10 August, 2021

At the end of the Tokyo Olympics, China, Russia, and Iraq are showing their swords to the United States

For the United States, India and the world, August 8 is an unusual day. On this day, all Olympic events will end, and Japan will also hold a grand closing meeting.

At the same time, the world situation is also changing.

At least 3 news are worth noting.

The first thing is that the United States supports India's permanent membership. After US Secretary of State Brinken concluded his visit to India, the White House stated on August 6 that the United States supports increasing the membership of the Security Council without changing and expanding the veto power. In addition, the United States also supports India to "become a permanent member of the Security Council."

This statement by the United States caused an uproar in the world. For Modi and India, this is rare good news.

Of course, this is not the first time the United States has wooed India. As early as 2020, Trump said that he would undoubtedly support India’s entry into the permanent state, and Britain, France and Russia have made similar statements.

The difference is that while submitting the certificate of nomination to India, the United States has not forgotten to do another thing, that is, restraining India.

From the perspective of the world, the five permanent members of the Security Council are a symbol of the strength of major powers. A veto represents the choice of the interests of major powers, and this choice can sometimes change the world situation. The problem is that becoming the five permanent members of the Security Council is the result of the struggle of China, the United States, Russia, Britain and France, not the support of a certain country. Even if India has the support of the United States, Britain and France, it will not be recognized by the world in the end.

India’s “entry into the permanent membership” process is unjustifiable, and permanent members without the “one-vote veto” have a huge gap with the current five permanent members of the Security Council.

From the end of World War II to the present, India has never given up its ambition to "enter the permanent", but anyway, whenever India is about to succeed, one of the five permanent members of the Security Council has always stood up and expressed opposition. China, the United States, Russia, Britain and France have used one. Voting veto power, and completely shattered India’s dream of becoming permanent.

In other words, the U.S. supports India's "entry into the permanent", but it is just fooling India. What the U.S. wants is to make India willing to be the leader of the U.S. and to allow India to buy American weapons, rather than really supporting India as the hegemon of South Asia.

The naive India doesn't know this at all. Isn't this a tragedy?

The second thing is that China, Russia, and Iraq are simultaneously flaunting their swords to the United States. After Leahy took control of Iran, the United States chose to issue an ultimatum immediately. The signal from the United States was very clear: "Iran must immediately return to the Iran nuclear agreement. There is no discussion about this matter. The United States is losing patience. I hope Iran will think twice." .

Leahy did not choose to back down.

Leahy said that Iran supports all dialogues and mechanisms that are "conducive to the lifting of sanctions," but Iran will never succumb to pressure from other countries. The West must lift all sanctions against Iran.

On August 8, Tehran revealed that in order to express to the United States that “Iran will never bow its head”, Leahy intends to provide the Iranian parliament with a new anti-US list. There is a close connection.

Unlike Rouhani’s moderates, Lahei’s hardliners have received strong support from the Iranian military. Whether it is to reshape Iran’s order or illuminate the United States, Lahey’s resistance is much smaller than Rouhani’s.

This means that Leahy, who has repeatedly emphasized that "Iran will insist on de-dollarization", will be tougher on the United States than Rouhani. This is also the fundamental reason why Biden is eager to return to the Iran nuclear agreement.

In addition, regarding "the scandal in Fort Detrick", China and Russia have also chosen to show their swords to the United States. Up to now, more than 25 million Chinese netizens have chosen to sign the joint signature, requesting WHO to investigate Fort Detrick Laboratory.

Calling on the United States to give the world an account and reveal the secrets of Fort Detrick, there are also scholars and experts from Russia, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa and Mexico, as well as the Russian government.

Russia emphasized that Fort Detrick is likely to be related to the new crown pneumonia, and the United States must ask the WHO to investigate.

The United States used the so-called new crown to trace its origins to China. It made it clear that it wanted to knock on the Chinese side, but unexpectedly, it "lifted a rock and hit itself in the foot." You know, looking around the world, Fort Detrick is a notorious existence, even American scientists and people are also scornful of Fort Detrick.

