03 July, 2021

Canada takes the lead in attacking China, and more than 90 countries are very China! Fierce confrontation at the United Nations venue

This week, the United Nations Human Rights Council staged a fierce confrontation against China.

Talking about human rights in China is a common tactic used by some Western countries. This time it was directly moved to the UN conference venue. When Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom attacked China's internal affairs, Belarus spoke in support of China on behalf of 65 countries.

Another confrontation also started in the WTO.

After Australia sued China twice in the WTO half a year, China began to counterattack on June 24: China's anti-dumping and countervailing measures against China's imports of railway wheels, wind towers, and stainless steel sinks are under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. File a lawsuit.

In addition, the suspension of a newspaper in Hong Kong has attracted some politicians from the United States, Britain and other countries to make irresponsible remarks. Are they really concerned about freedom of speech in Hong Kong? Zhao Lijian put it very simply-this is either pretending to be confused, or having ulterior motives and inverting black and white.

At the 47th session of the UN Human Rights Council on June 22, Canada's speech was particularly harsh.

At the meeting, Canada, on behalf of some Western countries, used Xinjiang-related, Hong Kong-related, and Tibet-related issues to attack and accuse China. Obviously, Canada's speech can only represent certain small circles.

According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belarus made a joint speech on behalf of 65 countries, stating that Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet affairs are China's internal affairs and should not be interfered by outsiders. In addition, the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Gulf Arab States Cooperation Committee) have sent letters to support China's position, and more than 20 countries are prepared to support and echo China through separate speeches.

The just calls made by these countries in the Human Rights Council emphasized respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries, and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries is the basic norm of international relations. Oppose unreasonable accusations against China based on false information and political motives, and oppose interference in China's internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

There are opinions on right and wrong, and justice is in the hearts of the people.

Canada seems to have forgotten its own scandals in the Human Rights Council.

In May of this year, the remains of as many as 215 children were found on the site of an aboriginal boarding school in British Columbia, Canada. The youngest was only 3 years old. Just a few days ago, as many as 751 unnamed graves were found on the site of an Indian boarding school in Canada. The media exclaimed "horrifying."

One after another "discovered" the remains of aboriginal people, even Trudeau himself said: Canadian behavior made Canadians "frightened and ashamed."

The United States and the United Kingdom, behind the "hidden" in Canada, are equally inferior in human rights.

In addition to racial discrimination in the United States and provoking wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, Zhao Lijian pointed out more examples: On May 31, 1921, American white thugs "slaughtered" Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Afro-descendant community resulted in the deaths of about 300 local Afro-descendants. This year happens to be the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Genocide.

As for the United Kingdom, the British army abused and injured local innocent civilians during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The British side wanted to openly justify the crimes committed by the British soldiers in legal form. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has raised concerns about the relevant bills.

"Faced with the above-mentioned stigma and numerous crimes, what right do they have to make irresponsible remarks about the human rights situation in other countries?" Zhao Lijian asked back.

On June 24, the Ministry of Commerce website announced China's prosecution of Australia's “dual countermeasures”:

China filed a lawsuit under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism for anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures taken by Australia against imports of railway hubs, wind towers, and stainless steel sink products from China.

In response, Gao Feng, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce, explained:

Australia adopted or extended anti-dumping measures against railway wheels and wind towers imported from China in 2019, and extended anti-dumping and countervailing measures against stainless steel water tanks imported from China in 2020. In these three cases, Australia determined that dumping and subsidies were suspected of violating the WTO's Anti-Dumping Agreement and the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures.

In just six months, Australia filed two complaints with the WTO.

On June 19, the Australian Minister of Trade announced that he would file a complaint with the WTO on China's imposition of anti-dumping tariffs on Australian wine and threatened that the Australian government would "actively defend the interests of the country's wine industry." On December 16 last year, the Australian government announced that it filed a complaint with the WTO on China's imposition of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Australian barley.

In fact, some media statistics: Since 1995, Australia has initiated a total of 87 original trade remedy cases against China, including 9 in 2020. In contrast, since 1995, China has initiated a total of 5 original trade remedy cases against Australia., Of which, from 2 in 2020.

In addition to the national level, Chinese people also intend to sue relevant Australian institutions.

Recently, the Chinese Uyghur youth Nuoeradili Wubulikas published a proposal on social platforms to refute the hype of the so-called "forced labor in Xinjiang" lie by Western anti-China forces such as the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy. The initiative has received the response and support of hundreds of Uyghur compatriots, and in the future, an infringement lawsuit will be filed against the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy.

The actions of Nuoeradili Wubulikas were supported by Zhao Lijian: "The Uyghur people have the right to take up legal weapons, fight against all kinds of Xinjiang-related lies, and protect their rights and interests in accordance with the law."

Five directors of "Apple Daily" were arrested on suspicion of "conspiracy to collude with foreign countries or foreign forces to endanger national security", and "Apple Daily" was also shut down by itself this week.

The role of "Apple Daily" in the violent conflict in Hong Kong is obvious to all around the world. It is not only the promoter of the illegal "Occupy Central" and "anti-revision" campaigns, but also the instigator and participant of such evil acts as "Hong Kong independence", "black violence", and "speculation".

Now that the publication is suspended, the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries have jumped out to take the opportunity to make trouble.

"Just because the unit involved in the case is an individual news organization and the person involved is the person in charge of an individual news organization, it is considered that this is a blow to freedom of the press. This is not pretending to be foolish , or that it has ulterior motives and reverses black and white." Zhao Lijian responded.

Not only that, a spokesperson for the Liaison Office of the Hong Kong Central Committee said that the SAR government's actions against the Apple Daily in accordance with the law are a just move to effectively safeguard national security and Hong Kong's tranquility, and have nothing to do with the so-called "freedom of the press."

"A few days ago the US government forcibly shut down more than 30 foreign news media websites and brutally suppressed the media of other countries." The spokesperson pointed out that this is a naked "double standard."

A spokesperson for the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council also made a statement: Freedom of speech and press cannot be a "shield" for criminal acts, and media organizations cannot be an extra-legal place that is exempt from accountability. "Some politicians in the United States and the West falsely claim that this move is'suppressing freedom of speech and the press,' which is completely confusing and reversing black and white."

Start the "journey of revenge"! Trump held the first rally after leaving office and blasted Biden angrily!

After half a year of "silence", former US President Trump held the first large-scale rally after leaving the White House in Ohio on the 26th, and "revenge" is the unanimous evaluation of the event by various media. The Biden administration and Democrats were "fired" by the former US leader, as well as Republicans who had betrayed themselves. Before the midterm elections of the US Congress next year, Trump will also participate in many campaign rallies, and Ohio is just the first stop on his " revenge journey."

Former US President Trump attends a rally in Ohio on June 26, 2021.

