04 August, 2021

As the United States continues to discredit China, Russian media has thrown out survey data

As we all know, the United States has been maliciously discrediting China and politicizing scientific issues on the issue of the tracing of the new crown. What's more, many American media have continued to hype the so-called "Wuhan laboratory leak" theory in line with the pace of the US government, with the intention of gaining public opinion. Give China a "final conclusion". However, as the saying goes, the extremes of things must be reversed. Recently, in the international community, many people of insight have publicly expressed their opposition to the politicization of the origin of the new crown by the United States and called for an investigation into Fort Detrick.

What needs to be mentioned is that as the United States continues to clamor for the tracing of the origin of the new crown, the situation of the new crown epidemic in the United States continues to rise, and the approval rate of US President Biden has plummeted. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on August 3, a poll conducted by the Harvard University Joint Institute for Political and Economic Issues showed that Biden’s approval rating dropped 10 percentage points from 62% in June to 52%. In this poll, the new crown epidemic is the most concerned issue of the public.

In fact, the new crown epidemic in the United States has rebounded for some time, but comprehensive media reports have recently shown an increasingly severe trend. The American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said on August 3 local time that there are currently nearly 56,000 patients hospitalized due to the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia in the United States, the highest number since February this year. Some media pointed out that the reason for the recent gradual severity of the new crown epidemic in the United States is that the highly contagious delta mutant strain occupies a dominant position in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that in this wave of epidemics in the United States, the situation of children and adolescents is very worrying. According to a CNN report on August 3, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported on the same day that about 72,000 children or adolescents in the United States were diagnosed with the new crown last week, a significant increase from the 39,000 in the previous week. Some experts pointed out that because the delta virus is more contagious, there will be more people diagnosed with new crowns in the unvaccinated group. In addition, since the outbreak, more than 4.2 million children or adolescents in the United States have tested positive for the new coronavirus.






Biden: Resign!




Foreign media: Biden's goal is to be "late" for a month!

According to a report from Agence France-Presse in Washington on August 2, the United States on Monday achieved President Biden’s goal of vaccinating 70% of adults with at least one dose of the new crown vaccine, but it was nearly a month later than the original schedule. At the same time, the latest round of viral infections brought the number of hospitalizations to the level of last summer.

The report mentioned that the Biden administration initially took July 4th Independence Day as the day to achieve this goal, and declared the worst case of overcoming the epidemic.

Biden data map issued by Xinhua News Agency

Although 60.6% of eligible adults and 49.7% of the total population are now fully vaccinated, the United States has fallen behind its northern neighbor, Canada, whose vaccination started late, but it is now 59% of the population fully vaccinated. Was vaccinated.

A new wave of epidemics caused by the highly contagious delta mutant strain has hit the United States severely, and the country’s daily new cases have surged to more than 70,000.

According to reports, an average of more than 6,200 people are admitted to hospitals for new coronary pneumonia every day across the United States, and more than 300 people die every day.

Jeff Zintz, coordinator of the White House New Coronavirus Task Force, told reporters: "These cases are concentrated in groups with low vaccination rates."

He also said: "In the past week, one-third of all cases in the United States occurred in Florida and Texas."

The latest data shows that on the bright side, some states with lagging vaccination rates are beginning to catch up.

Zintz said that compared with three weeks ago, the eight states with the highest infection rates have increased their daily vaccination rates by an average of 171%.

These states include Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.

According to the cumulative data reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of July 24, vaccination reduced the virus infection rate to 1/8 of that of non-vaccinations, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths fell to 1/25.

Data show that in Tennessee, 97% of hospitalized cases of new coronary pneumonia and 98% of deaths occurred in people who were not vaccinated in July.

At the same time, breakthrough infections are still rare. However, preliminary studies have shown that, compared with past strains, the risk of the delta mutant strains continuing to spread is greater.

The federal health department is also discussing whether certain groups need to be vaccinated, such as people with low immunity. Prior to this, Israel had taken similar measures.

According to a report on the website of the German weekly magazine "Star" on August 2, in view of the rapid increase in the number of new coronavirus infections, the number of people vaccinated in the United States has recently increased significantly. Vaccination campaigns have been stagnant since June, with only about 500,000 doses per day.

However, in the face of a new wave of epidemics caused by the delta mutant strain, this trend has now been reversed. Cyrus Shaper, the White House's new crown statistics director, wrote on Twitter that the United States received 816,000 doses of vaccines last Sunday , including 517,000 doses of the first vaccination. He said the latest data showed a "steady increase" in the number of vaccinations.

According to the official, the number of vaccinations in the past few days is much higher than the previous week. For example, the number of doses inoculated last Saturday was 712,000 doses, an increase of 77% from the 403,000 doses a week ago. The number of inoculations last Friday increased by 43% year-on-year. In April, the daily dose was 3 million doses.

