05 August, 2021

Biden refuses to "sanction China's cyber attacks", the reason is exposed!

US senior officials rarely admit: Biden refuses to sanction the so-called “cyber attack” of China because it cannot persuade allies to join

The US "Washington Observer" quoted a White House official on the 4th local time as saying that US President Biden refused to sanction China's "large-scale cyberattacks" because US allies were not prepared to join this confrontation.

"Washington Observer": United States: Biden refuses to impose sanctions on China's cyber attacks because its allies lack a "consensus" on sanctions

Although the American media used the tone of the Biden administration to "refuse sanctions against China," it clearly reflected the frustration and helplessness of the United States.

According to the report, at the Aspen Security Forum on the 4th, US Deputy National Security Adviser Anne Newberg talked about why the United States has not yet imposed sanctions on China's so-called “cyber-attacks” and claimed that “it is related to China's malicious cyber attacks. Activities', and the need for common appeals, common defense and common response to the consequences of these activities, (countries) are still building consensus."

Profile Picture of Anne Newberg, Deputy National Security Adviser of the United States

Newberg also talked about Russia at the time, saying: "The broader consensus is that it is necessary to point out bad behavior (Russia) and impose penalties if it violates the guidelines."

The United States has previously gathered accusations of "China's cyber-attacks" from many countries. The report said that Biden's move was in the hope that these countries could form a so-called "Alliance of Democracies" to counter China. Newberg said that the United States can still choose to impose sanctions or retaliate in other ways, but before that, the United States hopes to persuade other "democracies" to also sanction China.

Biden (data map)

On the evening of July 19, the United States and its allies, including NATO, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, issued statements at almost the same time, accusing China of being the “behind the scenes" of the cyber attack on the Microsoft's email system server in March this year. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian responded on July 20, stating that China once again strongly urges the United States and its allies to stop cyber thefts and attacks against China and stop pouring dirty water on China on cyber security issues. China will take necessary measures to firmly safeguard China. Network security and self-interest.

There are countless examples of cyber attacks launched by the United States against China.

Entrusted by Chinese netizens, the Global Times recently launched a joint initiative to request WHO to include Fort Detrick Biolabs in the second phase of the investigation of the origin of the epidemic. However, when the number of co-signers approached tens of millions, the co-signing server was attacked by multiple US IP addresses. The US has yet to give an explanation

Iraq's position: the sins committed by the US military must be paid off today

According to the British Guardian, on August 3, local time, the Iraqi side stated that the United States would return more than 17,000 cultural relics looted and smuggled after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Iraqi government said that the scale of the return of cultural relics is unprecedented in history.

US return of cultural relics

According to the report, after the US-British coalition invaded Iraq and overthrew the Saddam Hussein regime, Iraqi cultural relics have been plundered during wars and turmoil over the years. From 2014 to 2017, the "Islamic State" extremist group occupied one-third of Iraq's territory. Although Iraq and international forces later repelled the "Islamic State", many cultural relics were smuggled out of the country and destroyed.

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture stated that they have reached an agreement with the United States to require them to return the Iraqi cultural relics obtained by American museums and dealers, including the important "Gilgamesh" slab, which has a history of 3,500 years. Part of the "Epic of Gilgamesh" is engraved on it, which is considered to be one of the earliest literary works in the world.

The US Department of Justice stated that the US confiscated the slab from a museum in 2019 after it had been bought by an art dealer in Oklahoma. It is reported that this slab was brought back from London, England by an American dealer in 2003.

Iraqi Minister of Culture Hassan Nadhhim stated that the United States has returned more than 17,000 cultural relics, including the "Gilgamesh" slate. Most of the cultural relics can be traced back to the Mesopotamian civilization 4000 years ago. Some of the cultural relics have been exhibited in the National Museum, and the most precious cultural relics will also be displayed to the public after inspection.

Nadhhim said that this return of cultural relics is the largest in Iraq's history, and it is also the result of the joint efforts of the Iraqi government and the embassy in Washington. Nadhhim also emphasized that there are still thousands of Iraqi languages ​​​​smuggled overseas , but the good news is that Iraq has received the support of the international community, and the laws of many countries are on Iraq's side. He said excitedly: "The return of these cultural relics has enhanced the Iraqi people's sense of identity and national self -confidence in difficult times."

