06 August, 2021

Chaos escalates, Ukrainian foreign minister bombards Putin

Some people are happy and some are worried. Some people sit in the mountains and watch tigers fighting. This is the current international situation. Sometimes, it does make people feel dumbfounded and incomprehensible.

Because there are too many variables.

On August 3, the day Britain condemned Iran for "detaining other country's tankers and attacking Israeli tankers", three news came from the world.

The first thing is that the Ukrainian Foreign Minister bombarded Putin. On August 2, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba said that Ukraine is a part of the West. For Ukraine, joining NATO and the European Union is the top priority.

Regarding the phrase "Russian-Ukraine family" Putin said, Kuleba fought back fiercely.

Kuleba emphasized that Putin’s statement of such a position was "bad intent" because Russia wanted to restore the Soviet Union and control Ukraine again, but at the moment, millions of young Ukrainians have never experienced Soviet-style life.

Kuleba said that no matter what Putin said, Ukraine and Russia are not in the same group.

In addition, Culiba did not forget to call the United States and Europe, "Russia has lost its monopoly influence in Eastern Europe. The United States and Europe have the opportunity to enter historically dominated countries by Russia. If Ukraine successfully joins NATO and the European Union, the West will have a better chance. Expand to the outside world.

Kuleba emphasized that Ukraine has experience in fighting against the Russian army and can see Russia’s strategy clearly. Few countries can compete with Ukraine on these issues.

Culiba stated that the United States and Europe must recognize that "Ukraine is part of the West". Only in this way can Ukraine's efforts be meaningful.

Prior to this, Putin had said that Russia had no intention of confronting Ukraine to the end, and that Russia and Ukraine should get along like brothers.

However, in the eyes of Kuleba and other Ukrainian officials, Putin's statement is completely "ignoring the facts." How can there be brothers who seize the Ukrainian territory?

For the moment, there is an intractable conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the Crimea and Donbass issues, and Ukraine has been determined to turn to the United States and Europe.

The second thing is that the US Secretary of Defense ordered the Pentagon to lower its flag at half-mast. From Biden's control of the United States to the present, the most difficult thing for the United States may have been the flag-raisers of the White House and the U.S. Department of Defense.

This is how it happened. On August 3, a shooting incident occurred near the Pentagon. An American policeman was shot and killed in the street. When the American police exchanged fire with the "mob", many Americans were injured as a result.

After a confrontation, the US police killed the "mob" and the FBI also intervened in the matter. Subsequently, the Pentagon was immediately sealed off.

According to the Associated Press, the attacker had entered the US Marine Corps, but was quickly driven out. It is not yet known why the attacker did this, and the FBI is still investigating the matter.

US Secretary of Defense Austin stated that there were US officers who were killed by shooting and the Pentagon would soon lower its flag at half-mast.

Coincidentally, before and after the Pentagon accident, mass shootings took place in New York and Chicago. At least 5 people were killed on the spot, and more than 50 people were injured.

According to Biden's previous frequency of lowering the flag at half-mast, the next White House flag-raiser would basically not have to raise the flag.

In the third event, the Taliban launched the "beheading" operation, targeting Afghan Defense Minister Bismila. On August 3, Bismila’s residence was subjected to a surprise attack. After the car exploded nearby, a group of unknown militants broke into the residence. Then there was a fierce exchange of fire. At least 4 people were killed on the spot and 20 others were injured as a result.

Bismira said that all the attackers had been killed, but Bismira himself was not injured.

Soon, the Taliban stood up and said that this matter was the Taliban did.

The United States stated that it clearly condemned the attack and that the United States will continue to support the Afghan government. The most important thing is that the international community generally believes that the conflict in Afghanistan should be resolved by peaceful negotiations rather than military or force.

Obviously, the reason why the Taliban chose to launch the "beheading" operation was to take Kabul as soon as possible and to end the chaos in Afghanistan earlier, but in any case, the Taliban violated its previous promise, that is, "The Taliban will temporarily cease fire and cooperate with Kabul. To negotiate".

As the U.S. forces are about to withdraw from Afghanistan, Afghan President Ghani shelled the United States. Ghani believes that the sudden U.S. withdrawal caused the situation in Afghanistan to take a turn for the worse. The U.S. did not respect Afghanistan by doing so.

