian Prime Minister Rudd also attended the meeting.

(Caption: Campbell, Indo-Pacific Affairs Coordinator, National Security Council)

Kevin Rudd asked Campbell, "Will there be a'new cold war' between the United States and China?"

Campbell said that he did not like the "New Cold War" framework, and worried that its expression was more vague than clarity, and that it would not be "helpful in responding to the challenges posed by China."

He said that the challenge facing the United States will be to propose a China strategy that provides opportunities for China, and the United States will adjust its strategy in a timely manner based on Beijing's response. He also said that there may be "periods of instability , and there may even be occasional tensions."

On the question of "whether you think it is possible for the United States and China to coexist peacefully," Campbell said: "Yes, but I also think that this challenge will be very difficult for our generation and the next."

Campbell also mentioned that as China's influence in Asia continues to expand, the position of the United States in Asia has begun to "decline." He said that the United States is "in danger and needs to make substantial investments across the board."

Campbell pointed out that given the Trump administration's previous decision to withdraw from negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, the Biden administration's focus this year has been on domestic recovery, vaccines, and contacts with allies.

Campbell disagrees with the statement that "Biden is only continuing the Trump administration's policies." He believes that the two governments have some comparable elements, but Trump tried to negotiate in an unstable way only in the context of the US and China. This is incorrect . The US needs to have common interests with other countries. Cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that as to whether the leaders of China and the United States will meet during the G20 summit at the end of October this year or earlier, Campbell said that he believes that both leaders will an assessment. His expectation is "There will be some kind of contact soon".

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi was questioned by the media after the opening ceremony of the World Peace Forum in Beijing last week. “Will there be contact between the top Chinese and American leaders this year” said: “Of course we hope to resume dialogue, but it depends on whether the United States has any. Sincerity." He emphasized that the most important thing for China at present is to continue to run its own affairs well.

Is Biden anxious? After North Korea rejected the US to "show good" twice, China received a call from the US

Since taking office as US President, Biden has repeatedly expressed his willingness to engage with North Korea and will take pragmatic measures to ease tensions on the issue of the denuclearization of the peninsula. He does not even rule out meeting with North Korean leaders under certain conditions .

However, in the face of successive "shows of good" by the United States, North Korea has rejected it twice, once in February this year, and the other time in April when the United States concluded its comprehensive assessment of its North Korean policy. North Korea's successive rejections made the United States feel more anxious, and the United States had to turn its attention to China.

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on July 6, 2021, Liu Xiaoming, Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs of the Chinese Government, had a telephone conversation with Kim Sheng, Special Representative for North Korea Policy of the US Department of State.

Liu Xiaoming expounded China's position on the peninsula issue and its views on the results of the review of the US policy on North Korea, and emphasized that the process of political settlement of the peninsula issue should be promoted in accordance with the "dual track" mentality and the principle of phased and synchronized progress. The United States should attach importance to addressing the legitimate and reasonable concerns of the DPRK and support the reconciliation and cooperation between the DPRK and the ROK. Kim Sung said that the United States is committed to resolving the peninsula issue through diplomatic means, and hopes to resume dialogue and contact with the DPRK as soon as possible and support the improvement of relations between the DPRK and the ROK.Both parties agreed to maintain communication.

In fact, China's attitude towards the situation on the Korean Peninsula has always been very clear. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian clearly pointed out that the current situation on the peninsula is at a critical stage, and all parties concerned should work together to do more to help maintain stability and promote dialogue. We encourage all parties to actively commit to the two major goals of establishing a peace mechanism on the peninsula and realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula to form an operational road map. We hope that the DPRK and the United States will meet each other halfway and take care of each other's reasonable concerns on the basis of mutual respect, so as to advance the political settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue.

Block China's reunification? The mainland draws a red line, Yu Muming: If Japan dares to move Taiwan, then double the return

In recent times, the United States and Japan have frequently interfered in China's internal affairs and spoke wildly on Xinjiang-related and Hong Kong-related issues. Not only that, they have also arbitrarily intervened in China's Taiwan issue. According to a report on the World Wide Web on July 5, Japan's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Taro Aso claimed in a speech in Tokyo that day that if the mainland uses force against Taiwan, the Japanese government will consider this to be a “survival crisis” and that Japan will rely on security guarantees. Regulations may exercise restricted collective self-defense rights. He also declared that if a major problem occurs in Taiwan, the United States and Japan will "defend Taiwan" together.