US forces leave Iraq

The United States, the culprit responsible for the loss of Iraqi cultural relics, will also withdraw its troops from Iraq this year. According to domestic media reports, last month, US President Biden stated during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Kadimi that the United States will end its combat mission in Iraq by the end of the year. Biden also said that although the US military will withdraw in the future, the United States will continue to carry out new cooperation with Iraq, continue to carry out counter-terrorism operations in the region, and jointly maintain peace and stability in the region.

Some US media pointed out that Biden's decision was also urged by the Iraqi government. In an interview with the Associated Press, Iraqi Prime Minister Kadimi said that Iraq no longer needs the help of the United States to combat the "Islamic State." In addition , the anti-US factions in Iraq strongly urge the United States to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

In January last year, the US military assassinated an Iranian commander was retaliated by the Iranian army. Iran used missiles to attack a US military base in Iraq. For this reason, Iraq held an emergency meeting and decided to expel thousands of US troops in Iraq in response. The United States has decided to reduce the number of troops stationed in Iraq. As of now, there are about 2500 US troops left.

Some domestic experts said that since the Obama administration, the United States has carried out a strategic contraction in the Middle East. Later, Trump and Biden have also continued to adopt this strategy. Under such circumstances, in order to continue to safeguard its interests in the Middle East, the United States is likely to adopt methods such as supporting allies in the region and finding agents. US allies, including Turkey and Israel, may all become "agents" of the United States in the Middle East.In addition, with the withdrawal of the United States, the major powers in the Middle East will also compete with each other and form a situation of mutual checks and balances. The United States will take measures to check and balance in it, which is also a means of safeguarding its interests in the Middle East.

The White House: Does not support Trump's request to "require China to compensate US$10 trillion for the new crown epidemic"

According to a New York Post report on the 4th, White House Spokesperson Psaki said on Wednesday local time that US President Biden does not support former President Trump's request for China to compensate more than US$10 trillion for the new crown epidemic.

Psaki told the media at a press conference: "Our position has not changed." When asked whether Biden was "open to this idea," Psaki interrupted the question and said: "You Do you have any other questions?"

The report pointed out that Trump had proposed that China must compensate the United States due to the spread of the new crown virus. Even in a recent taped speech at a Wisconsin rally, Trump still said: "China and the Chinese virus-they have to pay indemnities. We have suffered such serious injuries in terms of death and life." He added, "Even if they pay $10 trillion, that's not enough."

Trump also further elaborated on this idea in a speech to Republican lawmakers in North Carolina. He said that promoting reparations should be an international effort. Trump stated that the United States should work with allies to "submit a bill of at least 10 trillion US dollars to China to compensate them for the losses they have caused. This is a very low number. The losses are far greater than this."

White House Spokesperson Psaki (Source: Foreign Media)

Trump also clamored: "As a first step, all countries should collectively cancel any debts they owe China as the first payment for this indemnity."

In response to the "laboratory leak theory" of the new coronavirus, Biden said in a statement that the two US intelligence agencies preferred another theory that the virus is naturally produced from animals.

Previously, in response to Trump's so-called compensation issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated at a regular press conference on June 7 that during Trump's tenure, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States exceeded 24 million, and the number of deaths exceeded 41. Wan, Trump has repeatedly disregarded the facts, slammed the blame on China, shirked his own responsibility for ineffective epidemic prevention and control, and diverted his attention. I think the American people have a book in their hearts . What should really be held is those hypocritical politicians who used to be aloof but ignored the lives and health of the people.

Regarding the issue of dissemination of false information about the origin of the new crown virus by US lawmakers, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on August 3 that the relevant report was completely based on fabricated lies and distorted facts and could not produce any evidence, without credibility and scientificity. At all. The actions of the relevant US congressmen are purely out of political self-interest to slander and discredit the Chinese side. We resolutely oppose and strongly condemn their despicable actions with no moral bottom line.

Data map

In February of this year, the China-WHO Joint Traceability Expert Group visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology and conducted in-depth and candid scientific exchanges with the scientists of the Institute. The members of the expert group gave positive comments on the openness and transparency of the institute. "Laboratory leakage is extremely unlikely" is the main conclusion drawn in the China-WHO joint research report.