According to the "Washington Post" and other media reports, Trump gave a 90-minute speech at the campaign rally with the theme "Save America" , which covered a wide range of content. He once again claimed that the results of last year’s election were “stolen”, angered that Biden’s administration was a disaster, hinted that he might return to politics in 2024, and criticized former Vice President Pence and Senate Republican Leader McConnell. Many media claimed that tens of thousands of people participated in the rally, and the "Voice of Deutsche Welle" quoted the local police as saying that more than 20,000 people were "championing" for Trump. Many of the "iron fans" of the former US president even waited for hours to participate in the campaign, and even more severely criticized the prosecution of him as political persecution.

"We will take back the House of Representatives, we will take back the Senate, we will take back the United States, and we will do it soon." Trump encouraged the Republican Party to "a shame" at the first "iconic rally" after his resignation. Reuters said that in the 2022 mid-term elections, the Democratic Party's weak majority in the Senate and House of Representatives will be in jeopardy. Historically, it is easier for the Republican Party to increase its seats in the midterm elections. At the rally, Trump specifically emphasized the increasing number of illegal immigrants in the southern border region of the United States, criticizing the immigration policies of the Biden administration and Vice President Harris's delay in visiting the US-Mexico border.Harris arrived in El Paso, a small border town on the US-Mexico border on the 25th, where he visited the immigration processing center. Trump accepted the invitation of the governor of Texas to go to the US-Mexico border area on Wednesday to raise funds for the construction of the border wall in the area. Trump criticized Harris for saying that if he and the governor of Texas would not visit the US-Mexico border, Harris would "never go (there)."

The Ohio rally was also one of Trump's actions to punish the traitors. According to multiple media reports, after the riots in the US Congress in January, 10 Republican lawmakers voted to impeach Trump, and Ohio Republican Representative Gonzalez was one of them. Trump is on the 26th for his former adviser and Gonzalez's opponent Miller in the election of the House of Representatives next year. The former president of the United States called Gonzalez a "traitor", a "false Republican and a disgrace to Ohio." The British " Independent" quoted Trump's confidant as saying that the former president could not wait to fight against these people since the day they "rebelled."Trump believes that as long as he makes a statement in support of a candidate, that candidate can win the party's primary election. Trump hopes to hold campaign rallies in every electoral district of "traitors" to stand for his opponents and punish these traitors. Trump supporters also expressed their hope that Trump can use these activities to unite the Republican Party and support like-minded congressional candidates.

The Washington Post commented that in many states, Trump's endorsement is the most popular bargaining chip in the Republican primary elections. Candidates for federal and state congressmen in the United States have asked to meet with Trump and publicly displayed their loyalty to Trump in campaign advertisements. An adviser said that after Trump left office, he held "40 or 50" endorsement meetings with candidates. Trump's aides even made a form of the candidate's name and detailed information, including the candidate's public opinion support rate, resume, etc., and the Candidates' previous comments on Trump and their comments on social media are subject to censorship. These factors will determine whether Trump will endorse the candidate.Later this summer, Trump is expected to meet with three candidates in New Jersey, and they hope to get the seat of Representative Liz Cheney. However, senior members of the Republican Party hope Trump will cautiously provide support to Republican candidates. There is a view that Trump's repeated claims that the results of last year's election were “stolen” may have a counterproductive effect on his supporters during his campaign.

According to Reuters, Ohio is a state won by Trump in the presidential election last year. The activities on the 26th marked that he will once again agitate his supporters in a way of "unscrupulous, sensational and slanderous", which is essential to consolidate his fundamentals. The American media believes that Presidents such as Obama and Bush have lived a relatively low-key life after leaving office, but Trump has a strong sense of existence. Not only did he attend conservative political action meetings, he also accepted interviews from conservative media from time to time, and he also issued a statement to express his political stance to the outside world. Trump has a lot of itineraries next, such as the "Save America" ​​​​rally to be held in Florida on July 3.American Fox News stated that the event will start at 14:00 on the same day and will last until 18:00, and will end with a fireworks display. Trump will deliver a speech at the event. CNN previously reported that Trump's team also plans to hold rallies in Alabama and Georgia later this summer, and the purpose of these activities is to retaliate against people who have offended them before.

US media: US states and cities suffer from Sino-US trade war

On June 24, the US "Politics" website published an article entitled "US-China Trade Dispute Harms Americans". The author is Craig Allen, President of the China-US National Council for Trade. The full text is excerpted as follows:

US Trade Representative Dai Qi and other economic officials in the Biden administration have frequently held meetings with their Chinese counterparts in recent weeks. These dialogues are a good start to promote the tension between the two countries to stabilize. The Trump era adopted various policies from tariffs to sanctions to adjust the Sino-US business relationship to strengthen export control and foreign investment review, which caused tension between the two countries. Intensified. However, after these initial talks and Wednesday's report on future talks, it is not yet clear where the Sino -US trade and investment negotiations will go next.

Although Biden's team is still conducting a so-called “thorough” assessment of its China policy, Dai Qi said that tariffs will depend on three factors: the dialogue with China, the effectiveness of the first phase of the trade agreement, and the US's China strategy. As cabinet members and President Joe Biden prepare for further, they should also consider the fourth factor: if the United States continues to follow the current path, especially if it continues to impose tariffs on US$370 billion in Chinese goods, it will continue to pay. The cost-the cost of American jobs and competitiveness.

States and cities are suffering from trade wars

US exports to China have supported approximately 1 million jobs in the US from beginning to end. The trade war of the past three years has provided us with a small window through which we can see the future of China and the United States deliberately weakening their commercial relations, and the situation that is about to emerge is very bad.

According to a study by Oxford Economic Consulting, at its peak, the trade war cost the United States approximately 245,000 jobs and 108 billion US dollars in gross domestic product (GDP). Don't forget, this was before the new crown pneumonia epidemic caused millions of Americans to apply for unemployment benefits.

US states and cities have suffered from the trade war. Over the years, the states have strengthened their trade with China, creating intricate two-way relationships. Nationwide policy discussions often fail to recognize that deep local relations with China have boosted Sino-US trade . A California official said very well: "We have no foreign policy, that is the responsibility of the federal government. But we do have external relations, which is extremely important to us." A research report from the 2019 Business Roundtable pointed out that California As many as one-fifth of the jobs in the state depend on international trade, and exports to China support about 146,000 jobs.

▲ Profile picture: A farmer in Lippi, Iowa, USA, is checking the soybean harvest.

There seems to be a disconnect between the dependence of the local economy on trade, the cost of tariffs, and the rhetoric of the elected representatives of the states in Washington.