In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian clearly pointed out on the 6th: This kind of remarks is extremely wrong and dangerous, severely violates the principles of the four political documents of China and Japan, and damages the political foundation of China-Japan relations. China is strongly dissatisfied with this, resolutely opposed, and has lodged a solemn protest to Japan. Japanese militarism has committed countless crimes of aggression against China, and some politicians still remember Taiwan today, fully revealing that they have not learned profound lessons from history.Today's China is no longer the China of the past. We will never allow any country to intervene in the Taiwan issue in any way. No one should underestimate the Chinese people's determination, determination, and strong ability to defend national sovereignty.

Regarding Japan's sinister intentions, Yu Muming, the former chairman of the New Party, made it clear that China must be tougher on Japan, and even directly tell Japan not to intervene in Taiwan Strait affairs, otherwise the old hatred and new hatred will be doubled back. At the same time, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said on the 6th that we urge the Japanese side to deeply reflect on history, immediately correct mistakes, and take practical actions to abide by the one-China principle and the spirit of the four Sino-Japanese political documents, and to speak up on the Taiwan issue. Be cautious and stop all erroneous words and deeds related to Taiwan.The DPP authorities deliberately attempted to link up with Japan and some other foreign forces to seek "independence" and provocation. This is a misjudgment of the situation and a wrong calculation.

Zhu Fenglian emphasized: There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is a part of China. Some Japanese politicians have made false statements on Taiwan-related issues one after another, blatantly violating Japan's political commitment to China on the Taiwan issue, violating the spirit of the four political documents between China and Japan, and violating international law and norms of international relations. We are firmly opposed to this.

"Strange Joe" reappeared, and Biden suddenly knelt down and looked directly at the confused netizen: Want to propose to Harris?

According to a report on the 6th, US President Biden hosted the 2020 World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers at the White House. This is not only the first time Biden has received a National Professional Sports League championship after taking office as president, but also the first time such an event has been held by the White House since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. Dodgers star pitcher Clayton Kershaw expressed his gratitude to the White House for the hospitality on behalf of the team and presented the Dodgers championship jersey to Biden as a commemorative gift. Biden posed for a photo with the Los Angeles Dodgers together with US Vice President Harris. He suddenly knelt on one knee and shocked everyone present.In the group photo, Biden knelt down on one knee while Harris was standing beside him. Some netizens joked. Judging from the photos, Biden knelt down on one knee as if he was "proposing" to Harris.

In fact, since Biden took office as president, people have never stopped questioning Biden's health. Many people worry that Biden is no longer capable of serving as president. This is not the first time for Biden to kneel down. In May of this year, when Biden was inspecting a US military base, he suddenly performed the stunt of kneeling down on one knee, while the US soldiers waiting to take pictures with Biden were embarrassed beside him. Sources said that Biden's brain must have been short-circuited at the time. In a trance, he probably thought that he was participating in a "black and expensive" event, so he would perform kneeling scenes when taking pictures. Some American netizens mocked that Biden might be in a trance, mistakenly thinking that he was participating in the "Black Man's Fate is Fate" event.

Not only that, just in May, South Korean President Moon Jae-in visited the United States to participate in an awards ceremony for US military veterans with Biden. When taking a group photo, Biden who was standing in front suddenly knelt down again. Moon Jae-in was extremely embarrassed. In a hurry, Moon Jae-in chose to squat down on one knee. His behavior of kneeling instead of kneeling resolved the embarrassing situation.. In addition, not long ago, Biden's performance at a press conference made the title "Strange Joe" quickly rushed into hot searches, and Americans all said they were frightened by him.

Accepting interviews and questions from reporters at a public press conference and explaining the policies he promulgated. This was a good opportunity to increase popular support, but Biden used his performance to "screw it up." ". When answering a reporter's question, Biden suddenly whispered to the reporter. He leaned forward and opened his eyes wide. He answered the reporter's question in a very low voice. The state of the whole person seemed very strange. This posture was used throughout the press conference. It has appeared many times, and it has also caused an uproar in the United States.