In fact, the Pentagon is also dissatisfied with Biden's withdrawal plan. Many American generals believe that al-Qaeda is likely to take advantage of the chaos, and millions of refugees may enter Pakistan and other countries. The United States should not use this method to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. When the 9/11 incident repeats, what should the United States do?

At that time, how will Biden explain to the American military and civilians?

A new round of chaos is coming. The Middle East and Central Asia have always been a place of battle, let's see how Biden moves next.

The warning sounds! The new "Eight-Power Allied Forces" approached the South China Sea. On the 3rd, Wang Yi made a decisive speech

Steve Moorhouse, commander of the British Royal Navy's "Queen Elizabeth" aircraft carrier strike group, said via Twitter that the aircraft carrier formation has passed through the Luzon Strait and entered the Philippine Sea. This means that the so-called "free navigation" of the British aircraft carrier in the South China Sea has come to an end.However, just after the British aircraft carrier left, the German navy "Bavaria" frigate left Wilhelmshaven, Germany on August 2 and set off for the Indo-Pacific region. It will visit Pakistan, Australia, Guam, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, India and other places., Also plans to go to the South China Sea, stressing that the warship will not sail 12 nautical miles into the relevant islands and reefs, and made a request to visit Shanghai. China has not yet responded to Germany's request.

Obviously, compared to the uninvited British aircraft carrier, the German ship "knocked on the door" before coming to the South China Sea, showing a little restraint. In addition, there is another country that has gone too far. According to a report from the Indian media TimesNowNews website on August 2nd, the Indian Navy will dispatch a fleet of four warships for more than two months of deployment in the waters of Southeast Asia, the South China Sea and the Western Pacific, and will participate in the "Malabar- 21" Wait for many exercises. The Indian media regarded this action as "India sending a severe message to China."

In addition to the so-called "free navigation" and even joint military exercises carried out by warships of the United States, Japan, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom in the South China Sea, Germany and India are now heading towards the South China Sea, either under pressure from the United States, or flaunting their might. It is not difficult to see that the United States is forming a new "eight-nation coalition" in an attempt to attract more allies to join the so-called " free navigation" in the South China Sea.

In the face of the US’s constant hype about the South China Sea, on August 3, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi mentioned the South China Sea when attending the China-ASEAN (10+1) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, emphasizing that China’s sovereign rights and interests in the International Law including the Law Convention. China will continue to fulfill its commitments in the "Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea" and insist that the countries directly involved resolve disputes peacefully through consultations and negotiations. Foreign Minister Wang Yi also emphasized that with the joint efforts of China and ASEAN, the situation in the South China Sea has maintained overall stability, and the freedom of navigation and overflight is protected in accordance with the law. At the same time, we must be vigilant that individual countries outside the region have openly intervened in territorial and maritime disputes in the region, provoked distractions between China and ASEAN countries, and sent a large number of advanced warships and planes to provoke them. They have become the biggest disruptors for peace and stability in the South China Sea. The South China Sea is not and should not become a arena for great powers to play. We cannot allow them to disrupt the good situation of peace and stability in the region.

"China's work is saving more lives worldwide"

The first meeting of the International Forum on New Crown Vaccine Cooperation was held.

The meeting reached a five-point consensus, and 23 participating countries also jointly issued the "Joint Statement of the International Forum on New Coronary Vaccine Cooperation."

Relevant foreign ministers, competent ministers, representatives of international organizations such as the United Nations, and representatives of relevant enterprises conducted in-depth discussions on the theme of "strengthening international cooperation in vaccines and promoting a fair and reasonable distribution of vaccines worldwide."

Participants said that global vaccine cooperation needs to solve the production capacity deficit, distribution deficit, and cooperation deficit. All parties highly appreciate the leadership role of the Chinese government in global vaccine cooperation, especially in promoting equitable access to vaccines in developing countries, and said that China's work is saving more lives worldwide.

United Nations Secretary-General Guterres: We need a global vaccination plan to double the existing vaccine production and ensure fair distribution through the vaccine implementation plan platform. Establish and strengthen local production capacity on a global scale to solve the bottleneck problem of the supply chain. The first meeting of the International Forum on New Coronary Vaccine Cooperation provides a very important opportunity. The meeting gathered national pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers with production capacity to jointly promote global vaccine cooperation. We thank the Chinese government for its leadership role in vaccine cooperation.

