25 June, 2021

Behind the suspension of "Apple Daily": This mysterious employee was originally a CIA agent

Starting at 0:00 on June 24, the "Apple ceases operation, the Internet on the Internet, which is suspected of violating the Hong Kong National Security Law and 18 million company funds.

△ The "Apple Daily" website posted a notice stating that the website has ceased operation and only subscriber notices are left on the page.

Next Media Chief Executive Officer Zhang Jianhong, "Apple Daily" editor in chief Luo Weiguang earlier, five people were charged with contravening Hong Kong 8 13 retrial, Zhang Jianhong and Luo Weiguang bail application was rejected 8 to 13 retrial, Zhang Jianhong and Luo Weiguang application for bail was refused. In the past few days, the supervisors and employees of various departments of Apple Daily have resigned and left.

△ On the night of June 23, a large number of media were present outside the Next Media Building, and police officers maintained order at the scene.

Phoenix Watch: A mysterious employee of Next Media, former CIA agent

Before Next Media, the US Central Intelligence Agency and the military had inextricably relations, it was unable to publish the "Apple Daily". The US's attack on the Hong Kong issue, the Apple's attack on the issue

Simon Mark Simon , the consultant of Next Media founder Li Zhiying, who was wanted by the Hong Kong police last year , has been planning to disrupt Hong Kong behind the scenes, illegal "illegal traffic" and gangsters, and illegally "ship" self- protected as early as last year before the National Security Law came into force.

This mysterious employee of Next Media was a former CIA agent. As a Republican of Hong Kong, Simon joined Next Media Group in 2000. He has close ties and worked in the US Navy for four years. He is also a former employee of the CIA . After joining Next Media, Simon became the advertising director of Li Zhiying Media and his referrals continued to be close.

In the past few years, Simon has been responsible for "donating" to the speculators. Before the outbreak of the illegal “Occupy Central” in 2014, Li Zhiying successively distributed the funds to a number of speculators and 40 million yuan, part of which was distributed by Simon.

During the 2019 riots, Simon has repeatedly accompanied Li Zhiying to secretly meet with US officials, including the then US Vice President Pence. A shadow figure of the CIA and the US military was forced to jump onto the front desk at the last moment and accept interviews from CNN and other media, aiming at the SAR government.

Now, how willing is Biden's Democratic government to respond to Republican agents' requests for help? This round will soon be resolved.

Song Zhongping: Dispose of according to law and eradicate cancer

Regarding the suspension of the "Apple Daily", please read Song Zhongping 's comment and analysis on current affairs commentator of Phoenix TV

There is an old saying, "It's not that you don't report, the time is not up ." Now, the time has come. The cancerous "poisonous apple" must be removed.

We know that Li Zhiying's assistant has in-depth ties with the CIA, which is confirmed by the exposure of an incident. The United States now has a force, and its (task) is to allow American multinational companies to penetrate into some other countries . In these multinational companies, there will be some personnel from the US CIA as executives. In this way, with the help of these multinational companies, they can enter other countries to collect intelligence and engage in the color revolution.

In fact, Li Zhiying's so-called "assistant" in "Apple Daily" is such a role. People sent by the CIA to act as executives actually perform a mission of the CIA . This is a concrete manifestation of the "color revolution." Therefore, the investigation and punishment of the "Apple Daily" is in full compliance with the National Security Law.

The "crimes" of the "Apple Daily" can be described as exhausted. On the one hand, this is an engine of rumors. Most of the rumors against the central government and the Hong Kong government were issued by the Apple Daily. On the other hand, during the Hong Kong riots, "Apple Daily" waved the flag and cheered. If it is a local media in Hong Kong, will it support the mess of Hong Kong?

Therefore, it is not a local media in Hong Kong at all. It is a transnational media supported by the United States. Behind it lies the CIA and the US military. Their purpose is to mess up China and Hong Kong. Therefore, this ban is a great welcome and the time is right.

Wu Xuelan: "Apple Daily" was born with no bottom line

Wu Xuelan, current affairs commentator of Phoenix TV:

"Apple Daily" was launched in 1995, and it was very characteristic at the beginning, with a low-price strategy. At that time, Hong Kong's 5 Hong Kong dollars, it was 2 Hong Kong dollars; buy a newspaper, get a large

Li Zhiying also advertised on TV, "Eating an apple every day, no one can fool you." It feels like a very good thing, but for many years, Next Media and its "Apple Daily" are very good, and Next Media and its "Apple Daily" have false and one-sided news reports that mislead the public, including fabricating police officers. False reports and demonizing government policies

In the early years, what it did had little to do with national security. It was all kinds of fake news and all kinds of bottom-line. For example, it once produced a "Chen Jiankang incident". Give 5,000 Hong Kong dollars to a man named Chen Jiankang, and let Chen create a story by himself. The version is to go to the mainland to find a lady, and then make a story. The 5,000 Hong Kong dollar bought one and was later revealed. This fake, thấp is very kind.

In addition, there was also the case of the black "jades" Zhou Huimin. In order to create a selling point, "Apple Daily" matched Zhou Huimin's body with an AV actress, which is similar to the fact that there is no ground to blacken others. "Apple Daily", "Apple" Therefore, it was born with the image of a little rotten gossip newspaper without a bottom line..

Gradually, we have seen that in social events, wherever there is a lot of sewage, wherever there is chaos, and wherever there will be "Apples" play a role behind it. If it is dressed in the media, "there will be an Apple" to play a role behind it. Dressed in the cloak of the media, it is doing bullets by hostile forces outside the country, and it is actually undermining national security. So, it is now completely self-defeating.

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