The more silent American politicians are, the more the world will question Fort Detrick's "unknown" secrets.

Lincoln once said, "You can't fool everyone at all times." One day, the United States will pay a heavy price for the "Fort Detrick" incident.

The third thing is the end of the Tokyo Olympics and the United States overtook China in gold. On August 8, the United States won 39 gold medals after all the events of the Olympic Games, one more than China, which ranked second. Prior to this, India won the first gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, and Modi expressed sincere congratulations to the Indian players.

Next, let's see how Biden makes moves.

Why hasn't the US ambassador to China been "launched"? Expert: US favors high-level dialogue to solve problems

As China’s new ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, arrived in the United States at the end of last month and officially took office, ending the one-month "two-way ambassadorial window period" between the two countries, another question has also surfaced: why the appointment of the US ambassador to China has been delayed "Baked out"? What does this reflect on the status quo of Sino-US relations? Experts in the field of US affairs and diplomacy told the Global Times reporter that under the current extremely sensitive and fragile Sino-US relations, the Biden administration seems to be more inclined to communicate with China through higher-level officials such as the Secretary of State and the Deputy Secretary of State. The role of the ambassador to China has been quite limited compared to the past, and it may even face a more embarrassing situation in the future.

After the former US Ambassador to China Branstad left Beijing in October 2020, the post of US ambassador has remained vacant. Against the background that Sino-US relations have fallen into a trough, the absence of the ambassador to China has aroused more speculations from the outside world. Earlier, it was reported that the Biden administration planned to appoint the former US representative to NATO Burns as the US ambassador to China, but the nomination has not been announced for a long time, let alone when it will be confirmed by the Senate.

Why is the US ambassador to China "difficult to give birth" so far? In an interview with the Global Times reporter, Lu Xiang, an expert on American issues of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that at present, the current US government hopes to give priority to direct dialogue with China through higher-level deputy secretaries of state, rather than through ambassadors to communicate and resolve issues. problem. He said that the current Sino-US relationship is sensitive, complex, and tricky. As the executor of its own policies rather than decision-makers, the role of the ambassador to China has been quite limited. It needs to wait for higher levels to "set the tone" on more major issues. Take office again.

Some experts believe that the delay in the appointment of the US ambassador to China is also closely related to the characteristics of the Biden administration's China policy. Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University, analyzed to a reporter from the Global Times that one of the most significant features of the Biden administration's China policy is that it “considers diplomacy with China outside of China”, that is, the key is not to seek China's compromise on the issue of US pressure. Concession-because this goal is difficult to achieve, but by intensifying related China-related disputes, more other countries will be pushed into the track of following the United States' comprehensive strategic competition with China.In this context, it is expected that the Biden administration will only consider the appointment of an ambassador to China after straightening out the relationship with its allies and partnerships and appointing ambassadors to these countries.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Biden administration has experienced serious lags in appointing officials in many important positions. Some analysts believe that part of the reason for this phenomenon is that the Biden administration does not want its candidates to be forced to face various challenges and harsh voices at congressional hearings, thereby reducing the government's space to deal with difficult issues. Some people familiar with nomination believe that due to the lack of manpower in the security department of the State Council, the background check and ethics review procedures of possible candidates will take longer, which has also caused slow nomination.In this context, as the US Congress enters the summer recess until the end of August, some US ambassador candidates may not even be able to complete Congressional confirmation until 2022.

Lu Xiang told the Global Times reporter that senior officials appointed by Biden will almost certainly be challenged at the hearing, especially the ambassador to China. In the political tradition of the United States, administrative officials usually have to maintain respect for congressmen, and they are bound to make some statements along the lines of the controversy, which in turn leads to the compression of the space for action. Therefore, the Biden administration has shown a slow pace in the selection and nomination of ambassadors and many other officials.