Team China or India? Strongman Putin made a choice, this action worries Biden

On the 3rd, the Russian legal information website announced a new version of the "National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation" approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian mainstream media "Independence" published an article entitled "Russian and Chinese decided to be " forever brothers"" on the 4th local time, praising the friendly relations between Russia and China.

Careful people will find that Russia's new strategy mentions China and India at the same time. So, someone may ask, is Russia standing in line with China or in line with India? It can be said that "children make choices, adults all want them ." The new version of Russia's strategy regards China and India as partners, and will establish a regional stability mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region with China and India on the basis of non-alignment. Compared with the US's "one or the other" thinking, Russia's approach is not unwise.

China has a considerable influence on Russia's economic development. Recent data show that the total trade volume between China and Russia has exceeded 100 billion US dollars, and it is estimated that by 2024, the total trade volume between the two countries will exceed 200 billion US dollars. India is Russia's most important arms buyer, providing Russia with hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign exchange earnings each year. Both can bring huge benefits to Russia, why should Russia "only take a scoop of drink"?

In response to Russia's goodwill, the Indian Foreign Minister has recently stated that he is about to visit Russia. Regarding Sino-Russian relations, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin once stated that China and Russia are committed to developing a comprehensive strategic partnership of friendship for generations. We firmly believe that good-neighborly friendship is the mainstream public opinion of China and Russia, and mutual benefit and win-win is the constant course of cooperation between the two sides.When talking about China-Russia relations, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi said bluntly, “2021 is a year of special significance for China-Russia relations, and both countries will enter a new stage of development. There is no end to China-Russia strategic cooperation., There is no restricted area, no upper limit".

Russian media published an article on June 30, local time, saying that the world situation is evolving. US President Joe Biden and his team have traveled in many countries around the world for more than a month, proclaiming "the return of the United States" , and the Kremlin also has reason to announce "the return of Russia." ". Russia pursues an "independent internal and foreign policy" and cooperates with China and India on the basis of non-alignment. Obviously, it is better than the United States to form cliques to "engage in small circles" and threaten "sanctions" against "disobedient countries". Come wisely.

In a word from the United States, "Taiwan independence" has half its life left! The energy to incite the people will be greatly reduced in the future

Campbell, the Indo-Pacific affairs coordinator of the US White House National Security Council, made it clear that he "does not support Taiwan's independence" at a think tank meeting on the 6th. This is the first time that the Biden administration has made such a statement since it came to power in nearly half a year. For "Taiwan independence," this is the biggest blow it has encountered in recent years.

When Biden took office, he announced that he would comprehensively review the Trump administration's China policy, including the Taiwan Strait policy. Both the United States and abroad expect the relevant review work to be completed within about six months. "Not supporting Taiwan independence" is undoubtedly a major announcement by the Biden administration, which can be regarded as a major policy adjustment.

Washington's statement was not out of willingness, but was forced by reality, it was forced to do so after hitting the southern wall. In the past six months, the Biden administration has basically followed the Trump administration's hardline approach to China. It has also made extraordinary moves on the Taiwan issue, but the results have been minimal or even counterproductive, and the mainland's counterattacks have become tougher than ever, offensive and defensive. Has gradually translocated.

The position of the Biden administration has added some calm and breathing space to the tight Sino-US relationship, which is conducive to the reorganization of the relationship between the two sides. Of course, the US policy adjustment is not willing, it must listen to its words and watch its deeds. It is expected that the United States will continue to maintain official exchanges between the United States and Taiwan, send aircraft and ships to the Taiwan Strait from time to time to provoke, strengthen military contacts with Taiwan, and sell weapons to Taiwan. It is impossible for the Taiwan Strait to calm down in a short period of time, and the mainland's pace of promoting reunification will not stop temporarily.

As far as "Taiwan independence" is concerned, the latest statement of the Biden administration is what they fear most and least want to hear. It can be said that in a word of the United States, "Taiwan independence" is half-life. These days, "Taiwan independence" has become an object of ridicule, and the power to incite the people in the future will be greatly reduced.

