22 August, 2021

"America is back"? British media: Push allies into the fire pit again!

Six months ago, Biden's sentence "America is back" once inspired the United States' allies. Now that the United States has evacuated from Afghanistan in a hurry, its allies are not only caught off guard, but also face thorny problems.

US President Biden said on the 20th that he "didn't see allies questioning its credibility" regarding his administration's handling of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Biden added that the feedback he received from allies was that the United States was acting "swiftly" and was "committed to accomplishing what it promised." Is this really the case? British Sky TV reported on the 20th that the reaction of European governments did not completely match Biden's statement.

According to British media, British Prime Minister Johnson tried to talk to US President Biden on the phone to discuss the situation in Afghanistan starting early on August 16, local time. However, he was "aired" by Biden for 36 hours, and the two finally spoke on the phone at 10 pm on August 17.

British public opinion believes that although the cause of the war in Afghanistan was the "September 11" incident in the United States, NATO's participation made the war a common task, while the United States ignored its allies at the most critical moment. What's more, this hastily evacuation made Britain feel as if it had lost the war.

The United States’ NATO allies have also noticed that for the past week, Biden has consistently emphasized that the United States has paid a lot in Afghanistan without mentioning the sacrifices made by allies.

According to the U.S. political news website, it is difficult to accurately calculate the funds invested by European countries for the war in Afghanistan. The United Kingdom alone invested about 21 billion pounds in the war in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014. In the Afghanistan War, 457 were killed in Britain, 86 in France, 59 in Germany, 53 in Italy, 43 in Denmark, 40 in Poland, 34 in Spain, and 25 in Romania.

The British "Financial Times" commented that after the US suffered the "September 11" attacks, NATO’s fifth article—an attack on one member state is regarded as an attack on all member states—has been in its 70-year history. The only passive use. When the U.S. military began to take military action in Afghanistan, the British and other NATO forces also joined in. Twenty years later, the withdrawal of the United States left NATO allies with little choice but to follow the withdrawal. This has caused a double blow to NATO-it not only exposes the extent of NATO's dependence on the United States, but also makes people doubt whether the United States is willing to provide support to its allies in the future.

When Biden took office, he promised many times that, under his leadership, "the United States is back." In just 6 months, Biden brought allies into a crisis. Western media pointed out that Biden's insistence on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan has shown the world that he has inherited Trump's "one-off" style.

In addition, Biden's troop withdrawal statement showed other members of NATO a disturbing fait accompli-they will face the refugee problem caused by the US troop withdrawal.

According to CNN, the United States said it will take in 30,000 Afghans, and the United Kingdom and Canada each have 20,000. At the same time, the Turkish President is calling on EU leaders to "take more responsibility" and said that his country will not become a refugee warehouse in Europe. According to the report sent by our reporter from Turkey, there are currently a large number of Afghan refugees flocking to Turkey.

In the past few weeks, hundreds of Afghans have entered Turkey. Crossing the border is a dangerous journey. The terrain here is difficult, the weather is hot, and security measures have become stricter. Many Afghans stated that they failed many times before finally entering the country. Despite all the difficulties faced when trying to cross the border illegally, experts predict that a large number of Afghan refugees may soon march to Turkey.

And this is not the first time the refugee problem has been caused by the United States. CNN commented that the Obama administration's decision to launch a crackdown on the Assad regime in Syria had a ripple effect. The impact has been so far, one of which is that millions of Syrians flock to Europe for asylum. The report pointed out that if the number of people fleeing Afghanistan is exactly the same as the number of war-torn Syria in 2015, the EU basically has two options: either provide funds to Afghanistan’s neighbors to allow these countries to take in refugees, or all EU member states Share refugee quotas.

Biden said the "Al Qaeda" organization has "disappeared" from Afghanistan, US expert: the US may face another terrorist attack

According to a report by Fox News on the 20th, US President Biden hinted that Al-Qaida had "disappeared" from Afghanistan, but the Pentagon seemed to refute this statement and admitted that Al-Qaida still "exists" in the region.

