26 August, 2021

Asked why he is so pleased with China, the Barbados Prime Minister hit back on the BBC female reporter on the spot

Mia Motley, the first female prime minister of Barbados, corrected in an interview with a BBC reporter: We are not the back garden of the United States, we are neighbors. When asked why China was so "to please" China, Motley said that we have established diplomatic relations with China for 44 years. You ignore China's important role in all parts of the world, but always treat us as chess pieces. This is not sincere. of

High-level Afghan Taliban meets with Chinese Ambassador Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China and the Afghan Taliban have smooth and effective communication and consultation

The spokesperson of the Afghan Taliban Political Office in Doha tweeted on the 24th that the Taliban delegation met with the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan in Kabul. The Hindustan Times stated that this is the highest-level meeting between Atta and China since the changes in Afghanistan, and it is also the latest example of Beijing seeking to establish a smooth relationship with Atta. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said in response to related questions on the 25th: “China and the Taliban in Afghanistan have smooth and effective communication and consultations. Kabul is naturally an important platform and channel for the two sides to discuss various important issues.”

According to a report from the Russian news agency TASS on the 25th, Naim, the spokesperson of the Taliban Political Office in Doha, tweeted on Twitter on the 24th local time that Abdul Salam Hanafi, deputy director of the Taliban Political Office in Doha, met in Kabul. Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu, "They discussed the safety of the Chinese Embassy and diplomats, the current situation in Afghanistan, bilateral relations and China's humanitarian assistance." Naim also released photos of the meeting between the two sides. According to India’s Asia News Agency, after the Taliban quickly took control of the Afghan capital more than a week ago, citizens and diplomats of Western countries had evacuated, but the Chinese Embassy in Kabul remained open.

Source: Naim Twitter

Wang Wenbin emphasized on the 25th that China’s policy towards Afghanistan is consistent and clear. We always respect the sovereign independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, abide by the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, and adhere to a friendly policy for all the Afghan people. China respects the Afghan people's independent determination of their own future and destiny, supports the implementation of the "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned" principle, and is willing to continue to develop good-neighborly, friendly and cooperative relations with Afghanistan and play a constructive role in the peace and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Russian TV today reported on the 25th that the Russian ambassador to Afghanistan Zhirnov stated that the Taliban continued to guard the periphery of the diplomatic mission in Kabul. "I see that the surrounding situation is normal. The Taliban have been protecting us since August 16. We keep in close contact with them on this issue every day and no problems arise."

The Afghan Taliban entered and took control of the capital Kabul on August 15 and declared "the end of the war", claiming to be committed to forming an inclusive government. Recently, the Taliban’s diplomatic and external propaganda activities have aroused concern. On the evening of the 24th, Taliban International Media Spokesperson Sumer Shaheen, who has more than 400,000 followers on Twitter, retweeted a tweet from Naim, writing in English: "It's time to roll up your sleeves and build Afghanistan. "The tweet also attached a video of road repairing by construction vehicles, which received nearly 10,000 likes (pictured). Shaheen also stated in another tweet that Atta’s top political leaders met with the German ambassador to Afghanistan in Doha on the 24th to discuss the current political situation and the situation at Kabul Airport. The German ambassador emphasized in the meeting that humanitarianism will continue in Afghanistan. Ideological action to promote development projects. According to the “Washington Post” report on the 24th, the US CIA Director Burns and the Taliban “de facto leader” Baradal held a secret meeting in Kabul on the 23rd. The highest level of face-to-face contact between the U.S. governments.

Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 25th that Naim, the spokesman of the Taliban Political Office in Doha, emphasized in an interview with Lebanon Square TV that the Afghan Taliban has good relations with China and Russia. He said, “China is a neighboring country of Afghanistan, and we have good relations with Russia.” Naim added that the Afghan Taliban have maintained long-standing relations with Iran, China, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. These countries are different from each other. The West has no worries about the Taliban’s rule. Earlier on the 24th local time, Mujahid, another Atta spokesman, also said in an interview with the media: "We want to maintain good relations with China and all countries, and will seek to develop economic and friendly relations with China."

In addition, the Taliban are also communicating with various international organizations in Afghanistan, including the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the United Nations Food Program, which are still operating normally in Afghanistan. The UNICEF representative in Afghanistan recently issued a statement saying that the Taliban have maintained close contact with the organization and recommended that they suspend operations in some areas with poor security conditions. "But the message from the Taliban is clear: They want us to stay and continue our work in Afghanistan."