"Independence" activist Gu Kuanmin clamored yesterday "Don't underestimate the firm determination of the people of Taiwan to become a normal country", and was ridiculed because "Taiwan independence" does not have a "strength status" to speak like this. Source : Hong Kong China Review

Has spread to 104 countries! Delta infections in the United States accounted for more than half of the new increase, Biden: Quick hit vaccine, Ruili epidemic gene sequence is highly homologous to Delta

Delta infections in the U.S. account for more than half of the increase

According to the Covid-19 modeling data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday, the highly infectious delta variant is now the main strain of the US coronavirus, surpassing the alpha variant.

Delta cases account for 51.7% of new cases in the U.S.

According to CCTV News, the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States shows that Delta virus accounted for 51.7% of new coronary pneumonia cases in the United States in the two weeks ending July 3, exceeding half of the number of new cases for the first time. As of June 19, the data was only 30.4%. Delta virus was first discovered in India and has now appeared in at least 104 countries.

Experts warned of the highly contagious delta variant and said that areas with low vaccination rates (such as the southern United States) will see a local surge in cases. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Wallensky, said last week that about 1,000 counties in the United States still have vaccination coverage below 30%. She said that most of these counties are located in the southeast and midwest, and the agency has found that the incidence of these places is increasing due to the further spread of the delta virus variant.

US President Biden once again urged all eligible Americans to get the new crown vaccine on Tuesday and emphasized the importance of preventing delta virus.

Biden said that although the United States is expected to fully vaccinate 160 million people in the next few days, there are still millions of people who have not been vaccinated against the new crown. "Because of this, their communities, their friends, and those they care about are all facing risk."

Biden said: "Because of the Delta variant, this is a bigger concern."

In addition, the White House spokesperson said on the 6th local time that there is no plan to resume any national epidemic prevention measures, and pointed out that 70% of adults in the United States have been vaccinated.

Ruili epidemic gene sequence is highly homologous to Delta

In terms of the Yunnan epidemic, according to the latest report from the Yunnan Health Commission on Thursday: From 0:00 to 24:00 on July 7, 2 new local confirmed cases in Yunnan Province (asymptomatic infections were converted to confirmed cases on July 6). One new case of asymptomatic infection was imported from abroad.

As of 24:00 on July 7, there are currently 92 confirmed cases in Yunnan Province (23 local cases and 69 imported cases), and 15 cases of asymptomatic infections (imported overseas), all of whom have been isolated for treatment and medical observation in designated medical institutions.

According to the needs of Ruili City's epidemic prevention and control, and after evaluation by the epidemic prevention and control expert group, starting at 10 o'clock on July 7, 2021, the Jiegaoguomen community in Ruili City will be adjusted to a high-risk area, and other areas are low-risk areas.

In order to accelerate the speed of gene sequencing, the Yunnan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention urgently dispatched a gene sequencing device to Ruili, set up a temporary gene sequencing laboratory, and sent professional and technical personnel to sequence the positive samples detected for the new coronary pneumonia gene. So far, 7 positive samples have been sequenced. The results show that the genome sequence is highly homologous to the Delta mutant strain and highly homologous to the neighboring overseas epidemic strains.

Viewpoint of guest Qin Yi

1. The U.S. housing market: With rising housing prices, the pressure on buyers has increased, and the hot sales situation has cooled down. The continuous sharp rise in housing prices is unsustainable; the total market value of the real estate sector (including REIT) is +21% year-to-date; medium Before the 2020 epidemic, the average monthly loan interest payment for valued houses was US$1,020, and it has risen to US$1,184 in April 2021; an increase of +18%; the median single-family house was US$346,000 in April 2021 vs. 288,000 in April 2020 USD, +20%; AFFORDABILITY index: 1.83 in April 2020, 1.56 in April 2021, the index fell, indicating that the income growth of home buyers is lower than the interest expense of bank loans, indicating that the pressure of home buyers is increasing, but it is in line with the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007 Compared with the previous 1.1, it is still in a controllable and good state.