A timber exporter in Michigan complained that the 25% tariff almost killed the timber industry: “Dozens of timber mills across the country have closed down and thousands of high-quality jobs have been reduced. Soybean and corn growers in the Midwest have been rescued. We didn't get anything, no one seemed to notice us." Two years ago, Chinese buyers snapped up 80% of Michigan's production. Now this ratio has dropped to single digits. His former Chinese customers may have switched to suppliers outside the United States.

When the Biden administration talks about a trade policy for the benefit of the middle class, it must admit that today's jobs depend on foreign trade, and it will also be in the future. A study by the World Trade Consulting Corporation shows that, including transportation , final assembly, wholesale and retail, 21 million US jobs in the value chain are related to imports. In 2020, China's exports to the US accounted for 19% of US imports.

Restrictions damage the competitiveness of US companies

In 2020, despite the political tensions, tariffs, and chaos caused by the epidemic, all 50 US states' exports to China have increased by 18%. This increase largely reflects China's abandonment of retaliatory tariffs on US goods and the purchase of billions of dollars in goods, such as agricultural products, in order to fulfill its commitments in the first phase of the trade agreement.

The first phase of the trade agreement will end at the end of this year. If it is not postponed or replaced by an agreement to permanently abolish tariffs, states that rely on exports of agricultural products and other commodities and have been hit hard by tariff measures in the past three years are likely to watch trade-dependent jobs and related jobs. Taxes are reduced. For example, China's tariffs on US agricultural products cut state exports to China by more than half between 2017 and 2018, but after the tariffs were removed , these exports reached a record high last year.

Although it is difficult to say which of the United States and China will lose more in the trade war, Moody's Analytics says that American companies bear more than 90% of the cost of US tariffs on Chinese goods. In the process of raising tariffs in the United States, the prices of Chinese imported goods have remained stable, which means that American consumers and companies are the most affected by tariffs.

Some people tend to view it as a zero-sum game: cooperation or cooperation with China will only harm the competitiveness of the United States. But American high-tech companies have been operating in China for decades. They are mainly "in China, for China" or "in China, for Asia"-that is, selling products to consumers in those markets. 80% of the goods produced by American companies in China are sold in China, only 7% are exported to the United States, and the rest are exported to other countries.

The Chinese market is huge, and if American companies are not allowed to operate in China, they will be quickly replaced by Japanese and European competitors and local Chinese companies. If American companies are not allowed to operate in China, our competitors will be able to take full advantage of China's economies of scale and rapid adoption of technology to defeat American companies elsewhere (including our domestic market). Although US companies have participated in export control measures against security risks, various restrictions have created serious uncertainty and can be very harmful to US competitiveness.

US companies have successfully operated in China for decades, and invested profits from operations in China in R&D projects in the US, thereby creating well-paid jobs. Without the technology trade between China and the United States, there would be less money to invest in domestic R&D, talent, and factories to keep American companies in the lead.

The path the United States is currently following unnecessarily hinders trade relations through ineffective tariffs, strict export controls, and other restrictive measures. If the allies cannot reach a consensus, it is difficult to say what results these strategies can achieve. But it will certainly weaken America's technological leadership, cede American market share to foreign competitors, and lead to reduced investment in future jobs.

The United States should clearly and frankly recognize its responsibilities. It needs to reassess the measures it has introduced, including restricting Chinese students from enrolling in US universities and obstructing access to the US capital market. Measures such as this undermine the stability and predictability on which commerce and personnel exchanges depend.

The United States and China will eventually return to the negotiating table, hopefully soon. Given its impact on the middle class, trade must be at or near the top of the agenda.

China and Russia set a new milestone today! Western "soft knives" can't get in

Writer/Hu Yidao

On June 28, the leaders of China and Russia held a video meeting.

The two heads of state also issued a joint statement, officially announcing the extension of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation.

Some analysts believe that the video meeting between China and Russia at a critical moment is sending a clear signal to the world that the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia in the new era is strong.

RIA Novosti published a long article on the 26th, with the title "Unprecedented Leap-What achievements has the Chinese Communist Party made in its centenary?" To some extent, it can be said that this is a gift from Russian friends to the centennial of the Communist Party of China. The content of the article is very rich.


The RIA Novosti article pointed out that in the past 100 years, China has developed from a semi-colonial country that has experienced several revolutions and foreign invasions to an advanced power and the second largest economy in the world. This path is for the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China to walk together. Here. The article also mentioned the birth of the Chinese Communist Party and the unique origins of Soviet Russia, and reviewed that period of history from the perspective of the Russians.

As the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Zyuganov published an article in Pravda in March this year that the Communist Party of China has made great achievements since its establishment, leading the Chinese people from the poverty and weakness of the old China to the new. China's great rejuvenation has made great contributions to the world.

It can be said that the rapid development of China's economy, infrastructure, and overall national strength in recent decades has lagging behind many countries before and now it has become the world's second largest economy. Moscow and many Russians have seen it and also Thinking.

The RIA Novosti article lists some data:

In the past 40 years, China has carried out drastic reforms under the leadership of the Communist Party. The lives of the Chinese people have undergone earth-shaking changes, with an average annual GDP growth rate of 9.5%. In 1991, China's per capita GDP was only US$333, but in 2019, this indicator has increased by more than 30 times to reach US$10,200.

Small towns have become metropolises with large overpasses and skyscrapers. China's high-speed rail has become the fastest high-speed rail, and the total mileage of roads ranks among the top three in the world. In 2021, China's longest underwater highway tunnel will be put into use, China's highway bridge The number and production of automobiles rank first in the world.

However, RIA Novosti believes that these are not the most significant achievements of the Chinese government.

In 2020, Chinese leaders announced that China has eliminated extreme poverty. This is the achievement that has attracted the attention of the world. According to World Bank standards, 36.2% of the world's population lived below the poverty line in 1990. In 2018, this figure was 8.7%, and it was China that made a huge contribution to the world's poverty reduction.

In addition, the basic medical insurance, housing and children's education of Chinese citizens are now effectively guaranteed. All these are goals that have been successfully achieved under the construction of a well-off society.

The Chinese Communist Party also cares about common people's toilets. China has begun a "toilet revolution". Nowadays, convenient and clean toilets can be found everywhere in China's urban and rural areas. In addition, China's current Internet development has surpassed that of many Western developed countries. Many rural areas have access to high-speed mobile Internet. The people have increased their family income through the Internet economy and lead a happier life.

In particular, the fight against the new crown epidemic can quickly control the epidemic, further demonstrating China's internal governance capabilities. It only took Wuhan 3 months to return to normal life. In May 2020, China's economy began to recover. China was the only country in the world that achieved positive growth in the epidemic year, with GDP increasing by 2%.

Zyuganov believes that there are two main secrets for China to make great development achievements in the past few decades: first, to master advanced theories; second, to be able to learn from history and the people.