Biden defended his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan at a press conference held on the 20th, said, "Let us look at this from this perspective. Al-Qaeda has disappeared. What interest do we have in Afghanistan?" About an hour later, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin (Jennifer Griffin) questioned Biden’s statement to Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby.

Biden delivered a speech at the White House on the 20th. Source: Reuters

Griffin asked Kirby to estimate how many al-Qaeda members are currently in Afghanistan. Kirby was unable to give a specific number and said, "I haven't seen the estimated number in this regard. Well, I don't know if we There is an accurate estimate." Griffin asked: "Do you have no military intelligence estimates on how many Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan?" Kirby replied, "We know that Al Qaeda and the Islamic State ( ISIS) exist in Afghanistan. We have been discussing this issue for some time. We don’t think this number is too high, but we don’t have an exact number either. I think you should understand."

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby. Source: Associated Press

Subsequently, Griffin asked Kirby what the president said less than an hour ago, saying that al-Qaeda had "disappeared." Griffin told Kirby, “The President just said that there is no Al-Qaida organization in Afghanistan, which seems wrong.”

Kirby replied: "What we don't think is that we believe that there is not a large enough presence there to pose a threat to our homeland. Just like the September 11 incident 20 years ago. The president also said that there is no national security interest in Afghanistan. "

Griffin stated that she was “a little confused about this” and asked Kirby to explain why the US military had been stationed in Afghanistan for 20 years if there was no “national interest” in Afghanistan. Kirby said that 20 years ago, there was such an interest, but now Al-Qaida has been "defeated" and the withdrawal is safe. The United States will "be vigilant and monitor threats from Afghanistan."

Data map

Griffin continued, "But, you just said that you no longer have ground intelligence in Afghanistan. How do you plan to monitor? And this country still has al-Qaeda." Kirby said, "What I said is that we don't have Sufficient flexibility and intelligence to give you a number, an accurate count of how many Al Qaeda members there are in Afghanistan. No one will escape the fact that they are not present. Without the presence of ground forces, we will try to maintain a height as much as possible Be vigilant."

In addition, American experts warned that Biden's order to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and the subsequent takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban have brought the global terrorist threat to its highest point in 20 years. If there are no US intelligence personnel in the area, al-Qaeda may launch a September 11 attack. Imminent.

Source of the September 11 terrorist attack: Reuters

Dr. Tom Copeland, a US expert on intelligence errors and mass casualties and terrorist attacks, warned that the complete withdrawal of US troops may herald another 9/11-like attack on US territory. He said, “There is a whole country as a safe haven. This will give the Al Qaeda organization more practical space and breathing space, allowing them to reorganize and re-plan major events. So I think that the US withdrawal itself is a very threatening threat. A large part."

He explained that with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan completely, al-Qaeda is expected to fully resume operations, and terrorist attacks on the West will become an ever-present national security issue. What is worrying is that because (after the withdrawal of troops) there are no (US) embassy, ​​military bases, and CIA station in the area, the United States will not be able to learn about ground conditions for the first time in nearly 20 years. Copeland said, "Although we may be more organized to defend our homeland than in 2001, this withdrawal will give us a more limited window to understand terrorist activities in Afghanistan." He believes that US intelligence agencies should be "in the next four to four years." "Within five years," be prepared to respond to the attack.

The Associated Press Information Map of the U.S. Army in Afghanistan

American military historian and Fox News contributor Victor Davis Hanson believes that Copland’s assessment of the upcoming attack on the West is “probably correct.” “I think The next three and a half years will be the most dangerous period since the Cold War in the 1950s."

Paul D. Miller, who served in Afghanistan and later became an agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency, was appointed as the Director of Afghan Affairs of the National Security Council during the Bush and Obama administrations, said frankly, “I am confident that the United States today The risk of international terrorism is higher than at any time in the past 20 years." He believes that al-Qaeda now has breathing space, which means that "all of us are facing a greater risk of terrorist attacks. Not only the United States, but our European partners are also likely to suffer terrorist attacks."

Published under Blog on 22 August, 2021.