The average number of new infections registered every day in the United States has temporarily dropped to 11,000 in June, and has now risen to 72,000. New infections across the country are increasing, but states with lower vaccination rates are particularly affected, including Louisiana and Florida .

US President Biden set a goal in the spring that 70% of adults should receive at least one dose of the vaccine before Independence on July 4. Despite the adequate supply of vaccines and vaccination incentives, this goal has not been reached. Only 67% of Adults had received at least one dose of vaccine before July 4. Now, about a month later, the goal is about to be achieved: the recent increase in vaccinations has increased the percentage of vaccinations among adults to 69.9%.

Lee Hsien Loong's latest "warning" on Sino-US relations! Remind the United States!

Lee Hsien Loong: I don’t know if the Americans are aware of how powerful an opponent they will face if they identify China as an enemy

According to Bloomberg and other US media reports, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong participated in the Aspen Security Conference via a video connection on August 3, local time. He talked about Sino-US relations at the meeting and called on the two countries to ease the current tension.

Bloomberg: Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urges China and the United States to stop the deterioration of relations

"The reality is that neither party can knock down the other," Lee Hsien Loong said that day, "China will not disappear. This is not the Soviet Union."

"I don't know if the Americans are aware of what a powerful opponent they will face if they identify China as an'enemy'." Lee Hsien Loong said.

Profile of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong said at the forum on the 3rd, “I think it is difficult to reverse the current trend of more problems in the (China-US) relationship, but many countries still hope that the deterioration of the relationship between the two countries can be contained.” “Many American friends and allies hope that Maintain extensive ties with these two major countries."

"Conflict will not produce good results. It is vital that the United States and China strive for contact with each other to avoid a catastrophic conflict for both (China and the United States) and the world," said Lee Hsien Loong.

Lee Hsien Loong pointed out that the U.S. government under Biden wants to compete with China... But "there is a very delicate boundary for treating competitors as rivals or rivals." He said that at least this means that there is a technical field. Greater disagreement. Because the United States continues to pressure other countries to withdraw from the construction of 5G networks in other countries.

Lee Hsien Loong also mentioned the Taiwan issue. He does not think that mainland China will unilaterally strike Taiwan, because "the risk is too great." But he also warned the Taiwan Strait that there is indeed a danger of "misjudgment and misjudgment."

Bloomberg said in a report that for many years, Lee Hsien Loong has been calling on the two largest economies in the world to avoid destructive conflicts, which may force small countries like Singapore that have an open economy and rely on trade to choose sides. After Biden was elected president of the United States last year, he once said that the United States should establish a "comprehensive and constructive relationship" with China. Under such a framework, China and the United States can broaden the areas of cooperation and properly handle differences.

"China is not the Soviet Union and will not disappear!" Singapore's prime minister rarely warns the United States: Don't challenge China

According to French media reports, on August 3, local time, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong issued a rare warning to the United States, reminding the United States not to challenge China, saying that Washington's increasingly tough policy may be "very dangerous."

According to reports, Lee Hsien Loong delivered a video speech at the Aspen Security Conference that day, calling on the two countries to ease the current tension when talking about Sino-US relations.

Lee Hsien Loong pointed out that the United States' view of China has changed from healthy competition to "must win in a certain way." He said: "Now the two parties (the United States) have a consensus on one thing, that is, their relationship with China, but their position is to take a hard line. I'm not sure whether this consensus is correct."

Lee Hsien Loong warned: “I don't know if the Americans realize that if they identify China as an enemy, what a powerful opponent they will face. In this case, the United States should stop and think about it, because it is very dangerous."

He said: "China will not disappear. This is not the Soviet Union. This is a country full of vitality and strength, with talent and determination to occupy a place in the world."

Lee Hsien Loong said that many countries in the world hope that the deteriorating relations between China and the United States can be controlled. Many countries, including US allies and partners, hope to establish ties with the two countries to prevent conflicts, because conflicts between China and the United States are not only for the two countries, but also for the two countries. It is even a disaster for the whole world.

At the same time, Lee Hsien Loong also criticized the Biden administration for its tough attitude when it held its first high-level meeting with China in Anchorage, Alaska in March. He said: "The reality is that neither side can defeat the other. "

For a period of time, Lee Hsien Loong has stated repeatedly that he will not choose sides between China and the United States, and called on China and the United States to avoid destructive conflicts. After Biden was elected president of the United States last year, he said that the United States should establish a "comprehensive and constructive relationship" with China. Under such a framework, China and the United States can broaden the areas of cooperation and properly handle differences.

After China initiated the joint signing, the call for "investigation in Germany" has sounded around the world, asking the Biden government to give an account

According to a domestic media report on August 4, although the government led by US President Biden deliberately tried to blame the source of the new crown virus and tried to "plant the blame" on China, Chinese netizens initiated a joint signing call for the WHO to "must" After a thorough investigation of the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory in the United States, with the revelations of media and experts from various countries, the voice of “the American Detburg must be investigated” has sounded all over the world.