Zyuganov said that in the advancement of socialism, in many cases, the Communist Party of China had to fumble and move forward without a ready answer. The lack of theoretical basis is to a large extent made up for by the positive experience of the Chinese people over the centuries. The precious experience has served as the main driving force for the development of China's history more than once.

Of course, such a road is impossible and it is destined not to be a smooth road without difficulties and with fewer failures. However, the CCP is always able to turn danger into a breeze and achieve its set goals. This has been true since its creation.

Zyuganov believes that the Chinese Communists have made their own choice. It is they who know and know their country best and are deeply aware of the creativity of the people. They are absolutely correct. The CCP is now the world's largest political organization, with more than 90 million party members, and it has a significant impact on the global process.


Regarding the tremendous changes that have taken place in China and why it has achieved today's success, mainstream Russian scholars have also given their answers.

For example, Andrei Karneev, Dean of the Oriental Institute of the Russian University of Economics, believes that if you look at China's achievements from a macro-historical perspective and look back at Chinese history, you can find that China has experienced various things in the long history of thousands of years. Different periods-prosperity and decline. Among them, there are many great dynasties, which contributed many cultural and technological achievements to the treasure house of human civilization.

But he believes that "it is extremely rare that such a large population can get rid of poverty and backwardness in a very short period of time, and reach the high level of development in the world. This is a unique achievement in the history of the world. Many countries find it incredible because it is here. It happened under our noses."

Sergei Sanakoyev, director of the Research Center for Asia-Pacific Organizations in Russia and vice chairman of the Russia-China Friendship Association, believes that Marxism, the main guiding ideology of the Communist Party, is an absolutely vivid and objective science. It has not only development, but also vivid manifestations. Deng Xiaoping once said: "Whether it is a black cat or a white cat, a good cat can catch mice."

"This is the basic principle of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The main idea is that the market will not conflict with the interests of the people. On the contrary, it can open up a path of development." Sanakoyev concluded.

For China-Russia relations, this year is also a special year.

The "Sino-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation" is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The treaty was signed in July 2001, and on June 28, the leaders of the two countries formally announced the extension of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation. It is reported that China and Russia will hold related activities in July to jointly celebrate a milestone in the development of Sino-Russian relations.

Russian media claimed that decades later, this document still has practical significance under the new international conditions. In addition, the friendship between the two peoples is also reflected in the close relationship between the leaders of the country.

Under the guidance of the concept of "strategic cooperation has no end, no forbidden zone, and no upper limit", China and Russia are launching more joint and cooperation.

This also makes the US strategy of "anti-Russian control over China" facing the embarrassment that it cannot be implemented.

The US-Russia summit held earlier was considered by some international media to reflect US President Biden's eagerness to separate Sino-Russian relations.

After the US-Russia summit, Biden once told the Russian media, “China is striving to become the world's most powerful economy and possess the world's most powerful military power. And your (Russia) economy is struggling, you need Develop in a more positive way."

Both Russian and Chinese media pointed out that this kind of mentality for fear of further Sino-Russian relations has been exposed.

However, the latest news shows that the Sino-Russian joint military exercise will be held in Ningxia, China in July. This obviously shattered some people's illusions that they wanted to lay a wedge in Sino-Russian relations.

According to media reports, the Western Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Eastern Russian Military District held consultations on the "Western/Interactive-2021" joint exercise in Khabarovsk on June 22.

The Press Office of the Eastern Russian Military Region stated that experts from the Western Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army arrived in Khabarovsk on a special trip. Starting from the same day, they held a joint meeting with experts from the Russian military's participating command headquarters . The two sides had conversations on a number of issues.

Regarding the Sino-Russian joint military exercise to be held next month, some details have also surfaced.

In terms of participating forces, the motorized infantry battalion, tactical aviation unit, and army aviation assault group of the Eastern Russian Military Region will participate. These participating troops will be projected to Ningxia, China by rail, road and air. The Russian side pointed out that the Sino-Russian military exercise will dispatch more than 10,000 troops and thousands of pieces of military equipment.

Russian military experts pointed out that the Sino-Russian joint military exercise mainly tested the level of military scale, directional strategic assault defense, air defense, and firepower assault and other combined subjects.

Not long ago, the Russian Pacific Fleet organized more than 20 ships and long-range anti-submarine aircraft, maneuvering 5,000 kilometers long-distance, directly inserted into Hawaii, the United States, and conducted a large-scale exercise of "simulating strikes against aircraft carrier battle groups" in nearby waters, forcing the US military to have to The "Carl Vinson" aircraft carrier was urgently transferred back to Hawaii.

In addition, there was also an incident in which Russian military planes "fired warning" on British warships in the Black Sea a few days ago.

It can be said that from the close game between Russia and the United States and Britain to the upcoming joint military exercises between China and Russia, a series of actions have effectively attacked the arrogance of the West.

Especially in the current international environment, China and Russia have also used joint military exercises, highlighting the high degree of strategic mutual trust between the two countries.


From this long article by RIA Novosti and Zyuganov's article, as well as the Kremlin's related decisions, it can be seen that most people in Russia have a healthy and positive attitude towards China's rapid development, and they have been discovering and summarizing China's Successful experience, think about whether it can be used for reference to Russia.

Moreover, the reason why Russia's economic development is currently experiencing some difficulties and its relatively slow growth is mainly related to the comprehensive economic, trade, and financial sanctions imposed by the United States and the West over the past ten years. They tried to use " soft knives" to undermine Russia's development and internal unity.

The Kremlin sees this very clearly.

Some Russian experts told me that the United States hopes to stabilize relations with Russia and then provoke Sino-Russian relations so that Russia can remain neutral during the so-called "new cold war" with China. However, Washington's strategy of "divide and conquer and defeat each" is too obvious and underestimates Russia's strategic wisdom.

At present, China and Russia have mutual needs to resolve external strategic pressures through "major power cooperation." Moreover, objectively speaking, the pressure of the United States and Europe on China and Russia has never been reduced, but has increased in recent years. The international situation has reached the most intense confrontation period.

From the perspective of Russia, President Putin expressed a high degree of appreciation for Sino-Russian relations and believed that mutual trust between the two sides reached an unprecedented level. Both China and Russia emphasized that their strategic cooperation "will not target any third party and will not form a military alliance." However, Putin said in a speech on October 22, 2020: "There is currently no military alliance between Russia and China, but this is not ruled out. A possibility."

For a politician who is known for being in danger, this is a rare expression of frustration by Merkel!

On June 26, the British "Financial Times" website published an article entitled "Merkel's proposal for the Russia summit failed to show that her power is weakening", the author is Guy Chazan. The full text is excerpted as follows:

German Chancellor Merkel said that the leaders of other EU countries opposed her proposal for the EU and Putin to hold the first summit since 2014, which made her very "sad". She said this shows that "we don't trust each other enough. "

For a politician who is known for his self-discipline and being in danger, this is a rare expression of frustration by Merkel. But this incident highlights the scars left by the French-German proposal, which has caused intense dissatisfaction and anger-even among Merkel's closest allies.