Up to now, the United States has not appointed ambassadors to many allied countries, such as Japan: Since the former US ambassador to Japan Hagerty resigned in July 2019 to participate in the Senate election, the post of US ambassador to Japan is still vacant. Created a record for the longest time the US ambassador to Japan has been vacant after World War II.

However, while the appointment of ambassadors to China and ambassadors to other countries was slow, the American Association in Taiwan (ait) announced on July 6 that Sun Xiaoya would succeed Li Ying as the director of the Taipei office, and the candidate was quickly selected .

In this regard, Li Haidong analyzed and interpreted the "Global Times" that, on the one hand, this is because the post of the Director of the Taipei Office of the "American Taiwan Association" does not require a congressional hearing and can be appointed through an administrative appointment, which speeds up the process; On the other hand, it once again reflects the extreme morbidity of the domestic political atmosphere in the United States-all issues against China can be quickly promoted; all issues related to exchanges or cooperation with China face many difficulties in promoting.

Biden did not expect that the new Iranian president would severely warn the United States on the first day when he took office.

According to a report on the World Wide Web on the 7th, Iran’s President-elect Leahy was sworn in the parliament a few days ago and delivered a speech on domestic and foreign policy. The media in Europe, America and the Middle East are paying close attention to this. Some public opinion believes that after Leahy takes office, Iran will usher in a "tougher" era, and its economic and foreign policies may usher in major changes. Leahy said at the inauguration ceremony that Western countries must lift sanctions against Iran, and Tehran supports all diplomatic mechanisms that help lift sanctions, but will not succumb to pressure. According to Iranian media reports, the new president emphasized that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, and pressure and sanctions will not prevent the Iranian people from pursuing their legal rights, including the right to development.

Not only that, Leahy also said that Iran will take measures to lift the "brutal" sanctions imposed by the United States. Leahy said in a televised speech: "We will seek to lift the brutal sanctions imposed by the United States." He also said that his government will work to improve the lives and domestic economic conditions of the Iranian people affected by the sanctions. Leahy said that he recognizes the many challenges facing Iran, especially the economic difficulties, and will go all out to improve the living standards of the Iranian people. In terms of regional policy, the new Iranian president said that he extended "hands of friendship and brotherhood" to all countries in the region, especially neighboring countries.

It is worth noting that shortly after Leahy’s inauguration speech, US State Department spokesperson Price called Iran to urge Tehran to return to negotiations. Price said that the US message to the new Iranian president is that the US will defend and promote the security interests of itself and its allies, and “permanently and verifiably” ensure that Iran cannot obtain nuclear weapons. He expressed the hope that Iran will seize the opportunity to advance the current diplomatic solution, "negotiations will not continue indefinitely, and the opportunity for the two sides to jointly resume compliance will not exist forever." Since Biden came to power, the US government has always hoped to make changes on the Iranian nuclear issue and lead the United States to return to the Iran nuclear agreement in order to reverse the policies of the predecessor Trump.

Regarding Leahy’s swearing-in of office, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying responded on the 6th and pointed out: China congratulates President Leahy on his swearing-in. Prior to this, Chinese national leaders had sent a congratulatory message to President Leahy on his election. It is believed that under the leadership of President Leahy, Iran's national construction and economic and social development will continue to make new achievements. China and Iran are comprehensive strategic partners. China attaches great importance to the development of China-Iran relations and is willing to work with Iran to take the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries this year as an opportunity to push China-Iran relations to a new level.

1.3 million active servicemen in the United States plan to be vaccinated compulsorily next month, and offenders can be dealt with by military law

According to the Associated Press and other foreign media reports on the 9th, according to a plan developed by the Pentagon and seeking approval from US President Biden, all 1.3 million active-duty US military officers and soldiers will be required to receive the new crown vaccine starting next month. In response to the new crown epidemic, after formulating rules for federal staff, Biden instructed the Pentagon last month to investigate "how and when" to require U.S. military officers and soldiers to be vaccinated.