2. Telecommunications equipment vendors: This round of economic restart, capital expenditures started, telecommunications equipment vendors ranked first in the industry growth rate, or +38%, machinery manufacturing +37%, energy equipment & services +36%; railways, oil and gas, semiconductors and Building materials, etc.; in the telecom equipment sub-industry: enterprise +32% (ZBRA market value of US$29.1 billion) AVYA Asia (market value of US$2.2 billion), service provider +21% (COMM CommScope US$4.4 billion), cloud +15% (ANET market value is 28.6 billion U.S. dollars);

China's auto market & foreign exchange: Gillette Motors wholesales 100,163 units in June, -9% year-on-year, +4.2% month-on-month, and +19% year-on-year to 630,237 units from January to June, completing 41.2% of the annual sales target of 1.53 million units; Lynk & Co completed 17,000 vehicles, +29% year-on-year; as of the end of June, China’s foreign exchange was US$3.214 trillion.

3. The US 10-year Treasury bond yield fell to 1.33%; minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting, employment and inflation.

List of overseas

The three major U.S. stock indexes rose across the board on Wednesday

Investors digested the minutes of the Fed meeting, and technology stocks became the focus. As of the close, the Dow rose 104.42 points, or 0.30%, to 34,681.79 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.01% to 14,665.06 points, and the S&P 500 index rose 0.34% to 4358.13 points. Oracle rose 3.6%, an intraday record high, Apple rose 1.8%, Microsoft rose 0.8%, and Amazon rose 0.6%. Apple and Amazon have gained 15% in the past month, far exceeding the 3.1% return of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

WHO: More than 4 million deaths from new coronary pneumonia worldwide

On July 7, WHO held a routine press conference for new coronary pneumonia. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the global epidemic is in danger, and the number of recorded deaths from new coronary pneumonia has exceeded 4 million. It is still possible Underestimated the total number of deaths. Tan Desai pointed out that due to the unequal distribution of mutated new coronaviruses and vaccines, the number of cases and hospitalizations in many countries is rising sharply, resulting in a severe lack of oxygen and treatment supplies in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, and a wave of deaths.

15 days of national mourning for the assassination of the President of Haiti

According to CCTV News, in the early morning of July 7, local time, Haitian Prime Minister Joseph issued a notice confirming that President Moise was assassinated at home. According to local media reports, on July 7, the wife of the President of Haiti, Martine Moise, was injured and rushed to the hospital. On July 7, local time, Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph announced the country’s mourning for the assassinated President Moise for 15 days after the end of the Council of Ministers.

Foreign media: 12 Indian ministers announced their resignation

According to overseas news agency AFP news on the 7th, the Indian President’s Office announced that 12 ministers, including the Minister of Health, the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Education, resigned in the reorganization of the Cabinet. According to reports, this collective resignation is also part of a major cabinet reorganization.

Financial News

National Standing Committee: Further strengthen financial support to the real economy, especially small, medium and micro enterprises

Premier Li Keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on July 7. The meeting decided to use monetary policy tools such as RRR cuts in a timely manner to further strengthen financial support for the real economy, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, and promote a steady and slight reduction in comprehensive financing costs. On the basis of the pilot program, in July this year, the national carbon emission trading market for the power generation industry will be launched for online trading. The next step will be to steadily expand the coverage of the industry and use market mechanisms to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

6 departments including the Ministry of Education: Do a good job in the special work of higher vocational recruitment expansion in 2021

Recently, six departments including the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a notice to make arrangements for the expansion of higher vocational education in 2021. The notice clarified that on the basis of encouraging veterans, migrant workers, laid-off workers, high-quality farmers and other groups and grassroots working groups to apply for the examination, actively mobilize qualified flexible employment personnel to apply for the examination.

National Development and Reform Commission: E-commerce express mail will basically no longer be repackaged in 2025

On July 7, the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Circular Economy Development" published on the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission showed that upstream and downstream companies such as packaging production, e-commerce, and express delivery are encouraged to establish industrial alliances, support the establishment of a qualified supplier system for express packaging products, and promote Manufacturers consciously carry out packaging reduction. By 2025, e-commerce express mail will basically realize no secondary packaging, and the application scale of recyclable express packaging will reach 10 million.