This quarrel cast a shadow over one of the EU summits before Merkel stepped down. After serving as German Chancellor for 16 years, Merkel will step down this year. The recent heated discussions are not the smooth farewell that many people expected.

Ulrich Speck, a senior visiting scholar at the German Marshall Foundation, said: "Merkel has actually become a lame duck."

▲On June 24, German Chancellor Merkel arrived at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, preparing to attend the EU Summer Summit. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo courtesy of the EU)

Merkel's long experience at EU summits shows that she is good at ensuring that the discussions at the summit are conducted in her own way. But recently, this approach has failed.

For Merkel's political opponents in Germany, the dispute highlights the additional damage brought about by the second-line project of the Beixi Natural Gas Pipeline backed by Berlin. The pipeline will transport Russian natural gas directly to Germany. Many people believe that this will increase Europe's dependence on Russian energy.

Franziska Brantner, spokesperson for the Green Party in charge of European affairs, said: "The problem is that the second line of the North Stream Natural Gas Pipeline program has made Germany lose all its credibility and no longer represents European interests. Some EU member states would love it. I know that what the German government is doing is to protect the interests of Europe or just to protect the interests of Germany."

After the summit, Merkel explained what prompted her to propose a summit between the EU and Russia-one of the main reasons is that US President Biden held a direct meeting with Putin in Geneva this month.

In view of the fact that the United States and Russia have reached an agreement on the framework for "discussing" "all controversial issues" in the relationship between the two countries, Merkel believes that "under such circumstances, the EU should also find an appropriate way for dialogue with Russia."

She insisted that this is not a question of "restarting" relations between the EU and Russia, but about how to best resolve the current conflict.

Diplomats say that Merkel may think that the EU summit is her last chance before leaving office, so that the EU can embark on a path of further engagement with Russia.

Her proposal was supported by the German Social Democratic Party in the ruling coalition.

Social Democrat and Finance Minister Olaf Schultz told the Financial Times reporter: "In terms of security policy, the EU must become an important participant and (at the same time) unite in international affairs. Russia must understand and accept the EU. Integration."

In the EU countries, Merkel's proposal has also received some support. Although some EU leaders questioned the idea of ​​​​​​​​​​​​a summit between the EU and Putin, some supporters said that the deteriorating relations with Russia are a more important reason for the EU to change course.

Diplomats said the problem is that supporters only proposed the idea the day before the summit. Some people think that this proposal is "inadequately prepared", as if "a bolt from the blue".

Biden ordered the 90-day traceability of the new crown virus, and the task was not halfway through, so he retreated

On May 26, US President Biden ordered the Federal Intelligence Agency to investigate the "mystery of the origin of the new crown virus" to find out whether the new crown virus came from nature or the so-called "laboratory leak" accident.

At that time, Biden ordered investigators to submit relevant reports within 90 days. However, the 90-day mission period has not passed half of the time, and the Biden administration has already "retired."

According to US media reports on the 27th, Biden administration officials have recently warned that a 90-day investigation into the origin of the new crown virus may not be able to come up with a clear explanation. Because so far, the intelligence agency responsible for the investigation has not found conclusive evidence to resolve the “controversy” over whether the epidemic started through contact with infected animals or was caused by an accident in the laboratory.

A senior US government official revealed that Biden "has realized that after 90 days, we may not have an absolutely clear answer, but he wants a focused, intense, and time-bound effort."

【US Intelligence Agency】

There is not enough evidence to make a judgment

According to US media reports, in February this year, Biden received daily intelligence briefings in the Oval Office, showing that the intelligence community has encountered difficulties in identifying the source of the new crown virus. Intelligence officials told Biden at the meeting that day that they had many questions about the source of the new crown virus, but did not have "high confidence" in the specific explanation. Subsequently, Biden instructed National Security Adviser Sullivan to take follow-up actions.

At a meeting with intelligence officials in early March, the White House asked intelligence officials to produce a written assessment report on the origin of the new crown virus. According to US media reports, the relevant assessment report was submitted to Biden in May of this year . One of the intelligence agencies tends to the so-called "laboratory leak" theory, while the other two intelligence agencies are more inclined to believe that the new coronavirus is a natural occurrence., But everyone's confidence in the evaluation results is “low or medium". Most intelligence agencies stated that there is not enough evidence to make a judgment.

The US media said that this uncertain assessment, coupled with the release of a research report by the China-WHO Joint Expert Group on the Traceability of the New Coronavirus, means that the Chinese part of the global traceability of the new coronavirus has been completed, "prompting" Biden to order. Launch what a senior US official called a "comprehensive effort review" within 90 days.

The investigation of the origin of the new crown virus is in charge of Haynes, the US Director of National Intelligence. According to the "Wall Street Journal"

At present, this work is in the charge of Haynes, the US Director of National Intelligence. She is an attorney and former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). She has a long-term working relationship with Biden. However, detecting and analyzing global epidemics is not what she and the 18 intelligence agencies she is responsible for are good at. Finding relevant clues is a huge test for US intelligence agencies, because traditionally, these agencies have never regarded epidemics as their first priority. task.

For a long time, the priority of the National Intelligence Agency has been to gather intelligence on military opponents, weapons proliferation, and terrorist organizations, rather than monitoring global epidemics. Although the Biden team made it clear after winning the presidential election in November last year that it would "urging" intelligence and defense agencies to expand the definition of national security and improve their ability to detect, analyze, and respond to epidemics. But it is not easy to require large intelligence agencies to spend a lot of resources and energy in a field that has long been regarded as unimportant. Haynes told members of Congress this spring that he had hired more people to deal with the threat of epidemics.

【American Senior Official】

Biden realized that there could be no results

But still want to "work hard"

Relevant officials revealed that this work is currently coordinated by the National Counterproliferation Center (National Counterproliferation Center) led by Haynes, which is responsible for overseeing intelligence work against the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

US media said that Biden will receive a 45-day latest investigation information in mid-July. US government officials said that even if some progress can be made in this investigation, it is impossible to narrow the differences between scientists, politicians, and intelligence experts and provide useful clues for further investigations. However, due to the lack of breakthrough progress, this work faces many obstacles.

A senior government official also revealed that Biden "has realized that after 90 days, we may not have an absolutely clear answer, but he wants a focused, intense, and time-bound effort."

Given that intelligence assessments may be inconclusive, some members of Congress, experts outside the government, and grassroots groups affected by the new crown epidemic have begun to call for the establishment of an independent national committee.