U.S. military vaccinates

In a memo distributed to all troops, US Secretary of Defense Austin stated that vaccines are a necessary step to maintain combat readiness. He said that if the vaccine is approved earlier by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for full use authorization (currently an emergency use authorization) or the infection rate continues to rise, the deadline in mid-September may be advanced.

Austin said in the memo that in order to require mandatory vaccination, he will seek presidential approval before mid-September, or the vaccine can be immediately approved by the FDA, whichever comes first. He also warned the US military to prepare for this.

The Pentagon’s plan leaves time for the FDA to authorize the full use of Pfizer’s vaccine, which is expected to be completed early next month. If the full use of the vaccine is not officially approved, Austin needs Biden’s exemption to force the US military to vaccinate, and Biden has clearly expressed support.

Austin’s decision is similar to the actions taken by governments and companies around the world, because countries are fighting the highly contagious delta mutant strain, which has caused the number of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the United States to surge to last year The highest level since winter. This situation has caused more serious concerns in the military. Soldiers have close living and working contacts in the barracks and on the warships, which increases the risk of rapid spread of the virus.

U.S. military vaccinates

Austin warned that if the infection rate rises, it may affect the US military’s combat readiness. “If I feel it is necessary, I will not hesitate to take action as soon as possible or recommend different methods to the president. In order to defend this country, we need a healthy team. Ready troops."

Austin also stated in the memo that the Pentagon will comply with Biden's order to impose additional restrictions on unvaccinated federal personnel, including wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and travel restrictions.

Biden said in a statement on Monday that he strongly supports Austin’s message to the troops and the US Department of Defense’s plan to add the new crown vaccine to the list of vaccinations required by US military personnel no later than mid-September. He said that the United States is still in a wartime state, and vaccination will keep the US military healthy and ensure that the US military is ready to carry out operations anywhere in the world.

After Oster’s memo was issued on Monday, Mark Milly, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, also issued a memorandum stating that the Secretary of Defense intends to mandate vaccination of all active duty personnel in the coming weeks, adding that military medical professionals also This action is recommended. He also said that vaccination against the new crown is an issue of army protection and combat readiness.

Democrat Adam Smith, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, said: "Some people may try to criticize the Secretary of Defense's decision, using anti-vaccine arguments that are not supported by facts or science to politicize the discussion, and these desperate followers must be ignored. "Republican Rep. Mike Rogers said that vaccines can help protect U.S. military personnel who live in cramped living conditions and cannot choose to work remotely.

But Rep. Mark Green believes that Austin should not mandate that U.S. military personnel be vaccinated with vaccines that have not been fully approved by the FDA. He said: "Wearing our national uniform does not mean that our soldiers give up the right to make personal medical decisions."

U.S. military vaccinates

According to the Pentagon, more than 1 million soldiers received two doses of the vaccine, and another 237,000 received one dose, but the vaccination rates of different services vary greatly. The Navy stated that more than 74% of active and reserve sailors received at least one dose of the vaccine. The Air Force stated that 65% of its active forces and 60% of its reserve forces received at least one dose of vaccine, while the Army’s figure appears to be close to 50%.

Some troops that have not been vaccinated say that they will be vaccinated as soon as there is a request, but there are still people who oppose it. Once the Pentagon orders compulsory vaccination, refusal to vaccination may constitute a violation of the military order and may be punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Also contain China? The US epidemic is soaring, and Biden can't handle it. US experts: We have failed

According to a CCTV news report on the 9th, with the spread of the epidemic, there have been cases of infection with the "lamda" strain first reported in Peru in December last year in the United States. According to data from the "Influenza Data Sharing Global Initiative", the world's largest influenza and new coronavirus data platform, there are currently 1,060 cases of new coronary pneumonia caused by the "lamda" strain in the United States. In addition, due to the rapid spread of the "delta" mutant strain, the number of new coronary pneumonia infections, hospitalizations and deaths in the United States is also increasing. At present, the number of newly confirmed cases in a single day in the United States has reached the highest level in six months.