It is reported that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the Biden administration has repeatedly disregarded the facts and tried to "plant the blame" on China. However, on March 30 this year, after the China-WHO joint research report on the traceability of the new crown virus was released: the South China seafood market was not the original source of the new crown epidemic, the Biden government still "unwilling to die" and issued a message with 13 countries. The Joint Statement" claimed to have doubts The Report of The Contents About raised and "Common Concerns" About The Report. subsequently,Biden and the US Secretary of State Blincoln and many other senior US officials repeatedly accused China of “not transparent reporting of the new crown epidemic” in public in disregard of the facts.

The irony is that, in order to completely shirk the responsibility of the United States, Biden even ordered the US intelligence agencies to collect information on China's "targeted" new crown for a period of 90 days. In addition, the Biden administration has repeatedly attracted allies and the World Health Organization, frequently poured dirty water on China, and even abused the United Nations platform many times to engage in political manipulation by using the issue of virus traceability. Not only that, the Biden administration also used the guise of "for the sake of global security" and declared that the United States would "carry out investigations such as the traceability of the new crown epidemic to the end."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has repeatedly refuted the actions of the Biden administration, demanding that the US stop using the epidemic to engage in political manipulation and blame blame, and allow the international community to thoroughly investigate Fort Trick and the US more than 200 overseas. A biological laboratory. Many Chinese netizens even issued an open letter in early June, calling on the WHO to investigate the Fort Detrick laboratory in the United States. However, the Biden administration refused on the grounds of national security. It not only described the doubts of Chinese netizens as a "conspiracy theory", but also "slandered" China.

For this reason, on July 17, these Chinese netizens issued an open letter again and commissioned Chinese media to initiate a public opinion solicitation campaign, calling on the WHO to conduct a thorough investigation of Fort Detrick in the United States and other American virus laboratories that also have potential leaks. As of August 4, more than 24.94 million Chinese netizens have participated in the joint signing, and the data is still growing. It is worth noting that after Chinese netizens initiated the co-signature, more and more media and experts have disclosed the actions of the infamous Fort Detrick of the United States and condemned the Biden administration.

The US World News Network recently stated that it was the U.S. military that brought the new crown virus to Europe through the U.S. Armed Forces Blood Project (ASBP) in 2019, which caused civilian volunteers entering the U.S. military base in Italy to become the earliest victims. Blood was collected from the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory in the United States; the Russian "Free Media" website also recently published an article entitled "The source of the new crown virus-Fort Detrick in the United States?" The article mentioned that the 2019 new crown epidemic On the eve of the outbreak, many strange things happened around Fort Detrick. The American "Boston Globe" published an article entitled "America Has Its Own Virus Secret". The article pointed out that Fort Detrick Laboratory is one of the most deadly pathogens in the world. Conduct secret research.

Herman Laurel, a well-known political commentator in the Philippines, Latyshev, a Russian journalist, Markui, the former political editor of South African National Television, and Hamdan Shakir, a senior editor of the Maldives mainstream media "Maldives News Network", etc. Related articles have been published on this matter; in addition, due to the high incidence of cancer in the area near the Fort Detrick Laboratory, residents complained frequently, and some nearby residents bluntly said, "There is a serial killer in our backyard, and it is called Fort Detrick." .

It is worth mentioning that as the truth continues to be revealed, the voice of "investigating the American German Fort" has sounded all over the world. Recently, the Chinese Embassy in many countries issued a statement against the politicization of traceability, which attracted the attention of local media and reported on China’s claims. The CGTN think tank has recently released public opinion survey questionnaires on various social media platforms in the six official languages ​​of the United Nations: " Do you think the World Health Organization should conduct a virus traceability survey in the United States?” Up to 83.1% of global netizens who participated in the vote answered in the same voice in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian: Yes, the United States should be traced to the United States. .

The Russian "Eurasia Daily" published an article on August 3 that more than 300 political parties, social organizations and think tanks in more than 100 countries and regions in the world submitted the "Joint Statement" to the Secretariat of the World Health Organization, calling on the WHO to carry out objectively and impartially. Research on the traceability of the global new crown virus; Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Planning Department, said at a press conference a few days ago, “We want to assure our Chinese colleagues that this (investigation) process is still and will always be Science promotes."

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian once emphasized that the United States is the most severely affected country in the world, the virus leaked from the Fort Detrick Biolab in the United States, and the cluster of unexplained pneumonia in Maryland in the United States in 2019 were highly suspicious. If the United States really wants to support traceability investigations, it should respond to these calls, show an open and transparent attitude, and let WHO experts go to the United States to investigate.

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