In 2003, the US used a bottle of laundry detergent as "evidence" to accuse Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction. Yin Jian is not far away, and the international community should not allow such incidents to happen again.

It must be pointed out that the US practice of using traceability to engage in political manipulation has been widely opposed by the international community. Up to now, 70 countries have opposed the politicization of traceability issues by writing letters to the WHO Director-General and issuing statements, and emphasized that the China-WHO joint research report should be maintained. This reflects the justice of the international community. The United States should listen carefully to these objective and fair voices.

If these US congressmen and gentlemen have even a slight sense of responsibility to the American people, they should let the US government announce as soon as possible the unexplained respiratory disease in Virginia in 2019, the large-scale "e-cigarette disease" that broke out in Wisconsin and Maryland, and participate in Wuhan. The data on illness cases of American soldiers in the Military Games allowed the international community to thoroughly investigate Fort Trick and more than 200 biological laboratories overseas in the United States.

Data map

As for research on the benefits of coronavirus, the United States is the world's largest funder and experimenter of this kind of research. Members of Congress can check in their own country whether the relevant research has and will it evolve into the new coronavirus.

In short, we urge the United States to respect facts and science, focus on fighting the epidemic, saving lives, and stop using the epidemic to engage in political manipulation and shirking blame.

Biden's approval rating plummeted! This time the White House's smashing pot technique doesn't work either

With the accelerated spread of Delta virus in the United States, Americans' optimism in the face of the epidemic is rapidly declining. According to the Gallup poll in the United States, as of the end of July, only 40% of Americans believed that the epidemic situation in the United States was improving, and this figure was as high as 89% at the end of June. The Biden administration's political achievements are largely based on how the White House responded to the epidemic. A severe rebound of the epidemic will undoubtedly damage the people's trust in the Biden administration. A poll conducted by the Harvard Joint Institute on Political and Economic Issues showed that Biden's approval rating dropped 10 percentage points from 62% in June to 52%.American politicians, who are increasingly weak in responding to the domestic epidemic, have gone farther and farther on the road of playing a political game of dumping blame. On August 2, a small group of Republicans in the US House of Representatives released an updated version of the so-called "New Crown Virus Traceability Report", continuing to peddle the "Chinese laboratory leak theory" lie; on August 24, Biden asked the intelligence department to submit the so-called new crown traceability report. It is conceivable what kind of "standard answer" would be produced by bypassing the deadline for scientists and using intelligence personnel to replace the work report; the United States has continued to pressure the WHO in an attempt to use its laundry detergent-like tricks on Iraq. China.As everyone knows, it is precisely in the repeated blames of American politicians that the United States, which has the world's most advantageous medical resources, has once again become the hardest hit area for the rebound of the epidemic.

Itar-Tass reported August 4, US President Biden declared that the United States has donated more than 110 million to 65 countries and regions The dose of the new crown vaccine is more than the total dose donated by all other countries, including Russia and China. Biden claims that the dose of vaccine donated by the US has exceeded the sum of all other countries

US President Biden source: foreign media

In a speech at the White House on Tuesday, Biden stated: “We have donated more than 110 million doses of US vaccines to the 65 countries and regions most affected by the epidemic. According to United Nations data, this surpasses 24 other countries, including China and Russia. The sum of the doses of countries that donated vaccines to other countries. All countries add up."

Biden also declared: "These vaccines from the United States are donated for free. We are not selling them. There is no favoritism and no strings attached. We do this to save lives and end this epidemic."

Reuters data map

However, Philippine President Duterte said on the evening of August 2 that he finally decided to renew the Visiting Force Agreement (VFA) between the Philippines and the United States in exchange for 3 million doses of Modena vaccine donated by the United States. Duterte said in a televised speech, "I am going to the airport because the United States has donated 3 million doses of the Modena vaccine. We are exchanging them on an equal footing. So, we thank them (referring to the United States) and I gave them some concessions.. I think the renewal of the "Visiting Forces Agreement" is a kind of gratitude to the United States."

The White House official website issued a statement on the 3rd that the United States has donated 111701,000 doses of vaccines. "This is a major milestone. It has consolidated the United States' position as a global leader in vaccine donations and reflects the generous spirit of the United States." The statement pointed out that the United States was able to share these vaccines because Biden took active actions when he took office to ensure that all Americans have enough vaccines.