In addition, according to a report by the ABC on the 9th, Francis Collins, the president of the National Institutes of Health of the United States, said on the 8th that the United States had "failed" in controlling the surge in delta mutant strains. In the program of the day, reports showed that Collins said that vaccination would play a role in slowing the spread of the epidemic. But he also admitted that the current domestic politics in the United States has polarized the public's pandemic mitigation strategy. Regarding the other epidemic judgment published by Collins earlier, "In the fourth wave of the national epidemic, we let each other fail", the host asked Collins, "Is this still your point of view?" Collins responded, "Yes, we failed." NS."

It is worth noting that at a time when the United States is in dire straits, it is still slandering China on the issue of the traceability of the new crown virus. A few days ago, McCall, the chief member of the Republican Party of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, issued a report saying that there is sufficient evidence that the new crown virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology before September 2019. Under the guidance of US experts and funded by the Chinese and US governments, the institute has carried out research on virus gains. In this regard, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the relevant report is completely based on fabricated lies and distorted facts, and no evidence can be produced, and there is no credibility and scientificity at all. The actions of the relevant US congressmen are purely out of political self-interest to slander and discredit China. We resolutely oppose and strongly condemn their despicable actions with no moral bottom line.

Previously, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian clearly pointed out: Nearly 70 countries have opposed the politicization of traceability issues through letters to the WHO Director-General, issued statements, and notes, and supported the China-WHO joint research report on traceability. The question now is, when will the United States be able to respond positively to the international community’s questions about Fort Detrick in the United States, when will it be able to explain to the international community the doubts of more than 200 biological laboratories around the world, and when will it be able to cooperate with the World Health Organization like China? Organize and carry out scientific traceability cooperation?

Trump's interference in Meng Wanzhou's case "exposed his true intentions"!

Lawyer Meng Wanzhou: The Trump administration regards Meng as a "trade war bargaining chip", and the purpose of intervention is to earn a "ransom."

Has the Trump administration's true intentions of interfering in the Meng Wanzhou case been exposed?

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post on the 10th, Meng Wanzhou’s chief lawyer, Richard Peck, said on the 9th local time that in Trump’s view, Meng Wanzhou is “a piece of movable property and a bargaining chip”. If you want Meng Wanzhou to be free, you need to pay a "ransom," that is, to put the United States in a favorable position in the Sino-US trade war.

(Screenshot of "South China Morning Post" report)

According to the report, Peck told the judge Heather Holmes in the High Court of British Columbia, Canada, that this extradition case was “contrary to Canadian values ​​and the rule of law.” Peck said that Trump and others abused the extradition procedure in the Meng Wanzhou case to a very serious extent, and the Canadian side should stop the lawsuit and release her.

Peck said in court that the Canadian government has repeatedly invoked the "rule of law" as a reason for extradition. However, he stated that the United States has committed a series of violations of Meng Wanzhou's rights and damaged her "value and dignity." These violations are "unacceptable and detrimental to the integrity of our system."

According to the report, he highlighted Trump’s remarks in the days after Meng’s arrest on December 1, 2018, that if her case helps win the US-China trade war, he will intervene in this case. .

"This is the definition of ransom," Peck said. "This is what we have to deal with."

The report mentioned that Trump revealed his "clear intention" to discuss the Meng Wanzhou case with Canada, his own attorney general and American lawyers. Peck called this a "great offense" to the rule of law, including the integrity of the extradition process and the separation of powers.

"The intention he expressed is... he will take action in due course." In Peck's view, Trump regarded Meng Wanzhou as "a movable property, a bargaining chip" and let his freedom become an economy. Part of the transaction.

The Meng Wanzhou case has always been the focus of global media attention, and Peck’s remarks have also attracted attention on social media.

Some netizens reluctantly said, "What did Meng Wanzhou do wrong? I bet that few Americans can answer this question. The so-called improper behavior of her is actually normal."