Two departments: Promote non-residents' kitchen waste treatment metering and charging work

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Measurement and Charges of Non-residents' Kitchen Waste Treatment." Opinions put forward the implementation of metered fees and gradually establish a mechanism for progressively increasing prices beyond the fixed amount. It is clear that the food waste (ie non-resident kitchen waste) generated by party and government agencies, public institutions and other public institutions, hotels, restaurants and other related enterprises in food processing, catering services, and unit feeding activities shall be in accordance with the "producer pays" "In principle, establish and improve a metering and charging mechanism.

General Administration of Market Supervision: Decisions on administrative penalties for 22 violations of laws in the Internet sector

According to the "Anti-Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China", the State Administration of Market Supervision has filed and investigated 22 cases of illegal implementation of operator concentration in the Internet field. Upon investigation, these cases all violated Article 21 of the "Anti-Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China" and constitute an illegal implementation of the concentration of undertakings. The assessment found that they did not have the effect of eliminating or restricting competition. Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation made an administrative penalty decision, imposing a fine of 500,000 yuan on the companies involved in the case.

Jiangxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: The balance of the housing provident fund account of the person subject to execution can be frozen or deducted

On July 6, the Jiangxi Provincial Higher People’s Court and the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the "Opinions on Enforcement of the Balance of the Housing Provident Fund Account of the Person Subject to Execution." The "Opinions" pointed out that the execution of the balance of the housing provident fund account of the person subject to enforcement should follow the principle of exhausting other properties. When the person subject to execution has no other property available for execution or the property that is sealed up is not suitable for disposal, the balance of the person's housing provident fund account may be frozen or deducted while guaranteeing the basic living and living conditions enjoyed by the person subject to execution in accordance with the law.

China Foundation Association: As of the end of the first quarter, the total scale of asset management business was approximately 61.36 trillion yuan

According to news from the China Foundation Association on the 7th, as of the end of the first quarter of 2021, the total asset management business of fund management companies and their subsidiaries, securities companies, futures companies, and private equity fund management institutions is about 61.36 trillion yuan. Among them, the size of public funds is 21.56 trillion yuan, and the size of private funds is 17.73 trillion yuan.

The total subscription scale of the first batch of Double Innovation 50 OTC Index Funds is close to 3 billion yuan

According to the China Fund News reporter learned from the sales channel, as of 6 pm on July 7, the total subscription scale of the first batch of Double Innovation 50 OTC Index Funds has been close to 3 billion yuan, and some public offering products are actively subscribed. In the on-site market, the first batch of 9 double-creation 50 ETFs was issued with a scale of 18.675 billion yuan.

Net inflow of northbound funds on the 7th was 4.372 billion yuan

Net purchases of Yiwei Lithium Energy were 907 million yuan, Wuliangye 812 million yuan, Longji shares 591 million yuan, net sales of Ping An of China 356 million yuan, Eastern Fortune 350 million yuan, and Kweichow Moutai 164 million yuan.

Huawei and Volkswagen Group suppliers reached a patent license agreement

Huawei announced on July 7 that it has reached a patent license agreement with a supplier of the Volkswagen Group. The agreement includes Huawei's 4G Standard Essential Patent (SEP) license, covering Volkswagen cars equipped with wireless connectivity. This agreement is the largest license agreement reached by Huawei in the automotive sector to date. Huawei predicts that more than 30 million vehicles will be licensed for patents based on the current patent license agreements in all automotive fields.

The first phase of the Tesla Gigafactory is officially completed with an annual output of 10,000 charging piles

According to Shell Finance, the second phase of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory (Phase 1) was completed on June 27, and commissioning officially started on July 5, which means that the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory (Phase 1) was officially completed. . It is estimated that the annual output of charging piles is 10,000.