US President Biden Source: Associated Press

The statement also read, "Our goal is to increase the global coverage of the new crown vaccination, prepare for a surge in the epidemic, and give priority to medical staff and other vulnerable groups to help our neighbors and other countries in need. Important Yes , the United States did not in the past and will not use vaccines to benefit from other countries. Our goal is to save lives."

On July 29, the Boao Forum for Asia released the "Global New Crown Vaccine Application Vision Report" in Beijing. Li Baodong, Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, introduced that China has contributed the most in providing vaccines to developing countries, and the amount of foreign aid and vaccine exports exceeds that of other countries combined. Up to now, China has donated more than 26 million doses of vaccines, and provided more than 500 million doses of vaccines and stock solutions to more than 100 countries and international organizations, which is equivalent to one-sixth of the total global COVID-19 vaccine production. China's vaccine exports are 227% of Europe's vaccine exports and 84 times that of the United States.

to Xinhua News Agency, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi evening of August 4 to video mode attend the 11th East Asia The summit meeting of foreign ministers. Wang Yi: Do you want the "Hong Kong independence" forces to take to the streets again Die this heart

After Wang Yi spoke on East Asian cooperation, the United States, Japan and other countries raised China's Xinjiang and Hong Kong issues and attacked China on the grounds of human rights. Wang Yi asked to speak for the second time on the spot and severely refuted it .

Wang Yi said that, as expected, the United States and other countries will use this multilateral platform to attack and smear China's internal affairs. These clichés are not worth refuting, and none of the ASEAN countries agree with you, but out of the principle of reciprocity, China certainly has the right to refute them.

Wang Yi said that Xinjiang and Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs. You are pointing fingers, spreading rumors and smearing China's internal affairs, seriously violating the basic norms of international relations and seriously undermining the principle of national sovereignty equality. We will resolutely criticize this kind of bad behavior once you come.

Wang Yi said that in recent years, the Uyghur population in Xinjiang has doubled, the average life expectancy has doubled, the income of residents has increased year by year, and the level of education has become higher and higher. How did "genocide" come about? Speaking of "genocide," the American massacre of Indians was the real genocide. The United States has waged wars everywhere, resulting in a large number of innocent civilians casualties that are truly crimes against humanity.

Wang Yi said that China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region government has repeatedly used facts and data to refute all kinds of lies in an open and transparent manner. The ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, including Uyghur brothers, have stood up and used personal experience to fight back against all kinds of false information. The United States has turned a blind eye to this and turned a deaf ear to it. Where is your conscience? Where is the credibility? The paranoia that you have shown is typical Western style arrogance and irrationality.

Wang Yi said that the formulation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the reform of the electoral system have restored stability in Hong Kong, improved the rule of law in Hong Kong, and ensured the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong residents and all people living in Hong Kong. 70% of Hong Kong people are satisfied with the current situation. Now you are still expressing so-called concerns. What are you concerned about? Do you want Hong Kong to return to chaos and turmoil? Do you want the "Hong Kong independence" forces to take to the streets again? I want to tell you clearly, die this heart, it is impossible to wait until that day!

Image source: official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Wang Yi said that the current epidemic situation is more complicated, the economic recovery process is still uneven, and global and regional governance are facing multiple challenges. The members of the East Asia Summit bring together major global vaccine producers, important Asia-Pacific economies, and the backbone of climate change. They should unite and cooperate, take active actions, and make due contributions in fighting the epidemic and restoring the economy.

The first is to uphold the scientific spirit and jointly promote new measures for anti-epidemic cooperation. We must continue to expand the supply of vaccines, accelerate the progress of vaccination, and at the same time strengthen cooperation in iterative research and development of vaccine updates , and jointly build regional vaccine production and distribution centers. China firmly implements Chairman Xi Jinping's solemn commitment to make vaccines a global public product. So far, China has provided more than 750 million doses of vaccines to countries around the world. It is necessary to carry out virus traceability research in the spirit of science, oppose any political manipulation, and truly provide a reference for preventing the next pandemic.