Some netizens also bluntly said that the detention of Meng Wanzhou was a "horrible mistake" committed by Canada. The netizen wrote: “Trudeau and Canada made a terrible mistake by allowing Meng to be taken hostage for Trump’s robbery strategy. The US sanctions on Iran are a political act and even violate international law... …Since the criminal Trump and his accomplices are no longer in power, Meng Wanzhou should now be released. If the judge makes a ruling in favor of extradition, the Canadian Attorney General should intervene."↓

Starting on the morning of August 4, local time in Vancouver, the much-watched Meng Wanzhou extradition entered the final stage of the trial in the High Court of British Columbia, Canada. The trial is expected to last three weeks.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin once said that the Meng Wanzhou incident was a serious political incident that the US had abused the Canada-US extradition treaty to suppress Chinese high-tech companies and Huawei. The Canadian side unreasonably detained Meng Wanzhou at the request of the US side, causing the current China-Canada relations to be in a difficult situation. Canada’s use of chestnuts from the fire for the United States was actually taken advantage of by the United States. It served the political goals of a small number of American politicians and the commercial interests of American companies at the expense of the Canadian public’s interests.

Oh, the United States is more motivated to plant China now!

Everything the Biden administration has done is to fight for elections and play politics. All "facts" must be subordinated to this interest. Facts and false subcontracting channels are unimpeded.

In the past week, the United States had more than 100,000 new confirmed cases of new crowns in a single day for five consecutive days. US Chief Health Officer Collins said on Sunday that this round of the United States’ fight against the epidemic “failed”. The number of new infections in the United States on Sunday plummeted to 36,000, because fewer people were tested on weekends. The fight against the epidemic must be divided into weekdays and weekends. This is the United States.

All U.S. airports are required to wear masks-this is Seattle, Washington

Many political analysts predict that the Democrats will lose next year's midterm elections, and the Republicans will at least retake the Senate, possibly even the House of Representatives at the same time. Because the Biden administration used the old method of the previous government to issue banknotes in an economic way, the tariff policy on China was also "slowly regulated." The Biden administration regards vaccines as the main anti-epidemic weapon, but the vaccine was promoted by the Trump administration, and the reality is that the entire U.S. anti-epidemic has messed up.

Although the Trump administration has gone, it has gone as a "stern mother-in-law." The Biden administration behaves more like a "new daughter-in-law" living in the remnants of her mother-in-law.

The most prominent stage set up by the Biden administration to surpass its predecessor is to frantically attack China on the issue of virus traceability. During the Trump administration, this new direction of suppressing China was not clear. At that time, they only accused China of being "opaque." In addition, some Republican states supported the people's "compensation" lawsuits. The Biden administration went much further.

The WHO expert group's traceability investigation report on China was categorically rejected by the Biden administration, and it also urged some allies to echo their attitudes. Then it persuaded the WHO to list China again as the main target of the second phase of the traceability investigation, which seemed to be quite "legal." In addition, Biden also ordered the intelligence agency to determine whether the virus originated from the (Wuhan) laboratory within 90 days, creating a new hot spot. Now the scene starring the intelligence agency is about to come to a climax.

The Republican Party was not idle. A team led by McCall, the chief member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, was the first to release a report on August 2, claiming that “there is ample evidence” that the new crown virus got from the Wuhan Institute of Virology before September 2019. leakage. The shameless performance of the grass-roots team has further strengthened the current "political correctness" of the United States, and has also set the political tone for the "investigation results" to be released by the intelligence agencies.

It is hard to imagine that the Biden administration dare to let the intelligence agencies issue a report with the opposite conclusion at this time. When the two parties in the United States are fighting for next year's midterm elections, such a report is politically equivalent to "provoking a mess" for Biden. , Then he might as well not order the intelligence agency to do this. Everything the Biden administration has done is to fight for elections and play politics. All "facts" must be subordinated to this interest. Facts and false subcontracting channels are unimpeded.