Berkeley, CEO of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization: Recently, two vaccines produced in China have entered the WHO emergency use list and the procurement list of the "New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan". This is China's contribution to the world's fight against the epidemic. I am very happy to hear that the Chinese side said today that it will provide more support for the "New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan" and thank China for its efforts.

The Bloomberg website pointed out that developing countries mainly rely on vaccines produced by China Kexing Company and Sinopharm Group to resist the spread of the virus. Experts warn that if the spread of the virus is left unchecked, there will be more drug-resistant variant viruses appearing. The vaccine provided by China is essential to meet the needs of developing countries for vaccines.

Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency’s website published a report entitled “China pledges to provide the world with 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine”, introducing China’s solemn commitment to the international community: throughout this year, China will strive to provide 2 billion doses to the world. China will donate 100 million U.S. dollars to the "New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan" for the distribution of vaccines to developing countries.

The website of the "Egypt Today" magazine introduced the meeting. The report pointed out that the Egyptian Foreign Minister called for a decision on the intellectual property rights exemption for the new crown vaccine and thanked China for its efforts in this regard. The report also pointed out that China has cooperated with Egypt to produce the new crown vaccine.

India, in a hurry? !

The website reported that India on Tuesday advised all other BRICS stakeholders, including China, to “make a clear, coordinated and undifferentiated response to terrorism” in the context of the expansion of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In a speech at the BRICS Academic Forum on Tuesday, Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaishan Jaishan warned: “We are seeing the transformation of Afghanistan today and the war imposed on the Afghan people again, exacerbating this challenge. If left alone, the impact will not only be It will be deeply felt near Afghanistan and further afield. Therefore, we are all stakeholders seeking a clear, coordinated, and indiscriminate response to terrorism. In the 21st century, legitimacy cannot come from large-scale Violence, brutal intimidation or secret agenda. Representation, inclusiveness, peace and stability are inseparable."

The Indian media pointed out that this is the third time that Su Jiesheng has made relevant claims in less than a month.

"The renewal and readjustment of the multilateral framework after World War II cannot be postponed any longer." He also said that the new crown pandemic and the subsequent collapse of normalcy are a crude reminder to the world that the institutions established to solve the problems of the 1940s are urgently needed. Upgrade and make it “the goal of this century”, he added, “Permanent members of the Security Council are an essential component. But it is not enough by itself. Multilateral institutions are due to structural inertia, competition stalemate, and uneven resources. And unbalanced orientation. Therefore, the proliferation of new and smaller platforms, including multilateral and regional groups, is a response to this perceived gap. In this regard, the BRICS themselves are actually The earliest. Too often, we are obsessed with the reaction of one party or the other; in fact, it takes more effort and action to "fill the gap."

Jaishan Su believes that the BRICS Group is a global rebalancing declaration, emphasizing its basic diversity and diversification. The group is one of the first groups to "close the gap created by multilateral institutions."

"The instinct to oppose hegemony and the principled commitment to various forms of multipolarization-politics and economics, academics and institutions, society and culture-are all written into the DNA of the BRICS. It is in this independence. With the spirit of complementarity, India co-founded the BRIC countries. We are sure that this sentiment will not only continue to define the BRIC countries, but will also define a greater template for the coming decades of the 21st century." Jason Su will be held in India in September Prior to the BRICS Summit, it was emphasized at the inauguration of the BRICS Academic Forum.

"The birth of the BRIC countries is an implicit recognition of the peak of the post-war order. Emerging economies need to step up to formulate a new development framework. Each of us can do this well, with partner countries including but not limited to the global South. Share our experience in some or other areas. We recognize that the dominance at the end of the Cold War is unsustainable. The BRICS countries are responding to the search for diversity; in many respects, this is an accurate response to multipolarization. Forecast," Su Jaishan pointed out.

Previously, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out when answering reporters’ questions that the “Pakistan Taliban” is different from the Afghanistan Taliban. The "Pakistan Taliban" is a terrorist organization generally recognized by the Pakistani government and the international community. It has admitted that it has participated in many terrorist attacks including the explosion of the Quetta Hotel. The Afghan Taliban called themselves a political and military organization, and publicly stated that it prohibits any organization or individual from using Afghan territory to threaten other countries. In recent years, it has maintained dialogue and contact with the Afghan government and the international community.