"At present, there is no proper, orderly, independent, and scientific evaluation of all existing evidence," said Philip Zelik, the former executive director of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack Investigation Committee. A planning team led by Zeliko may set up a committee to investigate how the new coronavirus emerged and how to better prepare for future pandemics. The plan has been supported by some well-known foundations.

Biden told the Israeli president: "Iran will never possess nuclear weapons during my term of office."

The Associated Press reported on the 29th that US President Biden met with the outgoing Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Monday. Biden tried to assure Israel that he would not tolerate Iran's possession of nuclear weapons. The Associated Press stated that Israel's political situation has undergone major adjustments , and Israel is increasingly anxious about the US government's efforts to return to the Iran nuclear agreement.

During the meeting, Biden mentioned that he had ordered an airstrike on militia facilities near the border between Iraq and Syria a day ago. The Associated Press stated that these remarks seemed to emphasize that even if he would seek to block Iran's nuclear program through diplomatic channels , he would maintain a strong attitude towards Iran's “malicious activities”.

Biden said at a meeting at the White House: "What I can tell you is that during my tenure, Iran will never acquire nuclear weapons."

Source: Foreign Media

The Associated Press pointed out that the meeting between Biden and Rivlin was held a few weeks after Bennett succeeded Netanyahu as the new prime minister of Israel. This was also the last time Rivlin visited during his presidency. At the same time, the Biden administration is stepping up its efforts to return to the Iran nuclear agreement. With the support of former US President Trump Netanyahu, the agreement was abolished in 2018.

Biden said he hopes to meet with Israel's new Prime Minister Bennett “soon” at the White House.

Data map

The Associated Press stated that the day before Biden and Rivlin met, US Secretary of State Blincoln met with Israeli Foreign Minister Rapide in Rome. Israel's Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi also met with Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan and other senior national security officials last week . Kohavey reiterated that Israel opposed the Biden administration's efforts to return to the Iran nuclear agreement.

Want nuclear surveillance video? Iran talks about conditions, the United States and France wake up, China has a strong voice

In order to discuss the resumption of implementation of the agreement between the United States and Iran, the parties involved in the Iranian nuclear agreement have held several rounds of meetings in Vienna, the Austrian capital, since early April this year. Iran and other parties involved in the Iran nuclear agreement have conducted six rounds of negotiations, and the seventh round of the Vienna talks is under preparation. The US and Iranian delegations negotiated indirectly through other parties "spreading words".

After two months of negotiations, the two sides have been quite exhausted, but the results have been minimal. The US Secretary of State and the French Foreign Minister reminded Iran on June 25, local time that "the time for negotiations is running out." The next day, the spokesperson of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said immediately that Iran believed that the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue might be resumed, but it would not "negotiate indefinitely."

On June 27, local time, Iran's Speaker Khalibaf also strongly stated that the temporary technical understanding between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has ended and the two parties have not renewed the contract. Therefore, Iran will not hand over any surveillance video data. The agency, Iran will possess these materials. He also said: "Iran is actually implementing its own laws."

The spokesperson of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament, Abbaszade, said that if the sanctions are not lifted, Iran will not only not provide any monitoring information, but will also turn off monitoring equipment.

On June 25, IAEA local time requested Iran to give a quick reply on whether to continue to extend this temporary technical understanding. On the same day, US Secretary of State Blinken stated that Tehran's refusal to extend this interim technical understanding would have a "very serious" impact on "more extensive" negotiations. Facing the warning from the United States, Abbaszade stated that the United States has no right to impose conditions on Iran because it was the United States that violated the Iran nuclear agreement first.

Regarding Iran's statement that the United States must lift all sanctions before returning to the Iran nuclear agreement, China's permanent representative to the United Nations in Vienna, Wang Qun, made it clear on April 6 local time that this involves a basic right and wrong issue and Iran's legitimate demands as an injured party. It should be confirmed and satisfied first. The United States unilaterally withdrew from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and exerted extreme pressure on Iran, resulting in the Iranian side being forced to reduce its compliance to countermeasures . This is the fundamental logic behind the development of the Iranian nuclear situation."Unlocking the bell still has to tie the bell." The US cancels all unlawful unilateral sanctions and returns to the comprehensive agreement as soon as possible. This is the key to cracking the current Iranian nuclear situation.

Biden finally realized that he could not produce a report on the origin of the virus in 90 days

Biden himself began to lose confidence in the traceability results within 90 days.

On June 27, the Wall Street Journal quoted a US government official as saying that the 90-day traceability investigation of the new crown virus may not yield a clear answer. A person familiar with the matter said that the US intelligence agency under review has not found strong evidence to prove whether the new coronavirus was transmitted to humans through infected animals or the so-called "Chinese laboratory leak."

Regarding the source of the new coronavirus, China has always advocated scientific tracing, and it has invited WHO experts twice to conduct research in China. However, the United States is trying to establish a "presumption of guilt" against China with political motives. Last month, Biden even ordered the US intelligence services to "produce a report on the origin of the virus within 90 days."

Recently, more and more scientists have come forward to fight back against the "laboratory leak" fallacy hyped by the US government. At the same time, Biden himself began to lose confidence in the traceability results within 90 days.

Screenshot of the Wall Street Journal report

A senior US government official revealed that Biden has "realized that we may not have an absolutely clear answer in 90 days, but he hopes that this effort can be focused, high-intensity, and time-bound."

Biden will receive an interim report on the progress of the 45-day investigation in mid-July. US officials said that even if only part of the progress is made, it is possible to narrow the differences between the scientific, political, and intelligence experts , and contribute to the next investigation. Provide clues.

As for why the current investigation has not made "breakthrough progress", the Wall Street Journal has come up with familiar arguments, claiming that the main "obstacle" is "China refuses to provide further data, nor does it allow investigators to further contact the Wuhan Institute of Virology. the scientist".

Talking about why Biden required the US intelligence agency to provide a report on the origin of the virus within 90 days, the report pointed out that in February of this year, an intelligence agency official told Biden that they had many questions about the source of the new crown virus, but "did not have high confidence in any conclusions." ". Therefore, Biden asked National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to follow up the matter in March of this year.

Then, the White House ordered the intelligence agencies to issue written assessment reports. This report was handed over to Biden in May of this year. One of the intelligence agencies was more inclined to "lab leak" and the other two intelligence agencies were more inclined to think that the virus was Naturally. However, all institutions have only "low" or "medium" confirmation of their opinions, and there is not enough evidence to make a judgment.

According to the report, the above-mentioned uncertain assessment results, coupled with "China believes that its domestic COVID-19 traceability investigation has been completed", made Biden decide to order the US intelligence agency to "go all out" to investigate within 90 days.

From the "Wall Street Journal" report, it is enough to see how hard the US intelligence agencies are trying to find the "origin of the virus" they want.

The report pointed out that, compared to monitoring the Russian army, terrorism and other issues, investigating the origin of the global epidemic is not a priority of the US intelligence agency, so the agency needs to integrate resources.