The Democratic government must turn the traceability into a sharp conflict between China and the United States, attract enough American attention to make people forget the failure of the Biden team to fight the epidemic in the past few months, and to downplay the number of infected people in the United States in a single day and return to the world. Shameful record at the top of the list. They will also use this conflict to show that they are tougher on China than the Republican government and overwhelm their opponents in this absurd competition. In addition, this in itself is also a ploy to pressure China to discredit.

The current US government is as incompetent as the previous one, and even the direction of incompetence is similar to the previous one. Pulling allies together to find China trouble, this seems to be the only "highlight" of the Biden team. The Democratic Party is pointing to using this card to arouse the emotions of American voters, silence the Republican Party, and strive to not lose or lose less in the midterm elections next year.

Therefore, the world does not expect that the US government will be physically touched by the severe rebound of the epidemic, and take any powerful measures to control the situation other than the simplest method of vaccination. Former President Barack Obama just held a two-day large birthday party against the opposition. His reckless actions reflected the true understanding and attitude of the Democratic Party in fighting the epidemic.

The epidemic in the United States is more serious, but Washington will definitely give this pressure to China. The Trump team did this. The Biden team used to serve as a teacher, and they will try to make their performance "blue."

Biden underestimated Kim Jong Un's determination! Ignoring North Korean warnings, on the 16th, South Korea and the United States insisted on launching military exercises

According to the World Wide Web on August 8, the latest news from Korean media, South Korean military and government sources revealed on the 8th that South Korea and the United States will launch a joint military exercise in the second half of the year on the 16th. The report said that taking into account the risk of the spread of the epidemic, the scale of the joint performance will be smaller than that in March. The Korean epidemic prevention department believes that the delta strain of the new crown variant virus is still accelerating its spread, and there is a risk of being infected after being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine. It strongly recommends that the two militaries strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations. Some analysts believe that this will have a greater impact on the scale of the joint performance between South Korea and the United States.

According to reports, South Korea and the United States will hold a crisis management staff training from the 10th to the 13th, and then a joint command post exercise in the second half of the year from the 16th to the 26th. Due to the reduction in the number of participants, the South Korean and US military plans to conduct more adequate training in advance from the 10th. Therefore, in fact, starting from the 10th, it will enter the training phase.Following the exercise in the first half of the year, there will be no verification and assessment of the full operational capability of the transfer of operational authority in this exercise, but the preliminary assessment of the rehearsal theater operations will be conducted to determine whether the future joint command headed by the Korean general is capable of commanding theater operations. Ability. General Jin Shengqian, deputy commander of the Korea-US Joint Command, served as the commander of the first and second phases of the exercise to direct the rehearsal.

It is worth noting that the Deputy Minister of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Yu-jung, made a statement on August 1, saying that the DPRK is paying close attention to the South Korean-US joint military exercise. She said that holding joint military exercises during "an important reversal period like now" would seriously undermine the "will of the leaders of the DPRK and South Korea to start the trust restoration process again" and undermine the future of inter-Korean relations. In conclusion, Kim Yo-jung said that the North Korean side has never discussed the scale and form of the South Korean-US joint military exercise, but the North Korean government and military will pay close attention to South Korea's further hostile war exercises in August,or make decisive decisions."Hope or despair? The choice is not ours."

It is reported that after the Biden administration came to power, the military exercise was regarded as the core means of confirming the joint response of the US and South Korean military forces and strongly promoted the resumption of military exercises. In March of this year, the United States and South Korea held a "joint command post exercise in the first half of 2021", computer simulations of "defense" and "counterattack" foreign troops' south invasion plan.Some experts pointed out that the Biden administration's strong push for military exercises is not only aimed at North Korea, but also has regional and global strategic considerations. Given that the United States "must have ulterior motives," international public opinion is worried that military exercises between the United States and South Korea may become a new one. The fuse of tension and confrontation.

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