The second is to promote green development and build a new background for recovery after the epidemic. We must join hands to tackle climate change and promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. China will firmly follow the path of green, low-carbon, and sustainable development, and actively participate in international cooperation in response to climate change. China looks forward to the summit to issue a leader's statement on green recovery and strengthen cooperation in the field of environmental protection and new energy.China supports Russia's initiative to promote economic growth through tourism recovery, and agrees to update and formulate a new issue of the "Phnom Penh Development Declaration <Manila Action Plan>" as soon as possible, prioritize docking with the "ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework", and strengthen policy coordination for post-epidemic recovery.

The third is to strengthen the central position of ASEAN and safeguard international fairness and justice . China supports ASEAN's statement advocating multilateralism and is willing to work with all parties to safeguard the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law. At the same time, we should be vigilant against all kinds of pseudo-multilateralism, and in particular, resist using multilateralism to provoke group confrontation in the region. ASEAN's central position in regional cooperation should not be emptied, and the existing mature regional cooperation mechanism cannot be re-started.Individual countries fabricated and spread false information, grossly interfered in the internal affairs of countries in the region, and seriously violated the basic norms of international relations. Cyber ​​​​attacks are real threats facing the world and should be dealt with together. The "hacker powers" that are engaged in network surveillance and eavesdropping activities on a global scale should first reflect on themselves and change their course, instead of shifting their targets, blaming others, and smearing other countries for no reason.

Wang Yi finally stated that as a responsible country, China is willing to work with all parties to promote the summit to focus on cooperation in fighting the epidemic and economic recovery, and to make new contributions to effectively respond to various global challenges.

After the anger, the Internet celebrity Trump opened his mouth and unreasonably demanded that China pay huge sums of money. The White House was very resolute.

According to reports, on August 4, local time, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said that US President Biden did not support former President Trump's request for China to compensate more than US$10 trillion for the new crown epidemic.


According to the report, a reporter asked at a press conference at the White House that day whether Biden was open to Trump's request, but Psaki interrupted the reporter before he could finish his question. The reporter's question said: "Our position has not changed. Do you have any other questions?" The attitude of rejecting Trump's unreasonable request appeared very firm.

As we all know, Trump is a very unique person in American history. Whether he was in office or after he stepped down, he has always won attention with absurd remarks. Especially with regard to the new crown epidemic, when Trump was in office, he not only did not think about how to deal with the severe domestic epidemic, but instead slammed the blame, and even used the new crown virus to stigmatize China. According to previous media reports, on March 16, 2020, Trump used discriminatory remarks such as "Chinese virus" on Twitter for the first time, and sent several tweets with this term in a row. At the White House press conference on March 19, 2020, Trump also crossed out the original new crown virus in the speech and changed it to "Chinese virus."

At that time, the epidemic situation in the United States was very severe. Trump's poor handling of the epidemic, instead of careful political thinking, caused some people's dissatisfaction. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said: "Trump does not need to shirk responsibility. We know how we got here. It has nothing to do with China, but with ourselves." In response to the incident, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that some people in the US are deliberately linking the new crown virus to China and continue to stigmatize China. The Chinese people are strongly indignant and resolutely opposed to this.

Trump stepped down in January this year, but after he stepped down, Trump didn't seem to get rid of his "open mouth" problem. In a speech to Republican lawmakers in North Carolina in June of this year, Trump said that the United States should work with its allies to submit at least a trillion-dollar bill to China to compensate them for their losses. Trump also tactics that all countries should collectively cancel any debts they owe China as the down payment for this indemnity. In response to such absurd remarks, on June 7 this year, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that I think the American people have a book in their hearts. What should really be held is the responsibilities of those hypocritical politicians who were once aloof but ignored the lives and health of the people.

However, Trump, who was clamoring for "compensation" from China at the time, and American politicians who were constantly hyping the theory of "laboratory leakage", should have not expected. Unexpectedly, people around the world have more and more doubts about Fort Detrick in the United States, and more and more people are calling for and asking the United States to let go of Fort Detrick so that scientists and the World Health Organization will have many scandals against this. The United States Biological Laboratory conducted an investigation.

It needs to be mentioned that some media said that as the investigation continues to deepen, more and more evidence shows that the new crown virus has existed in the United States before the first confirmed case of the new crown was reported in the United States. This makes people more and more suspicious, when will this virus appear in the United States? This also makes the United States the largest source of suspected country.

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