The current US National Intelligence Director Avril Haines (Avril Haines) is an attorney who also served as deputy director of the CIA during the Obama era, and has had many years of friendship with Biden. Haynes revealed to the US Congress earlier this year that she has hired more people to handle affairs related to the epidemic.

US National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes. Source: Surging Image Platform

US officials said that the review of the origin of the virus is coordinated by the National Counterproliferation Center under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. This department is usually responsible for the supervision of nuclear and biological and chemical weapons.

In addition, the National Security Agency under the US Department of Defense will look for clues in the large number of foreign electronic communications it intercepts. This work has also been obtained from US government laboratories, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US National Institutes of Health. And the help of experts from the US Department of Health and Human Services. At the same time, non-governmental experts and intelligence agencies of American allies also participated in providing consultation.

Regarding the actions of the Biden administration, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory consultant and former deputy secretary of the US Department of Defense Andrew Weber said: "Such high-level, high-intensity in-depth investigations are very rare."

Glenn Gerstell, the former general counsel of the US National Security Agency, said that the Biden administration's investigation into the origin of the new crown virus indicated that intelligence agencies will increasingly be required to carry out complex measures on non-traditional threats., Multidisciplinary work , "This is the trend of the intelligence community."

The Wall Street Journal stated that considering that intelligence-based reviews may be inconclusive, some major US lawmakers, experts, and people affected by the new crown have called on the government to establish an independent national committee.

On the issue of the traceability of the new crown, China has always held an open and transparent attitude. It has invited WHO experts to China twice to conduct traceability research. WHO experts have also visited various biological laboratories including the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

More and more scientists have come forward to fight back against the fallacy of "laboratory leaks". On June 18, Dominic Dwyer, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Sydney School of Medicine and a WHO expert who was involved in the global traceability of the new crown virus, wrote in the British "Guardian" that the animal origin of the new crown virus It is logical, but it will take years to find relevant evidence.

Dwyer emphasized that the work of traceability must be subordinate to science. The spread of the hypothesis of "laboratory origin" is accidental and deliberate. It even has the support of some governments and caters to the political discourse of some countries.

On June 28, Bloomberg published an interview with Australian virologist Danielle Anderson. As a foreign scientist who worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Anderson emphasized that she did not find any researchers "sick" at the end of 2019. There is no evidence that a "functional enhancement experiment" was carried out. She was also impressed by the highest safety standards adopted by the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It is worth noting that Anderson had refuted conspiracy theories about the new crown epidemic on the Internet at the beginning of 2020, but was attacked by "extremists" from the United States and had to call the police.

Australian virologist Anderson used to work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. I provided the picture to Bloomberg.

In the face of WHO's scientific research, the United States is still preoccupied with conspiracy theories such as "laboratory leaks," requiring intelligence agencies to lead the investigation of the origin of the new coronavirus. As Shen Yi, a columnist of and a professor at the Department of International Politics of Fudan University, said, virus traceability was originally a scientific work done by scientists. When the US intelligence agency was "given a heavy responsibility" by the US government, there was something behind it. The subtext , that the new coronavirus must have come out of the laboratory, this reproduces Powell's "washing powder" in a public form.

He actually said that he wanted to protect the "country" of Taiwan, and the Chinese side expressed its stance!

Senior Japanese officials openly stated that they would protect the "country" of Taiwan. Wang Wenbin: China requires the Japanese government to make clear clarifications!

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin hosted a regular press conference on the 29th. A reporter from Reuters asked that the Deputy Minister of Defense of Japan reminded everyone on Monday of the threat posed by cooperation between China and Russia, and said that it is necessary to realize that Beijing is putting pressure on Taiwan. His original words were "to protect Taiwan, a democratic country." ". what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? Are you surprised by his remarks?

Data Map of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Japan

Wang Wenbin said that China expresses its strong dissatisfaction with the wrong remarks made by senior Japanese government officials and has lodged solemn representations with Japan. Individual Japanese politicians ignore the facts of China's peaceful development, unreasonably accuse China's economic and social development, including normal national defense construction, play up the so-called Chinese threat, openly instigate major power confrontation, and make excuses for Japan's military deregulation, which has committed the crime of militarist aggression. Sinister, extremely irresponsible, and dangerous.This politician also openly referred to Taiwan as the so-called "country," which seriously violated the principles of the four political documents including the Sino-Japanese Joint Declaration and seriously violated Japan's solemn promise not to consider Taiwan as a country. China asks the Japanese government to make clear clarifications on this to ensure that such situations do not happen again.

Source of Wang Wenbin: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Wang Wenbin said that there is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's sacred territory. The Taiwan issue concerns the political foundation of Sino-Japanese relations, the basic faith between the two countries, and the international rule of law and justice. We seriously urge the Japanese side to earnestly abide by its promises on the Taiwan issue, be cautious in words and deeds, and must not damage China's sovereignty in any form, or send wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" forces in any form.

"What I want to emphasize is that China is unwavering in its determination to safeguard national sovereignty, security and reunification. China must and must be reunified. This is an unstoppable historical trend." Wang Wenbin said.

White House: Biden tried his best

According to the Associated Press in Washington, US President Biden once announced that he would provide 80 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to about 50 countries around the world by the end of June. To 24 million doses of vaccine.

According to the report, the White House stated that a series of logistical and regulatory issues have delayed the delivery of vaccines in the United States, but more will be sent in the next few days, and about 40 million doses are expected to be delivered by the end of this week. The White House emphasized that Biden is already doing his utmost to fulfill US commitments.

Reported earlier

With 80 million doses, Biden really just talked about...

According to a report from the Associated Press in Washington on June 21, when announcing the new coronavirus vaccine global sharing plan on Monday local time, US officials said that due to regulatory and other obstacles, President Biden is not expected to be able to ship overseas before the end of June. 80 million doses of the new crown vaccine.

Currently, the Biden administration has shipped less than 10 million doses of vaccines globally, including about 1 million doses shipped to Mexico, Canada and South Korea earlier this month.

According to the report, the White House announced the final distribution plan of the vaccine on Monday local time, of which 60 million doses will be provided to the Global New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan (COVAX) Vaccine Sharing Alliance, and 20 million doses will be directly provided to specific partners.

Officials said that although the vaccine produced in the United States is ready, delivery has been delayed due to legal, logistical and regulatory requirements in the United States and recipient countries.

The report quoted White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki as saying: "We found that the biggest challenge is actually not supply-we have enough vaccines to share with the world-but it is a daunting logistical challenge."

Psaki said that once countries are ready to receive these vaccines and the government resolves complex logistical issues, including vaccination supplies such as syringes and alcohol swabs, vaccine refrigeration, customs procedures and even language barriers, the vaccines will be issued immediately.