The rapid development of dialogue and contact with the Taliban in Afghanistan is the common appeal of many international observers. "India must quickly start dialogue with the Taliban. It is a huge mistake to withdraw diplomats." India’s "FireWire" magazine website published an interview with India’s former foreign secretary Krishnan Srinivasan on the 25th. Countries are in contact with the Taliban, their embassies in Kabul are kept open, and the Indian government inexplicably quickly closed the embassy, ​​"we have lost our position advantage", "missing the forefront of the countries that have established relations with the Taliban." He said, “In the past 20 years, India has determined to convince the Afghan people that India is Afghanistan’s best friend. It is a shame that the Indian flag did not fly in Afghanistan when they needed all kinds of help.”

Chinese engineers enter the ICU with the new crown in Afghanistan! Telling about the last-minute evacuation

After more than a month from China to Afghanistan, four engineers from a battery manufacturing company in Xiamen finally moved to Tehran, the capital of Iran, and embarked on a journey home. One of the remaining members of the team, Liu Junming, was admitted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in Afghanistan because of the new crown. Although the symptoms have disappeared, he is still staying in Tehran for treatment.

Liu Junming is lying in the ICU of a hospital in Kabul

After experiencing pain, panic, and thrills, Liu Junming's mood has calmed down a lot. In the hotel room in Tehran, he told a reporter from the Beijing Daily client about his unforgettable and unforgettable trip to Afghanistan:

In early July, we set off from Xiamen to the mysterious Afghanistan. Under the global epidemic, we must travel to foreign countries, because all foreign customers expect us and the countries behind us to help them resume production with stable and efficient technical capabilities.

Liu Junming and colleagues have dinner with Afghan friends

Although our company is very small, we have long heard that even when the Fukushima nuclear leak occurred, some Chinese companies still chose to stick to it!

In Afghanistan, climate, diet, and language inadaptability are just a piece of cake, and daily epidemic prevention is just the basic action that must be done. The sound of guns coming from afar and the roar of the plane overhead are the real test of life and death that may be faced at any time.

Large skewers of lamb kebabs are one of the most common delicacies in Afghanistan

Under such circumstances, the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan has been in communication with us, and will make a phone call every two hours for a period of time to give us the greatest help possible.

The bloody plot in the movie once infected us, but this time we really feel the strength and warmth of the motherland.

At the beginning of August, the work in Afghanistan was basically completed, and the client was very satisfied. The people here are very friendly to the Chinese, they even know the "Belt and Road" and "Central Asia Express".

Liu Junming and his colleagues' work in Afghanistan

We decided to leave Afghanistan, and the war is approaching and we are not allowed to stay long. On August 12, three days before the Taliban took control of Kabul, we flew from Kabul to Tehran, the capital of Iran. On August 23, four of my colleagues successfully boarded the flight back home. Seeing them leaving the hotel through the window, although it was a forced separation, I was very pleased because they will soon be embraced by the stable, peaceful and prosperous motherland!

The successful return of colleagues to China is inseparable from the help of the Chinese Embassy. A green code is required to return from Iran. After the procedures are in place, we submitted the application to the embassy in Iran at 10 a.m. that day, and it was approved only half an hour later. In an unfamiliar country and epidemic situation, we were deeply moved by such efficiency and we once again experienced the warmth of the motherland.

The situation in Afghanistan is turbulent, and the five of us were able to transfer from Afghanistan to Iran smoothly. It was also through the mediation of the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan and Iran, which opened up a green channel for us. As long as you show your Chinese passport, you will not only be visa-free, but you can also pass through directly, eliminating the complicated procedures that may be faced in special periods.

We learned that for the safety of the Chinese in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also specifically proposed to the Afghan officials to ensure the safety of all Chinese in Afghanistan.

Liu Junming and colleagues do nucleic acid testing in Afghanistan

During my stay in Afghanistan, I was unfortunately diagnosed with new coronary disease. 50% to 60% of my lungs were infected. I stayed in the ICU for a week. After the diagnosis, I also received greetings from the Chinese Embassy and the Xiamen Municipal Government, Foreign Affairs Office and the Bureau of Commerce where the company is located. They have been following my situation and providing assistance to encourage me to recover as soon as possible and return home safely. Although living overseas and suffering from a serious illness, I can often feel the warmth of home.

I want to say: If you don't experience the fierceness of war, you don't know the strength of the motherland if you don't go abroad. The tortuous and warm experience of this trip to Afghanistan, as well as the inner peace and tranquility after the tension, are worthy of our Chinese compatriots who have experienced war and turmoil in Afghanistan forever. The sense of security brought about by a strong motherland is unparalleled and irreplaceable.

I would like to thank the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, the Embassy in Iran, and the relevant departments of Xiamen City for their tremendous help to our team. In the future, we will do our best to let Chinese technology continue to benefit the world! Contribute to the prosperity of the motherland!

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