Zhao Lijian also pointed out that terrorism is the public enemy of all mankind. China is willing to strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation with the international community to maintain world peace and tranquility.

After "biting the gold medal" was severely condemned by Toyota, the mayor of Nagoya hurriedly took the officials to the door to apologize

After being severely condemned by Toyota Motor Corporation, Takayuki Kawamura, the mayor of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, who bit the athlete's gold medal, seemed to panic. Japan's "Nikkan Sports" reported on the 5th that on the afternoon of the 5th, Takayuki Kawamura took the Deputy Mayor of Nagoya City, the Director of Sports Citizens and other city government officials to the Toyota Motor Headquarters in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture to apologize.

"Nikkan Sports": Upon learning of Toyota’s rare protest statement, Mayor Kawamura visited the headquarters and "apologized in the car."

According to the report, in order to "take care of Toyota's emotions," Kawamura did not personally visit the headquarters building. Instead, he appointed the deputy mayor to hand the apology letter to the front desk staff. It is also unclear whether Kawamura directly apologized to the relevant party.

Afterwards, Takayuki Kawamura also apologized at the press conference, saying, "His actions have tainted the crystallization of Goto athletes' years of hard work (gold medal), making many people feel unhappy and causing trouble." "I was in the car (to Toyota) I apologize for this."

Takayuki Kawamura publicly apologized at a press conference on the 5th (Source: Japanese media)

However, Kawamura's apology did not calm the anger of Japanese netizens.

Some netizens criticized, "I watched the live broadcast of the press conference, and read the manuscript without emotion, and did not look at him at all."

Some netizens scolded, "Is'I apologized in the car?"

Some netizens questioned: "Why can this kind of person choose the director?" ↓

"I didn't like this person at first, and after this incident I became particularly disgusted with him. Why can such a person choose the mayor? Obviously they did a lot of bad things during the signing event."

According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (nhk), Takayuki Kawamura was suspected of cheating in a signature activity requesting the removal of Aichi Prefecture Governor Hideaki Omura in February this year and forging a citizen’s signature. Ashamed" and denied his involvement in cheating. However, there are voices in Japanese society that “Mayor Kawamura is one of the representatives of the activity no matter how you look at it,” and “the citizens should be apologized.”

In addition, according to the Kyodo News Agency on the evening of the 5th, in view of the strong condemnation of Kawamura Takayuki from all walks of life in Japan after "biting the gold medal", the Nagoya City Government announced on the 5th that the city and the Japanese professional football league Nagoya Whales on the 6th The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement co-hosted by the club has been terminated.

Nozomi Goto (20), who won the Olympic gold medal for the Japanese softball team on the 4th and contributed a lot, came to the city government office of Nagoya, where he was registered, on the 4th, and reported to Takayuki Kawamura that Japan had won the gold medal. During the report, Kawamura hoped that Goto Nozomi would hang her gold medal on his neck. After the commendation, Kawamura suddenly took off his mask and bit the gold medal.

Takayuki Kawamura "suddenly" took off his mask and bit the gold medal (Image source: Japanese media)

The mayor's actions aroused the anger of Japanese netizens. The Nagoya city government received about 4,000 calls or e-mail protests from all walks of life in Japan. Toyota Motor, the operator of the Japanese softball professional league Toyota Red Team to which Goto Nozomi belongs, also issued a statement of condemnation, saying, "The gold medal is the result of the unremitting efforts of the athletes." "Such behavior is extremely inappropriate and absolutely intolerable. I can't feel his respect and appreciation for the athletes, and his consideration of the epidemic. I am very sorry for this." At the same time, many Japanese professional athletes also publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with this matter.

In China, Kawamura Takayuki is also "notorious." Takayuki Kawamura publicly denied the Nanjing Massacre on January 23, 2017. Takayuki Kawamura claimed that if Japan really slaughtered 300,000 civilians, it would have to kneel down and apologize, but there was no Nanjing Massacre at all.

Data map of Takakawa Mura Takashi, Nagoya City (Image source: Japanese media)

In response to Takayuki Kawamura's remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on January 24, 2017, what I want to tell him is that the Nanjing Massacre is a historical fact, and there has been a long-standing international opinion. Ask the mayor to fulfill his promise. China is willing to have friendly exchanges with Japan, but will never tolerate blatant provocations that distort history and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. No matter who, if you act recklessly, you will inevitably pay the price.

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