▲On June 21, an old man in Budgam, India was vaccinated. (Reuters)

Psaki said she does not know how many vaccines will be delivered by the end of this month.

According to reports, the United States does not need these surplus vaccines. With more than 177 million Americans receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, the demand for vaccines has fallen sharply in recent weeks.

In addition, according to a Reuters report in Geneva on June 21, a WHO official said on Monday local time that more than half of the poor countries that have obtained the vaccine through the Covid-19 Vaccine Implementation Program (COVAX) no longer have enough supplies to continue vaccination. vaccine.

Bruce Aylward, a senior adviser to the WHO, said at a press conference: "I would say that among the 80 pre-market commitment countries, at least half of the countries do not have enough vaccines to maintain the current plan." It means that low- and middle-income countries are eligible to obtain vaccines through the COVAX mechanism through advance market commitments. He said the actual number may be "much higher."

He also said that some of these countries have run out of vaccines.

According to reports, part of the reason for this shortage is production delays and supply interruptions in India. At the same time, as part of the third wave of infections, the number of infections and deaths across Africa is increasing.

"Like a clown!" Trump made a major move, and the US bipartisan dogs bite their dogs in a mess.

[Southern + July 4th] According to domestic media reports, on June 30, local time, former US President Trump arrived at the US-Mexico border area and criticized the Biden administration's immigration policy and said that “Biden is destroying United States”, there are more than 20 Republican federal congressmen who are traveling with Trump. Republicans hope to use the immigration issue to attack the Biden administration in the 2022 mid-term congressional elections, and Trump is the "tool" they want to use.

According to reports, at the invitation of Texas Governor and Republican Abbott, Trump came to Weslaco, Texas. In front of an unfinished border wall, Trump began to accuse the current President Biden of ignoring national security and abolishing border controls. He said that Biden abolished his previous immigration policy, leading to an increase in illegal immigration and drug smuggling, making the US border very dangerous. Abbott, who was accompanied by him, also flattered, saying that Trump "does better than any president in ensuring border security" and that he will complete the construction of the border wall.

It is reported that the immigration issue will become the focus of next year's congressional mid-term elections. The Republican Party hopes to regain control of Congress by this, and Trump is a "flow" to help them increase their attention. According to US media reports, the Chairman of the Republican Research Committee Banks stated that the Republicans hope to use Trump's visit to combat the Democrats. More than 20 members of the party even "absent from work" the day before and personally walked through illegal immigration. And take pictures to promote the cross-border roads, and communicate with illegal immigrants.

Since taking office in January this year, Biden overturned many immigration policies left behind by Trump and stopped the construction of the border wall, resulting in a significant increase in the number of immigrants going to the US-Mexico border area. Relevant data show that in May alone, US border guards stopped 180,000 illegal border crossings, a record high since March 2000. In this regard, the Republicans shed the blame on Biden.

Trump's border trip with Republicans also attracted the attention of the Democrats. The Democratic National Committee quickly criticized Trump: "The clown show!" The committee issued a statement, calling Trump misled voters and tried to distort its border policy. The statement stated that the Republicans are just showing off, and they should work with Biden to clean up the mess left by Trump, reform the immigration system, and establish a safe and humane immigration system.

If they want to use Trump's "East Wind" to hype up border issues, Republicans think beautifully, but the reality is cruel. Because in the near future, the liquidation against Trump has already begun. On the same day, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution to investigate the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6 this year. It is reported that the Democrats, who account for the majority in the House of Representatives, voted in favor, while Republicans voted against it. However, US media reported that the focus of the investigation is not on the supporters, but on the role Trump himself has played in inciting riots.

In addition, according to British Reuters, the US District Attorney in Manhattan, New York, officially filed criminal proceedings against the Trump Group and its chief financial officer. On July 1, local time, prosecutors disclosed multiple charges of the Trump Organization in court. According to reports, the Trump Organization has been accused of defrauding tax authorities. Group Finance Director Wieselberg was accused of concealing $1.76 million in "income". Once convicted, Wieselberg may be sentenced to 15 years in prison for theft, and the Trump Group will face fines and other penalties.

The Trump Organization once issued a statement saying that it was prosecutors in the Manhattan area of ​​​​​​​​New York who were "damaging" Trump. Many US media analysts believe that this will seriously affect Trump's chances of a "resurrection" in politics. Reuters said that this investigation may undermine the Trump Organization's relations with banks and business partners, and it will also complicate Trump's future political career. The British "Financial Times" also stated that since Trump left the White House, he has faced increasing legal issues. The criminal charges against the Trump Organization will undoubtedly deal a major blow to Trump's confidence in returning to politics.

More terrible than "archaeological" rescue! Seven days after the building collapsed, something worried about the missing family members happened

On July 1, local time, US President Biden arrived at the collapse of an apartment building in Miami. In the morning, rescue work was suspended "for fear of the stability of the uncollapsed part of the building". After the structural engineer determined that "the building is sufficiently safe", rescuers resumed search and rescue at about 4:45 pm that day. During the period, Biden inspected the accident site and met with the victim's family, local officials and rescuers. After the conversation, the Bidens stopped briefly in front of the temporary memorial wall. The Mayor of Miami emphasized that the search and rescue suspension "has nothing to do with Biden's visit."

Due to the very slow progress of the rescue, the building collapsed for more than a week without saving a living person, and the rubble cleaning was even rarer. The outside world said that the rescue of the Miami accident was as slow as archeology. In addition, according to official US news, the tropical cyclone "Elsa" may bring strong rainfall and strong winds to the county from the evening of July 4th to the morning of July 5th local time. This makes people very worried that rescue work will be affected . Family members of missing persons have expressed that they are worried that Biden will delay the progress of the search and rescue: "Every second is important. We don't want anything to disrupt the pace of rescue."

US media reported on July 1, local time that Allen Kominsky, chief of the Miami-Dade County Fire Department, said that during the first day of search and rescue, rescuers heard knocking on the wall, and then heard a woman uttering it. Call for help. The woman also informed that her parents were also trapped inside. They maintained a dialogue with the woman. The conversation between the two parties lasted for 10 to 11 hours, until the rescuers never heard her voice again, or even failed to see her from beginning to end. The scene showed that metal beams and concrete walls prevented rescuers from approaching the woman. In this way, people seem to "listen" to the passing of a life.

The slow rescue is unsatisfactory, and the cause of the accident also makes the outside world very angry. On the day of the inspection, Biden made "bold guesses" about the cause of the accident. He first mentioned possible causes including rusty steel bars and cement quality problems, and then suddenly shifted the topic to global warming. This remark was subsequently accused by netizens of over-politicizing the tragedy because Biden has recently vigorously promoted the infrastructure plan, but the two parties have not reached an agreement on the climate issue .

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