*ST Tiancheng's supervision work letter: whether there is a major event that may have a greater impact on the stock price

Shagang : The reorganization has not been approved

Longjing Environmental Protection : intends to acquire 100% equity of Hongde Environmental Protection for 420 million yuan

Skyray Instrument : Termination of the issuance of stocks to specific objects

Shaanxi International Investment Corporation A : Shaanxi Expressway Group transfers company shares for free

Wanma shares : plans to invest in the construction of Wanma Qingdao Offshore Equipment Industrial Park

Fenghua Hi-Tech : Shiyun Circuit takes 700 million yuan in shares of Naidian Technology

Oriental Zirconium Industry Receives Concern Letter: Request to provide a complete list of insider information on project investment

Inquiry letter received by Shanghai Airport : request to explain the reason and rationality of the sharp decline in Hongqiao's performance

Stocks attention


1. The global CRM industry's top revenue for eight consecutive years; rapid growth: From 2018 to 2021, revenue increased from US$10.5 billion to US$21.3 billion; an important service provider for corporate digital transformation. SALESFORCE acquired SLACK for US$27.7 billion, once Questioned by the market, but the number of customers and terminals of SLACK grew rapidly in the quarter, confirming the effectiveness of the merger;

2. In the first quarter: revenue of 5.96 billion US dollars, +23%, of which operating cash flow of 3.23 billion US dollars + 74%, the current remaining performance based on performance obligations of 17.8 billion US dollars + 19%; Region : North America business 4.09 billion US dollars + 21%, Europe 1.3 billion US dollars +26%, Asia Pacific US$570 million +23%; first quarter company cash and equivalents 15 billion US dollars; performance outlook: 2022 revenue of 25-26 billion US dollars; 2022 operating profit +12%-13%; Operating profit margin in 2022 is 18%; in the second quarter of fiscal year 2022, US$6.22-6.23 billion; +21%; 2022 non-GAAP earnings per share of US$3.79-3.81 per share;

3. Long-term market capacity & outstanding employees: In 2025, the company expects global CRM to reach US$204 billion, and the industry's annual compound interest growth rate will be 11%; software needs excellent employees to join. In the first quarter, the company has 59,895 people, or +16%.

It's America's turn to be "abandoned"! India quickly "embraces" Putin, Biden suffers a double blow

World Wide Web News on July 5th, Indian Foreign Minister Jaishan Sui will visit Russia soon. Su Jiesheng's visit will strengthen the friendship between the two sides as important partners, based on deep mutual trust. In addition to traditional areas of cooperation such as weapons, nuclear energy and diamonds, new areas of economic cooperation between the two sides are also emerging, such as robotics, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

On July 3, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the new version of the Russian Federation’s National Security Strategy, expressing clearly that it would increase cooperation with China and India. Within two days, Su Jiesheng hurriedly embraced Russia, which can be described as "very dedicated." As we all know, India is an ally of the United States, and the White House spokesperson confirmed not long ago that India is a "very important partner" of the United States. However, Russia is America's deadly enemy! Has India rushed to "embrace" Russia without considering the feelings of its ally, the United States?

India should think more about its own feelings. The second wave of the epidemic in India not only left the Indian people in dire straits, but also greatly damaged India’s international image. The delta mutant strain first discovered in India spread to at least 92 countries and regions around the world, all of which made individualism. The supreme Western countries shun India. Recently, Nepalese scholars have even issued a document saying that under the influence of the new crown epidemic, Western countries are "expelling" India.

The second round of the epidemic in India was so severe that it was closely related to the US's interruption in the supply of vaccine raw materials in India. After China and many other countries extended a helping hand to India, U.S. President Biden almost wrote a blank check, saying only that he was willing to support, but the aid materials came in very little and slowly. No matter how India waggles for mercy, the United States still does not lip service. This makes the Indian people very angry. As the saying goes, "No people here, there are places to keep them". At this critical moment, Russia made a high profile and responded quickly, which is also reasonable.

It is worth noting that on the recent Independence Day of the United States, Biden racked his brains to count his own anti-epidemic achievements, but the domestic epidemic situation in the United States is actually not optimistic. Delta mutant strain infection cases have covered all 50 states in the United States and Washington, DC, and the number of new confirmed cases in a single day in many places in the United States is on the rise. In this way, Biden not only faces condemnation of ineffective domestic epidemic control, but also encounters a diplomatic decline.

Published under Blog on 08 July, 2021.

Latest update on 11 July, 2021.